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  1. Seems unlikely to me. Could be people confusing Aspyr's work with the persistent rumours of Bioware working on a new Star Wars game. If they were going to do a simple "HD" upgrade, like Capcom have been doing with Resident Evil, you'd think they would have done that instead of letting Aspyr do straight ports of the originals. The other option is a full remake, but that seems even less likely. If it was EA it would have to be on Frostbite, and I'm sure the result would be much the same as Square's impending rape of Final Fantasy 7, they would fundamentally change everything about it.
  2. For player heads, you are presumably adding new lines to appearance.2da, heads.2da, and portraits.2da. You shouldn't need to alter any existing data, therefore it is irrelevant whether TSLRCM is installed or not. You put untouched vanilla 2DAs in the tslpatchdata folder, then use 2DAMemory tokens so it can handle either editing existing 2DAs in the Override folder, or adding and editing the vanilla ones. These days I just find it quicker to copy and paste the contents of an old changes.ini and edit as appropriate rather than do it via ChangeEdit, but it's pretty straightforward once you know what you are doing.
  3. You presumably didn't apply a material to it. Google tutorials on the Max material editor.
  4. There is cleary a difference at 2K vs 1K. 4K provides minimal additional benefit, so 2K is probably sufficient in this instance, but those are the source files, as I said above.
  5. Presumably the usual case of Windows freaking out over the Program Files folder permissions. Don't install anything there. You could try starting Max with Admin permissions and try again. The stupid thing is that's an empty/0 byte file. Even with sanity check disabled, it still wants to create the report file.
  6. You can only use KAurora for MDLs without skinned meshes (i.e. only trimeshes) and no animations. If you try to load a model with either, it will crash. Even if you got it to export, it currently completely screws up the rotation data, requiring hex editing to fix (see my pics of T3 over at LucasForums).
  7. You are conflating two completely different things. Texture resolution is all about pixel density. A 4K texture is 4096x4096. The reason I am using a texture that big is because player heads ideally need to use a single texture to allow DS transitions, but there are so many parts that a lower res texture would have an extremely low pixel density for the individual parts. Even at that resolution, the face itself only occupies about a 1024x1024 space. The rest is taken up with all the head tails. And leaving actual game use aside, you always work at the highest possible resolution. You can always scale down, you can't scale back up. For the same reason your source files should be uncompressed.
  8. 1. Model 2. ??? 3. Profit The ??? is VarsityPuppet's HeadFixer - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=209595 There is some further elaboration in the original thread - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=207690
  9. Someone asked for a Nautolan head in the Request thread. I was thinking of making a Togruta and wondering how I would deal with the montrals and head-tails, so decied I'd take a crack at this as a (far more difficult) trial run. Rather than clogging the request thread up, I figured I'd post progress here. I used the SWTOR Nautolans as a guide/target: Even though the request was for a male, I started with a female first as a proof-of-concept (and because I plan to do a female LS run through the new Steam version of TSL at some point). I wanted to use one of the existing heads as a base, to keep the mouth intact for potential NPC use. Also because I suck at organic modelling, so creating something completely from scratch wasn't an option. I wanted a head that was in both games, so I went with the Luxa head, which is PFHA01 in K1. I got rid of her hair and lopped off most of the back of her head, then grafted on a whole bunch of amputated Twi'lek lekku that I massaged into shape. Plus I gave her some major facial surgery to implant the creepy giant bug eyes. I whipped up an export with some quick and dirty skin wrapping from the original head to do an in-game test. Aside from a few bits of nasty deformation from sub-optimal weighting, it seemed to work ok: Once I knew it would work, I went ahead and UV mapped her. That went surprisingly quickly, although I am forseeing some nasty broken shading/seam issues and possible remapping in my future. Currently I'm baking out normal/ambient occlusion/cavity/curvature/etc. maps from a high poly mesh for texturing. Doing them at 4K, so that takes a few hours. If anyone here is a skilled skinner/rigger and would like to volunteer their services, I'd greatly appreciate a hand. Character rigging was never my bag, and that mass of tentacles/head-tails at the back will need some finessing that's beyond my ability to minimise mesh distortion during certain animations.
  10. I wouldn't move the original trimeshes, as they are basically the bones. Create copies and offset them, then make them children of the originals. Make sure you move their pivots to the same location as the originals.
  11. DarthParametric


    I did a quick and dirty test, and aside from the crappy weighting causing some distortion it passed a cursory inspection. Created a WIP thread so as not to hijack this thread: http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/3486-wip-swtor-style-nautolan-player-heads/
  12. DarthParametric


    Not Kit, but his girlfriend perhaps: No guarantees this will work, MDLOps hates me after all. But assuming it does, I'll take a crack at a male one as well.
  13. Ah, that makes more sense. Although not sure why he'd bother turning up here. To hurl abuse I gather, if he was banned.
  14. He still has his Workshop reposts of Pretty Atris and Sith Assassins with Lightsabers available, so whatever the ban was, it didn't achieve much.
  15. Just envmaptexture CM_Baremetal. I don't have the disc version of TSL installed at the moment, but the K1 textures use the same, so I assume it is unchanged. In any event, the self-illumination comes from the model, I don't think anything in the texture would/could alter it (besides the colour).
  16. Yeah, can confirm, no eye glow in the Steam version, with or without TSLRCM. I did a hex compare between the original and Steam MDLs and there was no difference, so not sure what the issue is. The self-illumination isn't animated like with HK, so the eyes should always glow.
  17. Can you upload a save? I can test it and see if I get it on my rig.
  18. The reason I asked about the Force Speed thing is because it's a hack - it simply disables frame buffer effects while FS is active, then switches them back on when it finishes. If it is working for astromechs but not protocol droids, then that would imply a change to the protocol MDL. Did you install M4-78? I'm pretty sure that includes an edited c_drdprot.
  19. Did you toggle the Force Speed effect option and start the convo with Force Speed running? I haven't played on the Steam version yet (waiting for their final patch in the next few weeks), but starting a new game for a quick test has T3 with his eye glow working as intended. I'm running Win7, so it could be a Win10/DX12 issue I guess.
  20. TSL Steam modding guide - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=488641307 TLDR - revert the game to vanilla, install any other mods over the TSLRCM Workshop folder, not the game folder.
  21. I'm a biologist, so good luck with that. As to anyone else, I call dibs on any C++ gurus coding a replacement for MDLOps first. If the point is to create an append TLK for TSLPatcher, you'll need to compare it all back to the vanilla TLK at some point.
  22. Two of those mods change existing lines rather than add new ones, so you have to use some sort of differencing tool to find the changes.
  23. Report it to Aspyr on the Steam forums. They have said they will do one more big bug fix patch.
  24. If you can contact the original authors and find out the specific additions they made, that should make it fairly straightforward. The question for old mods always comes down to, assuming you can contact the authors in the first place, do they still have the source material/records of what they did? Edit: Here's one brute force way you could tackle it. Grab the Xoreos Tools Windows binaries. Put the vanilla TLK and the mod TLKs (renamed appropriately) in the same folder. Via a command prompt, use tlk2xml.exe to convert the TLK files to XML. For example: tlk2xml dialog.tlk k1.xml tlk2xml salk.tlk salk.xml Use a comparison tool to find the changes between each mod's TLK and the vanilla one. You could use something like Beyond Compare. For example, comparing Salk's TLK to the vanilla gives the following summary: 53259 same line(s) 194 unimportant difference line(s) 1 important right orphan line(s) 301 important difference line(s) 433 difference section(s) You can then export the actual differences, but it would be a bunch of manual work to then merge all that into an append TLK for TSL Patcher. A hell of a lot easier than trying to do it manually line-by-line though.