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    Im just need an awesome star wars knights of the old republic 2 restored content modification mobile jedi temple mod so I can get the best awesome jedi gear so if anyone can help me get a jedi temple mod for the android that will be awesome

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  1. Does anyone have a mod to make the mantle of the force to be red as a mod Basically I just need a mod that will change the color of the mantle of the force to red because this lightsaber crystal belongs and use by the sith and I just need a simple mod so I can put it in my override folder for my mobile kotor 1 game for the mobile
  2. Umm hi I download this mod and I was at the endar spire and im done leveling up my character to the max and got all the leveling up my character needs but I want to go back to the endar spire because that's where I was at the game I want to go back is their anyway to do that
  3. So in other words I would need his permission if he can hook me up with a jedi temple mod for my android version of kotor2
  4. Hi everyone their is a mod I really want the person to create for everyone the jedi temple mod for kotor2 only for Android version think about it their is a jedi temple mod only for the pc version of kotor2 right but not for the android of kotor2 so why not make one for the android version so everyone who has the android kotor2 version can get all the badass jedi and sith stuff
  5. Hi im going to download this for my android since I have star wars knights of the old republic can this mod also work for the android to Yeah can it work for the android version of kotor1 For the android version