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  1. Well. that's a replay of the Mass Effect Trilogy done. That ending still leaves a bad taste in the mouth...

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    2. Malkior


      You ever try the fan mod Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod or MEHEM for short?

      That or the Expanded Galaxy Project which uses all of those War Assets in a satisfactory way and even adds a few side missions (And one in an actual singleplayer level)

      However, modding Mass Effect in particular is a bit more challenging than most. It has a proprietary modding utility and the order each mod is installed in matters. Lastly, editing the Colesced.ini can break the game, so any INI edits have to be done with a backup prepared just in case. Still, for all of its cost and risk, the reward is quite significant in comparison.

    3. Mellowtron11


      Then that's probably why we don't see a whole lot of mods for Mass Effect. And even then, most of the stuff we see are cosmetic mods. 

    4. Jenko


      I did a replay maybe 2 years ago... I used "JohnP's Alternate MEHEM" for the ending, as it basically was the stock ending but only destroy - and Shepard puts Anderon's name up at the end. Not the best ending but it was worlds better than the stock ending or the Extended Cut. There was another mod that made it so Citadel DLC was basically an epilogue, no references to the war or anything like that. It made for an enjoyable "after the credits" kind of experience.

      I think there was also a mod that removed the kid from the vent in the beginning.... And another where a bunch of people made 4k textures for almost everything in the game.

      Can't fix all of the stupid in ME3, but to be fair there's a lot of it. Anything involving Cerberus makes me want to put a brick through my skull.

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