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  1. Actually it's cannons - somehow I got a good camera angle when i paused.
  2. Even though I'm modding kotor and kotor 2...lately I've been playing Dark souls....I guess I like editing and putting content into a game more than playing it.

    1. Fair Strides

      Fair Strides



      Modding has served to largely kill my gaming habits, ironically...

  3. Also what does "GENDERS_BOTH" mean in the KSE save editor? Does this mean I can have both handmaiden and Disciple?

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    2. Fair Strides

      Fair Strides

      Never actually used in the KotOR scripts as far as I'm aware.


      Could also screw up the game, since there's lots of checks for GENDER_MALE or GENDER_FEMALE...

    3. DarthTyren


      Mainly those gender checks are done by using a boolean, not game constants. That boolean is set the moment the first module loads. So it wouldn't necessarily break the game. It also wouldn't add anything to it.

    4. Mudslinger077
  4. Just decided to come back and see what's going on in the modding community. I've been busy, working on a RWBY-OC comic and some star wars art:

  5. Just wondering could you add this to the steam workshop for kotor 2?
  6. Anyone know how to work around getting mods into steam? Even when I take out the mods the game won't run unless I use mods in the steam workshop

    1. 1Leonard




      Only subscribe to the TSLRCM mod and install all other mods to the override folder in that workshop folder, not the override folder in the kotor 2 game folder.

  7. Don't know if anyone still knows I am here but I've been busy with a lot of thing for the past two years

    1. 1Leonard


      What have you been working on?

    2. Mudslinger077


      Mostly just art for RWBY and playing games I've never had time to play - but that's my freetime. I'm still in collegde and alot of huge ups and downs have happened; Monty Oum died, my grandfather in the hospital, and my professors being difficult. on the plus side, I've been taking time out for therapy and finding ways to deal with stress

  8. A saber to the knee and good camera angle...
  9. Any RWBY-Kotor ideas out there?

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    2. L0ki194


      "RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is an anime-styled American CG-animated web-series created by the Rooster Teeth Productions' animation studio.The series is created and directed by animator Monty Oum." - From Wikipedia. I've watched it, and enjoyed it. Though, some people have mixed opinions about it. BUT, it is pretty popular for it's crazy action sequences.

    3. Squall Lionhart

      Squall Lionhart

      My friend would love any ideas for combining the two together

    4. Mudslinger077


      @MrPhil Rwby is an animated webseries created by the late Monty Oum.