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    Yes, that's the case. It's on my bug list for the Community Patch, although it's been sitting there for a while. There's a similar issue with the dark side ending with only certain party members being lootable. We might've fixed that one already, I forget.
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    Idk about you guys, but I always loved Carth's look in the Old Republic comics, always thought the long coat he wore looked awesome: Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone has looked into trying to make this outfit, or atleast something simmilar for KOTOR and if not, is it possible?
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    Master Dorak on Dantooine says there are Academy Archives restricted to Padawan's would be neat if there was a mod that allowed you to sneak into this forbidden zone.
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    Looks amazing! I am pretty new with mods, so I apologize for asking what might be a dumb question: is this beta version something that I could try installing for my next KOTOR playthrough?
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    I have no complaints about this. I just noticed it. I made a preliminary sketch.
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    I was actually making a mod which does just that, all I need to do to finish it is to make the TSLPatcher and it'd be ready to go. EDIT: And it's uploaded- https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1376-light-side-ending-masters/
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    That's on the agenda for HQ skyboxes V2.
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    Someone should mount a rescue attempt.
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    I gave it to Quanon to texture. Then he was eaten by a space slug. The end.
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    I'm really liking this overcoat. It gives off a real "Rick Deckard from Blade Runner" vibe to it.
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    More so than simply extending it, you'd have to add additional sub-division in order for it to deform smoothly, and adjust (if not entirely remap) the UVs to deal with the stretching. Then there's the collar that would need to be added from scratch most likely. You'd essentially be making a whole new mesh. Edit: Something like this? It utilises the hybrid scoundrel/scout like JCarter suggested, but required extensive reworking of the jacket as I alluded to.
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    Hey there. Just found out tonight that a friend of 25 years has passed away. If you wouldn't mind, please hold off on any messages to me for the next couple of days. I'd appreciate it.