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  1. shaggoth

    MOD:Effixian's Disguises

    it really is gone O.o that's rather weird, i definitelly remember installing that fix for kotor1. maybe someone else will come up with that later then
  2. shaggoth

    MOD:Effixian's Disguises

    hm. maybe it was for k1 then.. i'll check out then i got home
  3. shaggoth

    MOD:Effixian's Disguises

    there's animation fixes available for malak, nihilus and yoda models, you really should include them
  4. shaggoth

    Effixian's Disguises

    what about nihilus/malak/yoda animation fixes?
  5. shaggoth

    SWTOR HK-47

    i remember ages ago there was remodelled hk-47 from TOR and then there was awesome goto replacer, as a humanoid droid... does anyone have those?
  6. shaggoth

    Any Mass Effect fans here?

    This project was started to get some expirience in creating online game in ue4, and it was online Purgatory to dance around and chat ) for now it's something bigger, but still it's not even close to solid project. some garrys mod servers have more action than us. so we hope we're not targeted. and btw it's kinda not public. you can't just download and play, you should contact us anyway to get into one of the test sessions. and when we get closed, we'll think of something, or just jump to main project. so for now it's a way to roam around, and dance in familiar places with fans :) and also there's snow planet with vehicles :}
  7. shaggoth

    Any Mass Effect fans here?

    If anyone interested in online Purgatory club with your (new?) friends, come to our discord channel sorry for a lot of pictures, but i don't understand how to put them under spoiler lil showcase of the club (outdated)
  8. shaggoth

    [Game Save]Darth Maul and Savage Opress

    can someone guide me trhu making that darth maul a tcl patcher version? cause i have a lot of mods already, i can't replace all those .2da files
  9. shaggoth

    Emperor Turnip's HD Animated Lightsabers

    i don't remember, in k1 was that the same texture names or not?
  10. shaggoth

    Download:Revan's Hoodless/Maskless Flowing Robes For K1

    this is so awesome
  11. shaggoth

    Revan's Hoodless/Maskless Flowing Robes For TSL

    is it possible to have them in kotor1 ?
  12. shaggoth

    Rey's Staff (Beginner)

    i'd wait while you put it somewhere in the game immersion is everything!
  13.;107043#Download hi, i'm trying to put items from link above ingame, for more or less logical / immersive way to obtain them. i've asked for permission, meanwhile i'm trying to figure out how to do it (btw if someone else wanna do it after i have permission - i'd be happy) for now i have an idea of stripping those packages from enemy hk-50 bots. so first question - i've found only 2 utc, one for hk-50 and second for hk-51. is that normal?
  14. shaggoth

    great sabers

    it worked thanks again, people