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  1. That's pretty damn awesome @Blue. Love the work you do. Fascinating stuff man.
  2.  An updated KotORBlender has been released, version 1.01. Supersedes all previous KotORBlender versions.


    1. bead-v


      Awesome, congrats! Both you and @ndix UR :)

  3. Well probably so in the case of this one particular model, for right now, but that's up to you. Although you could still use KB for say maybe some other model projects you have in mind? And if you just so happen to find any more new bugs, we'd really like to hear about it and you post them here. Because the more people who help us find new bugs the better the next version will be, see?
  4. 🐍 That sneaky hungry snake strikes again. Bad snake! Baaaad snake! Quick! We must feed it more variables, so that it might be tame again.
  5. Yeah O' man, sucker is locking up bigtime! Apparently MDLOps 1.0.1 does not like this file. Lol. Thank you for pin-pointing that out, DP. Appreciate it! Looks to be another bug to be fixed for the next KB version. Well anyway, we'll see what Ndix thinks when he takes a look at it.
  6. Hang on, CarthOnasty. We're looking at the file. Might be a while before we get back to you. :)
  7. You mean it freezes like that for over a minute or two?
  8. What does it say in the black dos window when you do that? Also are using any processed files that were edited and exported out of the old KB version(0.1), then imported into the new KB version(1.0) and then exported from the new version?
  9. New version of KotORBlender out, KotORBlender 1.0. This one has much more capabilities and features, thanks to Ndix UR. You need Blender 2.71 to 2.79 for it to work. May work with future Blender versions, but that has to be tested when those come out.



  10. Hey sorry for the delay reply, LiliArch. You know...I'm not sure. Tell you what though, let me ask someone who knows more then me about that and get back to you. :)