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  1. Launch image still shows 1.8.5 even though it's 1.8.6
  2. @La Ingobernable It worked! Thanks! The fruits of my labor
  3. @jc2 OH JESUS OH GOD @La Ingobernable I'm afraid I'm stuck on how to save my changes to appearance.2da. I can save it as a new appearance.2da file, but I can't seem to overwrite the existing one.
  4. I would love to be able to use the character model of the galaxy's most fearsome warrior, Deadeye Duncan, for the player's character. Unfortunately I have zero modding experience. I decided to dig around in the game's files to see if I could find Deadeye Duncan's character model by name, but quickly realized I have no idea what I'm doing. I suspect that, for those who know what they're doing, a character model swap like this is super simple, so I'd love to know how to do it. Thanks!
    Looks great. But what is the difference between the original and the TPC version? The one-liner in the 1.0.3 changelog needs an explanation
  5. I have the same question, in addition to another. Why is the credited version 6 MB smaller? Its name implies that some info crediting one or more mod authors was added. Shouldn't that make it bigger?
  6. Does this mod solve the performance issues many cards have with particle effects/smoke? Example: I run a smooth framerate on high settings at all times, but as soon as any smoke enters the picture, my framerate drops dramatically. I'd love to know if this fixes that
  7. New here: does the fact that there's no TSL Patcher version mean that this won't work with the BoS:SR mod?