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  1. I gotta say Jorak, you make some of my favorite graphics mods. I wish you good luck with all the other planets and such.
  2. Let's see here, one mod I'd definitely recommend is a short campaign mod called Emissary, where you control a band of Darkspawn. It is pretty short, but it is very interesting. 2 more mods I'd recommend are ZevranASAP and Sleep Until Dawn.
  3. I actually just decided to test this out by turning Frame Buffer Effects, Anti Aliasing, and Anisotropic Filtering off and setting the texture quality to low, and no matter what I did the hologram effect remained. I'd have to agree that it's probably a graphics card issue, especially since I remember that before I got my current graphics card, the hologram effect wouldn't display.
  4. Remember kids: messing up references to poetry will make people think you are going through an existential crisis.

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    2. Fair Strides

      Fair Strides

      "Let this be known as the day you *almost* referenced poetry."




      "Let this be known as the day you *almost* got that reference!"

    3. scoutception


      SH: I was at Xuul's stream, and I kept typing the same things as someone else who was there, so I decided to make a joke that we were clones by making a poetry reference. I messed it up and said something like "You are my clone, and you are mine", and everyone started joking that I was going through an existential crisis.

      Not my greatest moment, to be sure.

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Could be worse. You could have been accused of writing very self involved Star Wars slash porn. :)

  5. I agree with DarthParametric. I also gotta ask, are you planing on improving the eyes for the Rodians? They look pretty out of place compared to the rest of the (fantastic looking, I have to say) head.
  6. Wait, in what way is WOTOR not compatible with K1R? I did a playthrough with both those mods, and it worked pretty well.
  7. YES. I have always wanted a mod for Revan's proper lightsaber in KOTOR 1. Giving other characters unique hilts too is pretty neat, though I honestly don't think anyone other than the ones you listed need them. Also, why is it the lightsaber can't have the name of your PC? It worked in TSL for your personal armband.
  8. Now that's some great news. I'd say the the NPC Overhaul is one of my essentials for TSL.
  9. I can confirm that it is also an issue in vanilla KOTOR. One of those files, 03 if I'm remembering correctly, can also cause Bastila to be invisible during the interrogation scene on the Leviathan. Other than that and the black screen issue, of course, they don't seem to cause that many issues with the game, so you can probably still keep them in the override folder until those issues happen.
  10. Apparently the internal hard drive of my computer is in danger of completely crashing. Just wonderful.

  11. So, does that mean that this version is going to need a update for this problem?
  12. I'll admit, I did not expect a mod like this so soon after the movie's release, but I'm still very impressed by this. Great job. ... This also reminds me of how low res the Revan model is up close.