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  1. I am copying this from the post I made on the Kotor Subreddit: So I am at the rebuilt Jedi enclave, there have been no game breaking bugs up to this point. The cutscenes start happen normally, the scene with Tobin and Kreia sitting down. But when I walk to the Masters, the cutscenes doesn't start, and I can't talk to any of the Masters. I can talk to Kreia, but then it starts a cutscene where I kill the Masters and Kreia starts the DS dialogue. I haven't tested if this forces the dark side ending to trigger yet, but if it doesn't, I can ignore this bug. The mods I have installed that I think might be interfering are Partyswap and Extended Enclave, but I have the patches for that. I heard that having Force Fashion II and Kreia's Extended Robe mod can cause issues, but they never caused any noticeable trouble in past playthroughs. I use the GOG version of the game, I can't recall the version from memory. From memory I have TSLRCM, high level force powers, SLM, force fashion, full force mod, tomb of azdath n'dul, recruit Atris, Korriban expanded, m4-78, Partyswap, extended enclave, Kreia assorted robes collection, force fashion II, Those are the big ones, then there are the texture mods and a few tweaks on world's other than Dantooine. What could be the issue, and is it possible to use Kotor Tool or a similar program to patch the problem myself? I don't want to reinstall the game, but I will if I have to...
  2. I removed both files and it works like a charm! Thanks for all the help!!!!
  3. This is the problem I'm having, I have already posted it to Reddit. From what Snigaroo said on the subreddit, it's probably the robe mods that I have installed that seems to have issues with Melee animations. The robe mods I have installed are Force Fashion II and Lore Keeper Robes. I have never had this issue before. My questions now is if I was able to go in and fix the animation issues, how would I do so? I assume I would use KotorTool, but what would be the hypothetical steps I would need to take?
  4. I posted this on the /kotor subreddit, but I think I'll post this here too: So I was playing KOTOR, specifically BOSSR, and was able to beat the mod despite several glitches and crashes. However, when I got back to the Ebon Hawk, I realized that a glitch occurred where Canderous and Carth were removed from my party. I plan on reinstalling the game, and would like to keep using the mod as I consider it a staple in my playthroughs. So I am wondering if anyone could recommend a mod list that includes BOSSR with the least amount of crashes and glitches. I am interested in the Yavin planet mod as well, so if it's possible to install that as well, that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. So what I discovered through tests was that the aforementioned mod wasn't actually the issue, but when I wear new robes added by mods, the melee animation issues occur. When wearing vanilla robes the animations act as normal, even when using modded lightsabers. I am currently using the lore-keeper robe mod and force fashion, what patches or fixes do you guys recommend I should use to remedy this issue? I am quite fond of both mods so it would like to try and keep them in if possible. I use the GOG version of the game if that helps.
  6. So I'm just playing a newly-modded game of Kotor:TSL, and I noticed that the melee animations are off. When I flourish my lightsaber it awkwardly jerks to the side as it swings, and my critical strikes don't spin as they usually do. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with installing TSLRCM and SLM, and I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue. I'll send pictures if requested. Thank you very much.