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    TSL Patcher - can't choose game folder

    ​Okay, I figured out how to get it to work... I had previously tried running as admin, but like every other time it appeared to just freeze saying "installations started (date and time)." However, I wondered if the pop-up to select the installations folder was appearing behind it so after running as admin, I moved it before telling it to install this time and wualla, there it was appearing behind the installer instead of in front of it. ugh...
  2. Allastair

    TSL Patcher - can't choose game folder

    No, I am using the .exe installer provided with each mod. The common denominator just seems to be the patcher itself trying to run on my computer. Fair question, though. I would imagine that either a second window would pop up requesting me to direct it to the destination folder or it would have an option for a "browse" button like most other windows programs when installing.
  3. I am running KOTOR 2 through Steam on a brand new Windows 10 Laptop. I have tried different versions of both TSL and M4-78 (Steam's versions and through NexusMods) each time with a fresh install of Steam. When attempting to install Mods that use the TSLPatcher.exe, it allows me to get to where I can tell it to install, but never gives me the option to tell it where the Game Folder is located like it is supposed to. Because my C: drive is a small SSD I install all my games and other programs to the D: drive (don't know if this is an issue, but doesn't seem like it would be). I am attaching a picture that shows what the installer does when I try to install any mods... This one doesn't show any Game Folder, but after it sits a while it eventually pops up with "Game Folder: User Selected." Mods that I have tried to install using this are few, but they are as follows: M4-78EP_1.2.4 M4-78 from NexusMods Handmaiden4females184 Handmaiden and Female Exile - Disciple and Male Exile Romances What I want to know: 1) Is there something my computer might be doing to prevent me from being given the option to choose a destination folder? 2) If so, how can I fix it? 3) If I can't fix it, is there a way to get into the coding to name the destination drive and folder? 4) Anything else you might know that I wouldn't know to ask about...?