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  1. Wooo! We finally got the list! Thanks again SH and Newbiemodder for going through everything! And great job to all the VO artists too!
  2. Interesting site... never knew something like this existed. Pretty cool!
  3. Sounds great! Looking forward to the end of the week then.
  4. Will you be announcing the remaining VO actors' roles at the end of the week on Thursday or Friday like you planned?
  5. Seriously, ebmar, you must have spent hours getting those two effects down, but it was worth it! Congrats on getting the role! And same goes to you too, Mrmann.! Congrats, and thanks for making these various mod videos, including the K2 Korriban expansion playthrough.
  6. Keeping in line with the topic, are ALL of the non alien VOs for this mod being completely redone? Or as you stated in the opening post, will only some VOs be reworked?
  7. What you should be sad about is my lack of research on your mod. I never played it before...... On another note, I'm sorry if I offended you.
  8. There was Jolee in the Korriban Expansion mod??? Really?
  9. Yeah, I've done that before and recruited both clans and talked to Mandalore afterwards. Strangely there was no journal entry, and that's what I find weird. Shouldn't there have been an entry and some XP for doing said events?
  10. Of course! I just was curious as to why it was never a journal marked entry, I guess.
  11. Really looking forward to the Wiki inclusion for basic modding tutorials! Thanks for letting us know what's going on!
  12. It always bugged me that there never was a quest for Mandalore's clan gathering. Keep in mind gathering the clans leads up to Mandalore talking about his travels with Revan. Did the developers not include a quest for this in the game files? Anyone got any thoughts or comments?
  13. When will the deadline be for this contest then?
  14. True, but since there's a five year gap between KOTOR 1 and 2, there would probably only be skeletons and droid remains left over by the time the Exile comes to Korriban. However, there are in-game models of skeletons and broken up protocol droids, so we're covered there too. Throw a few datapads or broken terminals nearby with some accounts of what happened after Revan ripped through the academy and left the remaining Sith to duke it out between each other to add to the story. There was also that little Czerka office and the Drunk side cantina, so perhaps there could be mentions of those places too. There's also a couple NPCs that could be mentioned.
  15. Very, very valid point. Thank you for pointing that out. However, I think it would be cool to have the Exile find a damaged droid hiding outside the Academy that witnessed the Sith Civil War unfold on Korriban. That would make for some interesting exposition and it wouldn't be too difficult to voice over. Of course, a script, story and character(s) would have to be written first.....
  16. Well you do find those dead scavengers in the academy with thorium charges in their bags. I know. Doing something like this is a little above me at the moment. I'm just brainstorming and tossing some ideas around. It's interesting to hear what others have to say.
  17. Well, you could always place a dead body with demolition charges in a bag nearby and use those to blow up the rocks in order to make it out to the spaceport. Or is it possible to have the exile levitate the rocks out of the way? Is there a script command out there to have the rocks lift up and flow out of the way?