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    Since TOR released a set of the Star Forge robes not too long back, I figured it might be a useful basis for a hybrid version with the vanilla cape and loincloth (the TOR version is only painted on) married to SS's flowing robes animations. At this point I've done the initial import, scale, and pose, and am now ready for the transfer to the KOTOR rig. Thanks to the Blender I/O script, I was also able to bake out the tinted textures, which is much easier than trying to approximate it manually as I have had to do in the past. Here's where it's at currently: I still need to fiddle with a few bits and pieces, and there will no doubt be plenty of tweaking to do once the rig transfer is done and I can test out animations. I also have some folded down hoods taken from other sets that I will try to marry to this torso for a hoodless/maskless version. But that will require a fair bit of massaging to get them to fit, so I'm saving that for later. Still not sure about the cape. I think having it white as well would be a bit too overpowering, but I'm not entirely sold on the brown. And I haven't done anything for the DS black version as yet. Since there's no TOR version of that colour scheme for this set, I'll have to cobble something together myself.
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    View File Larger Text Fonts for KOTOR 1! Have you tried playing KOTOR 1 at any resolution above 1080p? Then you have surely noticed that the text and font do NOT scale with higher resolution! As a result, text can look embarassingly small in the menu, dialogue, and HUD. Fortunately, this mod contains many sorts of font files that the game can use, sorted by size! Now you can play KOTOR in 4k resolution without needing to squint to see important text. These fonts were NOT my creation, they were found and extracted from the Russian version of the game which inexplicably has larger fonts with a variety of sizes (on top of being able to work in English as well). Hopefully everyone who wishes to play KOTOR in high resolution will get to have a more enjoyable experience, and one of the more common problems facing the community can be properly addressed. WARNING: This is NOT compatible with KOTOR 2 TSL. This only exclusively works with K1. As far as I know, there are no compatibility issues with other mods. However if you come across any errors or something that is not working as intended, please let me know here or via my Discord: Xela#6419 Submitter sovietshipgirl Submitted 05/19/2021 Category Knights of The Old Republic  
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    I guess I'm getting old... I feel like your posts are a bit of a bombardment. Anyway, I can't see the full body here, but it looks like what you want is in this screenshot? Or part of what you want? I'm currently replaying KotOR but I can't tell if this was your own texture work. If so then I'm sure you can tweak it some more to look more like that SWTOR artwork from that Galactic History entry.
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    I have made requests similar to this in the past. My recruit mod, "Recruit Sarna", which provides a soldier to replace Bastila after her capture, is near complete, I believe, and there are many I will give credit to for assistance. Sith Holocron, SithSpecter, Qui-Gon Glenn, TamerBill, Thor110, LoneWanderer, AmanoJyaku, Effix. Sarna, at Level 1, has high dexterity, decent intelligence, wisdom 14. She carries a Mandalorian Blaster and has the feat "Dueling" to allow her to use pistols, swords, and blades. With all the help, I will release my mod for anyone to use freely. I need assistance with new textures, possibly a slightly modified model, to create the armor I wanted to give Sarna, though I have a .uti file ready, and I hoped to make my mod a voiced mod. I have some voice files for Sarna that fit the limited dialogue she has, but these work only for two or three lines. If anyone could help with these things, voicing lines or creating new textures, contact me for more detail.
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    I have spent an extremely long time compiling different mods together to make my Bastila look how I want her to look and I am very pleased with the results so I thought I'd make a quick tutorial of sorts on how to make your Bastila look like mine if you would like too. It's not really a tutorial however, so much as a list of mods that I use. Models: For the Head Model I use This Mod: For the Body I use 'Bastila's Got Back': https://www.lonebullet.com/maps/download-bastila-got-back-knights-of-the-old-republic-map-level-free-52315.htm Skins: with this mod of my own on top of it: I use the blue eyes until after Malak tortures her then switch to the Sith Eyes. For Clothing: or ONLY THE SKINS FROM THIS MOD but it isn't necessary Also: with this on top of it: Extras:
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    TpcView On windows drag and drop while pressing alt. You will get the images in .tga format which you can then modify in photoshop or gimp.
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    Having you considered recruiting more staff to fill in the gaps of the inactive ones?
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    This just saved me, Thanks for taking the time to explain this all those years ago Works like a charm with windows 10.
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    "Might as well jump!" - Van Halen The last update mentioned the mystery of the unconditional jump at the end of a subroutine, and explained it's a return statement. Let's look at it in a bit more detail. 7054 CONSTS [ 7059 CPTOPSP -4 1 7067 ADDxx 7069 CONSTS ] 7074 ADDxx 7076 CPDOWNSP -6 1 7084 MOVSP -4 7090 JMP 7108 *7096 MOVSP -1* //Dead code *7102 MOVSP -3* //Dead code 7108 MOVSP -1 7114 RETN Why is this happening? It's the result of the compiler building the subroutine in stages. Let's separate the op codes into subroutine Parts: Part 2 7054 CONSTS [ 7059 CPTOPSP -4 1 7067 ADDxx 7069 CONSTS ] 7074 ADDxx 7076 CPDOWNSP -6 1 Part 3 (New) 7084 MOVSP -4 7090 JMP 7108 7096 MOVSP -1 Part 3 (Original) 7102 MOVSP -3 Part 4 7108 MOVSP -1 7114 RETN Oho! This subroutine returns a value (Part 2), clears local variables (Part 3), and clears arguments (Part 4). But, why are there two Part 3's? Top to bottom, the stack looks like this: Temporary return values Local variables Arguments Return values The compiler first writes the code for clearing the arguments (Part 4), which is easy because there is a fixed number. Then, it writes code for clearing the local variables (Part 3 - Original). In the example, the subroutine has 3 local variables. Next, the compiler calculates the number of values returned in Part 2 and adds that to the number of local variables. The result is 3 + 1. The compiler does not remove the original Part 3, so it's necessary to jump over it (Part 3 - New). So, why is there a MOVSP after the jump? As far as I can tell, it's a quirk of the compiler. Part 2 returns a value by evaluating a set of expressions. The result is then copied down the stack past the arguments. The result is then cleared in the new Part 3. However, the compiler inserts a MOVSP after the jump that would have cleared the result of the last expression. That leaves us with two MOVSPs that are jumped over: one to clear the local variables, and one to clear the last expression (in this case, the return value). I'm rewriting my code to take advantage of this. Instead of calculating all of the changes made to the stack in order to find the subroutine signature, it could be easier to look for a jump and evaluate the code around it. The question is how to handle subroutines that don't return values, and therefore lack the jump... This newfound knowledge is useful for another reason: I now know how to properly analyze switch statements. More in a future post.
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    Hey all So I wanted to place an invisible placeable on an enemy with his OnDeath script. So that I may have you loot him normally, but have another script fire after you've looted him and gotten the part to the quest. here's what I could think of... void main() { if ((GetJournalEntry("ache_saber") == 20)) { CreateObject(64, "ache_lens_cont", GetLocation(GetObjectByTag("infernal_sith", 0)), 0); } ExecuteScript("k_def_death01", OBJECT_SELF); } So the placeable is invisible and holds the part. Then dings the quest entry. Would this work or what am I forgetting/not doing right? I appreciate any help. EDIT: Hey nevermind. What I was doing worked. I just forgot to include the script that jumps the quest entry up. So then i moved the other items he drops to the invisible placeable so there's only one "Remains". Then looting that puts the quest up a notch. Woot. i did it!
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    I am doing a thematic class mod for Kotor 1. And my question is that does deal with the Player Character is that should I focus on single highly flexible class for the Player character, Focus build class(like they are in the vanilla) or make each of the Jedi Classes highly flexible. One of the aspect of this mod, that I am converting Jedi Sentinel to the Jedi Shadow. Jedi Shadow Class: Force Jump Tree will be unlock fully. Force Immunity tree will unlock fully as well Force Focus Tree will unlock fully. Uncanny Dodge will automatic. Sneak Attack feats 1 to 10 will unlock to use. All Weapons Specializations will be unlocked and able to be used. As of right now, I am leaning towards making all Jedi Classes highly Flexible and selectable for the Player. Bastila Shan is supposed to be a mentor to Player Character; so having them the same class makes sense to me, for you only teach what you know. True, the knowledge base for Player Character is Jedi Council and choosing your class make sense as well. There are other New Non Force Using classes that will reflects their roles and themes. Zaablar: Mad Claw(Tankier Scout) Carth: Republic Pilot(Scout with good BAB and Improved Starting Defense and Saving throws) Canderous: Mandalorian Commando(tankier Soldier) Mission: Pathfinder(Scoundrel) T3-M4: Astro-mech Hk-47: Assassin Droid(i have plans to add Sneak Attack and stealth function to his hides if possible)
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    download Same as the other mod for JK:DF2, but works for Mysteries of the Sith. Can be used with MotSE and GlowsaberX (not that I recommend it since those mods seem to be unfinished for MotS). I did some work on the MotS-specific powers, too. Chain Lightning chains through enemies the way it should, Push is stronger and has an AoE effect, and thrown lightsabers reliably return to your hand. Kinda proud of these! And having fun with them. I'm not even going to bother to try to salvage Project or Farsight, though. Update 1.03 - Rebalanced the mana cost of Force Pull. - Fixed s problem with Kyle sometimes inescapably choking the player to death at the start of the first encounter, if they didn't have Absorb or some other way to interrupt at long range. - Fixed a problem with the player occasionally staying immobile after Grip, making it an easy death to Lightning.
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    I had edited jagi001.utc rather than g_jagi.utc. The shield activation inside the cutscene works correctly now.
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    In theory, this should work but in practice it doesn't. #include "k_inc_generic" void main() { ActionPauseConversation(); GN_ActivateForceField(); DelayCommand(3.0, ActionResumeConversation()); } I equipped the NPC (g_jagi001.utc) with a Mandalorian Power Shield (g_i_frarmbnds06) but it does not activate it. I tested other energy shields but still no go. Any advice?
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    Hello there! Guys, I'm sorry for no updates during these 2 years. A lot of things happened but now I can say that I'm back on track) So. As ebmar suggested I made g_a_clothesXX files and added them to certain npcs I tried to change this way the outfit of the first officer on Taris (g_sithtrooper002.utc). But as I understand G in the filename means Global and this file is used both for this npc and for sith soldiers in the battle suit (at least the same npc is used on the Endar Spire, 4 sith soldiers in the last room before the escape pod with Carth ). As a result, if i change the battle suit to my g_a_clothesXX for this npc it will break the game (these 4 soldiers will change their appearance and become frozen. They can't be killed and script that let's you open the door afterwards won't fire). This was the original blocker and one of the reasons why I stopped working on this mod. The other reason was that on Manaan before the Sith base (manm26XX modules) the only npc that changed appearance was man26_sitharg.utc (sith who is arguing with republic soldier in the first hall after the docking platform where the Ebon Hawk landed) Others didn't want to change though I added g_a_clothesXX to their inventory and textures were for the same models as these npc used. For some reason it didn't work. Even for unique NPCs like Viglo, Duan and Vek. First two are drunk siths in the bar and the last one is the Twi'lek in the sith uniform. (The other thing is that I use K1RP mod. There's a little chance that maybe this is the reason but as far as I know this mod doesn't modify these npcs) But evetually I found out that in the modules where players is fighting with sith it IS WORKING. I mean, it works like a charm. So I've changed sith npx on the Taris sith base and on Manaan sith base tar09_recepti001.utc (the poor Twi'lek girl on the reception. I gave her sith battle suit whick was made by redrob41 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/726-modders-resource-specialized-combat-suits-for-kotor-and-tsl/ ) - actually i don't know if I can add this to my mod but this is a work-around because I didn't want to edit appearance.2da and I didn't want to change model for this NPC. And in the end I like the result better than the original idea (You know, she isn't a consripted soldier, she just works there) g_sithcomm003.utc (sith Captain. Though its a global file this one worked). I checked only Taris and Manaan, if this file will break something like g_sithtrooper002.utc I will sadly delete it. But for now everything works just fine. n_sithcomf002.utc (I've changed several techs to Sergeants. They looked to similar) tar09_shieldtech.utc (this tech is now female with rank of Sergeant-Major) tar09_sith092.utc (common sith trooper in the battle suit. Changed it to soldier in the Trooper rank without armor. The idea is that no one is waiting for the ambush so some soldiers are without battle suits) Ow. And one more thing. I added slightly more HP, medpacks and shields for these npcs (except Senior Technician) because without their original armor they're weaker so this way I balanced it a bit. Moreover, I left other techs in the original uniform and aside from tar09_sith092.utc there're other sith soldiers in the battle suit. So this doesn't ruining the original look of the npcs at the base. Just gives it variety.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, Thor110. I will see if I can figure something out by looking at the impact script.
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    scroll along spells.2da and take a look "conjanim", there is also a "castanim" as well as an impact script that comes into play. This is set to hand for the conjure animation and self for the cast animation on #104 There is also an impact script which contains the following. ( below is part of the script that references 104 ) After the if/else statements is this It could be worth taking a look at the impact script, or trying the above effect instead of the talent you are applying. I am not sure why the hand animation is used, but it could be that the above overrides it by the time it has begun playing, I am not 100% certain but thought I would have a look into it quickly for you. Thor110
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    Just wanted to inform you of a bug with Dialogue_Description_VeryBig and Dialogue_Description_Big, I've tested it with both. When their is 100 or more credits in a chest or on a dead corpse and you go to loot, it will crash the game. I'm currently using VeryBig on a playthrough right now and have had a number of crashes when looting. This is on a 1024x768 resolution btw, I don't think it affects 1080p or higher which is what you were going for with this mod. I'm not sure if this is fixable with the lower resolution I'm playing at, but it seems to be the only real issue I've had.
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    So, I finally discovered a bug in nwnnsscomp... I think. The purpose of a reverse compiler is to recreate the syntax of the high-level language. This can only be accomplished if we understand statements, expressions, and values. Statement: HK-47 is ready to serve, master. - HK-47 If you care for others, then dispense with pity and sacrifice and recognize the value in letting them fight their own battles. - Kreia Battle is a pure form of expression. - Handmaiden So, what's all this got to do with nwnnsscomp?
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    Heh, see! You thought of a quicker way than I did, I don't know why I didn't think of just replacing the 2DA lines themselves instead of the number in the .utc's, I think it's because for my project I intend to keep every appearance in both games if possible, so I sort of skipped over the obvious solution! You should be done in no time!
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    Changing the militias is a bit more complex, but changing the Onderon soldiers/officers isn't so much. It's mostly copy pasting values in appearance.2da (which you can edit with KotOR Tool). For example: row 355, label Republic_Soldier_Mal_w_Helmet, normalhead: 58, modela: N_RepSold, texa: N_RepSold row 607, label Onderon_Soldier_Mal_Masked, normalhead: 146, modela: N_OndSoldM1, texa: N_OndSoldM1 Leave the row and label intact, copy the rest of the values above from the Republic soldier to the Onderon Soldier. There's only one Republic Soldier with a helmet (there's the female one but there's no female Onderon soldiers), so if you replace the few variations of Onderon soldiers + officers with helmet guy it will be Iziz: Attack of the Clones 🙃 Edit: I'm adding a text export that could help anyone who is up for doing this switcheroo. I'm not myself, sorry. appearance.2da.txt
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    Work on my "Recruit Sarna" mod nears its completion. Sarna was the Sith officer, Taris occupation force, who did not like her job. She finds a way off Taris and offers help to the Republic. I wish someone would help in my effort to give her unique armor, reflecting that the planet she reached did not have decent Republic military supplies. I believe a retexture of the Sith uniform (I had her wear one when I was checking possible appearance) with Republic officer shoulder pads could be used. The armor she has will be very light, but I will add special properties. If anyone is interested, I can provide more detail on what may be required.
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    It is my intent to create a character that will replace Bastila after she is captured aboard the Leviathan. I had a line in the script to create "0, "p_sarna"" Thank you for your help in making this possible. Sarna has the template n_sarna, but her Template ResRef is tar02_sarna021. That was an error. I still do not understand why the .utc file will not save with the portrait "po_psarna".
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    I wrote my first NWScript in order to test the findings from the previous post. The script: I specifically chose to add a single local variable and return a vector (struct of three floats) to prove the results. Let's break down the test subroutine: Part 1 is where the local variable I is declared and initialized. Part 2 is where the vector is returned. Part 3 is where things get interesting. Part 3 (Original) clears the local variable. Part 3 (New) clears the return values and local variables. Since Part 3 (Original) is not removed there is a jump over it in Part 3 (New). That jump is followed by the compiler quirk, the MOVSP that clears the last expression from the stack. That expression is the result of GetPositionFromLocation(), a vector. It's good to finally understand this weird JMP/MOVSP business, but this is awesome for two other reasons. The first is code analysis can be simplified to look for this JMP/MOVSP combination, it's no longer necessary to calculate stack changes for each op code in order to determine if a subroutine returns values. This eliminates the majority of bugs. It's also faster, but that's not as much of a concern. The second reason is it fundamentally changes the reverse compiler construction. I'll explain more in an upcoming post, but the tl;dr is it's now possible to find the beginning and end of statements! Notice a pattern? 🤔
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    Thank you so much! Yes, I feel that difference is pretty insignificant for the amount of time I spend in underwear within the game. I have made the changes to the existing portrait already, thank you for the 'heads up'. Thank you! I had no idea anyone else would think about this model, as a kid I always wanted to play with her head. A personal fave' for me!
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    There you go. Can't do much about the underwear models. Those would need to be rescaled specifically for this. I could always replace PFHA04's soldier and scoundrel underwear models with that of the scout (the officer's height), but I figured the difference is too subtle to come to that. You might also be interested in making the hair in the portrait black so that it matches with the new head. Not sure if I can simply extract that asset from the game as is for you to tweak it, but otherwise I can darken the hair for you. There's also a mod that makes her hair more pleasing to the eye. appearance.2da
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    This is perfect! Thank you so much, just what I had asked for! I can't thank you enough! I would appreciate it if you could set all of PFHA04's heights to that of the Czerka Protocol Officer's height if that isn't to much of a inconvenience? Thank you again for your help! I won't I will get the Tool working! Kayleigh
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    Nah, I'm just here to hijack random request threads to let people know how to do stuff, if it sounds easy enough. If she's got any doubts, I'll be here.
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    According to KTool it's Czerka_Protcol_OfficerF, which uses head 83. It's basically the Asian head with the bun, just Caucasian and with earrings and without the ribbon.
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    It is though. Hey Kayleigh, if you're interested in doing basically any appearance change you want to any character you want, have a look at this. And this too for good measure. Any doubts, just ask.
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    Hi everyone, I know it has been a long ..long time since I last posted here. I have been thinking about getting back into modding… Over the past few months I have been looking over the Revenge of Revan mod and seeing if I will return to it. Then came the new Kotor Level Editor (KLE).. which changed everything.. Also tweaked the story for the mod to help with the pacing. I decided to return to finish Revenge of Revan. The mod will be released in sections There will be no human VO till after the mod is fully complete. Using the KLE (Kotor level editor) to build the mod. Will be looking to build a team. I am looking for individuals to join the team - this would be for dialogue and quest writing. The writing team members will be using the dlgeditor. You will be adding your text in the dlg editor and once I have the file, I will add in the scripting to the dlg, for example jrl entries, LS/DS points, etc. If your interested in joining the writing team, send me a message 😃 Team members: Writer : N-DReW25 Art: Redrob41 Also included a video showing off the new kotor editor and showing how it will help in production. Logan23
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    You can do just this, but it is not done via properties but rather you can create a new Baseitem 2da line with a modified max dexterity. So you would copy one of the vanilla armor lines thus "cloning" it and giving your clone a brand new max dexterity number.
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    You have no idea how happy I was to see this. I've been following this mod for probably a decade now, I believe I was about 11 years old at the time. So when I had seen that you had stopped working on it, I was really bummed out. So glad to see that it's being worked on again! Can't wait to see what comes!
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    Never used it before. Tried it now, and it couldn't open existing .dlg files because of some error. Funny thing is, this just happened to me too. I never noticed this problem before, because I always use DLGEditor to work with dialogs (I needed to open TSL dialogs and internal dlg editor of Kotor Tool doesn''t work correctly with TSL dialogs). So, once again, I suggest you download DLGEditor, set up TLK path in File/Set TLK File Path; set up Mod: KOTOR. Then: 1. Extract some .dlg file with KotOR Tool, but don't open it with KotOR Tool after extracting. 2. Launch DLGEditor and open extracted .dlg file, edit and save it.
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    Yes. I think a few only appear with regular clothing, I'll figure something out for those.
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    Heya, The plan is to have all these: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=english&id=2316663650 My current version here has only some of them. Greets
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    I actually saw this when I was looking to see if was I was looking for had been made but it seems that this is the closest anyone has made. also I have seen your mods they are exceptional!😮 Is there a armor in SWTOR that you would say is a faithful version to an armor in Kotor 1 and 2? I'd love if I could wear the Sith Trooper armor in both games but I don't like that I can't remove helmet, So I tried to find a version that has the armor and helmet as 2 parts Also I LOVE your sith player head I really wish I could use it with Jedi Academy 😮
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    Yes, interested in doing both those. I already did some Twi'leks in my Twi'lek pack mod here. I also added quite a few more heads next to those as a Steam mod, but without underwear, clothing, dancer's outfit, because... Steam. That needs the Patcher which is not a thing on Steam. It will take some time and I can't make any promises when I'll get to it. If anyone beats me to it then that's great
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    I see. I just looked up both of those upscaling techniques, and it might be easier to vary which is used on which type. For example, ESERGAN was trained to use Manga images (Which probably explains the oil painting results) Metal is notoriously difficult if the basic texture doesn't have enough detail, since the algorithms tend to soften out contrast and metal requires high contrast to look right. For that example you showed on the second to last photo, the contrast and detail could be remade in Photoshop with a combination of layer effects and gray overlays for the metal edges. However, I understand that this would interfere with how quickly you accomplish these, so hopefully there's just an AI algorithm out there that can handle metal rather than adjusting them by hand. If not, at the very least your work on smaller things like switches and more natural decorations like the Kashyyk greenery will be able to be upscaled. Otherwise, one technique that I've learned which works pretty well for metal is in Photoshop. Filter - Diffuse (Set to Anisotropic) This is a result from the Player Armor in Kotor 2.
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    One of the reasons I want to focus on buffing the Jedi Sentinel into the Jedi Shadow and make it more well rounded class and make it attractive to the player to choose. And having optional sneak attack 1 to 10 for the players. Also Game Mechanic wise I want a subtle connection between Revan and Bastila while respecting player choice. For Revan and Bastila as a Duo, thematic reasoning for the Jedi Shadow is that Jedi Shadow are information gatherers about Sith and other threats to the Galaxy and silent and subtle observers. Bastila Shan's Role: Subtle Observer role Revan: Information Gather role I will post my reasoning for Thematic classes and having new feats( using base items and hides) that reflect their training
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    Greetings, I'd like to share with you the project I've been working on since summer 2020. Some of you may already have heard of it, as the development was public from the beginning. reone is an open source reimplementation of the KotOR engine, similar to xoreos and KotOR.js, but with a number of key differences. It is developed with extensibility in mind, meaning that modding capabilities it aims to provide are on a whole other level compared to the vanilla engine. For example, the graphics have already been significantly improved with the addition of physically based rendering. Current state of the project is such that the most fundamental engine subsystems are either complete or at least partially implemented, i.e. resource management, rendering, audio, GUI, scripting, conversations, combat and more. Given the current pace of development, I intend to finish the project by the end of 2021. My short term goal is to make the first Endar Spire module fully completable - a milestone, that will hoperfully bring more attention to the engine. Technologically, reone is a custom engine based on SDL 2 and OpenGL 3.3, written in C++14. This alone makes it highly portable - reone is believed to be working on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Some background on myself: I'm a professional software developer from Russia and a prior contibutor to the xoreos project, responsible for most of its recent progress on KotOR. Links: GitHub Page Project Roadmap YouTube Channel
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    It sounds like you already have a fair handle on things, there are a lot of tools required for modding the game currently, depending on what exactly it is you wish to do. Personally I gathered them all and poked around until I decided which ones I needed over any other, that turned out to be the majority of them. In the tutorials I wrote is a link to a 2 hour video / stream that gives a rough overview of KotOR modding, not sure if that might be of any use to you. Alternatively I would primarily suggest KotOR Tool K-GFF Editor 2DA Editor ERFEdit TLKEdit Dialog Editor KotOR Toolset KotOR Find References Utility There are a fair few beyond that that I have, but these are the main ones I use or have been using up until now. And of course there is also KLE ( KotOR Level Editor ) which is a fantastic new tool which has made life a lot easier for modding the games and is no doubt going to end up a very powerful tool for modding these games. Hopefully that might help guide you in the right direction, though it sounds like you would have found your way to the right tools on your own eventually Thor110
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    View File Republican Soldier HD Re-texture of Republican Soldier, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024, 2048X2048. The archive contains 2 textures, 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: RepSold HD 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love. Submitter Dark Hope Submitted 04/04/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    The Ebon Hawk, by the end of the game, really can just be summoned back from the planetary core (recall the video where it moves from a simple crash landing to falling deeper into the planet,) and 'repaired' by the Exile herself. No further explanations are really needed - and this hunt for overt explanations reveals the plague that excessive literary naturalism has nested into our culture. Not everything needs to be over-explained on-script - if it was, we would not have so much fun speculating about the less clear details! (Plus Nihlus held a ship a heavily broken ship from Malachor V and a broken, slowly-being-drained crew together with the Force alone. The Exile can clearly do that and much more by the end-game) T3-M4 presumably can be involved as well, of course. Bao-Dur disappears during the Enclave Encounter sequence. "I know you can hear me [...] I need to do this - or, I will die inside. Just like I died at Malachor.) He first helps HK-47 with entering the HK Factory, then sets off for Malachor. (How he can do this is quite obvious: he is a 'Tech Specialist' and is used to building make-shift ships if need be. '[Not even I can fix that shuttle] - it's done for, scrap.' A limitation of his abilities that also imply how expansive they are barring the most extreme circumstances. Lastly, the Ithorians on Telos would be more than willing to help Bao-Dur with this.) As for companions not noticing his disappearance until it is too late - "[Atton:] Speaking of which, where is Bao-Dur? HK-47 as well', - that requires no 'explanation.' Characters in a story, just like in real life, do not have audience-level access to perfect information across all time and space. A better question to ask is: "Why should we think that Bao-Dur's disappearance without the crew initially noticing is implausible?" The Handmaidens obviously have their own way off Dantooine. Otherwise they could not have arrived. Kreia manipulates them by saying, "It is done, she is no more." She is basically under arrest by the Handmaidens, not to imply she is constrained whatsoever by this false arrest, and that's when we get the (blissfully extended and enhanced by TSLRCM) scene where we get many quotable lines between Kreia and Atris. Kreia sets up Atris as one of the last sequences in the Exile's long-term training - eventually to overcome her past, which must be finally done at at heart of Malachor. At the precise location of the Exile's mega-trauma. (Snig from the /r/kotor boards thinks that Kreia truly wanted to 'break' the Exile and create a reverberating Force Scream that would deafen the galaxy. That is very likely wrong, otherwise there probably would not be lines like 'The apprentice must kill the master," nor 'I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you.' Her threats to break the Exile if she does not pass this final test are hollow - for, as Sion says, 'she sought you ought because you were both wounded by the Force;' that is to say, the Exile failing at that final moment would spiritually break Kreia more than anything. Furthermore she hopes that the Exile will follow Revan into the Outer Regions - but this is not necessarily just to join him in the Ancient Sith threat. Recall: "Revan was power, it was like starting into the Heart of the Force. [...] You are... different. When I looked at you, it is like staring into Death of the Force.' Now note that she despises what Sion has become for, as Sion says, Sion is wholly dependent upon the Dark Side for his survival - Sion mocks the idea that Kreia finds strength in the Exile's unique ability in the lore to fully cut herself off from the force, but realizes he was wrong once you break his will. Snig and co. over-read Sion as an authoritative source about Kreia, when he does not really understand Kreia's true intentions. Kreia plausibly wanted not only help for Revan--and in all paths 'Revan will have her army [from Canderous],' the Exile ending up with an antagonistic relationship to Revan would be all that is required to achieve her dream of a galaxy and/or universe defeaned to the Force forever. That would have been a cool ending for KOTOR3 - though it would piss off the Revan fanboys if they didn't make it multi-choice. I would hope that they wouldn't make it multi-choice affair, because Revan has little chance of winning that fight for reasons similar to why Nihlus had no real chance of ever defeating the Exile.) Kreia is unsatisfied if you do not kill Atris - as the holocrons that echo her past self but can respond to present inquiries more than heavily imply by hissing if you allow Atris to live - but in either case, either Atris or Kreia will explain the necessity of the Exile going to Malachor. Kreia played up the implications of their Force Bond's fatality from the beginning, and feeds that last morsel by the end-game to further ensure the Exile will overcome her past at the heart of Malachor V - the carried Force Echo that is destroying the galaxy. Note that the Exile has formed various special bonds, even before having an entirely negative relationship to the Force post-Malachor yet without the weakness of uncontrollable hunger ala Nihlus and Atton's Dark Side fate. (On that note: "You are not Jedi, not truly, and that is why I love you," - i.e. such disappointments along the way like the aforementioned doesn't matter too much for Kreia in the end. She says the same thing if you go full Dark Side, but swaps the words 'Jedi' with 'Sith.') So, the Exile awakens in Dantooine and finds Atton wounded but waiting for her. ('The fool dances in your shadow,' etc.) Disciple, if you have him, as she promises to him, is granted of the knowledge he obtained at this moment but to which Kreia kept wiping from his mind in the various Ebon Hawk cutscenes. "All those lives: countless, innocent lives..." | [Disciple:] "Or the one..." - which is part of Kreia's manipulation events for most things to wrap up at Telos before going to the heart of the Force Scream damaging the galaxy and, as both the Jedi Masters and Kreia will tell you [depending on your path], the Exile is carrying Malachor V with her - always. "It is in you, it is what you are now." -Zez-Kai El. The Kreia version: "You are reponsible for all of this, and even now events spiral into destruction because you refuse to listen - to understand. I have taught you to hear the Force again, shown you the contrast, and yet still you do not understand. This is what you have wrought: countless slayers, murderers, assassins, borne of war that has, as always, taught the wrong lesson. You showed them life without the Force, and instead of showing them truth - power - all you showed them is how the galaxy may die." [The Extended Enclave modifies these lines a bit based on Kreia's influence as per developer notes, but I often do not use that aspect of the mod - for it is a more cohesive narrative without them. There's no real reason to suppose that the influence factor was cut because of time constraints - for the same reason that they cut out Kreia being influenced toward the Light/Dark Side by the Exile for story coherence rather than time constraint reasons. [Barring hilarious unintended instances where you can use Solo Mode to violate this a little bit - at least in the vanilla game. I haven't bothered to exploit like that in a while, so I forget if TSLRCM 'fixes' those instances.) It's worth noting that the Extended Enclave mod for TSLRCM can make things much more clear, yet can obscure some things since it follows [often misleading] developer notes more closely and, as a result, if you do not do/achieve various things in the game, the scene can be cut down and obscure anyways. All the KOTOR games are ridiculously easy if you are not new to D&D mechanics, so I just always put in +18 variables (with 30 Intelligence) for my Exile from the very beginning. That way I can get all the juicy dialogue skill bits which, from attribute to skill checks, which actually reveal much of the game's overall story. (E.g. if you have high Wisdom, the Exile already knows what Kreia's plans are with Nihlus, with Telos, with basically everything - with party members basically going "What?" and the Exile saying something "Nevermind, it's not not important right now." [Again, as a paraphrase - for which most of my quotes here are very close paraphrases from playing the game like a hundred+ times.] HK-50 drugged the Exile with a toxic dose that he/it knew the Exile would survive. The Exile was incapacitated prior to that via being attacked by the Sith War Ship, after Kreia sought out the Exile and the Ebon Hawk. (As she says herself, she traced Revan's footsteps for quite some time.) The first HK-50's lines are deceptive half-truths, ones that he humorously can barely contain from being transparent, not an absolutely authoritative narration of objective events. Kreia awakens the Exile before the Sith Assassins and, wittingly or unwittingly, before HK-50 could fully stall events for her capture (as initiated by G0-T0; which is delayed until Nar Shaadda.) While the HK-50 units are seeking full independence in the HK-Factory - and G0-T0 admits he has lost control of them - they still have to execute the order to find the Exile anyway. (G0-T0 places bets that the HK-50 units are no match for the Exile, or "a Jedi" as he idealizes quite heavily, so the 'dead or alive bounty' was G0-T0 still wanting 'alive'. Furthermore, the 'dead' clause allowed motivated actors, like Visquis, to fall into his plans and place the Exile in G0-T0's hands no matter what happened.) Atris leaked information about the Exile to core world databases to bring her out of hiding - because while she was not at Katarr, which is another thing she orchestrated but did not expect the extremity of its results, she does know that just prior to Nihlus' draining/killing everyone but Visas, (to Nihlus' great interest and surprise,) the Jedi Masters who gathered there meditated with and/or in the presence of the Miraluka to reveal their answer to the Sith threat. The only vision was the Exile. Which resonates the 'spare the Jedi Masters path' where-in Kreia says: "She has brought truth and you condemn it? The arrogance!" Recall Kreia's dodging of "Did you know Atris" and she says "Her path is one I walked along ago, but I feel I know of her, yes." Atris realizes that Kreia is Arren Kae in the aforementioned meeting at Telos. (Arren Kae is just indisputably Kreia -and also Brianna's mother. That is a fact. Not having direct confirmation does not refute the holistic body of evidence in favour of it - decisively making it a certainty.) As mentioned earlier, Disciple uncovered the full truth about Revan, about Kreia masquerading as the Darth Traya she was once ['There must always be a Darth Traya,'] about the shadow war of belief that 'waits in the dark - waiting for us to destroy each other [Ala Canderous]' - but Kreia wiped his mind until she fulfilled her promise to him and makes him remember during the Enclave Encounter sequence. T3-M4 locked the Navicomputer. This is revealed if you interrogate T3-M4 with the right attribute and skill checks. HK-47 has a scene where he deduces it but is stunned and presumably micro-memory wiped by T3-M4. HK-47's pieces being scattered across the galaxy requires no answer. He was dismantled, at some point, and his archaic yet still valuable and unique parts would be valuable for collectors and other proprietors. Of course merchants across the galaxy would be selling them! Now, of course, you find all the pieces via gameplay convenience - but it's hardly some great near-impossibility that demands an overt answer. In any case, it is heavily implied that HK-47 was dismantled by Revan, T3-M4, or both, for Revan believed she needed to walk her path alone. (The Canderous story about Revan--should he nearly die after the Nihlus encounter, which able to be missed if one sacrifices Visas--reveals some more useful information: since he went with Revan in the Outer Rim initially and was abandoned by Revan 'as he lay dying'; it may also imply that HK-47 did come with Revan, but as per T3-M4's instructions, was sabotaged 'with multiple blaster shots' in tandem with T3-M4 locking the Navicomputer to hide Revan's tracks. HK-47 does not recall everything even after 'full' repair, and the aforementioned Ebon Hawk scene with T3-M4 freshly undermining HK-47 backs that up.) Note, further, how many Telos as in teleology puns are made in the game. "All paths lead to Telos," etc. How many events centre around Telos - how much Kreia's manipulations centre around ending [most of] the Sith threat at Telos. (That last bit she directly says to the Exile just prior to dying in the Trayus Core.) Kreia was stripped of the force temporarily--"only when it was stripped away from me, did I see it for what it truly was,"--but not absolutely in the way the Exile was able to achieve. All those who have tried to turn away from the force have maintained at least subconscious ties - except the Exile. Recall the Sion quote I mentioned earlier, though there are more things to recall - but my energies are draining writing this post fully. The pInsert other media oint is that the game is not that much of a 'mess', even prior to TSLRCM, and all the TSLRCM clarifications were already undercovered by simply playing the game alone - no listening to the cut content audio files was even required. As one last point, while digging into the dev. commentary - and some interesting lines that TSLRCM have not restored due to a lack of dev direction for 'how it was supposed to go' - is very useful, one must realize that script rewriting happens constantly. Even beyond the constraints they were shackled within LucasArts' sillines. Reading too much into alternate dialogue sequences will only confuse things, whereas the holistic body of facts as presented in the game-itself makes it much clearer what were cut out directly and what were cut out for lagely LucasArts-based reasons. (G0-T0's Yacht almost got cut btut Avellone revealed that a member of the time desperately decided to make it within either a day or a week - I forget which - but kudos to that team member. Now the game truly would have been a mess without that.)
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    Peragus looks great. Really makes it feel like a dirty, gritty mining station, while still keeping close to the original feel. Too many vanilla areas are endless seas of grey panels. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can do with the Trayus Academy (assuming it's on the agenda). It's always been the blandest looking part of the game to me and I've never found any retextures that managed to make it look good.
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    After looking around on the forums, I realized that editing the GUI of KotOR (and possibly TSL) is quite painful and most people use K-GFF (very great tool, but not visual). I then found xoreos-tools (part of xoreos - a very cool open source project). So this weekend, I started up making my own version of a tool which should help a lot with the process of laying out things nicely. The project is not fully complete, but it is ready for some beta testing! A few features so far - Visual display of all images (I think) + bounding boxes - Supports drag + drop / resize - Nested view for only what you care about (cleaner than K-GFF) - Cross-platform - works on linux / windows / mac (with caveats) - Light / Dark Mode for all of you who look at too many bright things (like I do) Getting Started Guide: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor/blob/master/README.md Release Page: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor/releases Source Code: https://github.com/amcolash/kotor-gui-editor Changelog 0.0.4 (9/17/2020): First Public Release
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    My Script Shack! Where I, the least capable scripter in the entire Holowan Labs, can inform others on how to script poorly!!!! It was a nice idea, and I was trying to keep HL alive. Even got moderator status lol..... Get that mods? I was a mod. If anything is funnier than that, I don't know what it is. Lucasforums made me a nicer person online than I ever was or will be, because it was that important to me. Le grande sigh.
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    Here you go: K1_Temple_Summit_Bastila_Showdown.zip
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    Last post on Friday. "Is the page dead?" Son. Son, please.
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    Wrong. Scout is medium, scoundrel is small, in Vanilla.