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  1. I've heard they'd like to get in touch with Ulic to include his fixes. If that happened, the issue of the faulty HK-50 that the Exile and party encounter would work properly. (A fix Ulic has doesn't play well with that self destructing HK-50.)
  2. That's a video and not in-game cut scene. It also has a model of a one handed Kreia, by the way. I'd rather have what Zybl would provide - a cut scene that's rendered by the game engine and with the option to turn on or off both the music and the subtitles.
  3. I'd get Ӄhrizby to fix the two-handed Kreia model then. I'd imagine that shouldn't be that difficult for him. Then that fix can be included in the TSLRCM.
  4. That list - with the missing items - should be stickied.
  5. Don't forget to give her pronunciations for non standard words - like GenoHaradan

  6. It's time Stoney and Zbyl make a walk-through for this subject that covers every single detail and sticky it.
  7. Any chance you could you remove that extended pommel from the GenoHaradan knife? Having it as it currently is would make it difficult for an assassin to conceal upon their person.

  8. How about including Dak Drexl's new outfit that combines Ubese armor with a robe as one of the outfits donned by the oncoming wave of attackers?
  9. Sith Holocron

    HK Factory

    Are you using a save taken your 1.5 version?
  10. And I'm looking forward to it - especially as you mentioned you'd try to put in my request.
  11. Folks volunteering for this shouldn't have any other mods other than TSLRCM and USM, right?
  12. Last time I heard from Zbyl, he was doing some adjustments to Ravager Rewrite. I'm sure making it compatible with 1.6 was one of the reasons . . .
  13. The files should be yanked off their various servers and have the read me corrected.
  14. My problem was fixed once I became a Super Moderator (and then logged out and logged back in.) What about the Junior Members though?
  15. A list of the mods you're using would be helpful. When listing the mods, don't assume we know every one of them. Please include a link to an official release thread as well so we can familiarize ourselves with it.
  16. Here's what I see. . . I can't enter any link. I'm guessing you see something different. Perhaps you have something different if you have Moderator status.
  17. From my point of view: I can't see where we can add our link or choose from some assorted random avatars
  18. How do we add our avatar to our profiles?