Higher Detail Handmaiden Skin Retexture (Fit an Athletic Version) 1.0

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This is a culmination of my work to attempt to add some level of accurate anatomy to the skin textures of various characters. Since FS recently uploaded his own edit of the Handmaiden's underwear model, I was tasked with editing a reskin of the Vanilla model I had previously been working on.
This is that texture...


Note: It is in fact derived from the Vanilla texture, except it was designed around Fairstride's aforementioned Handmaiden Fit and Athletic mod, and so would probably look best with it.


-Technical Information:
This texture uses my new technique of "adding" skin pores by overlaying some edited noise and using a few soft brushes to create the illusion of subsurface scattering.
I had originally envisioned using an alpha layer to imitate light reflecting off of its surface, but it ended up looking a bit too metallic,
and seemed to detract from the cleaner look you get in Vanilla. I still plan to try this out in subsequent builds, but right now this version looks the most appropriate to me.


If there are alterations or changes you'd prefer, I would be more than happy to oblige.


To Install: Drop in the Override Folder; If you don't have an Override folder, you will have to create one


To Uninstall: delete or remove p_handmaidenBA.tga, p_handmaidenH.tga, and p_handmaiden.txi from the Override folder


Permissions: I request that you credit me if you are to use this texture in your own mod


Credits: The DeadlyStream community for their continued support of this rather odd hobby, Special thanks to FairStrides and LiliArch for their scrutiny and enthusiasm that I just upload this blasted thing already;
Obsidian for creating Kotor 2, Bioware for creating Kotor 1 which lead to 2, Lucasarts for producing Kotor 1 and 2; Adobe for creating their Photoshop, and George Lucas for his part in creating this wild universe we've been living in for 30 years

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


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