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  1. Hello everyone reading, I need help with playing as Lord Vivec made by a modder: I converted the .nif file to .obj then to .3ds, imported the model into gmax, merged it into a lite commoner model, weighted the skin to the commoner bones, linked the skin to the OdysseyBase, added the OdysseyTrimesh modifier for every skin, and because the meshes were flipped and see through I selected every face and flipped it back so it was a whole solid model again. I also edited the appearance.2da by copying the lite commoner row and pasting it at the end and changing the name, race, and race texture to Lord Vivec's files. I also edit the portraits.2da to let me play as him as the main character. Yet when I do all of this the model is still invisible in-game though the animations are all there. And when I view the model with this: I can see the model and texture perfectly. Can someone help me with this and help figure out why the skin is invisible still? Edit: Me and another discord user were trying to figure why he is invisible and we've figured out that when removing the skin modifiers (the envelopes and skinning of the meshes to the bones) that Vivec appears in the game in the un-animated pose with the bones having animations which he is obviously not connected to. So we decided to try doing PMBHL the armor model instead in which I attached a lite commoner bone to the head hook of PMBHL but alas it still didn't work and Vivec was still invisible when connected to a KotOR character rig. If anyone can figure why this is I would greatly appreciate it. Just post any ideas or feedback you might have to solve this problem. Edit: I figured it out with the help of some people. I just had to add the UVW map modifier to the model and put a default.tga in the Override folder. There was basically no textures on the model despite having a diffuse color.
  2. I figured it out now, I used this video to help me: Then after I mapped the animations I go into the animation editor and can play each one.
  3. @ӃhrizbyI was referring to the droid's skin/bones so I think you are right and I didn't realize there was a difference between textures and envelopes sorry. I managed to solve the problem though with the exporting issue I just needed to run KotorMax from the gmax directory instead and it worked. I keep having the same issue with the droid not having animations. I linked everything and weighted the envelopes to the bones but it just stays in the un-animated pose. Also, do you remember what option it was exactly to play each animation in NWMax or KotorMax? In KotorMax I select the OdysseyBase, select the animation editor, select a certain animation, move the animation to the animation box, double click it in which it should play but it doesn't. In NWMax, I do the same thing and it doesn't work there either.
  4. Hello Khrizby, I'll try out what you said especially with the shortcuts and I think I already figured out the problem with the textures previously on discord, DarthParametric helped me. You are right, since the textures are meshed onto the bones I believe one just has to put the textures onto the commoner's bones, weight paint the textures to certain bones, and link everything. I did most of the things you said however when I put the assassin droid model into the game, the textures were perfect but the model had no animations and the assassin droid was stuck in the t-pose so I'm guessing I didn't link everything right. Another problem I am currently having right now is that I can't export the model from the OdysseyBase on KotorMax gmax 1.2, I tried it on NWMax as well. Basically, I get no sanity checks or errors and it just doesn't export the character model. Thank you so much for replying by the way, I appreciate it a lot.
  5. Thank you AmanoJyaku, I have tried some searches like ROTNR but I'll see what else I can find. I also posted on discord on various servers about this problem with the droid's textures so maybe I'll get a response tomorrow. If I find the solution I'll post it on here just for anyone else with the same issue.
  6. Hello Khrizby, I hope you reply to my comment this time around. I'm giving it another try except for the assassin droid. I'm trying to put the male lite commoner's animations on it but I need your help again. Sorry for my stupid comment before, it was extremely easy to solve the questions I asked to you. Anyways, I need help extracting the textures from the assassin droid. How did you take out the textures from HK-47? They are like attached to the bones completely. I'm at the skinning step except I need to somehow group the assassin droid's textures but I don't know how to access the textures.
  7. Hello Khrizby, thank you so much for this tutorial but I'm going to need additional help with this as I'm quite inexperienced and dull-witted with modeling and rigging. How do I open two windows of NWMax and how do I select the bones and link them? I might be commenting to you multiple times if that's alright because I don't know what I'm doing and I can't find any videos on how to do this.
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had knowledge of x86 assembly or using an Interactive Dissassenbler (IDA) because I sure don't and I'm learning it but am a complete beginner. I wanted to change the hard coded material in the swkotor.exe which permits a leveling cap at level 20. This level cap is annoying in my opinion and wish we could make it higher. This is slightly off topic but I also wish I could change the party system to have more party members without replacing the original ones in recruitment mods but the party system like the level cap, is hard coded. This hard coded material in the game is exactly what I'm asking people for help for. Makes me wonder if someone already changed the level cap or party system with a IDA and hex editor and just never publicly released the mod or the information about how they did it. Let's say I opened the swkotor.exe with IDA, how would I go about looking for where the hard coded material is for the level cap? And is it possible that there is more than one instance of the level cap in place, basically saying is there more than one instance of hard coded material that holds the level cap in place? I really need someone who knows how to use x86 assembly. Thank you for reading this and for your time. Any help, feedback, or response would be greatly appreciated.