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    Version 1.0


    Pretty Good! Icons for KotOR 1.0 by ajdrenter Description: This is a complete set of vanilla equipment icons for high resolution UI scaled configurations. Future updates will include mod specific icons. This mod is intended to be used with "KotOR High Resolution Menus" by ndix UR. The goal of this mod is not to fix any consistency issues or design oversights of Bioware's icons, rather it is to replace them as seamlessly and accurately as possible. Installation: Just drag and drop either the tpc OR tga files to your override. I recommend the tga version for maximum compatibility, as you may want to mix and match with other mods. Credits: Darth Tomer, SpaceAlex, and ebmar for "Three-tiered Dark Jedi Robe". A couple skins from this mod were used to more closely match the vanilla icons. Bioware and Lucasarts for all original assets. Thanks to the whole community for such a wonderful wealth of content over the years. Usage: You may use this mod for any non commercial use and without contacting me as long as you give me credit for my assets.
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    Version 1.1


    ****************************** KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC ****************************** Todevuch's Sith Officer Fix K 1 1.0 ****************************** Author: Todevuch (todevuch) ****************************** Description: This modification is a partial fix for certain Sith NPCs: 1) Twilek at Tarisian base. Now she is wearing the uniform of a sith officer! After all, we did not see in Manaan that the employee in charge of the security of the base wore different clothes than the uniform of the Sith. Therefore, the nature of such work also implies the wearing of uniforms in accordance with the military regulations and local instructions of the Sith base. Earlier, apparently due to the fact that I was constantly playing the bright side, I lost sight of the fact that this twilek remains defenseless, apart from the reinforcements in the next room. So I included a short vibroblade in her inventory so she could defend herself! She will take out the weapon when she meets in a duel with the main character and (or) his party members, so as not to spoil the aesthetics associated with constant wearing. I didn’t fix a bug related to the attack of twilek on she colleagues, if, using third-party cheat commands, the player ignored the meeting with her and went first to the room where the Sith soldiers are. Indeed, in the normal game mode, the first conversation (cut-scene) that will take place at Revan at the base will be with her, thus the bug will not interfere with the gameplay in any way; 2) Elite stormtroopers and a Sith grenadier in the Hangar, before flying to the Manaan Sith base (one of three alternative ways to get there). I was somewhat confused when I saw the names and heard the voices of these NPCs, which raised doubts about the advisability of looking like regular Sith officers. The in-game files confirmed this doubt: they clearly show that we have Sith soldiers in front of us, deserving the appropriate appearance!; 3) A Sith Captain at the Manaan Base. In this case, the captain had the wrong voice for Sith soldiers, which has been fixed; 4) As a dessert - the true vestments of Admiral Varco! Based on the description of this character in the official sources on the history of the Star Wars universe, "Varko was a Human male who served as an admiral Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Malak during the final year Jedi Civil War. He assumed Saul Karath's position as Malak's second-in-command when Karath was slain Galactic Republic Carth Onasi and two Jedi, Bastila Shan and Revan, aboard the «Leviathan», flagship". The fact that he was an admiral is undeniable, because in his dialogue with Darth Malak, there was a discussion of organization a Sith fleet, which is in the competence of an admiral, and not an officer! At least in our case. This modification only covers the part of the Sith officers that have not been fixed in the framework of other modifications (or those that, unfortunately, I missed). For example, @JCarter426 in JC's Korriban - Back in Black for K1 has already fixed a number of shortcomings. Instruction: Just launch TSLPatcher and point to the correct path to your game. Compatibility with other modifications: The mod is compatible, in fact, with all modifications, including K1R and [KotOR] NPC Overhaul Mod, except for those that contain the files involved in the modification. Credits: LucasArts Entertainment: Original files. Distribution restrictions: The modification is subject to free distribution on other sites, if the publication contains an indication of me as the author. The description of such a modification must contain an essential (undistorted) description (full or partial copying of the current description is allowed), as well as a section of special thanks, where the persons mentioned by me must be indicated. Special Thanks: 1. @Darth_Sapiens for the KOTOR TOOL; 2. @TK102 for the K-GFF GFF Editor; 3. @Fair Strides for the TSL Patcher and KotOR SaveGame Editor; 4. @bead-v for the MDLedit; 5. @ndix UR for the tga2tpc; Recommended modifications for installation: JC's Korriban - Back in Black for K1 v2.3 Author: @JCarter426; Male Sith Archaeologist Restoration. Author: @N-DReW25; Diversified Jedi Captives on the Star Forge. Author: @DarthParametric. Video clips: №1: №1 (alternative): №2: №3: №4:
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    Version 1.1


    This mod changes the models for the robes you receive on the Star Forge (Darth Revan’s robes for dark side or Star Forge robes for light side) to a modified version with the cape and belts seen on the cutscene version, but without the raised hood and mask. Alternative models with different arrangements of cape/belts/folded hood are available in the mod’s OPTIONAL folder. Once you have finished installing the mod, you may copy and paste the MDL/MDXs from relevant folder to the Override folder, overwriting when prompted. This mod relies on Sithspecter’s Revan's Flowing Cape and Belt Fix mod for the animations. You can download that mod from here: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/709-revans-flowing-cape-and-belt-fix/ Extract n_darthrevan.mdl and n_darthrevan.mdx to your Override folder (you don’t need to install the rest of that mod’s files, but it is fine to do so). If you do not have this mod then you will not have any animations for the cloak or belts. How to Obtain: The mod retains the vanilla route to obtaining the robes, namely accessing the fabrication computer on Deck 2 of the Star Forge. However, in order to allow people to get the robes early, I have added a new fabricator on Dantooine. It is located inside the Aratech Mercantile room next to the Ebon Hawk's landing pad at the Jedi Enclave: New in v1.1 - I have added some scripts in the OPTIONAL/FOR POST-DANTOOINE SAVES folder that will spawn the console and fabricator on Dantooine without starting a new game. After running the installer, copy k_pdan_13_area.ncs, ORIG_k_pdan_13_area.ncs, and DP_RevComp.dlg to your Override folder, overwriting when prompted. The console and fabricator should now spawn when you load an existing Dantooine save or travel there again after having previously been there. Note that as cameras can't be spawned via scripts, the console dialogue for this option has been modified to remove the switch to the view of the fabricator. You will still hear it in the background, but the view will remain on the console interface. Additionally, if you use another mod that also modifies the original k_pdan_13_area script then you will have to make a copy of that as ORIG_k_pdan_13_area yourself. Notes: This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes/replaces the scripts for the computer on the Star Forge that grants you the robes, k_psta_replicat4 and k_psta_replicat5. The male version is a straight replacement for the PMBJ model, so it will not be compatible with any other mod that replaces/modifies that model, or changes the values for that column in appearance.2da. Because of the way animations work, the female version must be set up as a disguise, so it uses its own independent models and appearance.2da rows and is unaffected by changes to the PFBJ model or appearance.2da values. Note, however, that this means it is not compatible with custom female head models. The Darth Revan robes use the vanilla PMBJ01 texture, and is compatible with texture replacements from other mods. The vanilla texture for the Star Forge robes, PMBJ02, has no provision for the cape or belts, so I have provided a very basic replacement with those sections coloured. I suggest that you replace this with a better quality texture from another mod. I recommend ZM_StarForgeA08 from ZimmMaster's Revan's Jedi Robes mod. Download that mod here: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/466-revans-jedi-robes/ Extract Zimm’s texture from his mod’s tslpatchdata folder, rename it to PMBJ02.tga, and then put it in your Override folder, overwriting when prompted. Make sure you do this after installing the current mod! Additionally, grab the TXI from the OPTIONAL folder and place that in the Override folder as well. Known Issues: There will be some clipping during certain animations. Some of this is related to the animations, some of it the meshes. If you spot something particularly egregious, then let me know in the comments and I may be able to address it if it is model-related. Currently there are no limitations on the Dantooine generator. You can fabricate either set of robes regardless of alignment, and you can make as many copies as you like. I may change this in future. If you are using the K1 Restoration mod, or another mod that has added danm13.mod to your Modules folder, you will get a warning from TSLPatcher that this file already exists and was skipped. This is intended behaviour and not an error. Acknowledgements: Thanks to Sithspecter for the n_darthrevan flowing robes animations, without which this mod would not be possible. Many thanks to Fair Strides and bead-v for looking over my scripts, checking for errors and streamlining syntax. Thanks to DarthTyren for his tutorial on camera placement (although I had to source the quaternion conversion elsewhere)
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    Version 1.1


    ========================================== A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC MODIFICATION ========================================== TITLE: Revan's Flowing Cape and Belt Fix 1.1 AUTHOR: Sithspecter CREDITS: Thanks to Foxhounder for fixing the camera issues for me. Settoken and Quanon for passing information that helped me in this quest, Kristy Kristic for helping me fix the lightning and camera issues, and Mr. Shadow for taking screenshots and uploading the videos. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy all the files in the folder of the Zip into your override folder DESCRIPTION: This mod is a complete animation fix for Revan's robes (The "Chest Camera" issue has been corrected). Right now, it only works for the N_DarthRevan model, and not the maskless robes. The animations have been a painful process, as I had to animate frame by frame. For your convienence, I also included a disguise for Revan. Have a ball. WARNING: Do not use any other mods that alter n_darthrevan.mdl/n_darthrevan.mdx as they will over write this mod. Cheats: giveitem g_a_mstrrobe08 BUGS: Camera Issue has been corrected. None known. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.8.6


    Authors: Zbyl2, DarthStoney, Hassat Hunter & VarsityPuppet Contact: PM us at Deadlystream Name: The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (TSLRCM) 1.8.6 1. Description: ---------- Welcome. Thank you for downloading and installing TSLRCM 1.8.6. This mod's intention is to restore much of the content cut from The Sith Lords, that was lost to the main game due to a rush to release the game. This rush also left the game with a plethora of bugs (some of which also blocked out content, so not everything restored was really "cut"; for example the quest 'Corrun Falt'), so this mod should seriously decrease the buginess that plagued TSL. Overall, our goal is to make the KotOR 2: TSL experience as close as possible for us (as modders can do) as what Obsidian originally intended it to be... Be sure to check our website (or ModDB page) for potential upgrades, patches and compatible mods for TSLRCM. Our site will always have the most recent version of TSLRCM, something we cannot, sadly enough, promise from other sources. http://deadlystream.com/forum/ http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-sith-lords-restored-content-mod-tslrcm Also, if you have issues, questions, or feedback, please post it on the official forums, as otherwise it will be read much later, or not at all. After all, we can't monitor the entire internet. http://deadlystream.com/forum/forum/4-tslrcm/ 2. Installation: ---------- 1. If you're using an older version of TSLRCM (1.8.2 or lower), a game re-install is required before applying 1.8.6. (Steam and GOG users, skip to point 4) 2. After re-installing it's advised to apply the official patch (1.0b). Non-US versions require you to install 1.0a first, then 1.0b, US versions can install 1.0b right away. Make sure to apply the patch that fits your version. Also, after installing 1.8.5, the official patch can no longer be installed! 3. If desired, apply the high quality music and/or movie patches 4. Install 1.8.5. Steam users are advised to use the Steam Workshop download - but ONLY IF YOU DON'T PLAN ON USING ANY OTHER MODS. Steam Workshop mods CANNOT guarantee compatibility, and installing multiple workshop mods will likely lead to issues. CHECK YOUR INSTALLATION DIRECTORY. DO NOT INSTALL INTO THE OVERRIDE FOLDER OR YOUR GAME WILL CRASH! We've had several users on Vista mention that instead of Program files (x86) it would point to Program Files/Program Files, causing the installation to fail. Make sure the installer points to the proper location of your KOTOR2 installation. Default (32-bit windows); C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ Default (64-bit windows); C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\SWKotOR2\ GOG default: C:\GOG Games\Star Wars - KotOR2 5. To check if the installation has succeeded, try launching KOTOR2:TSL. If at the main menu it says "Restored Content Modification 1.8.5" on the screen the installation has been successful. PLEASE CHECK OUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE OR MODDB FOR ANY POTENTIAL UPDATES 6. While we try our best to make this mod as bug-free as possible, with the many options of KOTOR2 and our small testing team bugs, critical ones, sometimes make it through. We will fix them, so check our site for any potential updates and patches. We would rather not have people play unpatched and then experience issues like the black screen (1.7) or red eclipse (1.6)! 7. Install any TSLRCM-compatible mods you desire now. If you're unsure if a mod you want is compatible, check our list at our forums, or section 6 - Mod compatibility in this readme. ULTIMATE SABER MOD (USM) IS NOT TSLRCM-COMPATIBLE. MOST REPORTED ISSUES ABOUT TSLRCM ARE FROM USERS STILL USING IT. DON'T! * You cannot use savegames made with vanilla Sith Lords or TSLRCM 1.8.2 or lower. Saves from 1.8.3 and above can savely be used, although some fixes may not take effect. A fresh new game is always the best option for the least amount of issues. 3.0 Changelist 1.8.5 Updated - 1.8.6 ---------- * Soundset of Coorta and Thugs changed from Mira to Commoner Male * Fixed always failing persuasion check for the Ithorian coming in when stealing the prototype shield * Fixed skipped line in 203TEL * Wrong VO used for aliens on Nar Shaddaa * Added fix for the "friendly Twin Suns" gamebreaking issue. * Added alternative female Revan line on Goto's Yacht. * One revan good/dark convo check was swapped in Disciple conversation * Fixed issue where one could get stuck if entering the enclave with Kreia and a third party member and was controlling the third member. * Fixed "good react" suddenly branching to Dark Side dialogue with certain options in Kreia's global dialog. * Visas: "Is her kind rare" and "What's a Miraluka" response from Atton was swapped. * Kreia's first good path no longer decreases -INF after selecting "Perhaps you are right", canceling out the loss and gain like the first dark side path. * Fixed Sith Assassin and Jedi Watchmaster losing ability to select Dual Strike. * Fixed 232hk50006 not playing on steam * Fixed NPC rotation when talking to Hanharr * Fixed a missing script for female players on Onderon. * Fixed Disciple conversation abrubly ending * Added a female version of a line to Tobin's dialog * Fixed typos in dialog.tlk 3.1 Changelist 1.8.4 Updated - 1.8.5 ---------- * Added persuasion animation (Thanks to danil_ch for noticing and providing a semi-complete list of locations of all force persuasions) * Resolved some AR_Error generation with easter egg background and robes. * Fixed T3 skipped dialogue fix getting broken when fixing Steam dialogue being skipped. * Removed excess dlg's and stuff from 307NAR (only used for Zhug scenes), drastically reducing it's size. * (English version) Fixed Revan disrepency in HK-47 dialogue (Thanks to danil_ch for noticing and the VO splices) * Pre-Malachor: Resolved Handmaiden being present even if she left with Kreia to Malachor. Resolved silent Mandalore line. * Visas sparring: Fixed Weapon Focus: Lightsaber being skipped during reward section. For the english version it now shows what Feat you've gained (if any). * Fixed graphical glitches in cutscenes using widescreen resolutions. * Atris/Kreia convo intro improved as per gameplay developer comments * Telos Academy: Fixed some minor issues with a cutscene (Thanks to danil_ch) * Activated dormant placeable in the Telos Academy. (Thanks to JCarter426 for finding the inactive placeable) * HK Factory: You can no longer trigger HK-50 cutscenes by loading a savegame. Removed dead HK-50 to avoid confusion. * Force Persuading Terlyn will no longer require persuasion skill to succeed. * Onderon Wall: Restored missing Bostuco line, made Royalist single line bark rather than cutscene, fixed minor lipsync issues with Vaklu in palace cutscene. * Trying to (Force) persuade the thug after killing Riiken will now net a dark side gain regardless of success or failure. * Restored Patto line, removed HK part from Akkare store since storespawn was fixed and was already generating a part, leading to him having 2 instead of the intended 1. * Ralon: If you have Kreia and Handmaiden/Disciple they can now both comment on the fabled holocron line. * Malachor Core: Fixed Kreia repeated line by actually intended line. * Touched up Visquis call cutscene. (thanks to Danil_ch) * Fixed several missing awareness and persuasion checks. * Fixed broken T3 interaction with the "meet and greet" droids on Dantooine. 3.2 Changelist 1.8.3B - 1.8.4 ---------- * Restored Remote's SFX that was removed by the official 1.0b patch. After 10+ years; it's back! Poor guy! * Restored original dialogue to prologue, except for 'easter egg mode' users who get the spoken dialogue * Slightly modified pre-Malachor cutscene * Fixed reverted instances knowing about Goto in first Bao-Dur/Remote cutscene * First Bao-Dur/Remote cutscene now requires G0-T0 *or* HK-47, not both. This also means you can get the 3rd cutscene and following cutscenes (including the important one about G0-T0 and Remote) without building HK-47 * Fixed Remote "complaining" sound sticking around when it should not * Fixed 2 civilians who were lacking their animations in the Telos Cantina * Benoks goons will now always properly leave the cantina * Various fixes for the Telos Academy: ** Fixed some unskippable lines during intro-dialogue ** Fixed inproper fadeout during intro that showed character jump ** Modified Atris entrance ** Fixed a few issues with handmaidens removing PC ** Modified Atris exit * Fixed small issue with door's windows not being see-through in the Coruscant sequence, hiding the PC and Masters until it was opened (Thanks to JCarter426 for the fix!) * Modified JJT Tunnel sequences if Mira joins the party * Fixed issue with leftover enemy in arena during ending cutscenes * Various fixes with the Mandalorian Battle Ring: ** You will now hear what your violation was before being banned from the Battle Ring for cheating twice ** Fixed auto-win against Kex due to victory flag not resetting after the Davrel battle ** Fixed "no item" rule being in effect for the Bralor fight for male PC's. Battle functioned properly already for females * Added 2 missing Sith to Vaklu palace sequence who triggered a small cutscene * Leaving Dantooine at the endgame cutscenes did not run for male players. Made them skippable in all cases * Added missing animation at start of Disciple cutscene (to match Visas scene) * Slightly improved Disciple warning Admiral cutscene * Added missing "lipsync" (eye flashing) for HK-Factory * Slightly improved 903MAL intro, fixed incorrect camera point for females, and the Elite Sith Assassin will now attack the Exile rather than ignore him/her * Moved DS hit for Slavery from Cahmakt to getting your payment in the cantina. This to prevent the rare issue of this hit triggering the Nihilus intro and getting the player stuck. * Fixed crashing issue if you try to enter the Telos Surface Shuttle with Atton or Kreia. * Fixed Peragus Medical Officer speaking the station warning using the Workshop download. * Added missing installer files: Heads.2da, Movies.2da and Musictable.2da * Fixed "double Sion" bug by undoing changes to .ncs (this is the vanilla file). Moved "Elite Sith" further back so it wont ignore you. Fixed Sion lipsyncing Kreia. * Corrected Suulru having the vanilla dialogue attached to him rather than the 1.8.4 version. * Corrected red X missing texture being visible in Tobin call pre-Freedon Nadd's tomb. * Resized TSLRCM logo and hyperspace texture. This should fix several (framerate) issues certain configurations had with them. * Added eye-flashing of HK's to all HK-50 encounters. * Fixed infinite lightside and Atton influence exploit in the Telos Academy. * Fixed an issue where some subtitles wouldn't appear in Peragus holograms for non-English version of the game. Additional fixes thanks to Danil-ch; * Wrong Atton animation fix post-Peragus cutscene * Fixed too fast walking Sion on Peragus and Malachor * Improved Handmaiden vs. sisters intro-cutscene * Fixed animation issue with Atris using Force Lightning on Handmaiden 3.3 Changelist 1.8.3 - 1.8.3B ---------- * Additional restored lines for Kreia-Atris cutscene. * Modified Mebla slightly; you can play again after 'asking questions' but you can no longer ask questions after getting her tie breaker. * Telos Swoopracing; Traininglap persuasioncheck no longer automatically succeeds. Fixed trainingrun-dialogue not being properly triggered. Fixed several issues with 'improved' or 'deproved' time recognition. * Fixed Lupo not giving credits properly after teammates comment on your Force Persuasion use (my bad). * HK-50's will no longer appear and then fade away if HK-47 is in your party when going to Goto's Yacht (Thanks Markus Ramikin) * Losing to Bralor, then winning he would still incorrectly comment you can fight again (Thanks Markus Ramikin) * Persuading Qimtiq once does no longer guarantee 500 bonus credits per win permanently, you need to re-convince him before each race. * Missing VO addded to installer. * Fixed the "forfeit" Swooprace-bug. * Added proper camerapoints to modified tutorial dialogues. * Improved Azkul-Merc conversation after invading Khoonda (Merc side) (by danil-ch) * You will now start with Force Breath active upon learning it in the JJT/fixed flourish animation (by danil-ch) * Savegames made during the Atton vs. Sion confrontation on Malachor will no longer crash on loading. * Added missing lightsaber equipped fix (by danil-ch) that made the game also check the off-hand for a lightsaber and detect it. * Modified Mira technique teaching slightly. 3.4 Changelist 1.8.2 - 1.8.3 ---------- Not all fixes are listed here (for size and many misc. small changes were made). Check here; http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/2146-183-preview/?p=25588 for more (but not all) fixes from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3. General - Ebon Hawk; * Several more typo fixes in the dialog.tlk * Updated launcher (for the 4CD-version users) (thanks Pra_Viilon) * Made some lines during the prologue (and Nadaa on Nar Shaddaa) "cutscenes" to prevent questupdates breaking the heard line. Added missing update on getting medpacks. First hatch used outside will no longer be removed. * Fixed 'Lost Shadows' not closing proper on a certain ending (both TSLRCM and M4-78EP). * Restored addition HK-47 lines. * Loot fixes; Missing merchants of 1.8 updated, gloves_03 is missing, if it's rolled it will return gloves_02 now instead of no item at all. Fixed rounding issue allowing low-level drops to something not spawn anything (Peragus). * Added a few additional lines to the Korriban introduction. A few more for non-M4-78EP users (they will be taken out upon installing M4-78EP) as those were already in use on that planet's intro. * Added Atton pazaak scene. * Modified Atton vs Handmaiden, Atton confesses love of Exile to Bao-Dur and G0-T0 modifies Remote cutscenes and adjusted a few odd camera standpoints during 2 disciple cutscenes (all made by danil-ch) * Extra camera points post-Peragus cutscene. * Fixes teammates turning upon click during Visas fight, Bao-Dur line's unconscious line was voiced. * The weapon(s) HK was wearing when the HK vs T3 cutscene started are no longer destroyed, but properly unequipped now. * Added a missing Mandalore VO. * Improved quality Kaevee VO. (thanks to danil-ch) * Restored PMHA03 Male face option for PC. (thanks to Kainzorus Prime) * Fixed issue with Rubat crystals dissapearing from lightsabers. * Fixed Crush sound effect. * You can now train Beast Control after gaining Beast Trick on Dxun. Beast Trick will appear on the upgrade screen once you gain a prestige class, but it cannot be trained, only given. * "The Polar Cap", "Telos Under Attack" and "Trayus Academy" now appear in the music table. * 1B, Akkere and Kodin will generate one of 4 HK parts randomly now, instead of basing it on the players' possessed items (which could generate the pacifist package if all 4 were in the PC's inventory). * Kreia skill-lesson; Automatic completion if awareness was highest skill, unable to complete skill-lesson if awareness was lowest skill. Fixed now. * PC now shows form just learned from the Jedi Master. During mid-battle Masters actually use form instead of flourish (addition by Danil-ch). * Visas' lightsaber will no longer be sometimes invisible during training. * If Bao-Dur is set for Dark Side training but the PC is lightsided, the convo will no longer break without having any more chance to train him. Peragus - Telos: * Fixed droids not skittering properly in 102PER * Fixed same droids when passive allowing disabling option if lower than 0 demolition and higher than 0 demolition, but not when having exactly 0 demolition. It's now possible for them too. * Fixed Harbinger missing if reloading a save after it docked. * Fixed protocol droid with quest update being repaired during and after convo. * Fixed utility droids re-activating if talked to and reloading a savegame. * Wounded Onderon military will only give teammate influence if you kill him yourself, not if he gets killed by Sith. * Fixed black screen if talking to a Handmaiden and goading them to fighting if you won the 5 sister battle. * In attempt to prevent the teammate corruption (which I could not reproduce) the fade-to-black will now last longer, until the sisters turns actually hostile. * Handmaiden will lower her hood when loading the module from a savegame. * Handmaiden will no longer always be send with male PC's. Depending on your choices in Atris dialogue she will now be send or crawl on your plane, with slight variations in a few cutscenes as result. * Aesthetical fixes to cutscene where Atris sends Handmaiden with the exile. * Modified pre-Malachor Carth sequence per developer commentary (thank danil-ch for noticing them) * Some aestetical improvements to the cutscenes in the endgame of the Academy. * Fixed quest update from Lorso about luring Batono in a trap being set too early. It will only appear now if the actual global is also set to allow this option. * Corrected missing "Exchange" quest update in 3 different instances. * Bumani Corp Gammorean use proper dialogue line now. * Hidden academy camera changes to show force field. * TSF will no longer assist you in killing the Sullustan. Nar Shaddaa: * Swoop Droid no longer sounds like Kinrath. * Extended attack of the Serroco. * Saquesh; Allows you to "[intimidate] Stop pressuring the Refugees" if Serroco attacked them and intimidation option for Adana will no longer automatically fail. * Fixed killing Geriel possibly reopening Refugee Woes. It now no longer updates the quests, since the proper updates are already set talking to Saquesh instead, and as stated, was buggy. * Docks scene with Mira; Hanharr no longer takes 9 seconds (sometimes leaving a pause) but the duration of the VO-line. * During Mira or Hanharr's escape an actual alarm now sounds. * Reinforcements at the JJT are no longer deleted after the cutscene deploying them. * JJT Map back popup dialogue fixed. * You can no longer dance for the Twi'lek domo during the run to the JJT (after visquis call). This to prevent the player from missing key triggers. * Zhug Cutscene: Added another global set to the .dlg on an unskippable line as precaution, hopefully fixing the issue some people had with it not being set. * If you turn over shield from secondary to primary AFTER shutting down primary the zhugs will actually spawn now. * If the player overloads the droids now after the bounty hunters spawn, the droids will properly reset to hostile if made friendly, as per the description. * Once the speeder was rebuild, entering the docks or main area would spawn a new one every single time (on top of the old version, causing great performance issues after a while). This has been corrected, and they will only spawn once. * Turning Lootra over to the Exchange will wield a lightsaber now too (like all other quest-resolutions), and will no longer be seen as a "light side" action by your team members. * If you lied to Sasquesh and he sold Adanna fast, then killed him, "Sold to the Hutts" would re-open with no way of finishing it anymore. This has been fixed. * Goto's Yacht console; fixed issue with count's 8 and 9 on consoles being broken and disallowing interaction with the console ever again. * Kreia Premonition cutscene added (thanks to Danil-ch) Dxun and Onderon: * Slight improvements to Kreia's dialogue post-Onderon if Bao-Dur was Dxun Tomb leader. * Remote is now present if Bao-Dur is the leader of the Dxun Tomb group (thanks JCarter426). * Covered up some missing area geometry on Onderon (thanks to JCarter426's way too good eyes ) * During the LS conversation with Kavar, asking about Telos no longer locks "I saw the holorecording of my trial." It will instead lock if you ask that. * Dxun camp: The Gate Guard and Patrol guard will now keep patrolling after being talked to, rather than permanently stop at that point. * Onderon Western Merchant Quarters: Fixed error with citizen dialogue not looping properly. Dantooine: * When the Handmaiden apprehends Kreia, she should have her hood down. It wasn't working however, since the animation was set for the Handmaidens event instead of the Handmaiden one. * Zherron will now take the will and bodies out of the player's hands when receiving an unmodified will, instead of having you drag them through the entire game (fake will worked fine). * Fixed issue with restored Vrook line not turning him hostile properly in the cave. * Fixed infinite Kinrath crystal spawn bug. * Fixed HK's infront of the academy not updating questlog if 3rd group (display issue, the cutscene would have still triggered on the Hawk). * During the jedi academy reveil, added clairvoyance effect if Kreia was not in party, and it no longer loops the animated camera (thanks danil-ch). * During rebuild enclave, removed 3rd party member if entering with Kreia, as (s)he was getting in their pathing's way. * Mandalore can no longer run away from his solo-fight. Ravager and Malachor: * Modified broken soundsets. * Set hyperspace as EH background when leaving, so it's used during the pre-Malachor cutscene. * Modified Mandalore-takedown. * You can no longer start the battle with Nihilus without him draining you (since that's the ingame way to tell why the exile can defeat Nihilus when no-one else can). * Made the fade-in node unskippable since you could, and never make the fade-in. * Expanded the kneel and get drained a bit, instead of it instantly leading to combat. * There's no long pause after killing Visas. * Visas Suicide; Users where the animation fails (no saber, no clothing, etc) will no longer be stuck on a blackscreen. * Visas Suicide; Users where the animation works will no longer see Visas falling to the ground twice before dying. * Changed Mira camera angle during her lift. * Fixed issue with team turning off their lightsabers if Mira was not in the party during Malachor. * Light side players will no longer throw the endboss down the core of Malachor. 3.5 Changelist 1.8.1 - 1.8.2 ---------- (all included mods are used with permission!) * Includes 301NAR Txi fix by JCarter426 ** Fixes window near Tienn not being see-through. Now you can see Tienn from the docks. * Includes Zez-Kai Ell Revan Overlook fix by danil-ch ** Because, apparently, we overlooked one. Splicing was done well too. * Main screen logo updated to 1.8.2, and it no longer inverts suddenly sometimes (thanks Darth_Sapiens). For the best effect remove the kotor2logo.txi 1.8.1 had if you patched up to version 1.8.2 from 1.8.1. * A few addition grammar fixes. * Bao-Dur can now use cyan and bronze crystals to create your first saber. Also fixes the issue where you'd get stuck if you only had a cyan crystal and no other. Vanilla issue, only became apparent now since a no-longer broken since 1.8 store on Telos has a fixed Cyan crystal. * Fixes issues when you leave Adana in her cell, then talk to her again and tell her to run not updating the quest properly, potentially getting it stuck. (Thanks plyinglemon for getting said situation to our attention by suffering from it) * The workbench will now use the skill of the user, instead of the PC when dismantling items for components. * Updated modulesave.2da. * Fixed broken questupdate with the sabotaged protocol droid on the Harbinger (thanks Josh D for finding this). * Telos, thugs infront of the door to the Exchange compoud; Removed automatic Ithorian journal update, need to actually ask for Loppak and be refused for the journal to update. * Nar Shaddaa, Pazaak Den; Fixed potential convo-break for males with Dahnis. * The Security Spike Tunneler now uses the correct skin (it used to look just like the Security Spike, even if it had an unique icon). * Onderon; Removed the "A Matter of Leadership" mission from your questlog if you leave the planet without finishing it. * Several improvements to the Rebuild Jedi Enclave cutscene on Dantooine. * Telos surface; Added lipsync to one of Atton's line since it was missing. * Updated Vash bodies' lightsaber drop. *** The following 2 fixes modify feat.2da. Be aware if you use mods overwriting this it will undo those fixes; * The Jedi Weapon Master and Sith Maurader may purchase the Condition (+saving throw) line of feats. * Restored the Mobility feat. The mobility feat gives a 10% increase in movement rate. (thanks to BarnzyBobble for his assistance in testing if it worked properly) 3.6 Changelist 1.8 - 1.8.1 ---------- * Modified KOTOR main screen texture (used in the main menu and on loading screens) to make it easier for Steam and KOTOR-compilation users to notice if TSLRCM is properly installed, considering they do not have a launcher, and "how do I notice it's installed properly" was becoming a very popular question. NOTE: When using the patch it's only an indication that the patch installed properly, not 1.8 as a whole. If in doubt, please re-install TSLRCM 1.8.1 using the full installer. If the main screen is updated then it indicates the entire mod is updated properly. * Includese Inverted Droid Feat Gain by Hassat Hunter. ** Fixes the feat gain progression of T3 and Goto being swapped around with the feat gain of HK-47. It's correct now, with HK-47 gaining more feats than them rather than less. * Fixed convo break with Nar Shaddaa arrival scene for male players, and fixed requirement check in convo scanning for handmaiden instead of Visas, leaving Disicple's convo options untriggerable. * Fixed breaking Nar Shaddaa questline by talking to Ratrin before Cahhmakt. This is no longer possible. * Fixed bug where talking to Cahhmakt with an NPC instead of the player would leave that NPC "locked", unable to join your party. * Fixed issue on Ebon Hawk with post-Peragus dialogue with Atton not proceeding properly to the Lightsaber dialogue if certain dialogue options were selected. * Fixed bronze saber turning other saber also bronze when loading a savegame if dual-wielding. (thank Fair Shade for the fix!) * Fixed Handmaiden's armor not being properly returned to the inventory when dueling on the Ebon Hawk. * Corrected small issues with Malachor loading screen story hints, like the first being completely blank. * Included updated k_003ebo_enter.nss and a_next_scene.nss to 003EBO.mod for modmakers, the version included with 1.8 was outdated. * Fixed Vrook's lightsaber not activating properly in the rebuild enclave. (Thanks Qui Don Jorn) English version; * Fixed subtitle error; HK when talking about "his whiny allies" subtitles "her whiny allies". * Fixed Zhug brother mentioning "him" for female PC's on Goto's Yacht. * On Dantooine right outside the Ebon Hawk, when asking the "Battered Protocol Droid" what it knows specifically of your character, it says "You are on the register as one of the Jedi who left the Enclave to fight in the Mandolorian Wars. Should be spelt "Mandalorian." * Fixed map note in the HK factory missing it's description. * Fixed minor typo when clicking on the locked door for the reserved section in the Jekk Jekk Tarr. 4. Mod Compatibility: ---------- The following mods are known to have specific install instructions to work properly with TSLRCM 1.8.5 * Game Balance Mod by Achilles - ONLY use Autobalance.2da, don't use any of the other files with the mod!!! * Improved AI by Stoffe (AKA RevanAnt) - While this mod mostly works, it cause some problems with one scene on Nar Shaddaa (you might be unable to select a third teammember during a cutscene and then have to weather some hard battles with just Bao-Dur and Atton). * Enchanced Merchants by Shem - We've modified many of the merchants, for the modified loot drops and other fixes, which will most likely be undone by using this mod. So be aware of that! *Kamaitachis Epic Armours - Read the full description to see how to make it properly work with TSLRCM! Mods requiring compatibility patches (check deadlystream for comp patches): * Handmaiden Choice for Females by Stoffe (AKA RevanAnt) * Admirality Mod by Jinger (AKA Kreia) * M4-78 by Stoney - Use M4-78EP instead! * Slender Female Bodies The following mods are INCOMPATIBLE! Do NOT use these when using TSLRCM 1.8.5! This is by no means a full list. Mods not listed here can still be incompatible. If you're in doubt, check or ask in our forums! The currently most known list is located at http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/393-mod-compatibility-list-for-tslrcm-183. You can post questions at http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/2795-inquiries-on-mod-compatibility-list-for-tslrcm-183/. * Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz, D333, Sep, Svosh, T7 * TSL Un-Restored Content (TSL:URC) by Zbyl2 * Ravager Rewrite 2.0 by Zbyl2 * Peragus-Harbringer-Prologue Correction Mod by Ulic * Trayus Academy Clothing Fix by SithRevan * Dark Apprentice Holowan Consortium * Lonna Vash Mod by Sikon * Force Fashion II by jonathan7, Marius Fett and Ender Wiggin * Nar Shaddaa Hidden Complex by FrantFire * Get your lightsaber back from Atris by Lit Ridl * Darth Sion vs Master Vash by zbyl2 * Khoonda Lost rooms by Darth_Tartarus * 90SK's SUPER Content Mod * Telos Shuttle Crash Movie Fix by Zbyl2 & DarthParametric * Telos Polar Sidequest * GenoHaradan 0.9 beta by Exile007 * Knights of the Old Republic III : The Jedi Masters 2.0 (beta) by Trex * HOTOR 1.6 by Qui Don Jorn * Kreia's Assorted Robe Collection * Trailer Force Crush Sound by Don Kain * Kolto Tank on Ebon Hawk by Lit Ridl (overrides critical TSL files!!!) 5. FAQ / KNOWN ISSUES --------- Q. I am having technical issues with The Sith Lords! A. Try the Steam forums. Even if you do not possess the game it does contain many threads about issues and their sollutions, a quick search might just find you the answer you need. Q. How do I know TSLRCM is installed? The main screen is unchanged. A. If the mainscreen is unchanged, TSLRCM isn't installed. Mostly this is related to people installing to the wrong location. Double-check yours (see install instruction #4). Q. Crash when loading a savegame. The loading screen is corrupted by strange lights all over it. A. Issue with modern Nvidia graphic drivers. NOT caused by TSLRCM. To fix; In the Nvidia control panel put Threaded Optimization to "OFF" and uncheck the "read-only" property of your KotOR II directory. Q. There are no Handmaidens at the academy/Stuck infront of the Hawk after the Academy. A. You have overwritten our appearance.2da with an incompatible version of another mod, missing certain key entries needed for TSLRCM to work properly. If you still have the original TSLRCM appearance.2da replace it, otherwise a full re-install of TSLRCM is required. In both cases a save is needed from before entering the academy. Q. I lost my team at the academy/black screen when entering Ebon Hawk after academy/Atton, Kreia or Bao-Dur don't talk to me when I click them. A. Sadly, this is a vanilla bug we cannot fix, since the files cannot be de-compiled. It's related to fighting the Handmaiden sisters on the battle mat and "cheating" before they become hostile, giving an error in the script to return your team members. You will have to load a save from before this fight. Q. The screen becomes black when loading the Jedi Masters scene in the Rebuild Enclave A. This is due to the module using a custom Kreia with special animations for the cutscenes. If any Kreia-altering skins or mods override this, the result is this black screen. Uninstall your Kreia-skin altering mods for the duration of this module... Q. After changing the Ebon Hawk's transponder codes, the Duros scene repeats itself and Goto's Yacht doesn't load. A. In some rare instances the new globals TSLRCM added aren't added to savegames. This is why we suggest playing a new game. In this case the global for the Duros hasn't been increased by 1, leaving the same cutscene. Enabling the cheatmode in the .ini, then using (without quotes) "warp 351nar" will let you continue on without further issues Q. I cannot spar with the Handmaiden! A. Due to a bug, sparring with Handmaiden while in outer space (directly after leaving the Telos Academy) made the fight unwinnable. So for TSLRCM you will have to travel to another planet, exit and re-enter for the option to appear, giving a glitch-free sparring. It's not gone, no worries! Q. When the HK Factory loads, I am spawned on Telos as the Exile, instead of as HK-47 / I get a black screen when arriving on Malachor. I use USM. A. TSLRCM 1.8.5 is not USM compatbile. Q. The game crashes when the Nihilus/Visas or Nihilus/Tobin cutscene loads. A. Delete n_darthnihilu001.ntc from your override. Q. While in Visquis' lair, when Kreia revives Hanharr, it suddenly turns back to Atton. A. Delete p_kreia001.utc from your override. Q. Double Atrises during final confrontation/No dialogue after sisters are defeated. A. Delete the following files from your override, and load a save from before starting the confrontation: a_atrend2.ncs a_atrend3.ncs a_kreatris.ncs a_sisend.ncs n_darthtraya001.utc Q. No HK-Torture scene/Missing restored EH-scenes/Get stuck in Ebon Hawk on my way to Malachor. A. Delete k_003ebo_enter.ncs from your override. Q. Dialogue fast-forwards/cutscenes without sound. A. Engine issue. Not caused by TSLRCM. Unfortunately, we cannot fix this. May this happen, do a full reboot of the game, and it should work properly again. Q. I have issues with the grass on Dxun/Rebuild Enclave. A. This appears to be an issue with ATI-videocards. Try using the textures found here; http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2824280&postcount=14 Q. Why haven't you fished the issue on Peragus where you need to lower the difficulty to proceed as T3? A. This is no issue. Playing on hard you need another way through the door rather than the mine, deleting some goodies in the process. It's not required to lower your difficulty. Q. Does the mod include [x]? A. Please check our semi-complete inclusion list at: http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/139-whats-restored-in-tslrcm/ Q. Why did you fix [x], that wasn't a bug, that was a feature. A. We have a pretty good indication from developer nodes and scripts what is intended and what not. It's very likely that the bug was infact a bug, and never intended. Developers rarely intend to add bugs and exploits to their game... Q. My question is not answered here! A. Feel free to ask us at our official forum; http://deadlystream.com/forum/ You can also ask at moddb, but I visit that site less frequent... 6. UNINSTALLATION ---------- Run uninstall program created in your game's main directory. On the Steam Workshop unsubscribe. 7. CREDITS: ---------- Major Contributers: * Jinger/Kreia - the Rebuilt enclave and Handmaidens * MonoGiganto - T3’s fixed dialog and ZezKiel’s fixed dialog on NarShadaa * Savvy30039 - the new animations * SWfan28 - scripting genius of a lot of areas * Pra_Viilon - launcher * Danil-ch - Various fixes and cutscenes * HK-47 & Sith Holocron - VO splicing Includes mods by: Jinger/Kreia - Battle for Telos Mrmarb - Weapon finesse icon fix DrGhent - Lightsaber parts icon fix Darth_shan - Bao-Dur shader fix Darth Insidious and Jcarter426 - Telos Shuttle Modder Resource Darth Insidious - Goto's Yacht Window Fix Danil-ch - Female Revan overlook fix Jcarter426 - TXI-fix Kainzorus Prime - PMHA03 Restoration Voice Acting: * Usagi - Kaevee * Zhaboka - Taris Traveler Beta Testing: * Lord of Hunger * TriggerGod * Pra_Viilon * Garfield * JoewJ * DarthDac Translations: * Melkor, MrPhil, TTLan, RevanStar11, Leoneros - French * Alec, Salk, Cair - Italian * Rodro Lliv, Januszka, Serpol, Dashrendar - Spanish * Pestilenz, Lex, Ero, Hib – German * Drazgar, Allard – Russian Special thanks to: * Sith Holocron - for his all-time support and VO splicing * Ulic - his inspirational Peragus modification * Markus Ramikin – for some other minor fixes * Tyvokka and The Doctor – for hosting this mod and forums on Deadly Stream * Darth_Sapiens - Main menu logo 8. DISTRIBUTION NOTES ---------- Thanks to DeadlyStream for giving us space on his forums and all the people of the TSL community that helped with bug finding in the beta. Thanks to tk102 for the dlg editor. Thank you to the members of Team Gizka for finding out about the missing HK factory modules and all the content that was cut from KotorTSL and making sense of it all, because without all their previous efforts and hard work none of this would be possible. Thanks to Jdnoa and Dashus for the tools they created for which none of this would be possible without them. A special thanks to Ulic for his original Peragus mod; while none of his work or files were used in our fixing of Peragus, a lot of his ideas and “how” things were changed were the inspiration for how we tackled them. His list of fixed stuff in the readme helped too! THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS MODIFICATION IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS MODIFICATION. ThESE modS may not be modified or REdistributed without the explicit permission of the authors. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic™ , characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Sith Lords™, characters, items, etc. are trademarks and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Bioware™ and the Odyssey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. Obsidian™ is a trademark of Obsidian Entertainment. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. 2014
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    Version 0.1.2


    KillSaber Code by 90SK Same idea as the killstick or killblaster cheat, except this code gives a saber. It's "giveitem killsaber" Install: Copy killsaber.uti into your Override folder Pick what type and color you want the KillSaber to be, Then copy the "killsaber.uti" file into Override. If you want another color, copy another "killsaber.uti" into override and click Ok to replace. Should have all correct colors now. Permissions: Please do not reupload this mod. Do not upload this on Steam workshop. Special Thanks: DeadlyStream.com, LucasForums.com LucasArts – Obsidian Entertainment – Bioware THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.3


    UNOFFICIAL TSLRCM (THE SITH LORDS RESTORATION MODIFICATION) TWEAK PACK version 1.3 Author: Pavijan357 1. Description: --------------------- As you all know, SW-KOTOR 2 : The Sith Lords is a brilliant game. Unfortunately, at the time of release, it was definitely a flawed game, because it was published in unfinished state. Then came the people behind TSLRCM project and did what seemed impossible. After years hard work by all people involved in it, final result is here: TSLRCM 1.8.5 . KOTOR 2 is closer to its finished state and Obsidian's vision than ever before. So, what is this than actually for? Well, the way I see it, instead of the broken, dirty gem TSL was before, now with TSLRCM, it's the large shinning diamond, just a little rough on the few edges. This is made to polish it around a little... It's seems to me that in their vision to restore as much cut content, TSLRCM crew got a little carried away and restored even things that seem that weren't left out because of short development time, but actually CUT from game, because authors had some other and better ideas, or simple they didn't thought that those fit in the game in general way. Now, I don't claim to know what was Obsidian's original vision better than anybody else, especially TSLRCM guys, but there are some things that bothered me during the playthrough and which seamed jarring and out of place to me, so I have made this Tweak Pack for my personal usage, and also for everyone else who feels the same way about those particular things. Of course, this is ultimately thing of personal preference, so I have made this pack modular so you can install only things that you want and leave others as they are (modular parts are installed with TSL Patcher), but have also provided all-in-one setup for those that want it all. 2. Component list: --------------------- This pack consists of five main components and three small extras: Component 1 - Jorran the extortionist instead of Kaeve the thief As you probably know, TSLRCM returned cut character of padawan Kaeve, whose laigreks stole the farming equipment from farmer Suulru on Dantoine, instead of scavenger Jorran who insisted that Suulru should give him extra money for his vaporator, which was the case in the published version of the game. I like the general idea behind Kaeve, and voice-over done for her by Usagi was fine, but the main problem with her is that her dialogue seams, well... not well written in the first place, it feels incomplete and not well thought through. It seems to me that she was abandoned in earlier part of production and wholly discarded as an idea, and that's why Obsidian eventually recorded voice-over for Jorran's and Suulru's new lines instead of making some for Keave. Don't get me wrong, TSLRCM crew did a good job of restoring what was in the files, but it seems that there wasn't a lot of quality material to restore in the first place... So this component returns whole Jorran/Suulru situation to what it was in published version of TSL and removes Keave from game altogether. This also returns lightsaber part to Jorran which he had originally, instead of Keave as in TSLRCM. Component 2 - Saedhe's original head If you played the game, you would remember Seadhe, Khoonda Militia investigator in Khoonda plains, Dantooine. In TSLRCM he is given cut unique head which was planned for him earlier, but my opinion, based on his voice in game, is that unique head was intentionally scrapped and in the published version he got that of an old black guy to fit better with that voice. So install this component if you would like to see his originally assigned head again. Component 3 - No Mandalore falling on Ravager bridge In old TSLRCM versions, after you defeat Darth Nihilus and your party is leaving Ravager's command bridge, Mandalore inexplicably stood on some invisible mine and fell on the ground. This has been done to make excuse for starting Mandalore/Visas conversation. Version 1.8.3 replaced mine with much more sensible Dark Side backslash from the disappearing corpse of Nihilus, which actually looks fitting to a point, and could satisfy some people, but in case that you still want that whole part removed, like I do - this component is here. There is also spliced part on first Mandalore/Visas conversation upon boarding Ravager ("I know what it meant for you to accompany me here...") that should also, like the post-fight conversation between them, be left for some other mod which restores Ravager part to its original concept (Mandalore and Visas go to Ravager alone, Exile joins them later) like Zbyl2's excellent "Ravager Rewrite" mod, which will, I hope, be eventually updated for TSLRCM compatibility if he finds time and still has some desire for modding after his work on M4-78EP. So, this component removes spliced part on first Mandalore/Visas conversation and whole bridge collapse/second conversation situation after Nihilus fight, so you can wait nicely until some future version "Ravager Rewrite", or some other mod, restores those lines more fittingly. Component 4 - Atton’s ending dialogue After you defeat final boss, in TSLRCM you (depending on your choices) get a few final conversations with some of your crew mates. Atton is one of them, and his conversations (in both possible versions) are great and emotionally satisfying. But they seem written only for light-side character and don't fit at all for the cold-blooded bastard that you may have turned your Exile into! Because of that, this component inserts extra requirements for this dialogs to happen: Exile must be light-side, neutral, or mildly dark-side with high influence with Atton (high requirement for influence is only for slightly dark-side chars to reflect the situation when player is not entirely insensitive to suffering of those close to him and he got along with Atton nicely). So if your Exile matches any of those requirements you will get the dialogue as it has been until now, and if he/she doesn't - you will not be bothered with it. Component 5 - Kreia-Atris dialogue tweak During Kreia's visit to Atis on Telos, dialogue between those two is one of the more important ones in the whole game because it gives lots of exposition on Kreia's motivation. TSLRCM added a few restored lines of dialogue to that scene that do not seem to fit the story in it's final form. Those are the lines that reference that Kreia was there during Exile's trial, and more important, that she was the one who asked for her/him to be exiled. Which doesn't fit at all, because she was presumed dead since Mandalorian Wars by the Jedi Order at that time, and because of that she couldn't have asked that of the Jedi Council when (as we see in dialogue between them near the end) they weren't even aware that she survived! This seems to be a remnant of some old plot version that was abandoned during the production. Thus, this component removes that group of added lines from that dialogue (but keeps other ones that are not related to this issue). Thanks to Markus Ramikin who has noticed this issue and informed me of it. Component 6 - Tweak for Exile-Mandalore dialogue in Trayus academy From the first time I saw it, I was not fond at all of the Player responses in the Exile-Mandalore conversation that happens in the Trays academy if you save your party. They consist of pairs of almost identical responses with just several words changed and do not seem like anything that would normally be found anywhere in the game and therefore they really stick out as "modded content". This component of TSLRCM Tweak Pack will alter the player responses to something that (at least in my opinion) fits better with the rest of the dialogue found in the game. Mandalore's lines are not altered. Extra components: These small tweaks are separated as extras because they are not based on restorations or anything other than some thoughts of mine, or are probably insignificant to majority of players and made mostly for extra nit-picky crazies like myself. Extra 1 - Trayus Sith Lords unified This takes care of the small thing that caught my eye - that Sith Lords in the left part of Trayus Academy have their masks on, but those in the right part don't. This was probably done intentionally, possibly to provide more diversity, but what bothered me is that those without masks share the same head with Sith apprentices which are at few places found at the very same room (Yes, it bothers me, I'm that kind of guy [:p] ). So, this only gives those few Sith Lords in Trays Ac. the same masks that their "colleagues" in the other part have. Simply as that. Extra 2 - Lower Awareness requirement for "Gand Warrior" quest This lowers required Awareness skill level for solving the quest given by Suulustan in Jekk Jekk Tarr cantina, on Nar Shadaa, to 4 instead of 16. Why so low? Because I think that 16 is really too much for such a trivial quest, and by making it as low as 4 it can be solved even by players who didn't focus on developing their Exile's Awareness, simply by equipping a few of skill boosting items, and maybe also casting Valor if needed. 3. Installation: --------------------- To install this Tweak Pack, TSLRCM 1.8.3 or newer version, MUST be installed. It is made for TSLRCM and without it, it has no point. 1) If you're planning to install the complete installer version, just run its URCMTP.exe and follow instructions. It's advisable to do it IMMEDIATELY after TSLRCM installation. In that case if you plan to install some other mods after TSLRCM they won't be overwritten, and maximum compatibility is assured. 2) If you're planning to install any of modular parts just run U_TSLRCM_TP_IND.exe and follow instructions. You need to run U_TSLRCM_TP_IND.exe once for each component you have to install. For Component 1 (Kaeve removal) BOTH parts must be installed for it to work properly. Any component can be installed any time after TSLRCM installation. 4. Uninstallation --------------------- Copy appropriate files from the "backup" folder to their original places. 5. Mod Compatibility: --------------------- Any mod that is compatible with TSLRCM is compatible with this Tweak Pack. For full compatibility with "Fixed Hologram Models and Admiralty Redux for TSLRCM" by DarthParametric and M4-78EP, use the the Individual component installer for this pack, and install it AFTER those mods. --------------------- Thanks to Fair Strides for creating and updating the TSL Patcher version of the installer. Special thanks to Zbyl2, DarthStoney, VarsityPuppet, Hassat Hunter, and everybody else who was involved with TSLCRM during its long years of making, for all that they have given us... --------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE-MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.1


    Summary This is a collection of various things that I found annoying enough to alter. I collect things that I don't think warrant their own mods into a single mod, to be released to the general public when it becomes more substantial. Contents I've divided this mod into five categories: Straight Fixes, Bug Fixes, Resolution Fixes, Aesthetic Improvements, and Things What Bother Me Fixes. Straight Fixes are fixes for issues I think are genuine errors or mistakes or oversights or what have you. There's a problem, here's a fix for it. No artistic license is involved. Bug Fixes really fall under straight fixes but I've separated them into their own category because they're more severe and there's absolutely no reason not to have them. They fix bugs that could potentially break your game. What I've included are either well known and easy for me to do a quick fix or came to my attention directly. There are lots of other bugs this mod doesn't fix, so I strongly suggest that you seek out a more extensive bug-fixing mod. Resolution Fixes are all textures from the game for which there were identical, higher resolution textures somewhere else in the game files. So I've swapped the lower resolution ones for the higher resolution ones. I've separated these from the straight fixes because a) I didn't make any of the content here - it's all extracted from the game, and b) they don't actually fix "problems" per se - it's just an increase in resolution. It looks the same, with slightly more pixels. Aesthetic Improvements are my attempts to improve the visual quality in certain areas. I've tried to maintain the original aesthetic of the game while improving the quality. But the nature of the improvements necessitates new content created by me. You might not like my work, or you might use a different mod that touches on these areas, or whatever, so I've isolated these from the other fixes. Things What Bother Me Fixes fix things what bother me. They might not bother you but they bother me, so I've isolated those as well. For a full release history, see the accompanied file.
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    Version 1.1


    A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC II MODIFICATION High Quality Blasters By Sithspecter Installation: Point the installer towards your Knights of the Old Republic II game folder (not the override folder) to install High Quality Blasters. Description: When Knights of the Old Republic II was released in December 2004, it made a number of improvements over the first installment. However, the blaster models were still the same low-quality models as before. After remastering all the blasters in the first game, I knew I had to make the same high-quality blasters available for the sequel. This mod completely replaces the existing blasters with newly modeled firearms, complete with high quality textures. Special care was taken to retain the form and look of the original items, but in a high quality package. Each weapon was carefully textured based on close examination of its default counterpart. It's a much improved package that I hope will be a permanent addition to your TSL override folder for years to come. Use: Use of High Quality Blasters is extremely easy. Run the installer, then play the game. That's it! The new models will automatically appear when you load up your last save. However, this mod does make a couple .uti changes to avoid doubling up on weapon textures. I've applied a new model and texture to a few items that share a model and texture in the default game. The following items are affected: Benok’s Blaster Blaster Rifle Heavy Repeating Blaster Rifle Plasma Projector What this means is that if you already have one of these items, it will still show up as high quality, but it will share a texture with another high quality item. If you re-acquire one of these through cheats or KSE, it will appear properly. This will not negatively affect the gameplay in anyway. Bugs: Due to differences between the body models (especially female), the weapons will sometimes appear to clip the hands (especially in the female off-hand). There is nothing I can do about this without introducing more issues, it is something that happens with the default weapons, and you will have to live with it. Credit: Thanks to 90SK, Fair Strides, Varsity Puppet, and Kexikus for providing feedback for this mod. Credit goes to Kexikus for the inspiration from your screenshots. They look fantastic so I modeled the screenshots for this mod after your High Definition Skyboxes mod. Permissions: Do not upload this mod or assets from this mod, modified or not, to other sites without my express permission. I have uploaded this mod to multiple sites and can provide support on those sites. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.0.0


    There are some mods out there that change the uniforms of the Sith on Korriban to robes, but I myself like this incarnation of the Sith being a bit more "modern-looking." But there are some inconsistencies. Mainly, some students wearing uniforms that would only be worn by higher ranked Sith. The same goes for some masters like Uthar and Jorak which are wearing uniforms identical to the students when met even though Uthar later wears much more flashy attire appropriate to his station as head of the academy. My fixes correct certain students wearing uniforms they should not, keeping Yuthura in the unique uniform she wears when first meeting her in the cantina and giving Uthar the same treatment for when you first meet him. I also went ahead and gave Uthar's unique uniform to Jorak, the former head of the academy as he too should not be wearing the common male variant. Minor Spoiler: Both of my files for Yuthura are compatible with the mod "Yuthura Sith Eyes with Light Side Transition" as all that mod does is change the alignment of the Yuthura file for Dantooine so she has non-Sith eyes. My Dantooine Yuthura file has her appear with her unique outfit and also has the alignment modification for the mod compatibility. Just prioritize my "dan13_yuthura.utc" file above the one added by that mod. Credits: Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a modder's resource containing Twi'lek textures from SpaceAlex's K1 Enhancement Pack that have been modified for compatibility with Better Twi'lek Male Heads. Textures are included in both TGA/TXI and TPC formats (the latter is recommended). Models for both the slim neck and original neck variants are included in ASCII format, so you can edit the model name and/or texture then convert to binary for either game. If BTMH is updated in the future with changes to the model, so will this. (Current model version: 1.3.X) Usage If you want to use these files as part of an external work, contact me first to receive my permission. Permission to use the K1 or TSL versions of BTMH automatically extends to this resource. Both SpaceAlex and I should be credited accordingly. This modder's resource should only be found on Deadly Stream, no user may upload it to another modding site. This restriction does not apply to any external works using these files. It should be noted that some of SpaceAlex's Twi'lek textures are upscaled variants from the base game. See readme.txt for more details. Credits Fred Tetra, Kotor Tool bead-v, KOTORmax & MDLedit ndix UR, tga2tpc Autodesk, 3ds Max The GIMP Team, GIMP Darth Parametric, Upper teeth no-clip fix (K1) SpaceAlex, K1 Enhancement Pack's male Twi'lek textures NDrew-25, prompting the creation of these textures for K1 Gameplay Improvement Disclaimer This modder's resource is not supported by LucasArts, BioWare, Obsidian Entertainment, or Electronic Arts. It is intended to be used by other members of the KOTOR modding community and intends no copyright infringement. Contact me on DeadlyStream or via Discord (listed on my DS profile) if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like.
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    Version 1.1.2


    I recently made this GUI with the help of a tool created by another user that should see a release soon, I also automated the colour correction of all of the icons that were not already in the first game. Slowly I have been finding every last texture that is involved in the GUI's operation as well as the appropriate colour values in their .gui files. They aren't the best / don't match the other icons very well, but I will work on it again in the future as well as release it on it's own. Thor110 This should work for the base game and most variations, if not let me know. The only unnecessary entries that I can think of might be the planets on the galaxy map but they will now show unless scripted to do so, so it should not cause any problems. These .gui files are based on the base game's .gui files so might not contain any changes made in any other mods such as TSLRCM ( I am not sure how much the .gui's are altered )
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    Version 1.0


    Bastila on Korriban - K1R Version By Fair Strides Description: This is an old favorite of many players, and now we've simply made a K1R version that "meshes" better with the game. Though I honestly don't see a difference that broke the old mod with K1R, I did think it could be done in a way that wasn't as jarring. In the old version, Bastila was selectable despite saying that she wouldn't be going. In this version, you can choose to have her available or not. There are only two new player lines and no voice-less Bastila lines. Installation: Simply run the TSLPatcher and direct it to your KotOR 1 folder. Uninstallation: Delete the following files from your Override folder: k_sup_galaxymap.ncs fs_bast_disable.ncs ebo_bast_vision.dlg And replace the dialog.tlk file in your main KotOR folder with the dialog.tlk file in the backup folder made by the TSLPatcher.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod replaces the 2D billboard holograms used in the Twisted Rancor Trio puzzle in the Taris Lower City Apartments with full 3D holograms, coloured blue like in the movies (and TSL). Also fixes some missing sound effects that were intended to play when activating each hologram. You may also be interested in my Movie-Style Rakatan Holograms and Movie-Style Holograms for Endgame Cutscenes mods. Changes: Replaces Bith 2D sprite with four separate animated 3D Bith models, each with a different instrument Replaces singer 2D sprite with animated 3D model (two different anims) with semi-custom texture to look like the original Adds emitter VFX Only switch emitter light on when activated instead of always on Repairs broken activation sound effects Known Issues: Because meshes do not self-occlude, there are some artefacts when viewing from certain angles. Requires a save before entering the Taris Lower City Apartments (East) for the first time due to GIT changes. Acknowledgements: Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit Thanks to @ndix UR for TGA2TPC Thanks to @CarthOnasty for the original idea, which I shamelessly stole (I did wait 2 years though)
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    Version 1.0.0


    *Note: If you still have not seen Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker and are sensitive to spoilers, please watch the movie before installing this mod. I apologize for some of the low quality images, I use the GOG version of the game without any graphics mods so the in-game screenshots aren't very representative of how the lightsaber actually looks in-game. 1. Description: This mod adds Rey's lightsaber (and saber crystal) from the end of episode IX to KOTOR. 2. How to Access: Rey's saber crystal can be purchased from Yuka Laka's droid shop on Tatooine for 10000 credits. From there, place it into any lightsaber's colour crystal slot. The lightsaber can also be spawned in using the console command: "giveitem sa_reysaber" or "giveitem sa_reycrystal" for the crystal. 3. Installation Instructions (PC): Download and extract the zip file. Run TSLPatcher. 4. Compatibility: This mod uses lightsaber slot and lightsaber crystal slot 34. Any other mods that occupy these slots will be incompatible with this mod. 5. Other notes: This mod was converted from a lightsaber hilt within Plasma's Lightsaber Hilt Collection mod for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Plasma has me given me permission to convert his mod to KOTOR and upload it. All credit for the model and texture goes to him, I only converted it to KOTOR and created the KOTOR lightsaber icon. Please check out his original mod at: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3552-lightsaber-hilt-collection/ The icon for Rey's lightsaber crystal was borrowed from Kaidon Jorn's Schematic Lightsaber Mod. He indicated that as long as he was credited for the original work, it could be used in other mods. This is my first mod, so please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions! 6. Very special thanks to: The original mod author: - Plasma Everyone who helped teach and guide me along the way: - Stormie97 - DarthParametric - Rooxon The creator of the lightsaber crystal icon: - Kaidon Jorn The creators of the excellent modding tools I used during the creation of this mod: - Fred Tetra (Kotor Tool) - stoffe (TSL Patcher) - bead-v (KOTORmax, MDLEdit) - mrwonko (GLM Importer and Exporter) - Fair Strides (TSL Patcher) - ndix UR (tga2tpc) Lastly, a special thank you to anyone and everyone who installs this mod, hope you enjoy it! 7. Redistribution: This mod may redistributed as long as proper credit is given to myself for the porting process and lightsaber icon, Plasma for the original lightsaber hilt model and texture, as well as Kaidon Jorn for the lightsaber crystal icon. 8. Legal: This modification is provided as-is and is not supported by BioWare Corp or LucasArts in any capacity. Please use this file at your own risk, neither I nor BioWare or LucasArts are responsible for any damages to your equipment incurred by the usage of this file.
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    Version 1.1


    Having this mod installed with TSLCRM 1.8 causes a CTD about 4/5 the way in the Visus-Nihilus cutscene (and Nihilus-Tobin custscene). Please do not use the Nihilus saber, or take it out of override for the duration of this scene, and the Tobin one. ======================================================== KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC II ======================================================== Hi Poly Tin Cans ================================= Author: Varsity Puppet/VPcombat For: KotOR II Date: 03.16.2011 E-mail: officialvpcombat@yahoo.com ================================= DESCRIPTION: I've always wanted to make a lightsaber hilt mod, but I never liked how most people would use hilts from the movies. Or if it's not that, there has to be a fancy hilt for every single different color. Well what I did here is fairly simple and should intrigue even the most skeptical of saber mod downloaders. I remade the standard game hilts so that they look like higher definition versions of the old ones. A lot of people complained how they looked like tin cans - they still are, but with higher polygon counts. I've also included a Darth Nihilus lightsaber which is fairly close to canon apparently. There are several subfolders which you can install - Saber Models - This folder contains the higher polygon version hilts only. No other modifications made. Darth Nihilus Saber - Contains the files used for adding Darth Nihilus' saber to the game. Override's Malak's Lightsaber model since it doesn't have much of a use in this game. Fixed Icons and colors - Fixes the colors in the weapon icons for the cyan and bronze/orange lightsabers. It also restores the unused bronze lightsaber crystal and distinguishes between the orange and bronze lightsaber colors (previously, they both used the same Heart of the Guardian saber color) Fixed Loot scripts - These loot scripts will allow the orange, bronze, silver and cyan crystals to appear more often. Previously, the bronze crystal wouldn't appear at all, and apparently neither would the cyan crystal. This should be fixed now. COMPATIBILITY: This is obviously not going to be compatible with any other saber mods. ___________________________________________________________ INSTALL: Put all of the files you wish to install into your override. UNINSTALL: Delete them from the override. ___________________________________________________________ VERSIONS: 1.0- BUGS: None that I know of. There may be a bug where some sabers display the wrong color. If that happens, let me know and I'll fix it. ___________________________________________________________ PERMISSION: You may use this mod as you see fit. Display it in screenshots, make it compatible with your mod. However, do please give credit where it's due, and DO NOT release it with any of your mods without my permission. Thanks. THANKS: DStoney Fred Tetra's KotorTool Obsidian for making a game to love and hate All of you modders out there who I've consistently studied and slowly learned from. All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, BioWare Corp. and Obsidian Entertainment Inc.
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    Version 1.3.1


    This mod replaces the voice overs used for Nikto, Aqualish, Gran, and Quarren NPCs in KOTOR. In KOTOR I, Nikto, Aqualish, Gran, and Quarren NPCs use VOs that are meant for and shared by several other species. KOTOR II fixes this by adding VOs specific to these four species, so I figured hey, why not incorporate them back into the original game? The intention of this mod is to provide a stronger sense of immersion and consistency between the two games, while keeping the affected dialogue true to its intended "feel." A bonus side effect is that the aggressive Nikto VOs make the Black Vulkars seem like an actual threat instead of comic relief. I've included compatibility patches for the KOTOR 1 Community Patch (Queedle Fix), K1 NPC Overhaul, and KOTOR 1 Restoration. Installation & Uninstallation To install this mod, run Installer.exe and select the first option to install the main mod. Then, run the installer again for any of the compatibility patches you may need. It doesn't matter which order you install compatibility patches in. You must have installed the other mods beforehand. To uninstall this mod, delete the files from your game's modules, override, and streamwaves folders (I've included a list of them in the readme.txt). If necessary, restore files from "backup" into your game's directory. Compatibility Compatibility patches have been added for the mods already mentioned due to their common usage. The K1 Restoration Mod has a Nikto NPC in the Vulkar Base sublevel with Basic (English) VOs. I decided to leave this unaltered as to not interfere with the restored content. Known Issues Some of the Nikto VOs don't have perfectly matching mouth animations, which is because KOTOR II has some missing .LIP files. The placeholders I'm using are as close as I could find. These may be replaced in a later version. Redros's mouth doesn't move for a couple of lines of dialogue. This bug happens regardless of this mod and only if his appearance is Nikto, so I felt it's a bug beyond this mod's scope. Please let me know of any other issues you find, or if you come across anything I missed! Credits Fred Tetra, Kotor Tool Fair Strides, KotOR Toolset tk102, DLG Editor & K-GFF Editor JCarter426, SithCodec Thanks to the KOTOR community for keeping these games alive. Disclaimer This mod is not supported by LucasArts, BioWare, or Obsidian Entertainment. It is for personal usage only and intends no copyright infringement. As this mod ports files from KOTOR II to KOTOR I, it's intended for players who already own both games. I do not claim ownership of these ported files. Contact me on DeadlyStream or via Discord (listed on my DS profile) if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or the like. If you want to use this mod as a part of an external work, you must recieve my permission. This mod should only be found on Deadly Stream, no user may upload it to another modding site. If you just want to use the included WAV or LIP files, you're better off extracting them yourself. Not only are they not my property, some of them are renamed duplicates or have been modified otherwise.
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    Version 1.0.0


    ************************ Knights of the Old Republic ************************ TITLE: Effixian's PFHB01 from K2 to K1 AUTHOR: Effix CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam ************* INSTALLATION ************* Run the file "TSLPatcher - Install Effixian's PFHB01 from K2 to K1.exe". ************ DESCRIPTION ************ This mod adds a playable character PFHB01 from KotOR 2. As requested by mkg728. ***** BUGS ***** None known. ***** COMPATIBILITY ***** This mod adds a player character labeled as PFHB11, which is not in the vanilla game. This mod is not compatible with mods that might do the same. ************* UNINSTALLING ************* 1. Remove the following files from your Override folder: pfhb11.mdl pfhb11.mdx PFHB11.tga PFHB11d.tga PFHB11d1.tga PFHB11d2.tga PFHB11d3.tga PO_PFHB11.tga PO_PFHB11d.tga PO_PFHB11d1.tga PO_PFHB11d2.tga PO_PFHB11d3.tga 2. If you have never installed any mod with the TSL Patcher then you can remove appearance.2da, heads.2da and portraits.2da from the Override folder. Otherwise: If you haven't installed any head mods after this mod you can get the following files from the mod's backup folder and put them back in your Override folder: appearance.2da heads.2da portraits.2da Doing this when you did add another head mod would result in the later head(s) no longer being available in the game, yet the associated files (listed at step 1.) would still be in the Override folder. ******************* DISTRIBUTION NOTES ******************* You may NOT: Use the material from this mod in your own mod without giving me credit, implying it was your creation. You might: Use the material from this mod in your own mods if you simply ask me. ******** Thanks to ******** - Stoffe and Fred Tetra for the needed tools and tutorials - bead-v's MDLEdit - JCarter426 & Kexikus for sharing their knowledge of converting things with MDLEdit ------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of PFHA05, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: HD PFHA05 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Version 1.0


    This mod was inspired by Shem's Realistic Visual Effects from way back when. For those of you who don't remember, Shem's mod removed speed blur, glowing hands during melee attacks, force wave and sparkly healing animations. I've decided to take things a step farther and remove everything that could be considered unrealistic, such as: - the brief green glow that occurs after being poisoned - anything visual associated with friendly powers (valor, force resistance, shield, etc.) - glowing or smoking hands when using certain powers - the shield-like stasis effect - swirling white lines indicating confusion - the black 'scorch' effect that appears on the ground after some explosions (which is realistic, admittedly, but looks like hell) - the 'goo' effect that appears after smashing Kinrath eggs (which is also realistic, but, much like the 'scorch' effect, looks horrific in-game) - animated scopes (power blast, sniper shot, etc.) Why do something like this? Personally, I can't stand the glowing, sparkling and otherwise silly or ugly visual indicators in KotOR. This sort of thing might be useful for anyone looking to create machinimas... which probably aren't a thing anymore, but oh well. I've also included a couple optional extras: a blank texture that replaces the blue nebula thing - which can be seen during a variety of in-game cutscenes and typically looks pretty bad - and also a reworked camera. The edited camera definitely isn't for everyone, but to me it looks more modern without going totally overboard. I've adjusted it so that there are no differences between the default, combat and Ebon Hawk camera angles. This probably isn't compatible with other mods that alter 'visualeffects.2da' or 'spells.2da'. I don't use K1R, so I'm not sure whether or not there are any conflicts. It will work with the Community Patch, however, but you must install my mod afterwards. And finally, a huge thanks to Fred Tetra for his KotOR Tool. Enjoy.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Re-texture of women underwear for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture resolution 2048x2048. The archive contains 12 textures, 1 .txi. To Install 1. Download: Women underwear 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Version 2.1


    ABOUT: This mod replaces every skybox and every planetary backdrop in the game with a new high resolution version made from scratch. This includes a replacement of every skybox model to fix all the glaring issues with the original. There are also some additional minor changes that either fix issues with the vanilla environments or serve to better blend ingame terrain and skybox. Other than that I recommend you just check out the screenshots as pictures say more than a thousand words or check the video to see the animated skyboxes. Click the following image to see additional interactive screenshot comparisons: There are also add-ons with new skyboxes for the following mods: Brotherhood of Shadows: Solomon's Revenge Yavin IV Ord Mandell including InSidious' reskin Green Grass for Dantooine If you find any issues or have any other comments, please let me know and I'll see what can be done. INSTALLATION: If you have a previous version of this mod installed, remove it before installing the new version or you might run into some issues. For installation instructions check the read-me files of the individual downloads. Usually it's just copying files to your Override folder. For the mod to take full effect you need a savegame where you have not yet left Dantooine. COMPABILITY: This mod is not compatible with any mod that edits skyboxes in any way. This includes mods that only edit their models. There might also be rare incompabilities with mods that edit non-skybox area models if those models are also edited by this mod. PERMISSIONS: You may NOT redistribute any textures included in this archive without my explicit permission. You may however use all the models as long as you give me credit. CREDITS: This mod was created by Kexikus using mainly Terragen 4, Photoshop CS6 and 3ds Max as well as some After Effects. Additional tools used: KotOR Tool by Fred Tetra K-GFF by TK102 MDL edit by bead-v MDLOps by ndix UR KOTORmax by bead-v tga2tpc by ndix UR Additional resources by: Andy Welder: Dantooine tree model Animum: Yavin tree model Bioware: Taris buildings, Kashyyyk buildings, Kashyyyk tree textures, Manaan building textures, Hammerhead cruiser model, Yavin ruins dandelO: grass shader Dantooine and Yavin, snow shader Dantooine Jeronimoe: BOS:SR Taris ship models Jorak Uln: Taris window texture killst4r: Unknown World palm tree Martin Frank: Yavin bush model Misha Winkler: Grass model Dantooine and Yavin Quanon: Additional Taris buildings, Unknown World crashed ship rhcreations: Yavin temple Riccardo Faidutti (SCIFI 3D): Additional Taris buildings Solarsystem Scope: Moon textures Dantooine, Unknown World and Ord Mandell, Yavin texture Tom Patterson: Yavin cloud texture Veronica Bush: Yavin bush model Yughues: Kashyyyk branch texture Unknown: Unknown World fern model THIS MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LUCASARTS OR BIOWARE. USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK. NEITHER THE AUTHOR OF THIS MOD NOR THE COMPANIES MENTIONED ABOVE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER WHEN USING THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Edited model - DarthParametric Re-texture of PFHB03, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024. The archive contains 5 textures of the head. 3 textures for underwear. 5 icons and 2 .txi. To Install 1. Download: HD PFHB03 2. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 3. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 4. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love.
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    Version 1.0


    A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC MODIFICATION High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes By Sithspecter Description: Through the course of Knights of the Old Republic, the Ebon Hawk become's the player's home. Complete with a workbench, engine room, crew quarters, and racy swoop bike, the Ebon Hawk doesn't lack much. Except for a view, that is. Looking out the cockpit windows is less than inspiring, given the blurry and inaccurate view presented. After tjsase released his High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes for TSL, I knew the first game needed the same treatment. This mod completely replaces the existing cockpit skybox with a newly modeled and textured skybox with HD textures. The skybox has been rendered to reasonably accurate perspective, and shows you a real, crisp view of the landing area. Use: Use of High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes is extremely easy: Put all the files in your Override folder and then play! That's it! The new models and textures will automatically appear when you load up your last save. If the Ebon Hawk is taking too long to load, see "Texture Quality" below. Installation: 1. Open the .zip file for the mod 2. Open the folder labeled override 3. Extract all the files to your KotOR override folder Incompatibility: This mod should be compatible with any mod. I do not know of any other mods that alter the Ebon Hawk skybox, so it should be fine with any combination of mods. Texture Quality: Due to the way the skybox is set up and the massive file sizes used in this mod, the Ebon Hawk will take about 5-10 seconds longer to load each time. There are four different size versions available on Nexus and Deadly Stream to suit different player needs. If the Ebon Hawk it taking too long to load, you can download smaller version to reduce load time somewhat: Extra Large: 2048 by 2048 textures, best quality, longest load time Large: 1536 by 1536 textures, great quality, long load time Medium: 1024 by 1024 textures, good quality, reduced load time Small: 512 by 512 textures, reduced quality, fastest load time Credit: Credit goes to tjsase for inspiration from your TSL High Quality Cockpit Skyboxes and for giving me permission to do this mod. Credit goes to Kexikus for the inspiration from your screenshots. They look fantastic so I modeled the screenshots for this mod after your High Definition Skyboxes mod. Permissions: Do not upload this mod or assets from this mod, modified or not, to other sites without my express permission. I have uploaded this mod to multiple sites and can provide support on those sites. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.1


    A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic Author: Darth Vhail Release Date: 05.11.2016 ->Description: This mod changes the appearance of the fourth caucasian male head to resemble Revan from the SWTOR game. There are two variations: one with scares, and one without. They both are complete with dark side transitions and portraits. ->Installation: Choose which skin variant you prefer, then copy the files from the corresponding folder to your KotOR override folder. To uninstall, simply delete the files. The are also two alternate portraits folders. ->Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version v0.1.4.0


    About Kotor Scripting Tool Kotor Scripting Tool is my attempt at a scripting interface for nwnnsscomp.exe. The tool has many useful features to try and make the scripting process a lot easier. Hope you all like Features include: Compile & Decompile Scripts Syntax highlighting AutoComplete Suggestions (Beta) Tabbed Text Editor Advanced Find & Replace Browsable nwscript function list Browsable nwscript constants list Future things I would like to include are full decompile capability, and Autocomplete for functions and constants. I am using Fred Tetra's version of nwnnsscomp.exe therefor it should be compatible with both kotor & tsl. Just a note I have only tried Kotor atm. If you have tsl installed it shoould work though. Installation Exe Installer If you download the installer just browse to your download folder and run the setup file. *Note* The installer will also associate .nss & .ncs files with Kotor Scripting Tool. Z-Zip Archive Download and extract the file below. Once extracted navigate to the directory and run Kotor Scripting Tool.exe BTW to uncompress the files you will need an application that can uncompress 7-Zip files. This program was compiled in C# with version 4.0 of the .NET Framework if you do not already have it downloaded you will need to download it [here]. Current Release [Manual Install] KotOR Scripting Tool v 0.4.0 7-Zip [Download Here] Older Releases [Manual Install] Kotor Scripting Tool v0.1.3.1 7-Zip [Download Here]
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    Version 1.0


    Bastila's Dark Bodysuit by Quanon & Revanator, TSLPatcher version by A Future Pilot Contact: Contact Revanator on DeadlyStream or email at ethan.wookie@gmail.com. About: This mod adds a special robe for Bastila to wear when you meet her on Lehon (the Unknown World). It's a black-and-gray variant of her standard attire. Its stats are of a slightly beefed Qel-Droma robes to give her some nice bonuses while remaining very balanced. She will be wearing it when you meet her on top of the temple, and when (if you go Dark Side) she rejoins your party. Quanon did the texture for it in the style of his K1 party member retextures. Highly recommended that you also install his Bastila Shan HQ retexture. Otherwise this will look a bit out of place. Installation: TSLPatcher Install: Run the executable file, select which of the three versions of the mod you would like, then navigate the patcher to your main game directory (the one with your executable file in it!) and hit install. You should be good to go! Manual Install: Copy all files in the main folder to your override. OPTIONAL: If you want this new design to replace her standard outfit, simply copy the files in "replace standard clothes" to your override. You needn't worry about any of the other files. OPTIONAL: If you want this item to be equippable throughout the game as well (but not replace her standard outfit) copy the files from "gain on Taris" AS WELL AS the ones from the main folder to your override. Uninstallation: Delete all files from your override. Compatibility: Should be compatible with every mod that does not edit Bastila's utcs. If you install the "replace standard clothes" option, it will override any other mods for Bastila's clothes. Credits: Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool BioWare for this fantastic game Quanon (again) for being super helpful and creating this beautiful texture jc2 for bug testing A Future Pilot for the TSLPatcher version DISCLAIMER: NEITHER QUANON NOR I TAKES ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR GAME OR COMPUTER FROM USE OF THIS MOD. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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    Version 1.1.2


    ======================================================== A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC I: MODIFICATION KOTOR Bug Fix Attempt 1.1.2. ======================================================== Author: danil-ch Contact: danil-ch can be reached via pm at deadlystream. Filename: K1_BugFixAtt_1.1.2.rar 1. Description: ---------- This mod is an attempt to fix some bugs and inconsistences in SWKotOR. *Global - Fixed: k_hcar_dialog.dlg - some DS lines were unavailable - Improved: k_hjuh_dialog.dlg - activated one line about idolizing Revan - Fixed: k_hjuh_dialog.dlg - a bug which prevents Xor from ever appearing *Tatooine - Fixed: Calo Nord’s soundset - Added: Activated Bastila's lines regarding her father's holocron *Leviathan: Interrogation - Fixed: Camera angles during Interrogation *Leviathan: Confrontation with Darth Malak - Fixed: Bastila no longer turn off her lightsaber after Revelation cutscene - Improved: Proper Bastila and Carth positioning after Revelation cutscene - Fixed: Malak's grunts sound added *Unknown World: Finale scene on the beach - Improved: Carth romance lines were only accessible if Juhani is recruited - Fixed: HK and T3 lines were unavailable - Improved: Some small tweaks to this scene * Star Forge: Confrontation with Bastila - Fixed: “Pause” animation (wrong participant) - Fixed: Wrong speaker for “You are wasting your time…” line - Tweaked: Camera angle for several lines were tweaked for consistency sake Recommended mods/additions: - Markus Ramikin’s Bastila Romance Scriptfix 1.0 http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/1086-bastila-romance-scriptfix/ - Salk's KotOR Dialogue Fixes 2.0 (Fixes various typos in the English version of the game) http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/362-kotor-dialogue-fixes/ - Kainzorus Prime's Korriban and Manaan Music Fixes (correct music now plays) http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/341-korribanmanaan-music-fix/ - Red Hessian's Desert Wraid and Shyrack Texture Fix (proper textures) http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/323-desert-wraid-shyrack-texture-fix/ - Kexikus' Manaan Quest Endings http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/557-proper-manaan-quest-endings/ - Kexikus' Fixed Shields (Shields now block the proper damage types) http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/548-energy-shield-damage-fix/ 2. Install: ---------- To install, extract the Main Patch folder to anywhere you like, as long as it is not the SWKotOR1 folder. Simply run “install.exe” from within the "Main Patch" folder. 3. Uninstall: ---------- To uninstall, remove the mod files from the Override folder and remove sta_m45ac.mod, tat_m18ac.mod from Modules folder. 4. Bugs: ---------- This has been tested several times to make sure nothing weird happens. If you find anything, let me know. 5. Permissions: ---------- You can freely distribute/include this mod, as long as you give credit. 6. Credits: ---------- Fred Tetra - For creating his awesome KOTOR Tool that makes us modders job a lot easier. THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.0


    A KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC MODIFICATION Crossguard Lightsabers By Sithspecter Description: You've probably seen The Force Awakens at this point, and Kylo Ren's unique lightsaber as well. The saber features crossguard blades that serve a defensive purpose as well as venting extra heat. Now, you can play through Knights of the Old Republic wielding crossguard lightsabers as your own! This mod adds crossguard lightsabers complete with animations, plus Kylo Ren's lightsaber, to Knights of the Old Republic. Each of the regular crossguard lightsabers is completely upgradeable. Kylo Ren's lightsaber is not upgradeable, but features animated blade textures to give it the unstable plasma look as seen the The Force Awakens. Use: Due to the unique way that Knights of the Old Republic handles lightsabers, to make the lightsabers upgradeable, this mod adds an emitter item which can be bonded with any of the default lightsaber color crystals in the game. Once you have an emitter and a lightsaber color crystal, talk to T3 who can bond them together to give you the new crystal bonded to the emitter. Simply install the new bonded crystal in a single-bladed regular lightsaber, and you now have a Crossguard Lightsaber! The bonded crystals can also be used in double-bladed or short lightsabers, however, they will still be the default double-bladed and short bladed lightsabers. If you want to remove a crystal from an emitter, talk to T3 once more and he will separate the two item. You can get crossguard lightsabers in the following locations: Dantooine: Blue crossguard lightsaber on Nemo's body Kashyyyk: Jolee now comes equipped with a violet crossguard lightsaber Korriban: Sith lightsaber located in Naga Sadow's tomb has been changed to Kylo Ren's lightsaber, emitter in Marka Ragnos's tomb Tatooine: Emitter in Kraayt Dragon cave Unknown World: Emitter on The One's body Yavin Station: Suvam Tam will sell you 2 emitters (1 in each of his 2nd and 3rd inventory iterations, available after Leviathan) Cheats: g_i_crossguard - Emitter which can be bonded with any color crystal in the default game g_w_lghtsbr09 - Blue crossguard lightsaber (upgradeable) g_w_lghtsbr10 - Red crossguard lightsaber (upgradeable) g_w_lghtsbr11 - Green crossguard lightsaber (upgradeable) g_w_lghtsbr12 - Yellow crossguard lightsaber (upgradeable) g_w_lghtsbr13 - Violet crossguard lightsaber (upgradeable) g1_w_lghtsbr03 - Heart of the Guardian crossguard lightsaber (upgradeable) g1_w_lghtsbr04 - Mantle of the Force crossguard lightsaber (upgradeable) g_w_kylosaber - Kylo Ren's lightsaber Installation: 1. Copy all the files in the Override folder of this .zip into your Knights of the Old Republic Override Folder 2. Profit INCOMPATIBILITY: DUE TO THE UNIQUE WAY THAT THIS MOD IS SET UP, IT IS LIKELY INCOMPATIBLE WITH MODS THAT HAVE A UPCRYSTALS.2DA OR MODIFY UPCRYSTALS.2DA. THIS MEANS THAT MOST LIGHTSABER MODS WILL BE INCOMPATIBLE. IF YOU USE THIS MOD AND OTHER LIGHTSABER MODS AND HAVE PROBLEMS, UNINSTALL BOTH MODS AND REINSTALL THIS MOD. Bugs: Due to limitations with current KotOR modding tools, there are a few very minor issues with this mod. The largest issue is that when you enter any module, the crossguard lightsabers will be extended and will not retract after any period of time. If you hit the "flourish" key or unequip and re-equip the crossguard lightsabers, the saber will retract normally until you enter another module. I cannot fix this bug, it is caused by incomplete code in the tools that we have and I do not have the expertise to edit the tool. Credit: Thanks to Fair Strides for helping me troubleshoot the animation issues I was having, essentially writing all the required scripts for me, and for letting me make this mod in spite of my policy of only working on Sleheyron. Credit goes to Kexikus for the inspiration from your screenshots. They look fantastic so I modeled the screenshots for this mod after your High Definition Skyboxes mod. Credit goes to Kainzorus Prime for the Prequel Robe Replacement mod seen in the screenshots. You can download it here: http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/412-kotor-prequel-robe-replacement/ Permissions: Do not upload this mod or assets from this mod, modified or not, to other sites without my express permission. I have uploaded this mod to multiple sites and can provide support on those sites. Legal: THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.0.0


    ************************ Knights of the Old Republic ************************ TITLE: Effixian's K1 Adult Mission Vao Player Character AUTHOR: Effix CONTACT: PM me on the forums or find me on Steam ************* INSTALLATION ************* Run the file "TSLPatcher - Install K1 Mission PC.exe". ************ DESCRIPTION ************ This mod adds a playable character that's based on Mission, but as an adult. This is a KotOR version of my similar K2 mod. ***** BUGS ***** None known. ************* UNINSTALLING ************* 1. Remove the following files from your Override folder: P_MissionPCBA01.tga P_MissionPCBAD01.tga P_MissionPCBB01.tga PFHMissionPC.mdl PFHMissionPC.mdx PFHMissionPC.tga PFHMissionPCd.tga PFHMissionPCd1.tga PFHMissionPCd2.tga PFHMissionPCd3.tga PO_pmissionPC.tga PO_pmissionPCd.tga PO_pmissionPCd1.tga PO_pmissionPCd2.tga PO_pmissionPCd3.tga 2. If you have never installed any mod with the TSL Patcher then you can remove appearance.2da, heads.2da and portraits.2da from the Override folder. Otherwise: If you haven't installed any head mods after this mod you can get the following files from the mod's backup folder and put them back in your Override folder: appearance.2da heads.2da portraits.2da Doing this when you did add another head mod would result in the later head(s) no longer being available in the game, yet the associated files (listed at step 1, in case you skipped that step.) would still be in the Override folder. ******************* DISTRIBUTION NOTES ******************* You may NOT: Use the material from this mod in your own mod without giving me credit, implying it was your creation. You might: Use the material from this mod in your own mods if you simply ask me. ******** Thanks to ******** - Stoffe and Fred Tetra for the needed tools and tutorials ------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE, OBSIDIAN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
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    Version 1.2


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 Read-Me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NAME: KotOR 1 Restoration 1.2 TYPE: Restoration VERSION: 1.2 SIZE - Unzipped: 145 Megabytes, Zipped: 47.2 Megabytes DATE RELEASED: May 31, 2016 KOTOR 1 RESTORATION FORUMS: http://deadlystream.com/forum/forum/31-kotor1-restoration-k1r/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » DESCRIPTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WARNING: IN ALMOST ALL CASES, IT IS RECOMMENDED TO INSTALL THE K1R RESTORATION BEFORE ANY OTHER MODS!!! THE ONLY EXCEPTION SO FAR IS KAINZORUS PRIME'S NPC OVERHAUL... The KotOR 1 Restoration Mod is an attempt to restore almost all the content that was cut from the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by BioWare Corp. Of course, these restorations will be within reason and things that were cut because they did not fit with the plot, and cannot be made to fit with the plot, will most definitley NOT be restored. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » INTEGRATED MODS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » RESTORED CONTENT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » BUG FIXES/CHANGE LOG FOR 1.2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ »» Original game: »» K1R Bugs: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » BUG FIXES/CHANGE LOG FOR 1.1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There weren't too many bugs in KotOR 1, thus there is such a short list. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » INSTALLATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An installation which involves the TSL Patcher has been made ready for your use and is the simplest and easiest way to carry out installation. Alternatively, a secondary installer has been made for convenience. It will not patch the files like the TSL Patcher will, but it should be less of a headache for most users. HOWEVER, IT WILL NEED TO BE INSTALLED BEFORE ANY OTHER MODS!!! Note: The K1R team is not responsible for any incompatibility issues that may arise from the use of this mod in conjunction with other mods. Also, in order to provide the best feedback for us we recommend that you play K1R with NO other mods installed. Note 2: If using the TSL Patcher AND your game is in English, before installing, copy the dialog.tlk file bundled with this package into the KotOR directory. This will give you the grammar and typo fixes to the vanilla text. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ »»»» TSL PATCHER INSTALLATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Double click K1R_1.2_Installer.exe found in the main directory of the unpacked folder. 2) Click the button labeled Install Mod. 3) Click yes to the box that'll pop up... if you wish to proceed with installation. 4) Watch as all the little file names and progress reports scroll by and wait until the installer is complete. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » BUG REPORTING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are 2 ways to report bugs: 1: Post your issues in the Bug Reporting Thread. 2: PM your issues to Fair Strides at Deadlystream. TO REPORT THROUGH PM 1) Go to DeadlyStream (http://deadlystream.com/) and search for the user Fair Strides ( http://deadlystream.com/forum/user/9107-fair-strides/ ) 2) Send a private message with as much detail as possible of what is occurring in your game. He will likely report back to you within a week. TO REPORT THROUGH THE BUG THREAD: 1) Go to the Bug Thread ( http://deadlystream.com/forum/topic/4457-k1r-12-impressions-and-bug-reports-read-me-first/ ) 2) Reply quoting and answering all of the questions as they apply to your issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » VOICE ACTOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pazaak Tournament Mandalorians...Zhaboka Filters for Zaerdra's lines......Zhaboka Filters for sea floor lines......Zhaboka Thanks Zhaboka. You really brought life to the characters, and those parts would be pretty lame without you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » CONTRIBUTORS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A BIG thanks to all of you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » TEAM MEMBERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - ZM90, Team Leader - Mandalore, Team Member - Jatku, Team Member - Fallen Guardian, Team Member - LDR, Team Member - Fair Strides, Team Member and main producer of the 1.1 update (and 1.2 update) - Malkior, Beta Tester - LiliArch, Beta Tester (though, putting them on a test is more like setting off a permacrete detonator in an apartment... ) - GrandmasterArcturus, 1.2 Beta-tester and LPer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » SPECIAL THANKS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To the tool creators of the community ~ Kotor Tool.....................A VERY special thanks to Fred Tetra ~ K-GFF GFF Editor/DLGEditor.....tk102 ~ Lipsynch Editor................JDNoa ~ DeNCS Script Decompiler........JDNoa ~ AniCAM.........................JDNoa ~ ERF Editor/TSLPatcher..........stoffe (and later Fair Strides) And a shoutout for SithRevan (RIP) for beginning the restoration crusade for KotOR 1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » REDISTRIBUTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The K1R 1.2 OFFICIAL may NOT be redistributed in any way without the explicit permission of the K1R team and the proper credit given. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ » LEGAL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE CORP/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT OR LUCASARTS OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE AFOREMENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE AFOREMENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHORS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE.
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    Version 1.2


    Author : RedHawke 07/16/06 V1.2 (Original Release: 10/06/04) Update : 02/25/2020 V1.2i ============================================================================ Version History ------------------------------------------------- 1.0 original Release 1.1 Fixed Locked Door Issue [Crosses Fingers] (Thanks to T7nowhere) 1.2 Enabled Transit Function (Thanks to Kaspian) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This mod adds a new planet to travel to in KOTOR, ORD Mandell, though the planet is small (5 Areas), it has, what I hope is, a lot to offer. (Includes two new quests for KOTOR) I hope you all enjoy the New Planet! NEW INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (updated) Run Tslpatcher, if you want to install High Stakes Warren Pazaak, copy and paste files from that folder. ------------------------------------ Incompatibilities: k_pebn_galaxy.ncs k_sup_gohawk.ncs k_sup_guiopen.ncs global.jrl (after running tslpatcher, may require jrl merging with jrl merger tool or manually with kgff editor to make things compatible) Installation Instructions: ----------------------------- Please put all the files in the 'For Modules' folder in your KotOR Modules folder, and place the 'For Override' folders contents in your KotOR Override folder... that's it. The 'Source Scripts Go Nowhere' folder doesn't do anything and you can IGNORE IT, is packaged with the mod to help fellow modders out. The 'High Stakes Warren' folder contains a script that if placed into your KotOR Override folder it will allow Warren the Quarren to be able to take up to 100,000 Credit Wagers in Pazaak. You will have to reinstall this mod if you later wish to install my Recruit RedHawke mod, or my Weebul & Utiinii's Shop and accidently overwrite the global.jrl file from those mods you will need to restore this file from this mod as the one with this mod is the most recent and compatable with all my previous mods. This mod should be compatable with just about everyone elses mods as well that doesn't use a global.jrl. Uninstallation Instructions: ----------------------------- Simply remove these files from your KotOR Override and Modules folder. This Mod Does: ----------------------------- This mod adds a new visitable planet to KOTOR, ORD Mandell, a republic resupply colony. It has a landing area, and apartment block, an outside area, some Storage caverns, and a suprise area, search the caverns for it. ORD Mandell has two merchants available, Sval Raan an Aratech Merchant and representative, he has the usual fare, Medical, Repair, sundries, nothing really extravagent. The second merchant is Baracus the bartender in the Cantina, because of the Juhani Side-Quest Bug not letting you get the Mika Dorin premium merchant offer, Baracus sells the Mika Dorin stuff as well, so now you can let Juhani slice up her tormentor, and still be able to buy good stuff. There are two quests available on ORD Mandell, one is from Warren the Quarren, he is a Pazaak player in trouble, and the other is from the Republic Base commander Major Brell Stygian, talk to them and see, feel free to explore first if you want. Warning: Recommended Character level for planet is 14+, You will be in for some potentially tough, but really good fights. You have been warned! ;^) New Armor: (By Achilles) ------------------------------------------------ *Republic Battle Armor* By Achilles (Used And Included With His Permission) Feats Required: Armor Proficiency - Heavy Defense Bonus: 10 Max Dexterity Bonus: +1 Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Cold Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Fire Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Sonic Special:Upgradeable, ArmorThe Republic has prospered militarily by keeping its troops well supplied with high quality heavy armor, ensuring they are always prepared for the most demanding battle conditions. This armor has been modified by me some, to make the files compatable with my other mods, and reduce the texture size a bit. You get the Armor as a major-part of the quest reward from Major Stygian. Acknowledgements: ------------------------------------------------ A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool. And A Big...Big Thanks to DooM_DealeR, for for creating an awesome new area tutorial! And Another Big...Big Thanks to Darth333 and TK102 for their previous scripting help, without which this mod would have not been possible! And Thanks to Cchargin for the cool Kotor Mod Manager, KMM Program! And lastly, a Big... Big thanks to Achilles who made the Republic Armor and it's texture that makes the two Republic Twilek Officers in this mod look so cool, and more match the common soldiers! Also a very appreciative nod to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this. Other Possible Bugs And Module Notes ------------------------------------------------- There is no planet text on the galaxy map for the planet, this would require editing the dialogue.tlk file and if I included one not only would the download size go up by 1.8 megs or so but it would mess with the non-english versions of the game. You can use TK102's KOTORTlk program to edit your own dialogu.tlk if you want to, the planets name ORD Mandell goes into entry #42505, and the planets description should go into entry #42511, too big to give here. Anyway I wouldn't suggest it, I left it alone and without text myself. :^) And I have no idea if the planet will become unavailable like the others do when you crash on the unknown world, I hope it does, but I have no idea if it really will, either way I would suggest once going to the unknown world, if the planet is still available, to avoid going to it, as I don't know what the effects on your savegame would be. If the planet is still available when you leave the unknown world, and you go to it, instead of the Star Forge like you are supposed to... you could mess up your save game so you do this at your own risk!!! And lastly, Enjoy!
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    Version 2.2


    This adds three Jedi Robes into both games, Anakin's, Obi-Wan's, and Mace Windu's robes. Original credit goes to Kainzorus Prime and Deadman for the original skins and HapSlash for the original Jedi Academy model. The reason for the 2.1 instead of 3.0 is because I am not finished with my current expansion to this robe mod. How to Obtain: Type in the cheat code "giveitem_sl_anakin" for Anakin's, "giveitem_sl_windu" for Mace's, and "giveitem_sl_kenobi' for Obi-Wan's. Or you could use the save game editor. If you want these in game, in K1, the times are in the Aratech store on Dantooine right after you get off the Hawk for the first time. The robes in TSL are with Darrala. I have added compatibility with Deadman's robe mod, you can safely replace this and still get his and mine together. However, if you don't use his robe mod, then I have included as default a file that can go in the override should you not want to download Deadman's mod to use with mine. Installation: Drop K1 folder to Override in Kotor directory, and TSL into Kotor II directory. Bugs: None known, if any pop up, PM me.
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    Version 1.5


    Summary This mod replaces the lightsaber blade textures. I've made new textures using Saber, a plug-in for After Effects made by visual effect artists who work on the actual films, which they released for free on VideoCopilot.net. The new textures are of higher quality (1024x1024 vs the original 128x128) and should be more accurate to the movie look, given that they were generated with a tool made by movie people. I've adjusted some of the blade colors; I mainly used math to choose them, placing them at even distributions along the color spectrum, and sticking with the plug-in's default setting for blue. In more practical terms, this means yellow is a bit yellower, while green and violet are closer to the blue end. Blue itself is much brighter than the original. Orange and cyan are no longer reused copies of the Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force colors from K1. They both look more like standard lightsaber blades. Orange's blade color falls exactly between red and yellow - you know, actually orange. Cyan and viridian are evenly placed between blue and green. Silver uses the same color settings as blue, but at 33% saturation. I've added an alternate optional texture to have the viridian blade more closely resemble the original, if you would prefer. Video Preview Installation Extract files from the downloaded archive. Copy the files from Override to your own Override folder (if you don't have one, make one). Optionally, copy whatever files you want to use from the Alternate Textures folder to your Override folder, replacing the previously-installed files. If you use the Ultimate Saber Mod, copy the files from the USM New Colors folder to your Override folder. This gives all colors added in USM the same upgrade for visual consistency. Uninstallation Remove the installed files. Compatibility This mod should be compatible with any mods that add or alter lightsaber hilts, assuming the use the orginal game textures for the blades. This mod is not compatible with other mods that alter the lightsaber blade textures, including my own past mods. Credits KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra Saber – Andrew Kramer & VideoCopilot.net tga2tpc – ndix UR Permissions I hereby grant nobody except myself permission to upload some or all of this mod anywhere for any reason. For any reason. If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please contact me for permission. Disclaimers IT'S SO DENSE, EVERY SINGLE IMAGE HAS SO MANY THINGS GOING ON... Donations If you enjoy my mods and would like to show your support in a monetary manner, you may do so via PayPal with this donation link. For various legal and ethical reasons, this is entirely optional and is not a requirement to downloading or using any of my mods. I also do not create specific mods for hire. I make mods as a hobby and will most likely do so regardless of any donations or lack thereof, but modding does take up a lot of my time and every bit helps.
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    Version 2.3


    Summary Almost everybody on Korriban wears the standard bland Sith officer uniform. This mod alters the look of almost everybody on the planet so they're dressed more appropriately. Czerka workers wear Czerka uniforms, Sith troopers wear Sith armor, Dark Jedi wear Dark Jedi robes. While I was going through all the files I noticed some other oddities and corrected them – things like missing items or misplaced files. See the change log for a full list of changes. Installation Note: It is recommended that you uninstall any previous versions of this mod before installing a new version. Extract files from the downloaded archive. Run Korriban_Back_in_Black_K1.exe. Select which version to install. If you have the KOTOR Community Patch installed, choose the KOTOR Community Patch-Compatible Installation option. Otherwise, choose the Basic Installation option. Click "Install Mod" and select your game directory (default name SWKOTOR). There are additional options for Uthar, Yuthura, and Tariga that you may install after the rest of the mod is installed. Uninstallation Remove the installed files or replace from backups if necessary. Compatibility This mod may be compatible with but will overwrite other mods that alter the appearance or equipment of characters on Korriban. It's safest not to use it with any other mod that alters the same characters. Some of the changes will take effect immediately, but for best results you should install this mod before visiting Korriban for the first time in your game. Credits KOTOR Tool – Fred Tetra TSLPatcher – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides DeNCS – JdNoa & Dashus ERFEdit – stoffe, with updates by Fair Strides K-GFF – tk102 NWNSSCOMP – Torlack, stoffe, & tk102 Permissions I hereby grant nobody except myself permission to upload some or all of this mod anywhere for any reason. For any reason. If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please contact me for permission. Disclaimers OBSIDIAN IS THE NEW BLACK. DON'T WEAR BIOWARE AFTER LABOR DAY. Donations If you enjoy my mods and would like to show your support in a monetary manner, you may do so via PayPal with this donation link. For various legal and ethical reasons, this is entirely optional and is not a requirement to downloading or using any of my mods. I also do not create specific mods for hire. I make mods as a hobby and will most likely do so regardless of any donations or lack thereof, but modding does take up a lot of my time and every bit helps.
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    Version 1.1


    This mod alters the (frankly terrible) holograms used in the cutscenes prior to boarding the Star Forge at the end of KOTOR to bring them more in to line with the style seen in the movies and TSL. For some unknown reason, Bioware decided to go with a weird texture-based approach that simultaneously looks both horrible and nothing like how Star Wars holograms are typically depicted. Before: After: Changes: Admiral Dodonna hologram model completely replaced with a new one based on her regular appearance. No longer has incorrect mirrored torso UVs. Dodonna model split into sub-meshes for optimal hierarchical occlusion. Vandar model given some mesh tweaks to remove some intersection issues. Models now use mesh-based transparency rather than additive texture blending. Custom keyframes added to animations to facilitate mesh-based alpha approach and added meshes. New animated textures for Vandar and Dodonna created based on their regular appearance textures. Minor alteration to one shot during the DS cutscene to prevent Dodonna leaping out of frame while Vandar is speaking. Known Issues: Because meshes do not self-occlude, there are some artefacts during certain shots. For example, seeing the neck through the chin. Acknowledgements: Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit Thanks to @ndix UR for MDLops
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    Version 1.0.0


    Instruction: Move all the files from the archive to the override folder. Description: This modification adds the Freyyr sword to the game. It did not seem strange to you, why the owner of this sword walks without it, and the sword itself travels around the galaxy and you can find it in the nearest trash can? This mod solves this problem. I borrowed the original sword from TSL, slightly lower its parameters. Now this formidable weapon can be acquired in the only way - to kill its master. This sword is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Just defeating Freyyr in the Dark Lands on Kashyyyk will be difficult, and even harder to kill him, but the victory is worth it, isn't it? The characteristics of the sword are given in the screenshots. The price of a sword, if you decide to sell, is 2000 credits. The sword can not be improved, because it is clear that such a power is already higher above just a scam. I corrected the moment. when Freyyr comes to the hall of Chuundar with some other sword, but not with his own. In the original, he has a standard Wookiee sword, which he replaced with a less powerful one. Now in all scenes, Freyyr will have his sword. Another part of the mod carries the changes to the original Wookiee sword, which is owned by many Wookiee, including Chuundar, from which we can get a renewed sword. In the original, we can only get it in the basket at Chosen Rakata, which at the end of the game and from such an acquisition does not get better, because it is almost the end of the game, now the sword will become much closer. Now the sword can be improved in the workshop! The sword has a medium strength, not quite a scam. In addition, as you understand, this sword is owned by other Wookiee, and this means that it will be much more difficult to resist in close combat, if you wake up their opponents, of course! Now the sword will cost not 20 credits, but 1000 monetary units. Only followers of the bright side can get it by killing the leader and ending the tyranny on Kashyyyk. I also added 1000 credits to the Wookiee’s inventory. What a leader. who sold his people to the invaders in slavery goes without money? That's right - a complete fool, our leader will be smarter. Credits: Do not use this modification in any form without my permission.
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    Version 1.1


    Security spikes are disposable items that give the player a temporary boost to their Security skill when activated, helping them pick more difficult locks. At least, that's how it's supposed to be. That's how they work on the Xbox version, and in KOTOR 2, but security spikes don't actually do anything at all on the PC version of KOTOR 1. The cause seems to be some sort of bug in the GUI that prevents security spikes from ever appearing in their intended slot. So when interacting with a door, there isn't an option to scroll from the Security skill to security spikes, as there is in KOTOR 2. The GUI was changed for the port from Xbox to PC, and security spikes probably got left out due to oversight. I couldn't find any way to resolve the issue, though, so I came up with two alternative options. Option A Option A replicates the security spikes' intended function as best as I could manage. They’ve been given an activate item property and appear in the non-medical item slot (along with stimulants and shields). When a character activates a security spike, they receive a temporary boost to their Security skill and proceed to unlock the nearest door or container. Apart from the boost, the skill check for the lock is the same as usual: 1d20 + Security vs. the lock’s DC. Security spikes are single-use and discarded whether the character succeeds in picking the lock or not; however, they are not used up if the attempt was impossible – if there wasn’t anything in range or the lock required a special keycard, for example. Regular security tunnelers grant a +5 bonus and security spike tunnelers grant a +10 bonus. Option B Option B removes security spikes from the game, replacing them with credits. The value is equivalent to the most you could get from selling the original security spike items to a merchant. Mission’s ability to create security spikes on the Ebon Hawk is removed.
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    Version 1.0.0


    [K1] Default Lightsaber Replacement 1.2 Introduction This mod replaces the default lightsaber hilt in the game. Installation Drop the contents of this archive into your override folder. Uninstallation Take them out again. Known bugs None. Compatibility This mod will, if installed, overwrite any other mod which replaces the default single lightsaber hilts. Contact me In case of bugs, queries, feedback, or comments, I can be contacted at www.deadlystream.com. Disclaimer LucasArts and Bioware. own all the copyrights etc. It all belongs to them. Permissions This mod, or any derivate or part thereof, may not be uploaded to any website, ftp, server, or as part of a torrent, except with the expressed permission of the author. Thanks Particular thanks to everyone who provided feedback and comments on this model during construction, and who helped out with getting the mod to this stage, most particularly Fair Strides and VarsityPuppet.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Description This mod aims to completely change Juhani's appearance and to bring it close to artist Corbin Hunter's redesign of the character. As a result, her head has been significantly reshaped and slightly retextured. An all-new body model was created and hand-painted from scratch. A new custom lightsaber has been created as well. As several aspects of Juhani have been changed, this mod has been divided into four editions to accomodate the final user's preferences: 1. An All-in-one edition which includes all the changes to bring her close to Corbin Hunter's vision of the character. 2. A head-only edition, which only includes Juhani's revamped head. 3. A body and lightsaber edition, which includes her new body model and lightsaber. 4. Finally, a head and lightsaber edition, which includes her new head model and lightsaber. Please refer to the included images in the 'Editions reference pictures' folder included in the archive to help you determine your preferred edition. Installation 1. Extract the archive's content somewhere on your computer. 2. Double-click the "Juhani Appearance Overhaul.exe" file. 3. Choose an edition to install. Refer to the images included in the 'Editions reference pictures' folder to determine which one you prefer. 4. Click on the "Install Now" button once you're ready. The installer will try to locate your game installation directory. If it can't find it on its own, direct the installer to the correct location. 5. The installer will proceed to install the mod's files into your Override folder. Once it's finished, you may exit the installer and launch the game. IMPORTANT If you choose an edition that includes Juhani's new body model and lightsaber: Juhani will have her new items only if you are using a save that is prior to the moment she joins your party right before leaving Daantoine. If you are past that point in your playthrough, she won't have her new items. You can get them using KSE or via entering the following commands in the in-game console: ⦁ giveitem j_juhsaber01 ⦁ giveitem j­­­_juhbody01 CREDITS Original design by Corbin Hunter: Artstation link This mod uses JC’s TSL Supermodel port in order to animate the skirt. SPECIAL THANKS to Artist Corbin Hunter for granting me permission to use this concept art @DarthParametric for his help and advice throughout the development process @bead-v for the incredible tools MDLEdit and KoTORMax
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    Version 1.0.0


    A few character adjustments to better fit the classes and default skillset/gear they have. Carth: dual-wielding ranged soldier - Removed: Power Attack - Added: Rapid Shot - Removed: Specialization: Blaster Pistol To ensure he only has 1 lvl 4 feat in Improved Two-Weapon Fighting - Removed: 1 point in Repair -> 0 Repair - Added: 2 points in Demolition -> 2 Demolition A soldier with 1 point each in cross-class skills is just weird The point in Security makes sense to some degree, as he's the commanding officer on the Endar Spire Mission: ranged/melee scoundrel hybrid As every other companion has pretty clear-cut use-cases Mission will therefore become a true hybrid to spice things up, but even then playing a backstabbing scoundrel is way too awkward in Kotor - Removed: 2 INT points -> 12 INT - Removed: 2 DEX points -> 14 DEX - Added: 4 STR -> 14 STR - Added 1 WIS -> 12 WIS Mission is a smart girl Being a rogue and having Scoundrel's Luck + Sneak Attack has to be offset by not adjusting HP and CON Zaalbar: face-tank melee - Removed: Improved Power Attack, as scouts don't get a feat at lvl 4 Bastilla: Jedi Sentinel - Removed: Proficiency: Blaster Pistol It always struck me as odd that Kotor Jedis have blaster training - Removed: 2 DEX -> 16 DEX - Added: 2 STR -> 14 STR - Removed: 3 CHA -> 12 CHA - Added: 2 CON -> 14 CON As a force/melee hybrid she should actually have the stats for it Jolee: Jedi Consular - Removed: Proficiency: Blaster Pistol - Removed: 2 DEX -> 14 DEX - Removed: 1 WIS -> 14 WIS - Removed: 1 CHA -> 14 CHA Too many overall points by default, and as a consular his focus should be the force Juhani: Jedi Guardian - Removed: Proficiency: Blaster Pistol - Added: Flurry More choices for melee - Removed: 2 WIS -> 10 WIS - Removed: 1 CHA -> 12 CHA - Removed: 2 INT -> 12 INT - Added: 3 STR -> 16 STR A melee build with force on the side Canderous: yet another ranged soldier - Removed: Power Attack - Removed: 2 WIS -> 12 - Removed: 1 STR -> 14 STR - Addded: 3 DEX -> 15 DEX HK-47: ranged meatbag assassin - Added: Rapid Shot He was 1 feat short for being a lvl 6 combat droid - Removed: 4 STR -> 12 STR - Added: 2 DEX -> 16 DEX - Added: 2 CON -> 12 CON Compatibility: - As far as I understand it tweaking character stats without touching anything else should be pretty compatible with everything - I reckon it should work just fine with K1R, but as I did a test playthrough with the community patch instead of K1R I flagged it as no just to be safe
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    Version 1.0.0


    Name: [K1] Yavin IV Planet Mod Author: MotOR Squad + Master Zionosis Translator: ĐeceptiKain TSLPatcher: EGJason Date: 05/03/08 E-Mail: masterzionosis@hotmail.co.uk Contents: 1 Description 2 Installation 3 Uninstallation 4 Future Releases 5 Bugs 6 Adknowledgements 7 Permissions 8 Website 9 Spoilers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Description --------------- This mod will add an entire new planet to KotOR I, Yavin IV. They're are 10 new modules in total and a great new storyline. 2 Installation ----------------- Simply run the new installer. If you also want the MotOR Yavin launcher copy the Launcher folder to your KotOR directory. 3 Uninstallation ----------------- Just remove all these files from the relevent folders in your K1 directory. 4 Future Releases -------------------- -Voice Overs for non alien species Of course if there is any bugs or errors these will be assessed as well. 5 Bugs ------ None that i know of, if you find any PM me at Holowan Labs please. There is, however, the issues that crop up with other mods installed, most notably with Brotherhood Of Shadow. This patcher version may correct some issues with that, but probably not all. I reccomend that you install Yavin IV first, then Brotherhood Of Shadow. 6 Adknowledgements ------------------ A massive thanks to the original creators of the Yavin mod (MotOR) and allowing me to translate the mod. A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool. Also thank you ĐeceptiKain for your excellent work on the translations, without you this wouldn't have happened. And a very appreciative thanks to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this. And another thank you to EGJason who got the mod to TSLPatcher state. 7 Permissions ------------------- This mod may only be used/modified with my consent. 8 Website ------------------- Visit my website to see what other mods I have created and what I will be doing in the future. http://masterzionosiskotorsite.com 9 Spoilers ------------------- There are quite a few puzzles, riddles and secrets in the mod, many that made me even think that the mod was 'broken', well I have play tested the entire mod and after going through the messy process of decompiling certain scripts I found out that the mod does work properly. To complete certain things you will have to concentrate considerably on what you have recently done or aquired. If you do get completely stuck consult this table below -The door that does not open in Exar Kun's Tomb in the Chamber Of Spirits is actually a mirage, you can walk through it after you have aquired the crystal of darkness. -The most tricky part of the mod is the door puzzle, it is completeable but quite tricky to get your head round, it took me about 30 mins to figure it out, so if you figure it out straight away then maybe I'm just stupid. But here is the combination if you get stuck: Open door 5, then open door 3, kill the spirits, then go back and open door 4, then door 1 will be open. These are the only tricky parts I can remember, if you find any more don't hesitate to ask in the project thread at Lucasforums.
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    Version 1.1


    This mod replaces the model used for the Rakatan hologram to bring it more in-line with the style seen in the movies and TSL. It also now has lipsync, unlike the original model. Additionally, the placeable Rakatan holo statue has been changed, swapping the original 2D billboard for a 3D model, and again bringing the appearance in-line with other holograms. As of v1.1, the hologram in the Elder's compound has now been moved above the computer to an added hologram projector rather than standing in the hallway, and the static camera reoriented to suit. Pre-emptively compatible with changes to this module coming in v1.8 of the K1 Community Patch. To install, run TSLPatcher.exe. You can safely install if you already have v1.0 without removing any files. You will, however, need a save before entering the Elder's compound for the first time in order to see the changes take effect. Known Issues: During testing a crash was discovered during the Kashyyyk Star Map sequence. I believe this has been completely resolved, but if you encounter any such issues then you may need to add the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" line under [Graphics Options] in swkotor.ini The original holo statue uses a billboard VFX which always faces the camera. As such, the directional facing of the placeable is irrelevant. The switch to a 3D model results in a static facing, I set this to match the facing of the placeables used in the South Beach Elder's compound, but if this placeable is used elsewhere it may end up facing the wrong direction. If anyone spots such a case, let me know in the comments. Acknowledgements: Thanks to @bead-v for KOTORMax and MDLEdit, and for figuring out the skin vs trimesh hierarchy alpha crash issue Thanks to @JCarter426 and @jc2 for undertaking some testing to confirm the crash issue