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    That's an interesting trick, the ability to change from a 6'6" guy to a 4' midget. Truly a master of disguise. So what's the problem then? If you are using the Calo model already, you should just be able to script it to play ANIMATION_FIREFORGET_USE_COMPUTER the same as the vanilla scene does.
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    Version 1.0


    This mod adjusts the wearable Mandalorian armor items to make their appearances consistent with that of other Mandalorians in the game and to fix various other oddities associated with them. The main part of the mod concerns the Class 9 Mandalorian armors (Mandalorian Battle Armor, Mandalorian Heavy Armor, and Mandalorian Assault Armor). These items will now follow the usual blue/red/gold ranking system. There are two options for this: With Option A, the armors use the Class 9 model. Mandalorian Heavy Armor and Mandalorian Assault Armor are given new textures, recolored red and gold variants of the Mandalorian Battle Armor. With Option B, the armors act as disguise items, giving the wearer one of the NPC Mandalorian appearances. Both options also include the following: Class 9 Mandalorian armors have new icons to match their appearance with each option Class 8 Mandalorian Armor has a new icon with the correct appearance (previously it looked purple) The Mandalorian helmet plot items have new icons to match their appearances (previously they were both blue, even though neither was dropped by a blue Mandalorian) The Mandalorian Commander on Kashyyyk drops Mandalorian Heavy Armor to match his red appearance (also, I believe this item couldn’t be found anywhere in the game before) Finally, there is a third Extra Textures option with texture overrides for the NPC Mandalorians (and disguise appearances). They tone down the shaders a bit, matching what I did with my Shader Fixes for K2. They can be installed alongside Option A or B.
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    GMax/Max typically, yes. I'm not sure if Blender can handle animations yet. Depending on your preference, you might be able to get away with doing it just via editing ASCII models in a text editor. However, if you are talking about Canderous that introduces a wrinkle, because he is a large body size, which means animation scaling is required. So what you'll actually want to do is create a new intermediary supermodel with just the animation you want. Then you'd point the P_CandBB model to that as its supermodel instead of S_Female02. Your intermediary supermodel would, in turn, point to S_Female02 as its supermodel.
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    Not unless you do the same sort of thing, preferably not using an important animation like usecomp. That's usually why people substitute the dance animation - it's one of the few scriptable animations that is pretty much never needed (unless you are making a Twi'lek stripper cutscene I guess).
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    No problem, friend. I am impressed so far with the quality of your work. You have my most sincere thanks for it. Sometimes it is a bit hard to figure the right punctuation replacing the overused hyphen and of course there are many VO'ed lines that you have changed a bit and I do understand the reason behind it. I have been struggling myself about doing the same or let them be. Cheers!
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    Yes, in the original "The GenoHaradan" mod it included a Sion VS Nihilus scene. My mod is an improvement upon "The GenoHaradan" but is TSLRCM compatible and does not feature a Sion VS Nihilus scene mainly because I intend for you to use the EE mod. Knew something was up with that, I will fix that in the upcoming patch. (So far I have two things to patch)
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    A few things though I prefer 1.2 overall. 1. The teleportation system is good. Less walking that way (can take forever as we all know lol). 2. The gonk droids were a nice touch. 3. I liked Kaah being in the central zone after clearing everything up. 4. Separating the modules in the industrial zone was a good idea. 5. All the new droid voices were nice plus.
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    Well, I've played 1.2 several times, and I think I liked that version better than 1.5. 1. I didn't like bringing the Sith Assassins in. Though not great, I liked Vash dying better in 1.2 than in 1.5. 2. Didn't like Kaah's death all that much either compared to 1.2. I would rather he and Vash live somehow (re casting the voice may be the way to do this like you said). 3. Not sure if I missed it, but I didn't like removing that quest with the droid who gives you a mission when you play as Hk, T3 or GO-TO. 4. The droid that gives the mission to find out where the true colonists come from appears to be have been removed sadly. 5. Not sure if it just me, but the black market droid crashes every time I click on it. 6. I liked the original opening scene better and this one didn't seem as good IMO. 7. I didn't like the police droids being removed either. 8. This version felt a lot more buggy over all (one quest I completed (rogue assassin part quest I think) opened back up in the Research and Development center after it was already closed.). 9. Not sure why the recent events mission was removed. I liked that one. 10. I would also just get rid of the new sequence on the landing pad at the end. Felt weird and out of place imo.
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    This has not been brought up yet no, but you make some interesting points. I have thought about this before, but I think it will likely still need to remain two seperate K2 installations in order to preserve save integrity and eliminate the need to make the above changes. Given that I already had two free-roam type expansions planned for both games it seems unlikely that I could provide seamless gameplay or transition between them, thinking about the time frame between the two games also makes me think it doesn't need to be done. As well as this, both games follow different characters, so it wouldn't make much sense, or it would have to loop back to a new character creation screen, a lot of global variables would need re-writing, duplicating and possibly renaming, for the sake of development I believe the best choice is to go for making an installer that does the following : Verifies K1 & K2 Duplicates K2 Copies Necessary Files from K1 Deletes K1 ( Optional ) This would leave the user with two versions of the "kotor2.exe" in different folders pertaining to the K1 EG and K2 EG projects overall. So the short answer is no, it won't, but I did think about it. I still need to re-play the first game to see how well new planets would fit into the story-line as I get a strange feeling the first game is just as on-rails as the second, it has been some time since I played the first game. @JediArchivist Thank you for the example, there are many a mod that have taken this route, I personally would take this route to save space for the over-all download over any other reason, but it is also a safe way to avoid legal issues at the same time, serves two functions. Thor110
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    Forgive me if any of the following has been mentioned before as I don't wish to scour through multiple threads to find the answer. When completed, will this set-up allow for a continuous play-through from KotOR1 through TSL without resorting to going to the menu or starting a new game? If the last proves true, will the conversation between Atton and the Exile - the one where you set Revan's gender - be eliminated?
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    Disney mulling over KOTOR series. Read more about it here.
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    Gimmick5000, I am now at line 14000 but I don't seem to be able to download your new 1.01 version. Cheers!
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    I believe it appends additional entries via TSLPatcher, rather than just brute-force replacement of the file itself. But no doubt there's more stuff in there than vanilla dialog.tlk.
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    While being a good mod, unfortunately it is not quite as tested and polished as one would like. This is especially evident in version 1.5, which introduces a large number of regressions (mostly cosmetic, but some of them quite serious; see https://deadlystream.com/topic/4979-bugs-errors-reporting-with-m4-78ep/) compared to version 1.3. In addition, the ending from version 1.3 was replaced by a more awkward, less elaborate, and less believable one, with no gameplay courses to trigger the original ending (despite the voice-overs and dialogues still included in the game). And to add insult to injury, version 1.3 (which appears to be the most stable released version of the mod at the time of this writing) was never released for non-Steam users; neither on DeadlyStream, nor on ModDB. All things considered, version 1.5 is a formidable case of "newer is not always better" both story-wise and quality-wise. Version 1.3 is recommended to play at this point. As of version 1.5.1, the 1.5 release is not recommended until/unless the regressions are fixed and the original ending is made available as an option.
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    Regarding M4-78 enhancement project in general, the main point to appreciate is a herculean amount of work that was required to recreate several modules of content from the scaps present in the original game. The content complements the original game nicely, fitting the Star Wars universe quite seamlessly with a new dose of industrial cityscape action in a fairly unique setting. Even though little is given away about the history of the planet, a sufficiently determined player with high enough skills/stats is able trace the origins of this world, which is a nice touch (being able to learn the origins of each world is one of the points that made the first KOTOR so awesome, and which its sequels desperately lacked for the most part). Regarding version 1.5.1 specifically, very few positive enhancements were made since 1.3; that includes minor cosmetic fixes, greater freedom of exploration (where Environmental Zone can be visited before Industrial Zone) and better framerate in the Industrial Zone. The negatives, unfortunately, far outweigh the positives.
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    Well, as this is 1.5 we're talking about and I did Beta test 1.5 and know about the previous versions I think it'd be best to leave my opinion on M4-78. First of all, Zybl revamped the intro to Korriban on the Hangar platform to use cut Atton lines from the E3 Demo instead of the spliced lines of 1.2 and before. While most of those splices where pretty bad *cough* HK-47 *cough* I felt some lines where remarkably good such as the one with Kreia where she says "Droids gather while we wait here" was absolutely well done it sounded completely natural, the only way someone could guess it was a splice was because the line "Our enemies gather while we wait here" is so iconic. Most of them have been removed except for, you guessed it, the HK splices I hate. The Atton lines are alright though they do sound a bit awkward and Atton does say "you should keep your Lightsaber up or do whatever you Jedi do in these situations" despite the fact you may not have a Lightsaber. In previous versions, the player would have to play as either Goto, T3 or HK through the radiation sometimes walking long distances to get to a location. To make the walking less like torture an optional sidequest was added in and was odd in the fact you got the quest from one foreman droid but depending on who your character was whether it be T3, HK or Goto this one Foreman droid would have an entirely different purpose, personality and sidequest with a different plot but same overall pacing. For HK this foreman droid was an off-world assassin droid hunting down a specific droid, for T3 it was a droid tracking down a computer virus intent on destroying the archon M4-78 and for Goto is was some sort of package retrieval mission. At some point, you'd be stopped by three police droids who question your droid over the deaths of recent droids (2 droids or more depending if you did the optional sidequest) and they'd put your droids arrest on hold until they fixed the radiation leak. Once the Exile arrives on the planet the Exile can destroy the police droids once they threaten to arrest him/her for refusing to hand over the droids. All of this was removed in favour of a teleportation transport system to make the radiation section quick, the teleportation is, in my opinion, would be better if it showed your droid move away and then teleport to give that immersion that your droid did move away instead of being teleported. While that filler sidequest is good for being removed I felt those Police droids should have stayed, Zybl2 actually forgot to remove the police droids 100% last time I played the mod which may have been the late Beta/first release of 1.5. Just before you fix the radiation backtrack a bit and you should be able to find the Police droids and approach them from behind. On top of turning the industrial zone into 2 sections to reduce lag the actual research centre part has been severely downgraded lacking lots of the droids and placeables from the earlier version making it feel empty and incomplete, while I can understand they are the cause of the lag I felt that downgrading the level severely was somewhat uncalled for, cutting down was inevitable though I felt they went a bit too far. Not that I'm complaining about my less laggy experience though. The new ending is kinda weird, and by weird, I feel it is bugged. You can go to the environmental zone first, fight the droids and convince Kaah to help you get to industrial archon to reach M4-78. I'm loving the freedom of choice with that though of course, this method is somewhat hidden (You need to use Bao Dur's shield breaker to break into the environmental zone). What I don't like is how Darth Sion on Korriban is tracking the Exile as he does on Malachor in cut content with the meditation and the hologram (Which is broken for females). On Malachor he says 'prepare my ship, I'll attend to this myself' but here he instead sends the Sith Assassins. The Sith Assassins, with basic attack and no force powers, kill Kaah and Vash in an ambush and once this ambushed has happened I fell that is where M4-78 ends. I much preferred the original ending as it felt more... like an actual ending and it had an actual resolution with M4-78 and the droids as well as Kaah and Vash in a believable way. Not that the new ending can't be bug fixed and enhanced, however. For 1.5 that's all I can think of. For M4-78, in general, I dislike the infinite medical equipment droid merchant and the inconsistencies with the environmental zone droids.
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    Gotta say the story is good, and the journal entries have improved compared to the previous versions, where it was really easy to get stuck without any clues. The separation of Industrial Zone into smaller chunks has eliminated the long standing lag problem in the reactor corridor, which is also a big plus. Instant warping into the relevant parts of the planet during the initial radiation flood stage also eliminated the tedious back-and-forth that was present previously, which I appreciate, given the sheer size of the long corridors with little to do in them.