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  1. Well. that's a replay of the Mass Effect Trilogy done. That ending still leaves a bad taste in the mouth...

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    2. DarthVarkor



      You ever try the fan mod Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod or MEHEM for short?

      Oh yeah, I used expanded galaxy in this playthrough, it added quite a bit to the experience, as did Priority: Earth overhaul. That one really surprised me, they fixed a lot of bugs and added cut content, added new music to the combat encounters and other small details that made the level feel a lot more potent. Even gave Harbinger some lines, which was nice!


      There was another mod that made it so Citadel DLC was basically an epilogue, no references to the war or anything like that. It made for an enjoyable "after the credits" kind of experienc

      I used that in combination with the original MEHEM once and it was quite a nice combination. I honestly don't know why I decided to use the vanilla extended cut ending this time. But, at least I still got to enjoy the Citadel DLC. Definitely the best part of ME3 and gave us this brilliant track: 



    3. Malkior


      @JenkoThere is even a mod that removes the "Starchild" from the nightmare cutscenes and replaces it with things a character who had seen things like Shepard would actually care about like: The scene from Virmire from the first game, the horror of the Reapers, what a post Reaper Earth would look like, and the disturbing scenes from the Prothean vision. nexusmods.com/masseffect3/mods/534

    4. Jenko


      @Malkior yes! i used THAT one too! don't know WHY they did the DUMB child thing