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KotORBlender 1.01 for Blender


What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


 KotORBlender 1.01 for Blender

 AUTHORS: Symmetric, Purifier, Ndix UR




 A new improved version of KotorBlender to import & export Kotor ASCII MDL files into Blender 2.71 or above. This new version has many new features integrated into KotorBlender, with the help of a python script known as Odyssey Tools developed by Ndix UR, which allows you to edit different properties of the Kotor models in Blender.




  • Animation improvements: supports scale animation, supports bezierkey animations. Before, nvb was importing all of the linear keyframes as bezier keyframes (the default), so that was inaccurate. Now linear keyframes are set to linear, and bezier are set to bezier, with the correct control point locations. You can even mix linear and bezier keyframes in a single timeline and it will provide linear-equivalent control points automatically.
  • Smooth group export changed to bitflag style, similar to 3dsmax. The whole sharp edge marking thing never really worked for smooth groups before, but with another change to mdlops, it can finally work correctly.
  •  Room linking for WOK import/export: lets you add a room index to edges in AABB nodes in order to make modules join other modules (part of the walkmesh file). There is a new picker interface that gets added to the 'Properties' bar, and it is implemented as a specifically named vertex color map on the back-end. It looks for a list of 'roomlinks' in the ASCII during import also.
  • Import/export PWK/DWK/WOK, with the dummy and mesh support you need to set 'use' points on placeables and doors, and animations on the walkmesh meshes as seen in door models.
  • Exports things it does not understand for all node types (before, it only did emitter).
  • Fixes a lot of the types to be kotor-specific (lightsaber mesh type, door/placeable) and drops some of the nwn-exclusive stuff (classification Tile, TileFade mesh flag)
  • Reads LYT files to automatically place area models, can export them, etc.
  • TXI file Import/Export and editing via Odyssey Texture Properties tab.


Installation\Uninstallation\How To Use:

    We have included a user manual with the new KotorBlender version, on installing & uninstalling with detailed explanations on the features and functions of KotorBlender. Our KotorBlender user manual should explain what you need to know and how to use KotORBlender's new features.


 Known Bugs:
    We are not aware of any bugs. All known bugs were fixed after several tests before release.  But since the software is still in it's continuing development stage, please report to us any new bugs you may find at Deadly Stream at:  https://deadlystream.com/topic/4548-kotorblender/

 Legal Disclaimer:

    This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any non-profit purpose, including non-profit commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it, subject to the following restrictions:
1. This software is not to be redistributed as part of a 'for-profit' application.
2. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software by yourself. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation is required.
3. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.
4. This notice must be included in any original source distribution.

 Credits\Special Thanks:
    A lot of credit and special thanks goes to Symmetric for creating the NeverBlender script, a Blender importer\exporter originally designed for the NWN 1 models, but it just so happened on the off chance that his early NeverBlender scripts would also import and export some Kotor ASCII models as well. If he had never created NeverBlender, then our work on KotORBlender may have never began. And for giving me some advice about using python's built-in library function to make python coding a little easier, while working on the KotORBlender project in the very beginning. NeverBlender is made by Symmetric and can be found at the NWVault;



    Much credit and special thanks goes to Ndix UR, who did all of the modified code work in this version, by offering to take over the second development of KotORBlender. Ndix UR used a later a version of the NeverBlender script and modified a lot of the NVB code for a much improved KotORBlender version. Without his tremendous help and coding skills, I probably would still be trying to improve the old KB version with my limited coding skills. And because of his help and work, the latest KotORBlender script will now do so much more and work with the current API in the latest Blender versions. And in the early days of KB, thanks to Ndix UR for bringing to the KotOR community's attention, about the problem of NeverBlender exporting  KotOR models with classifications in all capitalized letters. Even though his overall suggestion was to fix a line in the MDLops code, with a fix code that he provided, this brought out the curiosity of the python novice in me to see if I couldn't also fix the code in NeverBlender, which was the very beginning of creating the first KotORBlender version.

    Credit and special thanks also goes to Hunters Run for contacting me with suggestions on fixing some early issues in the first KotorBlender version, while later on supporting and testing my early work at attempting to develop a second KotorBlender version, then later on for supporting and testing Ndix UR's latest work as well. And continuing to give us his advice on ideals and possible solutions to improve KotorBlender.  

    Credit and special thanks goes to ApanLoon for supporting and testing KotorBlender and continuing to giving us his advice on ideals and possible solutions to improve KotorBlender.




Version 1.01

commit 7c8cee95688277a3e212200f4ff5739d4cea7408
Date:   Thu Jun 14 17:53:28 2018 -0700

    Bumped version to 1.0.1

commit c9518d66088d5dd2556689ba3db8f8df9ff20973
Date:   Thu Jun 14 17:48:39 2018 -0700

    Fixed nvb_props detailed description of nDynamicType/isdynamic property values apparently still a work in progress

commit d4d59ccc612d9f27759ce8053b95bc65c4aff1f5
Date:   Thu Jun 14 17:44:54 2018 -0700

    Added TXI file handling windows compatibilities: relative path handling and CRLF usage

commit ea134cf4d89fda15de048cc4559a1ad9e7a71953
Date:   Thu Jun 14 17:16:10 2018 -0700

    Added nvb_io search for rootDummy of model to export in ancestors of current active object before resorting to search, increased convenience when working with many area models at once

commit 1651eb388836953c23bb962b0ac41d744b7ba6e3
Date:   Wed Jun 13 20:06:23 2018 -0700

    Fixed nvb_node matching of nodes named with different case during reuse decision, from layout file, or even just within a model for some reason

commit 8196a052e9ba7f62b5803190629fd8be8d5b39bd
Date:   Wed Jun 13 20:03:43 2018 -0700

    Added nvb_utils method to search all object names in case insensitive fashion for finding named objects across different sources that may have very different cases in use

commit 11575d453274c327f7710adcc403f5fff0ecb69a
Date:   Wed Jun 13 20:00:33 2018 -0700

    Added nvb_props detailed description of the nDynamicType/isdynamic property allowed values

commit 7f94d1a42ed2e256283629e9bf6ecee7f94ece00
Date:   Wed Jun 13 18:28:00 2018 -0700

    Fixed nvb_mdl layoutposition calculation when exporting area models and user has loaded a full layout (placing area models at their layout position in world space); previous logic performed addition in this case, update uses one or the other of stored layoutposition or non-zero MDL root position

commit ac23079275577a62478da80d753be6686e3e1998
Date:   Tue Jun 12 13:47:56 2018 -0700

    Fixed nvb_node case where text nodes are missing, as when a user appends an object from a separate blend file

commit d3e4d10c588b16fe9dd3f103c90a56c6f491ee33
Date:   Sun Jun 10 15:50:23 2018 -0700

    Fixed skin weights using different case node names, this happens when transferring nodes between different models sometimes

commit a95d77cf11add32e8b21cb861669c2b955ce6a25
Date:   Wed Jun 6 01:00:34 2018 -0700

    Fixed animation scale which was not being saved to the rootDummy object upon import, causing it to always be 1.0

commit c9ac6a69436d7c2e6bdc4f23419f49ee0019ac43
Date:   Mon Jun 4 21:01:09 2018 -0700

    Fixed NULL string in depth texture name default instead of using constant, chunkname initialize to empty string

commit 7755b187316aed1e04e928974dd185512be561c9
Date:   Mon Jun 4 20:59:51 2018 -0700

    Fixed initial value for depth texture name, and removed use of python broken string title case function in matching of emitter render value.



Version 1.0

commit 6ade9c0396d8917e4de8aa1ee522a5200bd933da

Date:   Wed May 23 00:29:26 2018 -0700
    Added uv map preservation for aabb nodes (lightmapped grass requirement) and fixed case where model has lightmap in texture slot 2 but no diffuse


commit 78e2be906b3ae41519cac24196c680ad41db782a

Date:   Wed May 23 00:27:51 2018 -0700

     Added priority export for selected object when numerous odyssey models are in the same scene


commit b1e2adaa26633d50368b7ec510bcbb19b4ea88c6

Date:   Sat Jan 20 23:46:05 2018 -0800

    Fixed PWK/DWK node handling and added proper compatibility with kotormax and mdledit style walkmesh files


commit 8851bdae873e93d56751ce2a772474ae6e2452d4

Date:   Mon Jan 15 02:47:52 2018 -0800

     Fixed node search object validity test before using in the user-supplied test to keep the tests simpler


commit 704f6e715f59e684c39a7f2820328db469042cf4

Date:   Mon Jan 15 02:46:09 2018 -0800

    Added proper .ascii extension handling for PWK/DWK


commit 1571f7a984bca4c840cd7b42e7c6b19be83c98d3

Date:   Mon Jan 15 02:44:44 2018 -0800

     Props needed for dynamic commit


commit 039c97a8bd16bb7e11a9d8d5cb9bccc0a34a0bd4

Date:   Tue Jan 9 21:29:20 2018 -0800

     Fixed animation nodes getting wrong match values due to partial controller name matching


commit f17d214f3f0dcaf9ab7d4c5391d38b3c0881187c

Date:   Tue Jan 9 20:50:44 2018 -0800

     Added non-boolean nDynamicType handling, replacing isDynamic which is wrong for us


commit 17f16f2dc615366f6a4bf93fe030d96c6ffb1839

Date:   Tue Jan 2 21:51:05 2018 -0800

     Added support for kmax emitter keyed floats that should maybe be ints


commit 67e2dd1c2f8c8ee8ddfda06528e453619e59fd55

Date:   Sat Dec 30 11:11:43 2017 -0800

     Fixed handling of models with lightmap and no diffuse texture


commit 2315c0c33e30b3a620ae91c46b18b827c8d8fad5

Date:   Fri Nov 17 00:28:44 2017 -0800

     Added forced disable of compressed quaternions, something about the current orientation export breaks compressed quaternion support.


commit 64b6475f46a9f680343d6035a8f84abdfdb6461f

Date:   Sun Oct 29 13:03:00 2017 -0700

     Added version 1.0 string to bl_info, reset from version numbers tracking existing parallel nvb builds.


commit ac877e48a36c53b18e4e1241ca191e82e2987796

Date:   Sun Oct 29 13:02:12 2017 -0700

     Fixed new animation scene when copying nodes was pulling in nvb.rawascii, so we would get the unparsed ascii from geometry nodes on exported animation nodes, which is bad. Now rawascii is cleared on anim scene node copy.


commit 89dee63bc66bf92bdfc48b4ea62f2ef4c12ff666

Date:   Sun Oct 29 12:59:19 2017 -0700

     Fixed orientation bezier keyed animations are known to work in game, but they are going to need a more careful handling than I can give right now. For now, disable export of bezier animations, just exporting them as linear if someone has used bezier keyframes. We already read them as linear always during import, so it is just problematic when people add keyframes because bezier is the default.


commit e9ed9baae07a71c8a659126f78f2572d986cf83f

Date:   Sun Oct 29 12:56:42 2017 -0700

     Added nvb_props enums need an explicit none default value, as the empty string seems to not work in some cases.


commit 7e9da328d04a0c0cb003a567b3b105b92d6047f9

Date:   Mon Oct 16 20:18:32 2017 -0700

     Fixed wrong enum value for smoothgroup single setting


commit c57b0af77e7b0ce03aea118e2791c9f1d9611625

Date:   Mon Oct 16 20:12:56 2017 -0700

     Added mdledit compatibility for area models, roomlinks in the aabb node and layoutposition in the geometry section


commit aedd82d8023ea4459ba74a48a80553efa003af4a

Date:   Tue Oct 10 23:19:14 2017 -0700

     Added use texindices1 on import when present, falling back to face list mapping otherwise


commit eb624bad75dd2f6b7fe1ca2cbd9eb0d39b7dd42d

Date:   Tue Oct 10 23:18:56 2017 -0700

     Added 3 int list parser to nvb_parse


commit 47ec8a5f45c2a89d3d49e33dbcbc5806ac72d4fd

Date:   Tue Oct 10 21:43:22 2017 -0700

     Added compress_quaternions and headlink support


commit e82a72deb72e74335f0c7e04a5a8ac985c0f31ab

Date:   Tue Oct 10 20:49:48 2017 -0700

    Added KB class names in props and kb prefixed operator names


commit ccd989211c85bee527cf2bdaa731ad11a2a87b3f

Date:   Tue Oct 10 20:46:17 2017 -0700

    Added kotorblender strings and kb/nvb exclusive loading logic


commit 0da413cd63ced8bdfc6c59a12ed711f36ef96b29

Date:   Sun Aug 27 00:57:14 2017 -0700

     Added classification 0 should be called Other, and add classification 64, called, for now, Flyer


commit 771f8050d6990c05e2ff9d4bd7cea9dd3b2677c5

Date:   Sun Aug 27 00:42:49 2017 -0700

     Fixed node addToScene could be unsafe when a kotor node name was in use in a scene by a non-kotor object of different type, for instance, a mesh named Camera was colliding with the default camera of the same name.


commit 8c672c0673d541fc09042b1a8a2704cb0622132d

Date:   Sat Aug 19 00:23:45 2017 -0700

    For some reason, matrix_local is not yielding correct values for some down-tree meshes, return to getAuroraRotFromObject helper usage.


commit 5910dd2a6252909ded95640a49f732532fe4042d

Date:   Sat Aug 5 00:28:29 2017 -0700

     Added preservation of tverts when image textures are null, important for certain TSL models where the model texture specifications are dropped, relying on 2DA texture definitions instead


commit 1bef83d9fa8dfd4d2d03a74494e69e404acf95d9

Date:   Sun Jul 30 00:43:54 2017 -0700

     Added vertex colors export.


commit b1d4b6fdbd41f529c60c524f3b71ed6c306dc5d1

Date:   Sat Jul 29 00:45:16 2017 -0700

     Added support for .mdl.ascii file extension


commit 04bf6b63ad751607b100812b98528c94c00ff6cc

Date:   Sun Jul 23 00:39:47 2017 -0700

     Added support for unknown classification byte-2, just passthrough, no UI provided at this point.


commit 27def9547bb94744ea2b96761759af665f2cc921

Date:   Wed Jul 12 21:44:41 2017 -0700

    Added support for ignorefog, byte 4 of model header.


commit 8efb38df6cfaa871a8c410cd4170500b98353e19

Date:   Wed Jul 12 21:18:56 2017 -0700

    Added try/catch for emitter property parsing, needed more broadly but it is a start.


commit 36b1a43efa6081650c830bdbf521113c0603c043

Date:   Tue Jun 20 01:26:08 2017 -0700

     Added unparseable data support to reference nodes, which apparently exist in k1.


commit 25359ffd17e71ca85ffc61cd17b3a2949053f080

Date:   Sun Jun 18 17:07:33 2017 -0700

     Fixed syntax error after removing tilefade


commit 087131c192e5d5ba290d59210ddc156981ee8f56

Date:   Sat Jun 17 20:45:52 2017 -0700

    Removed tilefade, nwn-only property for Tile models.


commit 5193db7cd9d3b8ee833809dac71185e7a4cac77c

Date:   Sat Jun 17 20:02:40 2017 -0700

     Removed so-called scaling fix which applies scale to vert positions, breaking lightsaber blade exports (most notably)


commit 2ce4c50b1ad02655c65b661d30651db5c55069df

Date:   Tue Jun 13 22:25:18 2017 -0700

     Added lightsaber meshtype for kotormax/mdledit saber blade style


commit 94e3cf4e8986d655a2478292c6cd611eac572841

Date:   Tue Jun 13 19:40:58 2017 -0700

     Added AUTO as default smoothgroup mode, rather than separate which is a niche mode at best. Otherwise single would be the best probably.


commit f3ba8e23973eb9ff8b6662227254e47f54b8a3b7

Date:   Tue Jun 13 19:39:52 2017 -0700

     Fixed backgroundGeometry parser mesh data parse, had forgotten that strings are lowercased before reaching the comparison.


commit 69abbf2afb812eade917e7e46f066afa4a72c557

Date:   Sat Jun 10 01:08:32 2017 -0700

     Added half-baked armature creation support, very preliminary and experimental right now.


commit d7daba8ad9baa56440f4b5b04a578b4130bdf343

Date:   Fri Jun 9 12:58:32 2017 -0700

     Added version bump just to differentiate.


commit d528235793c2c2e42b9fa95518ac045d4c21cc1d

Date:   Fri Jun 9 12:58:02 2017 -0700

     Fixed tangentspace output as a texture setting requires a texture.


commit f2be7e6ea211d807264f882c83c894bfc723db6e

Date:   Sun Jun 4 13:42:26 2017 -0700

     Removed shininess and specular mesh support, they are not supported by Odyssey engine, nor are they even part of Odyssey engine model format.


commit 55518f561b0fb2f2cb28f41de1ba58b7a306dcd8

Date:   Thu Jun 1 23:14:32 2017 -0700

    Added 10 missing mesh properties found in the trimesh header data structures, 4 of which are K2:TSL-only. All are merely available in the UI, not animatable and do not control anything in the editor. It is theorized that the UV animation settings could be represented in the editor, perhaps in the future.


commit dd5b2479db5d9d005fb4f7a9adefd9f1114f5776

Date:   Thu Jun 1 01:31:45 2017 -0700

     Fixed robustness of animation parsing, now properly handles weird missing data for controller0key oddballs.


commit fd1030fd1a6af3dae5582157ee8d7d0d2e7027f1

Date:   Thu Jun 1 01:30:48 2017 -0700

     Fixed parenting of importing nodes such that they remain under the correct MDL root dummy.


commit 4e8b51ff6dd661e573cb7a6ac550615b8ea3a4f2

Date:   Wed May 31 00:21:40 2017 -0700

     Added emitter controller animation support.


commit 6693fc91075d6833d948d32e9d266ad54e4bcac8

Date:   Tue May 30 21:04:01 2017 -0700

     Added finished refactoring of animation in preparation for all the emitter controllers.


commit 081bcb282292ad23bb30d89d64b118a333ce91dc

Date:   Thu May 25 01:02:52 2017 -0700

     Add first support for emitter properties, taking some parts of kotorblender and nwmax for the effort, animation support is still needing to be done, but a round of anim cleanup is needed first.


commit c7388755957e85c85d530a5f1f6e011ebfa2c7dd

Date:   Tue May 23 22:21:00 2017 -0700

     Fixed nvb_parse f1 which should not tuple the resulting single floats in its lists


commit e1f39203c3003f71b7c06090712f9e5493346553

Date:   Sun May 21 20:55:00 2017 -0700

     Added TXI support, odyssey texture properties panel, import/export of TXI on mdl load/save (optionally), and implementation of tangentspace ndoe data. Still plenty of room for improvement but it is an adequate starting point.


commit 495ac4b4e1aef73014cbe366e8e426aae947706c

Date:   Fri May 19 23:17:23 2017 -0700

     Added code to allow models to attach to existing rootdummies without moving/reorienting them, etc. needed for layout loading, also added name output to name conflict warning.


commit cf80f4f4d6e049954ce704b790cbda0d4943aec2

Date:   Sat May 13 14:27:13 2017 -0700

     Added importWalkmesh to glob, previously missed.


commit 141b509225d701251cea47c9542fe0f0185a3b65

Date:   Sat May 13 14:25:53 2017 -0700

     Fixed upper-casing of classification is better done in title (aka ucfirst) case.


commit 23b344fd49887c67d5ccd4b3dde2eba8fdb5ca2d

Date:   Sat May 13 14:17:26 2017 -0700

     Added smoothgroup changes, make it use 3ds style bitflag, multiple-inclusive smoothgroups. blender does not support these very well at all, but it does not support the other kind well either...


commit 58cf9bece25d7ba1b9ff7dad293047057eed57c6

Date:   Sat May 13 14:06:57 2017 -0700

     Added lightmapped flag export previously missed.


commit d80f710de060aed967c1311fa63fdd2d09a6cc84

Date:   Sat May 13 14:06:07 2017 -0700

     Added support for roomlinks import/export


commit 60de41be6c4184915c329c40cd7549fa7e3ea7b1

Date:   Sat May 13 13:37:24 2017 -0700

     Added aabb as wok trimesh functionality, impersonate trimesh on export, compute and maintain lytposition translation value to apply at export.


commit 00a80a4938da90091ab3a9cdf73ebfda801978e2

Date:   Sat May 13 13:07:09 2017 -0700

     Fixed bug preventing walkmesh node starting on first line from being parsed, the header is cute but not required.


commit ae939502625fbfe4b358e0ef5754bc224835c39c

Date:   Sat May 13 13:05:44 2017 -0700

    Added proper material support for trimesh nodes imported as part of walkmesh.


commit c320bcfa474499c2ca92690417a757a267a64a06

Date:   Sat May 13 12:48:31 2017 -0700

     Added walkmesh scene import has to move into mdl scene import because there might be dummies that the walkmesh should take over, but those same nodes need to be copied when animations are imported, and both of those imports happen w/in mdl.importToScene. Also adds the walkmesh support to assume control of existing dummies rather than inserting new rootdummies outside the model hierarchy.


commit f8f51a115e5f7acd1207c9a7b32edeb837adaa2f

Date:   Sat May 13 12:30:33 2017 -0700

     Added roottype nvb_node object property for tracking what the type of a nodes direct ancestor rootdummy is.


commit 310be64928b2fa72b9388e74a04495e820bb160f

Date:   Sat May 13 12:13:21 2017 -0700

     Added slight bump to aabb recursion limit for some reason, I think I merged this from somewhere?


commit b98544af922629284297ddfd92f851f510be3229

Date:   Sat May 13 12:10:40 2017 -0700

     Fixed frequent parse killing error line in nvb_anim, running requiresUniqueData without testing object existence.


commit 623098e985a20dde928414b97395ae1e92a27ec5

Date:   Sat May 13 12:06:21 2017 -0700

     Added eventlist handling for animations, the way mdlops used to export them.


commit cc122cd95abf1623f02337ed7dde72e784623001

Date:   Sat May 13 12:02:55 2017 -0700

     Added exportNeeded test to anim_node, which ensures that only nodes that should be part of an animation wind up being exported with the animation.


commit c949c4358b999d0eed35625811af3e26d5bdd3bb

Date:   Sat May 13 11:59:04 2017 -0700

     Added implementation of bezier keyed animations, new anim_node helper method addKeyframeToCurve handles setting interpolation and control handle positions.


commit 810593abd391c13460a0b093ea2c77998213000a

Date:   Sat May 13 11:56:19 2017 -0700

     Added a measure of sanity to nvb_parse library by pulling all the parse N functions back into a single implementation that takes N as a parameter, retained all the specific N driver methods.


commit 9caf5d368ad1ad50b9a5725cbf5f56f4d70f736d

Date:   Sat May 13 03:56:13 2017 -0700

     Added .7g formatted outputs instead of fixed width 8.7f


commit 503dbe8920e635d9bd4ddd7345a6313236a6a16f

Date:   Sat May 13 03:51:29 2017 -0700

     Added nvb_node light support for negative light colors and initialization of shadow state on import.


commit cac63bf91bfbd55bcf3c4cb07fbe35d86a3b31cb

Date:   Sat May 13 03:48:03 2017 -0700

     Added generalized support for unknown content to be passed through for most node types, allowing compiler improvements to be preserved w/o explicit support in blender.


commit 10936c5dea5309840ab5e399bde40c1dde02270d

Date:   Sat May 13 03:28:42 2017 -0700

     Added all caps NULL as in vanilla kotor models.


commit 12e7fcbe182f732ba8faebe3e34e379820ad05a9

Date:   Sat May 13 03:27:16 2017 -0700

     Added kotor model classifications.


commit c254ce5f6b03ca4fafbe63d880c7b5a67d9368f6

Date:   Sat May 13 03:17:51 2017 -0700

     Added renamed import/export operations, updated package imports.


commit 39d85a86e6ad4feac6643706b6c01e8cdb93a815

Date:   Sat May 13 03:12:37 2017 -0700

     Added obj traversal helpers to nvb_utils.


commit 3f42ffafcbc02e72609758c62d1dc85314a2ba1d

Date:   Sat May 13 03:10:36 2017 -0700

     Added Odyssey replacement of Aurora language signaling that some choices are made which will break NWN support.


commit 17870b07d43aa84a8ce506fc9675b1cd3983282c

Date:   Sat May 13 03:03:30 2017 -0700

     Added minimap render settings for kotor.


commit 0fa6dc4f25290834859123ed03142cf2bfe4e25f

Date:   Sat May 13 02:59:52 2017 -0700

     Added lightmapped mesh support, including bitmap2, texindices1, tverts1, secondary texture settings.


commit 30cb2e0346d78e5a41e723e0a549fa027c3ef46c

Date:   Thu May 11 15:08:53 2017 -0700

     Fixed minimap render alpha mode default to transparent from sky


commit 496ce3d83a138e7f3797f04aec6adfb9554fef7d

Date:   Thu May 11 15:05:22 2017 -0700

    Merged changes from neverblender 1.29 that are applicable to Odyssey/KotOR.


commit e31d34150c6611840d4d573228cbe5fb226efe47

Date:   Thu May 11 13:17:13 2017 -0700

     Merged changes from neverblender 1.25 that are applicable to Odyssey/KotOR.


commit 0444025319ba6e0d17557aa669522b1338fcde9a

Date:   Wed May 10 19:05:06 2017 -0700

     Removed code designed to keep tvert positions unique, which absolutely breaks MDX compatibility requirement.


commit b0ef1173232752ee2564af44dcaa1c599c774fe2

Date:   Wed May 10 19:03:29 2017 -0700

     Added maximum rounding to 7 places and consistent output of up to 7 significant figures of precision in node ascii output.


commit 3303c18fd387c383d8f58d70ca147a6fb9fabc9d

Date:   Wed May 10 18:41:09 2017 -0700

     Added version to bl_info structure


commit 4c4c42556b657814ac2bb4a344265099f8618582

Date:   Wed May 10 18:40:36 2017 -0700

     Initial commit of version 1.23a released by Symmetric, obtained from nwnvault.




 Version 0.1 (2016-06-12)

     With permission granted from Symmetric, used his early version of
             NeverBlender 1.11 Python script files to rewrite and fix some of the
              code in those files to be specifically tailor-made for importing &
              exporting KotOR ASCII MDL files.
                  Renamed and edited the python files where all the old NeverBlender
                  references were removed, in order to organize the files better and
                  in accord with the file name of "kotorblender" for possible future

                  Fixed the classification problem that was returning the classifications
                  in all capitalized letters, which at the time was causing all models to
                  lose their shadows in the game and some models were having unusual
                  erratic camera behavior during third person view combat mode. Which now
                  returns the classifications to lower case letters with the first letter
                  Fixed another issue where the ASCII MDL PC models would not import into
                  Blender, when converted to ASCII format by either MDLops 6 or 7. All PC
                  ASCII MDL files should now import into Blender.



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