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    Expanded Galaxy Project 1.0.7 Update ( Project & Patches available on ModDB, NexusMods & Discord ) Demo Available on DeadlyStream. https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1717-expanded-galaxy-demo/ Currently that I know of RoR, K1 & K2 can now all be played through in full under the same installation using the templates I provide to swap between them. ( I haven't tested the RoR demo in a little while now but it should still all work fine, I have tested K1 in full multiple times throughout the course of working on 1.0.6 & 1.0.7 as well as have tested K2 up to leaving Telos Academy and tested the latter half of the game multiple times before ) I also have a template that works and allows you to install TJM at the same time as well, but I am awaiting permission to release it. It is also now possible to use the RoR heads in K1 & K2, by installing the Expanded Galaxy Project ( you don't have to install the port, but the templates will be required to swap between K1, K2 or RoR. To do this simply install Expanded Galaxy Project for K2, then install RoR on top of that, then use the template from the Port to swap back to K2 ( K2E Install Template ) Then copy appearance.2da, heads.2da and portraits.2da from the RoR template or install over to the override folder. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K3RvDkG5n_8Dp66Gd3KX5FYlitwKmbZy/view?usp=sharing The above template allows you to swap back to playing RoR. Hopefully this makes sense to people and is a valid enough excuse to bump my own topic. The overall goal of the project once again is to improve both games as much as physically possible within the limitations of the original engine. Random Desktop Backrounds! Thanks to everybody that has helped the project so far and continues to do so, though it is still just me working on the project for the best part I continue to see new and interesting releases every day as well as receive useful / helpful advice from many, now with the majority of the issues out of the way I can finally begin building on the first game as much as possible and importing variables over from savedata that will allow for changes to be made to the second game using the save importer by lachjames which can easily be modified to import other variables. It is my hope to have the overall outlook of each planet in the first game reflect the initial outlook of each planet in the second game. As well as have a strong story revolving around the main character / companions and another simple galaxy crawl and search for this or that. In the case of K2 that will be the Padawans to the Masters that were on Katarr during the devastation of the Jedi, or something along those lines. For K1 that will be something surrounding getting in contact with the Council for better or for worse to discuss what happened to you. For now the RoR heads / species do not have specific stat boosts in K1 or K2 but I am sure I could get that working at some point too and make it a totally optional mod. ( I decided to figure out how to make this work as I figured people would like to use the other species to change up the gameplay every once in a while, though I know it wouldn't be canon ) Thanks for listening and keeping up with the project. Thor110
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    Hello! I am extremely new to modding, but I have an idea I want to pursue that I would appreciate any guidance on. The rough outline is to bring a version of TSL’s richer companion interactions to K1. The method would be to equip a custom “hide” item into your companion’s hidden inventory slot when you finish a companion’s relevant optional quest as a buff/reward. This is the same way that HK-47 receives all their buffs from your relevant repair attempts. The goal is to boost the weaker non-jedi characters, while providing some incentive/satisfaction for pursuing their individual storylines. In my own attempt to research this, I have the following basics mapped out: I would need to create new .uti files for the items containing the buffs. I would need to create a script that equips the item in the “hide” slot (or replace an item already there) I need to then attach(?) that script to the dialog or journal event associated with completing the relevant quest I would also need to change/add text to the last dialog entry associated with that quest to explain to players the nature of the boost [ala HK-47’s repair boosts] The relevant characters and quests are: Carth → Finding Dustil Mission → Mission’s brother Canderous → Jagi’s Challenge Zaalbar → Chieftain in Need The boosts would attempt to make each character closer to the utility of jedi in a way that is consistent with the narrative: I am not posting this in the mod requests section because I would like to figure this out on my own. Looking through the mod tools and tutorial sections, there are a few different tools I could use? Which ones are the best for this kind of task? I have tried to get JRLedit and dlg editor, but I can’t seem to get them working on my computer. Am I on the right track? Is any part of this just not going to work? Any guidance or redirect to the right resources would be amazing.
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    If you're going to be a "Student" I'd suggest not aggravating and insulting someone who owes you nothing and was trying to help.
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    It's out! Words do not describe how excited I am to have finally finished one of my projects. I realize I have been very haphazard working on these, but schoolwork has always come first for me. Still, I am so glad and I feel like I have a huge weight lifted on my shoulders. Rest assured, I am always working on these projects, just at my own, weird pace. Thank you so much to everyone involved for making this a reality. Next up: Battle of Dxun!
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    Hi everyone, I wanted to let you guys know we are hard at work on the mod. I have a tutorial video on the KLE ( kotor level editor ) , where I show you how I'm placing in npcs, the dlg and the animation. In the beginning of the video you will see the Hutt Lounge on Nar shaddaa fully populated and animated. The tutorial is for you guys to see the inner workings of building a mod like this. I hope the video is helpful for other modders, giving them a work flow using the KLE in their projects. Second tutorial video is on setting up a combat level using KLE and Fair Strides's NPC Auto-Leveller 1.0. Logan23
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    Hello! I officially started on this, so I thought I should post progress in the official WIP channel as opposed to the general help one. This is my first attempt at making a mod, so any advice or callouts would be greatly appreciated. The outline is to bring a version of TSL’s richer companion interactions to K1. I am a big believer that story and gameplay should effect each other as much as possible, in TSL that is fulfilled by lots of real benefits for engaging with party members. The Exile has a huge effect on their companions, which makes sense given the plot. The same should be true for K1...but the features just aren't there. The bones for what we see in TSL exists as the upgrade system for HK-47, so that is the foundation I am building this mod on. The mod would give buffs to party members for finishing their sidequests. It would do this by equipping custom “hide” items to their hidden inventory slot when you finish their relevant quest. The goal is to boost the weaker non-jedi characters, while providing some incentive/satisfaction for pursuing their individual storylines. I have the following basics mapped out: Kotortool + K-GFF Editor - Create new .uti files for the items containing the buffs. Kotortool + Kotor Scripting Tool - Create a script that equips the item in the “hide” slot (or replace an item already there) DLG_Editor - Attach the script to the dialog event associated with completing the relevant quest DLG_Editor - Change/add text to the last dialog entry associated with that quest to explain to players the nature of the boost [ala HK-47’s repair boosts] The relevant characters and quests are: Carth → Finding Dustil Mission → Mission’s brother Canderous → Jagi’s Challenge Zaalbar → Chieftain in Need The boosts would attempt to make each character closer to the utility of jedi in a narrative consistent way (Hidden in case you want to be surprised): Potential Concerns/Questions: I am planning to have the scripts activate on specific dialog entries that only appear when the sidequest is concluding. Would this have compatibility issues with other mods? If so, how can I best avoid that? Are there any limitations to what kind of bonuses work on "hide" items? These don't seem to be limited to just one kind of object, since Juhani just has an Eriadu Stealth Unit in that slot. A property like "Keen" typically only exists on weapons, could a single item give this property to all attacks? Are there any limitations to what feats/bonuses work between classes? As an example, could a non-Jedi wield lightsabers? In testing, just providing the Lightsaber proficiency feat did not 100% work (it unequipped when moving between areas). Progress: After initial testing, I have decided to pivot on one of the characters bonuses. Reasoning below; Details above. [4/29/21] Credits (Will continue to update as I go): Big thanks to @Thor110 for directing me to his video tutorial on Kotor modding! Additional gratitude for @DarthParametric as they talked through the issues I posted in this thread Blue for their Kotor Scripting Tool Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool tk102 for their DLGEditor
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    Yeah, that's normal. You have to remember that KotorTool's pretty ancient, it's trying to contact update servers that no longer exist. Just turn off automatic updates in the options menu.
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    The best source for new Cat Taber lines is SWTOR.
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    Hi everyone, I know it has been a long ..long time since I last posted here. I have been thinking about getting back into modding… Over the past few months I have been looking over the Revenge of Revan mod and seeing if I will return to it. Then came the new Kotor Level Editor (KLE).. which changed everything.. Also tweaked the story for the mod to help with the pacing. I decided to return to finish Revenge of Revan. The mod will be released in sections There will be no human VO till after the mod is fully complete. Using the KLE (Kotor level editor) to build the mod. Will be looking to build a team. I am looking for individuals to join the team - this would be for dialogue and quest writing. The writing team members will be using the dlgeditor. You will be adding your text in the dlg editor and once I have the file, I will add in the scripting to the dlg, for example jrl entries, LS/DS points, etc. If your interested in joining the writing team, send me a message 😃 Team members: Writer : N-DReW25 Art: Redrob41 Also included a video showing off the new kotor editor and showing how it will help in production. Logan23
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    I used to make mods for KotOR 2 when i was younger, I did voice overs for NewbieModders Korriban Mod. Now I have a desktop setup with a nice mic and audio editing software. So If you need any voices, I'd be happy to help you! And I'm very passionate about KotOR, and about this project! I've kept my eye on it all these years, amazed at what you had already created and always wishing you well and wishing you had a good team of experienced modders to help you realize this vision. ❤️ - KK
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    Sorry for the delay. I wanted to put out an update, but I've been addressing bugs. More important, I'm dealing with real life and needed to take some time for myself. This project has consumed most of my free time, I haven't played a game since February of last year. I'll pick this up next week, but for now I'm playing some games!
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    Okay thank you guys! I actually manage to pull it using MDLeditor, I follow DarthParmetric's advice. So far there is no problem.
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    View File Recruit HK-47 Early Recruit HK-47 Early v1.0 ====================================== By brents742 ============ Version Notes ============= v1.0 - 4/9/2021 - Initial release Description =========== -This mod allows for recruiting HK-47 into your party as quick as possible in a way that lines up with the story arc. -By scrapping the damaged HK-50 unit inside the Telos Military Base, the player can pick up two additional HK parts (HK Droid Processor and HK Chassis). These, in combination with the parts received by the Peragus and Polar Mesa HK-50 encounters, will allow HK-47 to be rebuilt the moment the player returns to the Ebon Hawk after leaving the Telos Polar Academy. -Nothing has changed beyond what you are able to do with the damaged HK-50 droid in the Telos Military Base. If you want him to follow you and explode near the HK-50 Factory door as normal, you can still do that. -This mod simply adds a dialog option for scrapping the damaged HK-50 unit instead of programming it to follow you. Background ========== -I wanted to create a mod that allows you access to HK-47 early but in a way that makes sense. I toyed with giving the player every HK part on Peragus but ran into the question of where is HK-47 on Citadel Station? Was he taken with the Ebon Hawk? He wouldn't have allowed the Handmaiden to just walk in and steal the ship. If he is abducted, why is he nowhere in the Polar Academy? -These are all questions I may solve in a different, admittedly much harder to create, mod later on down the road. -For the meantime, this mod exists to give him to you as early as the story allows. -This, like all my mods, takes things that I usually cheat into the game and makes them part of the game. One could easily open up the cheat console and give all the hkparts the moment they leave Peragus if they wanted. But my vision with every mod I make is to render the cheat console as obsolete as possible. Requirements ============ TSLRCM 1.8.5 or above Installation ============ STEAM TSLRCM VERSION USERS: When installing with TSLPatcher, you MUST select your Steam workshop TSLRCM directory. Not the main KOTOR 2 directory. When asked by TSLPatcher to browse for a folder, go to your main Steam folder, then steamapps. Then workshop. Then content. Then 208580 (This is KOTOR 2's game code) then find the TSLRCM file. For TSLRCM + M4-78 it will be called 1402798020. For regular TSLRCM it will be called 485537937. Choose which of these folders you have for TSLPatcher to install to and let it work. If you are using other than English TSLRCM your folder code will be a little different. !!!IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS AND ARE USING THE STEAM VERSION OF 1.8.5 THE MOD WILL NOT WORK!!! NON STEAM TSLRCM VERSION USERS: Run TSLPatcher.exe and follow the prompts. The patcher will make backups of any existing files you may have that are the same as files this mod uses. Keep track of this backup folder - which will be located wherever you have the TSLPatcher.exe running from. Uninstalling ============ Copy and paste the original backed up files of 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf that the TSLPacther made during installation into the Modules folder within your KOTOR II directory. Getting Started =============== This mod works best from a save before entering the Telos Military Base. You can use a save from within the Telos Military Base you may need to head back to the surface and reenter the Military Base to force the game to load the module again. Simply speak to the Damaged HK-50 droid and select the option that reads '[Repair] Scavenge the droid for HK series parts.' Important - Timing ================== You only get one shot to scrap the Damaged HK-50 droid. If you program it to follow you instead of scrapping it, you'll need to load up a different save and try again. Compatibility ============= IMPORTANT - This mod relies upon the hk50.dlg file located in the 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf files. Any mod that changes the hk50.dlg file located within the previously mentioned files will not be compatible with this mod. A mod that modifies 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf should be compatible so long as the hk50.dlg located within these files is not touched. If you run across a mod that this mod seems to conflict with, please let me know and I will work to update this mod to address it. What Specifically does this mod do? =================================== -hk50.dlg was modified within 232tel.mod and 232TEL_dlg.erf to give the player the option to scrap the damaged HK50 unit in the Telos Military Base. This new dialog option gives the player two HK parts. Specifically, hkpart01 and hkpart02 which are HK Droid Processor and HK Chassis -Created the following Booleans: KES_HK1 boolean - flags when the damaged HK-50 droid has been scrapped, preventing any further actions with the droid. Permissions and Disclaimers =========================== I, brents742, reserve the right as author of this mod for sole permission to upload some or all of this mod anywhere for any reason. If you would like to include any part of this mod in anything, then please contact me for permission. The user of the mod is responsible for any damage to their game that may result from using this mod. Users are encouraged to make relevant backups and do their research on existing mods they have installed to double check compatibility. All efforts have been made to ensure this mod is as unobtrusive as possible but ultimate responsibility lies with the end user to check for possible conflicts before installing. Special Thanks ============== Fred Tetra - KOTOR Tool TK102 - DLG Editor Stoffe and Fair Strides - TSLPatcher Prydeless for their pink lightsaber mod that inspired me to begin modding to begin with. The entirety of the DeadlyStream modding forums for their inexhaustible resources and information that allows anyone with a computer and an idea to sit down and learn how to make their first mod. Lucasarts, Bioware, and Obsidian for making a game I'm still funneling dozens of hours into nearly two decades after its initial release. Contact ======= PM me on Nexus or DeadlyStream or alternatively post on the mod itself and I will get back to you. Submitter brents742 Submitted 04/10/2021 Category Mods TSLRCM Compatible Yes  
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    Might as well throw mine up as well. But I'm not going to bother with their life stories since I'm an altoholic so there are too bloody many. Click for embiggening.
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    TL;DR -- [Update: 04/26/2021/AM] The Sith Empire Name: Santilium [Darth Santilium] Level: 75 Class: Sith Warrior Advanced Class: Sith Marauder Discipline: Annihilation Status: Active Server: Satele Shan Name: Paramitha [Apprentice Paramitha] Level: 28 Class: Sith Inquisitor Advanced Class: Sith Assassin Discipline: Hatred Status: Active Server: Satele Shan Name: Jarrotth [Jarrotth, Hired Gun] Level: 29 Class: Bounty Hunter Advanced Class: Mercenary Discipline: Arsenal Status: Active Server: Satele Shan Name: Alyssdar'vathi'nayya [Agent Alyssdar'vathi'nayya] Level: 25 Class: Imperial Agent Advanced Class: Sniper Discipline: Marksmanship Status: Active Server: Satele Shan Name: Naga Massi [TBA] Level: 1 Class: Sith Warrior Advanced Class: Sith Juggernaut Discipline: TBD Status: On-hold Server: Satele Shan The Galactic Republic Name: Rin Jaani [Rin Jaani Knight of the Republic] Level: 26 Class: Jedi Knight Advanced Class: Jedi Sentinel Discipline: Watchman Status: Active Server: Satele Shan Name: Deadstream [Lieutenant Deadstream] Level: 24 Class: Trooper Advanced Class: Commando Discipline: Gunnery Status: Active Server: Satele Shan Name: Joleemia [TBA] Level: 1 Class: Smuggler Advanced Class: Gunslinger Discipline: TBD Status: On-hold Server: Satele Shan Name: Mintaram [Jedi Mintaram] Level: 21 Class: Jedi Consular Advanced Class: Jedi Shadow Discipline: Serenity Status: Active Server: Satele Shan Name: Kaman Danu [TBA] Level: 1 Class: Jedi Knight Advanced Class: Jedi Guardian Discipline: TBD Status: On-hold Server: Satele Shan Stay tune to be updated and/or make sure to follow the thread for notifications -- will be updating this post frequent as I could! 😁 Acknowledgement: @DarthParametric -- for guiding me since level 7 with my main Santilium, which all and all make it easier for me to likes the game even more @Sith Holocron -- for hosting this thread! 🍻
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    Status update: I'm releasing version 2.0.0, which is the first non-beta version of the updated add-on. I've tested it on quite a few models, doing modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, etc. I think KotorBlender is now on par with KotorMax in terms of functionality: it works equally well for editing (and creating) character and area models, and I'm quite happy with the result. Here's the excerpt from the release changelog: Rewritten handling of materials and lights (Eevee) Made materials configurable from Object Properties Implemented import & export of LYT files Implemented import & export of ASCII PTH files (reone-tools) Implemented armature creation (no animations yet) Fixed MDLedit compatibility issues Removed NWN-specific functionality Disabled minimap rendering (until later) Code cleanup and refactoring in accordance with Blender and Python code styles
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    Looking for someone interested in writing dialogue for npcs. Also looking quest writers as well. The idea is that we would either go over an existing quest or a new one we both decide to add. Then you would write the dialogue for the scenes while i build the quest. Once your done with the writing,.. i replace my dummy dialogue file with yours and add in the scripts, jrl entries, etc so its fully playable. Let me know if this interests you 😃 thanks Logan23
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    Hello KotOR Modding community, I want to share with you some cool voice lines that maybe could be used in a mod? They are Catherine Taber, (the same voice actress as Mission Vao from KotOR 1), pulled from her portrayal of Padme on The Clone Wars animated tv show. Here are a few for you to sample, I have more if you are looking to make a mod. If All Youre Gonna Do Is Make Fun Of Me I Think You Should Go.mp3 Yes Im Sure.mp3 What's Done Is Done.mp3 I Learned It From You.mp3
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    Well for starters your brackets are all over the place. And while it doesn't actually affect anything, you shouldn't use the name eLink if you're not linking effects together. So what you're actually trying to write is this: void main() { effect eMove = EffectMovementSpeedIncrease(99); ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_TEMPORARY, eMove, OBJECT_SELF, 600.0); } If it doesn't work then the problem is probably how you've set up the armband.
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    Hi everyone! Long long time no see... So I might get back into modding, slowly but surely. Only one problem, I'm on a Mac still 🤪 The real problem is that it can't find the chitin.key for some odd reason! I have been able to install KSE with no problem, and use the TSL Patcher to install mods (like K1R, TSLRCM, etc...) but nothing works when I try to install KotorTool. There's no settings.xml file anywhere, and I've tried altering the HKEY directory as well to no avail... Not really sure what to do! I've included all of the errors that pop up in this post...
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    I hear what you're saying but . . . these lines that I refer to would probably best be used to "train" an AI model. With the extra information, an AI voice platform would have that much more information to perform any new custom lines. With the limitations of AI training, emotion (in your example, possible seductiveness) tends to be removed from any newly created lines. So if you wanted to add Mission to say KOTOR2 or KOTOR3 mods, you could more easily do so. And she'd be older by the time of KOTOR2 or 3, so that would lessen the "ick factor." Just to be clear though - I wouldn't want a romance mod.
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    Finally got to start the BoSSR mod. The rodian that gives the first task also has no textures (all black) and once i enter the town on tatooine the game crashes and exits. so seems like the mod is not playable : /
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    Jett Darklighter, i think was his name. I was a little kid lol. i sound very different now lol
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    I will check, but I still must know how to add a character. On FileFront, other than mods by InyriForge, most recruit mods were for existing characters. There were recruit mods for Lashowe, Mekel, Sasha (Selkath), and Yuthura Ban. Do I just add a new "Struct- Type:4 Field count: 6" and put the location information for a character template in the .git file to create a new character? Also, do I still need to add "RemoveAvailableNPC(0)"?
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    You need to provide more detail about what it is exactly you want to achieve. I gather you want a scriptable attack animation? What is the scenario you envisage this executing in? What's the goal? Are you looking for some simple combat buff, or some sort of cinematic thing? Interactive armbands work exactly the same in both games. You give it an "Activate Item" property which links to spells.2da, this in turn fires a script. The script then does whatever you want, within the limits of the engine. So you can start a conversation/cutscene, open/close doors, spawn items/creatures/objects, kill/destroy items/creatures/objects, add/remove party members, jump the player/party to different positions, warp the party to a different module, set plot states, etc. You can also do this with other interactive items the player equips, like medpacs or stims. You can add an Activate Item property to any item, but a creature hide is not exposed to the player. It is not interactive, so the player can never activate it. The same goes for most other equippable items - there's no way for the player to manually activate them. If you are looking for combat effects, you can apply On Hit status effects to weapons, like slow and stun, etc., but these don't fire scripts. Items can also grant feats, so you could just make a blaster that grants the full Rapid Fire series of feats. So if you wanted to have a manually activateable item, you could just use an armband. K1 doesn't have a pre-existing user limitation for Carth, so you'd have to jump through some hoops to limit it to only him. You could use this in conjunction with your creature hide idea, where the script checks if the activating creature has the hide equipped and the effect fails if not. But how you go about it goes back to my first quest - what is it you are trying to do exactly?
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    It would require a texture edit. KTool can extract the texture, but it is not a texture editor. You'd need something like Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.NET, etc.
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    Thank you for reply. I was just wondering if it's posible to fix, but if it's something tedious to do, then I'll have to learn live with it. Even though my OCD is driving me crazy 😄 Thank you for reply. I'm using jc's mod in my playthrough. He did great job fixing some of those animations and I'm also using K1 run style, cuz it makes more sense. Anyway, I'll try to write him. Maybe he will be interested fixing this bug.
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    Best of luck! Knowledgeable folks should respond.
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    It works perfectly fine with KotOR as well.
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    It sounds like you already have a fair handle on things, there are a lot of tools required for modding the game currently, depending on what exactly it is you wish to do. Personally I gathered them all and poked around until I decided which ones I needed over any other, that turned out to be the majority of them. In the tutorials I wrote is a link to a 2 hour video / stream that gives a rough overview of KotOR modding, not sure if that might be of any use to you. Alternatively I would primarily suggest KotOR Tool K-GFF Editor 2DA Editor ERFEdit TLKEdit Dialog Editor KotOR Toolset KotOR Find References Utility There are a fair few beyond that that I have, but these are the main ones I use or have been using up until now. And of course there is also KLE ( KotOR Level Editor ) which is a fantastic new tool which has made life a lot easier for modding the games and is no doubt going to end up a very powerful tool for modding these games. Hopefully that might help guide you in the right direction, though it sounds like you would have found your way to the right tools on your own eventually Thor110
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    Would you consider adding native support for THIS particular 21:9 ultrawide resolution: (3840x1600) In the meantime, does anyone know how to adjust the 2560x1600 scaling so at least my HUD appears centered instead hanging to the left side? Much appreciated, thanks!
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    View File Republican soldier woman HD Re-texture of Republican soldier woman, for Star wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Texture Resolution 1024X1024, 2048X2048. The archive contains 2 textures, 2 .txi. To Install REPUBLICAN SOLDIER WOMAN 1. Download: RepSold HD 2. Download: Armor will not work correctly without this mod. 3. Copy all files to the Knights of the Old republic's Override folder. (Example location - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\swkotor\Override) 4. When/if prompted to overwrite files, press okay. 5. If you like the mod; leave a comment or endorse! (It would be much appreciated) Made with love. Submitter Dark Hope Submitted 04/09/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    It's simple. You renamed the OdysseyBase to Dia_Nu but didn't change the other instances of the original base name. They are all still linked to PFHA02, which no longer exists. So MDLEdit throws an error.
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    I installed K1 Restoration mod, BoSSR and Yavin IV using the provided installers and the game starts fine on the latest iOS. However the K1R mod causes some textures to be completely black, like for example the default scoundrel outfit and the outfit of the guy who appears at the first moment when you start a game. Haven't played past that moment though. Any ideas what causes this texture problem?
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    View File (KotOR 1) Speeders "Kitt" style INTRODUCTION At first I just wanted improve the aspect of the dashboard of the Bikes and Speeders. Working with the project I saw an ideal place in the image and thought that It'd be funny add a singular feature to the Speeders that recalls one of the most known cars seen in TV. Here it is. NOTE: There is still another image file (the same image that the Swoop in the Ebon Hawk but with a different file name) that I haven't modified yet and I don't know where is found. The ones modified here are the seen for the first time in Taris and Dantooine. (BTW, the "junk" bikes are not modified, it's just ...junk). INSTALLATION Unzip with 7z the downloaded file. Each vehicle has its own folder. Just copy/paste (or drag and drop) the files from the desired folder(s)/vehicle(s) to your 'KotOR\Override' folder. The files of the "After Before" and "Result" folders are not needed, they're only for to show the results. UNINSTALL Simply remove the files from your Override folder. ----------------------------------------------------- BUGS If you don't see David Hasselhoff jumping into a Speeder, nothing to worry about. ------------------------------------------------------ PERMISSIONS It's expressly forbidden upload this MOD or any part at anywhere. If I want to see it over there I can upload it myself. ------------------------------------------------------ THANKS To Deadly Stream (Oh, well... alright, alright... to the Knight Rider as well) ------------------------------------------------------ LEGAL This MOD is provided as-is and is not supported by Bioware, Obsidian, Lucas Arts or Disney. Use this file at your own risk. Neither the author nor the companies mentioned above are responsible for any damage caused to your computer for the usage of this file. Submitter Obi Wan Pere Submitted 04/06/2021 Category Mods K1R Compatible Yes  
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    Im still searching. Even if theres a strong resemblance with the Falcon from the outside, i think the interior needs its own identity here. Im not yet clear on how it will look, so im open for suggestions too. Malachor should be just pure evil looking, i think Exegol would be a good reference. About Skyboxes: Kexikus v2 are very much recommended & compatible; although there need to be adjustments ( most noticably for Onderon, Nar Shaddaa). So i think at least for Nar Shaddaa i'll have to create a new one - in my view it just needs that glittering skyline flooded with a myriad of adboards & lights. Since creating those will be very time consuming, i'll concentrate on releasing a finished product without the skyboxes for now.
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    Thats an important point! However, the SW Universe is full of very advanced technologies. Even in reality, we already have special glass tech, that switches from "clear" to "frosted" whenever you like. That in mind, privacy wont be an issue for a civilization, that discovered interstellar travelling ages ago.
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    Thanks. I cant agree more! Compared to todays standards i cant even watch the old Kotor /especially TSL anymore. The levels look so bland and unlike Star Wars, and even modded its harsh when you switch from e.g. Control to K2. To aim for a realistic look i tried to emulate a lot of assets from the Mandalorian series lately , which seems to be the better choice to get a natural looking result than when orienting on games like BF2 & FO. The Trayus Academy will be last on the list, but i dont think it would be more difficult to pull of than the other planets.
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    Ive taken a break from modding for couple month to keep things fresh, however, there have been improvements for K2 that ive not shown yet. A lot of research regarding a noise - friendly Implementation of reflective surfaces has been done - now the "shinyness" of textures is not "in your face" anymore like in the k1 complete overhaul series but depending on the surface itself - e.g. shine on brushed metal spots that are visible through a worn, rusty texture can now be selected easily in most complex patterns & appearances. Secondly, with that development added to the repertoire i redid Peragus completely and applying the method to places like Nar Shaddaa as well. Due to model editing every area looks different but planetwise conform. I try also to maintain the original games color scheme when possible: Some screens from the reworked Peragus: New "Mustafar" wall concept: Nar Shaddaa is also receiving treatment: Before: after: New console: Before: After: Tell me what you think, also about the Peragus "Mustafar" walls.
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    Yes, absolutely. It gives a bit of an exclusive touch to the uppercity. As you see in earlier posted pics, i try to give every area a unique look, which may differ greatly even on the same planet. In Vanilla, everything is too conform to the point you dont really feel much of a difference.
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    Thank You, it is quite ambitious and may take years to complete. The new storyline / quests will all be optional. Entirely new main and side quests for the K1 planets set in the K2 era. Though I have been slacking a little bit recently ( taking a break ) I will be back to working on both Expanded Galaxy Projects soon, the Port is very nearly done and will require an Expanded Galaxy all of it's own to introduce the K2 planets into K1 in K2s engine. I am almost always on the Discord if anyone wants to get involved, ask me questions, offer suggestions, test or anything else etc https://discord.gg/g9cnEvr Thor110 Update : Check the first post in this topic or the Discord for more information and links to 0.9.4 & the 0.9.5 patch! ( Up to 0.9.8 patches available and a standalone release on the Discord sever for the project ) Extra : YouTube Video below with a lengthy description of the state of the port part of the project! I have also finally been working on the main project again! Install Instructions for the project in the video below. ( Inside the spoiler box )
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    Very ambitious project and impressive results so far, @Thor110! I’m curious how K2 Expanded Galaxy are going to handle the planets from K1? Will visiting these planets be mandatory or optional? About quests/side quests for K1 planets: Are you planning on creating entirely new side quests or reusing the majority of the side quests from K1?
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    So I looked at the source code and found this: DelayCommand(0.1, ExecuteScript("di_k1s_lf1", OBJECT_SELF)); } else {} } This is in every lightsaber form. Commenting out the DelayCommand and the else fixed the issue(or at least it applied the right defense. I don't know how to check ac) .
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    I briefly checked out some of the new changes and it's amazing to see the galaxy map filled out like it is. In my brief investigation, I found a few, probably known, issues. Alpha channels on the Rakatan planet seem to be missing, giving a lot of things a transparent look. (Elder base exterior, and the crashed Republic ship, for example) The elder's base outer area (where the electric fence is in 1) seems to be missing an exit. Once you're there, you are stuck. The swoop bike guy (yes, it is one of those things that very much interests me lol) on Tatooine seems to now just be a clone of the Telos swoop bike guy (dialogue wise, appearance wise he's still the roodian). When you take him up on his offer of swoop racing he takes to the Telos track and once that's complete, you return to the Telos Entertainment Cantina. Sleyheyron works exactly as your post describes. Still impressive to see it ported over and all that. Awesome work as always though.