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  1. does someone still "works" on this project at all ? This patch is really great ! What about Unofficial Patch for KOTOR 1 1.01 ? Is this other mod incompatible with Kotor 1 restoration ?
  2. Big news ... I got the help of Vasilii Zaytsev ! Thanks again for his help ! So If you use the UniWS patch with your exe , your skotor.exe WILL be patched according to the resolution you choose. (In my case I'm playing in 1080p). The only hard work is the conversion of the biks files..
  3. ho, I did. thanks for the advise ! But I also asked here on this post;.. if anyone had the same trouble for patching this Kotor 1 EXE ... In fact I was wondering : this "method" was discussed in late 2012, in the LucasForums thread.. So maybe, this tutorial was done with the KOTOR exe coming from the physical (CDs..) version...
  4. Ok ! I followed Vasilii Zaytsev'guide, but I have a problem when I try to patch the EXE with HxD Hex Editor : I never find any of the hex values , ie : " Hex coordinates of default 640x480 forced movie resolution: 80 02 00 00 75 15 81 3D D8 D1 78 00 E0 01 Second default coordinates: 80 02 00 00 C7 44 24 10 E0 01 " I have a big doubt : I'm living in France and I bought the "European" Steam version.. so - maybe - these hex values are for the US version and.... different with the UK version ? I tried to use the "mint" EXE, patched EXE and NO CD EXE without success... Too bad we can't ask direct question, in the tutorial section ...
  5. Let me clear one thing : I bought KOTOR 1 and 2 OFFICIALLY on Steam, With my hard-earned money . i had for many years the old "physical" copy , but I can't find it anymore ( thanks to different removals...) I'm not glorifying piracy at all. I'm trying to play KOTOR 1 with my TV HD, so I follow the WSGF guide here : That's really a shame that we need to use "borderline" trick in order to get a decent image in 1080p ! And Thanks to Fair Strides, to point me to this specific tutorial. I guess I have some work to do ! @ 1Leonard : thanks for the info !
  6. Hi everybody ! I noticed that Sith Holocron (one of our supreme leaders .. oups administrators.. LOL !) has update HQ Movies Update Patch for KOTOR 2. those video files are working great with my steam version on my windows 10 PC... Now regarding its "little" brother, Star war KOTOR 1, it's not the same story : as many players here, KOTOR 1 will crash as soon as I reach any cute scene video. For the record, I'm using the widescreen trick, in order to play my game in 1080p. Pretty sad we have to use a no cd in order to get KOTOR 1 working on 1080p... So the only option for me is to disable cute scenes... So I have one suggestion : is it possible to re encode all the BIK files from KOTOR 1 , in the same way of HQ Movies Update Patch for KOTOR 2 ? (in the read me, we can read this : " These movies weren't re-shot in high-res; they were just up-scaled to 1600x1200, which is why they they won't be leaps and bounds over what you already have. ") Do you think it can fix the crash of some computers with windows 10 ? I'm not a modder, or programmer at all, so i don't know if it's possible, and i don't know what tools to use either.
  7. First, thank you for those files ! I'm really happy because I can play those files on windows 10 ...(I miss my Windows XP... anyway...) I'm no programmer at all. I have a quick question : Can you think we can do the same " re encode" job for the Star Wars KOTOR 1 video cute scenes ? Why am I asking ...? well Star wars KOTOR 1 crash on my PC with Windows 10, when I reach any cute scene video.. I played on my older PC with Windows 7, without any trouble (I guess I was lucky, because even at that time, many players had trouble with those video...). So Yes, I know, you can de-active cute scenes.. but it's a little sad.... I read you "readme" and I saw this : " Warning: These movies weren't re-shot in high-res; they were just up-scaled to 1600x1200, which is why they they won't be leaps and bounds over what you already have. "
  8. Well done ! I like catwomen ... ! lol !