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    I know, right? Here's my reaction πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I couldn't stop laughing reading that. Here's my favorite part: "The Emperor blasts Revan with so much Force lightning that his stupid mask superheats and starts melting onto his face." That hurt, I bet! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Bastila watching soap operas, yeah, omg. So how old is Atris in K2? 12? Isn't that kind of young for our male Exile? Oh, something that reviewer probably wasn't aware of, probably because she didn't read Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith. Scourge is also not original. He's just another Ludo Kressh, who had opposed Naga Sadow, not wanting Sadow to provoke war which would destroy their people. The Ludo Kressh whose tomb in which Kreia tests you on Korriban. To be fair, about the Red Guard, Palpatine's Imperial Red Guard was based on an ancient Sith Order, so that wasn't out of place.
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    If you want somewhat critical views of Revan, K1 has some sources as well. Master Zhar, for one. Or even some of the stuff Bastila says. Three's that cutscene of the Dantooine starmap which shows a bit of the characters of Revan and Malak- I went by that for my interpretation of the two. Also, Revan did fall for the Jedi trap and underestimated Malak. That might mean he was over confident.
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    Hey man thanks for your post. But I might be bias since I am a Kreia fan, but it's been sometime since I completed K2 and I've never completed it with the restored content mod, which is why I am replaying the game with the restored content. Anyway my point is I don't remember that quote but like I said it's been sometime since I completed the game. The reason why I remember what she says on the Ebon Hawk is because I just went through that conversation. But either way I think I picked an enemy old EU fans will like. I just can't see how Nihilus's hunger could skip an empire full of Force users.
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    I don't think I can even bring myself to watch the trailer... I was so disappointed by the previous movie, and have such a distate for Rey, the character, that it is a complete turn off to see her with a lightsaber. Not to hijack this thread to talk about previous movies, but just to explain my lack of interest in the trailer and the movie.
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    This is typical of those texture upscale mods. I don't know about this one specifically, but others are known to be missing necessary TXI files as SH says, and/or have corrupted the alpha channels altogether, resulting in issues with any textures that require transparency or shaders. In short, you can't hit a button that tells an AI to process thousands of files and expect it to work with no further meatbag effort. Yet.
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    I am currently in the process of playing K2 with the restored content mod, and when conversing on the Ebon Hawk, Kreia says Revan met no Sith Empire. Anyway Nihilus hunger would have driven him to the Sith if they had an Empire. Like the Jedi masters on Miraluka, Nihilus would have consumed them. It makes no sense how they could stay undetected from Nihilus for so long. SWTOR's retcons will not be addressed in the mod.
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    Yeah: object oPCDummy = GetObjectByTag("MEDBAY_PC", 0); object oBedWP = GetObjectByTag("InvisibleLocationMarker", 0); location lBed = GetLocation(oBedWP); int nPCApp = GetAppearanceType(GetEnteringObject()); effect eDisguise = EffectDisguise(nPCApp); oPCDummy = CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, "c_medbaypc", lBed); ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT, eDisguise, oPCDummy); AssignCommand(oPCDummy, ActionPlayAnimation(ANIMATION_LOOPING_DEAD_PRONE, 1.0, (-1.0)));
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    I love the lines you get when you are fighting Vrook as a Dark Sider. How shocked he is when you show him how fast you do learn his saber form.
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    My Sith Marauder doesn't kill Zez on Nar Shaddaa because Zez is the only one who doesn't come off as arrogant and he's wants to confront what went wrong with the Jedi Order.
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    I agree with you Korriban feels crammed in. It would have been cool to revisit Dreshdae and explore it. Also, I find it very sad the only decent Jedi master (Vash) that wasn't a sheep like Zez and Kavar is just killed off without getting a conversation on it. I'd rather she had lived (as in not going to Dantooine) and be the first of the old Jedi to realize how flawed and screwed up they were, but alas. I also wish you could back and explore Onderon again after the civil war to see it back to normal. Speaking of that, I feel like Canderous was affected by the rush released date. It would have been nice to see him talk about Revan more and explain why he's apparently not on speaking terms with Carth. Like maybe have them all meet up again during or after the Battle of Telos would have been cool imo.
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    You mean, aside from... *Hoth *Planetary escape at the start *Cave vision *Literally copied 1:1 scene from the Death Star in VI (okay, sure, that's not Empire) *Literally copied the Death Star #2 run (but I suppose see above) *Cloud City > Casino Planet *Jedi training (but not really) *Apprentice leaving without finishing training against masters wishes. Sure, aside from that it was totally different from ESB. Also I guess we can look forward to another bad Super Weapon discussion with Dr. Evil like the TFA topic... not that I'll watch the movie this time around. PS. They already posted on their website Dark Rey is a Force Vision... GG Disney. So good at their job.
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    Installed BEFORE disembark from the Ebon Hawk to Dantooine - Khoonda Plains. Order of installation ----------------------------------------------- 106 - Khoonda flag fix 1.0.0 By @FF97 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1388-khoonda-flag-fix/ 107 - K2 Exterior Textures, Part 2 Version 0.1 By @vurt https://deadlystream.com/files/file/188-k2-exterior-textures-part-2/?tab=comments Statement: another "Woa..." ---------------------------------------------------- After the bad experience in Dxun with the MOD 'Rece's K2 Power Crystal Addon UPDATE 1.5', the MOD works again in Dantooine. GREAT!! --------------------------------------------- The flamethrower from 'Movie Mandalorians 4.2' MOD By @DeadMan in action ------------------------------------------------- And another new Force Power from 'High-Level Force Powers 2.0 + Update' MOD By @Stoffe ----------------------------------------------- Skyrus Klopar, from 'Azgath N'Dul's Tomb' MOD By @InSidious I just have to return to Onderon ...when I can --------------------------------------- Installed BEFORE enter the Crystal Cave --------------------------------------- 108 - Kinrath Egg Bash Crystal Drop By @Hassat Hunter https://deadlystream.com/files/file/167-kinrath-egg-bash-crystal-drop/?tab=comments
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    Open changes.ini in a text editor. Check that LookupGameFolder is set to 0 and not 1. It should ask you to browse for the install folder.
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    For Kotor One, I guess it would have to be Taris. The planet, in terms of modules, is so large and full of a vast array of NPCs to make it feel alive. All the characters on Taris were unique (even if you literally saw clones of them all over the place) due to their beautifully written story and VO acting. Every level you progress to is different just like how every character describes it as, from the rich Upper City, to the Poor and Crime Ridden Lower City and the frightening Under city. During my first play through, I felt almost exactly like the NPCs in the game feel in their levels: Upper City is a safe area to hang out in the shops and Duel Ring, the Lower City made you fear for your life as seemingly every corner had thugs ready to murder you and the Under city made me literally not want to leave the Village because I thought the Rakghouls were A: OP asf and B: I believed would get the Rakghoul disease. For Kotor Two: I'd have to put my money on Dantooine, whilst I wasn't as Naive back when I first played Kotor 1, I really felt the same atmosphere I felt with Taris but with Dantooine. The VO and writing cements the concept that this is a run-down, seen better days, poor, weak planet which has little to no law keeping the innocent Settlers and farmers safe from greedy Scavengers and blood thirsty Mercenaries, the plot of the planet is short yet still fun and interesting. Other planets like Onderon literally forces you to play both Dxun AND Onderon without any option of leaving before you finish your main quest WITHOUT Atton and once you do finish the quest you need to go back AGAIN to fight in the Battle of Onderon. Nar Shaddaa is slightly better but makes up for it with other minor flaws to ruin it, compared to other renditions of Nar Shaddaa in SW games this Nar Shaddaa is boring asf. When I do try to finish all of the bonus quest of Nar Shaddaa I ALWAYS get Attons bloody "We got this message on the Comlink. Looks like trouble" notification which blocks me from finishing any quests until you finish the planets main plot, here I usually just use the "warp" command to get to wherever I need to go just before I get that notification. Then you have Korriban, which is short and somewhat bland if you don't have M4-78 (Which just makes Korriban a necessary inconvenience just to get to M4-78). Fighting those Hississ' with that bland fighting music and those horrible sound sets, that noise will haunt my dreams.
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    I am not afraid to admit when I was wrong or being an idiot. I was wrong. I was an idiot... ... I thought they could do no worse than TLJ. So foolish of me. They sure showed me up with this teaser. This is going to be something else. Good thing all care got sucked out of me already. Do tell me how story #1, recton #1, retcon #2 is in any instance "coherent"? Me? I'll be waiting for the MauLer cut. Let's atleast be a little entertained watching our favorite franchise burn down in flames.
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    Just in case there are still people looking for this in 2019 (and in case I ever forget), Miles Sound Studio is still available from the following archive location: https://web.archive.org/web/20080512093039/http://www.radgametools.com/mssdown.htm I can confirm the tool still works on Windows 10. As others have mentioned, the dialogue files should be in the following locations for KoTOR and KoTORII, respectively: swkotor\streamwaves Knights of the Old Republic II\StreamVoice I needed to do the following to decompress and play the dialogue files on Win 10: 1) For safety, copy the source .wav files from the install location and paste elsewhere on your PC 2) Change the files to .mp3 by modifying the extension 3) Open milesstu.exe from Miles Sound Tools\tools\win Note: The 64-bit versions of Miles Sound Tools do not appear to work with Win 10. The 32-bit versions work, but you must run them in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode 4) Select one of the copied .mp3 dialogue files, choose "Decompress", save with a new file name This process should give you a useable .mp3 file that any player can work with. Good luck KoTOR fans!
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    The textures weren't a fix. The pink was intentional to see if that shows up in the line. A different colour might have been better. As to the model, whoops, forgot to enable the headlink. This should be fixed: <removed> Edit: It doesn't warrant a formal DS release, since this is not a universal problem, but if anyone else needs it, you can find it here - https://github.com/DarthParametric/TSL_Atton_Head_Black_Line_UV_Tweak/releases/latest
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    I may have spoiled something about the documentary in this thread today on Reddit. Read all of my posts in that thread to see the reveal - not just the initial one. Oh and upvote it, if you feel inclined to. Update: The following characters have been chosen already and are off the table: B-4D4, Mandalore, Imposter Batu Rem, Protocol Droid (using the "C_DrdProt03" skin), Zherron, and Captain Sullio of Onderon. (This list will be updated as more submissions are received.) And as always, Revan is unable to picked as a character choice for anyone.
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    Revan is pretty capable, but I don't think he was that much of a mastermind. There's something about Revan going through a time of weakness and amnesia that seems fitting. You talk with HK-47 after the big reveal, HK tells you, you aren't all what you once were, but in some way you are improved. When I write my fanfic (not that my fanfic is some great source about KOTOR lore) about Revan, he comes out with some rough edges before he was captured, but when he's Revan Reborn bent on conquering the galaxy, he has more polish and wisdom. It's kind of an initiation experience, if that makes sense. It's kind of like when you get the starmap below the oceans of Manaan, you can't actively use your Force powers, it's just you and how fast you can shoot the firaxin sharks- when the water makes you very slow. It's a lesson about power, you aren't going to be all powerful all the time, you are in fact, quite fragile in some ways, and it's your spirit, not the Force, that pulls you through. Yeah, seriously the whole thing about the cheerleading about Revan. It irritates me a bit when the topic is about Revan in K2. I either grit my teeth before getting through some of the convo with HK-47 to unlock him, or get up and do something until Kreia is done trying to mess with Mandalore's mind. I've mentioned before that my DS Exile haaaaaaaates Revan,and to insult the image of Revan in Ludo Kressh's tomb is immensely satisfying to my Exile πŸ˜„ I love my Revan, ls or ds, but I keep him in perspective. Maybe a suggestion for Talyn of keeping a running log here?
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    Unless I'm very mistaken, Kreia actually does mention a remnant Sith Empire hiding in the Unknown Regions when you talk to her at Malachor.
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    You know the one thing that stood out about Vrook and I really didn't like? When you see him in Dantooine in K2, he's all friendly with that lady governor- forget her name. But he's always so harsh to you. And apparently anyone else who is junior in the Jedi.
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    I would caution you from making them "max level." IIRC k2 has a max level of 50, which would make the fights very tedious and long if all the opponents are designed to match that high level. But that aside, the real reason I would not recommend this course of action, is that it denies the player a journey, an experience, a way to grow and react to situations. If you start off as a fully leveled player, you will not be able to edit your stats to accommodate a new threat, and the action will become repetitive because it will all be at a certain level of difficulty. For instance, if I, do not put any points in security or computer use, at the start of the game, I will never have a chance to change that. This would force me to restart the game, if there was content I was curious about locked behind or in something, whereas, if I was able to level up that skill, I could return later or load to a previous save to upgrade that skill. Therefore, my proposition is to not have the PC start at max level, but instead place them at level 20 or level 25, allowing some player flexibility as they progress. Just my feedback, seems like a neat idea you have there, good luck! "We will watch your career with great interest."
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    This is a great tutorial for basic modding, it also explains very clearly and thoroughly how to place NPC's onto the map: For NPC placement tutorial watch from 29:38 ! I also recommend the tutorial by Fair Strides in this thread:
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    'Holowan Duplisaber Beta .215b' really works fine and is a very nice work. It opens a whole tree of dialog options in the workbench for build hilts (including to choose colours). After that you can use these hilts for "upgrade" Lightsabers using the usual colour crystal option in the workbench (in fact, as if the hilts were Colour Crystals) where you can see the aspect of the hilt/saber. You'll get the LS with the builded hilt and the colour choosen for to build it.
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    The workbench.dlg file is probably from TSLRCM or some mod, I actually had the same conflict when I did some major modding. I used the Workbench crystal attunement file, because the one prior to it only removed the tutorial or something like that, and I did not have any issues. My recommendation is to install it anyways, the workbench crystal mod is well done and won't cause crashes, so even if you did replace it and it canceled whatever was done before, it would not cause a crash. Edit: Also Mira looks awesome in that beskar'gam!
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    Installed BEFORE go to Onderon - Iziz Spaceport for the first time. Order of installation ---------------------------------------- 102 - More Vibrant Skies 1.0 By @Malkior (Onderon Part) https://deadlystream.com/files/file/156-more-vibrant-skies/?tab=comments 103 - New Bounty Hunters on Onderon 1.0 By @90SK https://deadlystream.com/files/file/263-new-bounty-hunters-on-onderon/ ----------------------------------------- Statement: Mandalore ...as Canderous. Always it annoyed me cannot to see Canderous without helmet in TSL. Here it is from 'Movie Mandalorians 4.2' MOD By @DeadMan. I have to say that I like a lot his "oldest" aspect ...although is known that the years leave their marks... NOTE: In the inventory the helmet has become a mask. It keeps the stats and description but the icon and when Canderous wear it, it's shown as a mask. Well, I already said that I prefer see the faces of my friends. Add on / NOTE 2: The armors from 'Movie Mandalorians 4.2' MOD cover the complete model (including heads) so you ALWAYS see the complete Mandalorian appearence but you still can use any gadget in the head, also the "Mandalore's Helmet" although is shown in the inventory as a mask (I don't know yet if deliberately or due some issue). What confused me is that Mira's gear, the armor and helmet (a real one) can be equiped separately. Besides, Mandalore was wearing the original armor from the game (but without helmet) in the cutscene and at the begining of Onderon instead the one from the MOD and that helped in confusing me. I thought that that armor came from the MOD and when I wanted equip Mandalore with his "separate" helmet ...surprise!! Focusing attention in the helmet/mask and the separate Mira's gear I didn't realize until later on the differents icons of the armors in the inventory, that gave me the clue. All that time I was confusing one armor with another(s). ---------------------------------- Mmmm... A new NPC in Iziz Spaceport? Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! He is Kemar Elim from... 104a - Azgath N'Dul's Tomb 2.0 By @InSidious https://deadlystream.com/files/file/370-azgath-nduls-tomb/?tab=comments 104b - Fixed changes.ini for DI's Tomb of Azgath By @kyrie https://deadlystream.com/files/file/254-fixed-changesini-for-dis-tomb-of-azgath/?tab=comments 104c - Azgath N'Dul's Tomb Patch 2.2 By @InSidious https://deadlystream.com/files/file/371-azgath-nduls-tomb-patch/?tab=comments
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    I believe he'll be like Boba Fett, a man of few words. But if he does speak you'll probably be dead by the time you turn around haha. I'm really excited for a Star Wars TV show, I think they can add a lot of character development / world building that you don't see as much in movies. The CGI looks great, the cast is full of great actors and actresses and the costumes look amazing, and it's released 5 days after my birthday, really can't wait!
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    The lines are in StreamVoice\904\904KREIA. Towards the end, I forget which numbers though. The text is in dialog.tlk, starting at line 106329.
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    They are WAV files that most audio programs should be able to open with no problem. I was considering making a video but to be honest, I have been waiting since July (when I got UC's audio) to post this. I wouldn't be surprised to see someone post a video on the download page to show off the stuff in the game. Until then, folks should be able to listen to the files in their favorite audio program and hopefully, they'll use them in the game.
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    This seems very interesting! I'll have to check it out, is there any way to hear the lines without installing them or did you compress them so only the game (Miles Studio software) can access them?
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    Checking different things in Dxun I found some problems that, although it seems that doesn't break the game in this planet (I'm not sure) it seems that does in Korriban. The problems are that there are no cutscenes showing Atton talking nor acknowledging dangers; some beasts attack, others do not; the Dezanti bounty hunters are friendly too. You cannot interact with the panel in the wreck, nor repair the droids you find in the path. All these problems are described in the posts of the download page of the MOD 'Rece's K2 Power Crystal Addon UPDATE 1.5' by @Rece as well as a possible solution based on removing two ".mod" files that may be affected. With the MOD installed, what I did was to remove "401DXN.mod" file from my Modules folder and restore it from the backup folder but that didn't work. I found the same problems happening. After that, I thought that maybe I misunderstood the solution and I removed both ".mod" files from the tslpatchdata folder of the MOD. After restoring from backups the Modules and Override whole folders, I installed the MOD in that way, without the ".mod" files. It showed me errors (I already was guessing them) related with the ".mod" files but the installation was finished. Now the game runs normally (at least the first part of Dxun) but I assume I have lost the goods from the MOD in this zone (and probably in the Sith Academy of Korriban). ----------------------------------------- Installed BEFORE disembarking from the Ebon Hawk to Dxun Jungle Landing. Order of installation: ----------------------------------------- 95 - Malkior's Kotor 2 Sound Collection 1.0 By @Malkior https://deadlystream.com/files/file/445-malkiors-kotor-2-sound-collection/?tab=comments Statement: F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C thunders in Dxun!!!!!!!!!! (I'm still searching someone that can install a lightning rod on the Ebon Hawk. I was thinking let on the top one of the droids with the weapon stretched up but I wouldn't like harm any of them). NOTE: Although the description of the download page says "Thus compends this semi-comprehensive collection of all of the sounds I've edited over the years", I realized that it includes more than just thunders once I unzipped the file MOD before install it. I've lost the related with Peragus. My mistake. ----------------------------------------- - Another combination of three MODs, as always, it's a tastes matter: 96a - K2 Exterior Textures, Part 1 Version 0.1 By @vurt https://deadlystream.com/files/file/187-k2-exterior-textures-part-1/?tab=comments 96b - More Vibrant Skies 1.0 By @Malkior (Dxun part) https://deadlystream.com/files/file/156-more-vibrant-skies/?tab=comments 96c - Grass and Foliage Reimplanted 1.0.0 By @Malkior https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1486-grass-and-foliage-reimplanted/?tab=comments Statement: ...woa!!!!!!!!
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    @A Future Pilot Last year I sent some possible changes to be added, were you able to implement the below changes (a lot are entirely subjective of course ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statistic Changes: HK's statistics: - I've changed HK's Strength from 16 to 10, as it's a useless attribute for him. I've then added what I've taken onto his Dexterity so it was originally 14 but now it is 20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reward / Loot Changes: Upper Shadowlands Captain loot change: - He carries a Sith Tremor Sword but it doesn't drop, I have now changed this. Korriban Sith Torturer loot change: - He originally drops a green crystal, which made no sense, so I have changed this to red. Jedi Masters loot change: - The jedi corpse in the last module on Tatooine originally has a Jedi Master Robe and a Blaster Rifle, I've changed the Blaster Rifle to a Blue Lightsaber. Unknown World Footlocker credit swap: - In the Temple you get 5000 credits in one of the placeables, I believe this was a joke by the developers as it's not needed at that point. I've changed the credit drop to one of the Leviathan placeables instead. Manaan Republic Representative reward change: - In the vanilla reward script after you complete the main quest on Manaan you are provided with 500 credits, Cardio Power System and the line: g_w_sonicrfl003, which isn't an item template in the game. So I've changed it to the Arkanian Sonic Rifle's UTI (g_w_sonicrfl03). Yavin Merchant item change: - You can now buy the Advanced Agent Interface mask a lot earlier as it becomes obsolete later in the game. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    @Sith Holocron @DarthParametric There is now compact header theme available (you can change the theme at the bottom of the page)
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    We are several months down the track from the last update where I said we were close to releasing v1.8, but we are super close for realsies this time. @Snigaroo is getting fidgety waiting for it, so we'll soon be doing what will essentially be the final beta test before public release. To that end, I thought I would post an updated changelog of everything that has been added since v1.7. CHANGELOG v1.8 - TBA 2019 Additions Added a fix to the skin weights of the male player head PMHC01 Added a fix for the commoner Asian male head comm_a_m to restore eye animation Added a fix for clipping collars on female Class 7 (PFBF) and Class 9 (PFBH) armours Added a fix for the credits incorrectly scaling during the Dark Side ending Added a number of model fixes for the Endar Spire to address various geometry issues Added a fix for a stray blaster appearing in the middle of a hallway in the Sith Base on Taris Added a fix for missing lightmaps in the entrance of the Taris Upper City cantina Added a fix for the positioning of the Council on Dantooine to prevent floating Added a fix for the hanging ivy on the walls of the Dantooine enclave landing pad Added a fix for an inaccessible container in The One's compound Added higher poly replacements for the placeable human "sitters" (cantina Pazaak players/drinkers) Added a fix for some female non-dancer Twi'leks wearing armour instead of plain clothes Added a fix for some female non-dancer Twi'leks in default stripper garb instead of plain clothes Added a fix for Helena wearing Jedi robes instead of regular clothes Added a fix for Carth prematurely complaining about being out of the loop Added a workaround/partial fix for the post-Leviathan escape stealth bug Added a fix for Dak respawning in the Korriban cantina Replaced broken injection-based Manaan DLGs in previous release with JC's pre-patched ones (TSLPatcher can't delete nodes) Added a fix for Jedi being visible in the back of a Malak cutscene on Deck 1 of the Star Forge Added a fix for a droid with the wrong soundset in the Taris Upper Sewers Added several fixes to the Dantooine training montage Added a fix for the player freezing during the pre-swoop race scene when racing for the Hidden Beks Added a fix for Carth not facing Kandon when interjecting during the pre-swoop race dialogue Added a fix for one of Canderous' goons in the Undercity having the wrong soundset Added a fix for Sand People disguises not working after the player used the rapid transit system or loaded from a save while disguised Added a fix for certain NPC soundsets with wrong or missing sounds Added new soundset for Trandoshans, ported from TSL Added a fix for the exit in the Sith Base on Taris having the wrong label Added a fix for Bastila not showing the fourth vision (K1R's fix) Added a fix for the Twi'lek Czerka Liaison Officers on Kashyyyk not resuming their patrols after dialogue Adjusted the post-Leviathan scene so the player is forced to talk to HK and therefore doesn't miss his content there Added missing landing gear and ramp to the Ebon Hawk in the Leviathan hangar Added more triggers for the second Xor encounter because he would refuse to show unless the player used the rapid transit system Incorporated some of JC's Minor Fixes Added a fix for two female Jedi background NPCs in the Dantooine enclave that would stop walking after being talked to Fixed some bugs in the Dead Settler quest Changed Casus Sandral's appearance from a generic corpse to something more suitable Added a fix for an NPC in the Leviathan bridge cutscenes that had some deformation issues Added improved commoner clothes textures (variants 01 and 07) ported from TSL Added a fix for Calo's Rodian prey in the Taris Undercity Apartments not properly drawing their weapons Added a fix for one of the Sith female NPCs on the Leviathan bridge having a drawn blaster during a cutscene Added an interjection for Carth in the pre-swoop race scene for the Beks to match his one in the Vulkar version Added a creature-based replacement for the corpse in the Dantooine Murder Mystery quest for improved visual quality Added/edited scripts in the Dantooine Murder Mystery quest to have Handon appear injured and for NPCs to exit when appropriate, plus removed some extraneous fades to black Added melee proficiency and/or weapons for some Duros on Dantooine that were lacking them Added a fix for the blade of Bacca's sword not being properly removed from the player's inventory when giving it to Freyyr in the Lower Shadowlands Switched the appearance for guards in the Sith Academy on Korriban to Sith Soldiers rather than Sith Officers Increased the walking speed of the diving suit on Manaan and the space suit on the Leviathan Added JC's Dense Aliens Added a fix for War Droid racetex variants having their blaster texture overridden by the body texture by swapping out integrated blaster mesh for external reference Added a fix for a non-functional trigger script for the Sharina conversation on Tatooine Changed Jagi to wear armour instead of clothes, swapped out his Rodian goons for Mando warriors, and address some dialogue facing issues Fixed the fade in at the start of the game so the player wouldn't be visible before they were meant to be Made Dia equip her melee weapon before attacking Made the slave girl in Davik's estate that's supposed to run away run away Fixed the raidii of the gas vents in Davik's estate Forcibly set the camera angle for a line of dialogue by the janitor in the Taris Upper City South Apartments to fix a line being spoken off-screen Forcibly set the camera angle for a line of dialogue by the Bastila in the Zelka Forn conversation (Taris Upper City South) to fix a line being spoken off-screen Fixed some companion facing issues during Canderous' recruitment conversation in the Taris Upper City Cantina Fixed and incorrect soundset for the Sandpeople Storyteller Changed the clothes variation the three drunks in Taris Upper City North wear and tweaked the DLG to reduce facing issues Changed the appearance of one of the Taris Upper City Cantina patrons that had an identical twin standing just a few meters away Made an attempt to get Carth to stop looking longingly at the PC for 30 seconds and face Mission while talking to her in the Undercity Tweaked some geometry in the Manaan cantina level model to patch some gaps Adjusted Canderous' dialogue in the Lower City cantina to prevent him from repeating lines if you talk to him again after keeping him waiting Repositioned two invisible placeables for security terminals in the Taris Sith Base to a more suitable height Fixed placeable heights on the Ebon Hawk to reduce floor clipping & floating Fixed the height of the workbench on Dantooine Raised the height of the invisible placeable for the Garage Head's desk in the Vulkar base Fixed the position of the strongbox in the Taris Lower City apartments Changed Bolook's skin color from orange to green on account of VO saying so After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, finally got Zhar to face the player post-montage, and stop throwing a tantrum afterwards (thanks to JC) Switched the order of the Taris to Dantooine sequence so the landing movie is played before the conversation, and the EH skybox is Dantooine instead of space Fixed the upper teeth mesh clipping through the cheeks on the male Twi'lek head Brought Ahlan Matale back down to earth during his rant in the Council chambers Adjusted Vandar's dialogue to prevent him from repeating himself if you talk to him again before investigating the ruins Added a trigger for the scene with Vandar after the player completes the trials to prevent positional wonkiness Fixed player facing during the Taris duel introductions Fixed a possible freeze during dialogue with Ajuur in the Taris Upper City cantina Fixed some animations being out of sync with VO during the introduction of opponents in the Taris duels Fixed some monitor placeables not being properly attached to walls in the Taris Upper City Cantina Rejigged party positioning during the Black Vulkar pre-swoop race conversation, making the scene a bit nicer Changed Elise's initial flirting animation to pleading to better suit the mood Changed the appearance of the guard droids in Davik's estate to Rodians, as they could be gassed, sounded like Rodians, and were generally not droids Made some skin weight adjustments to the fat rolls under the Hutt's chin to reduce clipping issues Forced Gadon Thek's conversation to directly follow on from Zaerdra's triggered "Hold it right there" outburst to eliminate poor positioning and facing issues Made a replacement for the unused fat commoner male model by editing the regular commoner male body to bypass UV issues Shunted one of the Gamorreans in the Taris sewers out of the corner he was skulking in Unequipped the surviving Hrakert scientists' weapons and made them only equip them in the event of combat Improved Bek reaction time following security alert in the base Made Redros equip his weapon for the swoop race brawl Added new dialogue trees for Vandar so the player could continue speaking to him about the usual topics after completing the trials Gave the repairable Vulkar bar droid a blaster rifle Made various changes to the initial Davik conversation to resolve the usual facing and positional crimes Fixed some bad lightmaping on the dais in Davik's throne room Fixed some bad lightmaping on the walls of the Vulkar base's lower level Forced some mooks in the Vulkar base to equip their stored weapons to prevent unarmed attacks Changed some Twi'lek male appearances in Javyar's cantina to diversify things a bit. Added a new orange Twi'lek male appearance using the unused Twi'lek male body orange handed texture variant Added a new blue Twi'lek male head, ported from TSL Raised the height of the selection icon for the torture cage release in Davik's estate Added/edited some scripts to prevent certain guests and guards in Davik's estate attacking with their fists Diversified the outfits of civilians in Davik's estate Cleaned up some texture blurring and distortion around the mouth of the Krayt Dragon cave on Tatooine Fixed a gap in the surrounds of the forcefield in the Upper Shadowlands and pushed the grass back from the ramp to prevent clipping Shuffled the boxes behind HK in the Anchorhead droid shop further apart to stop the swaying cable from clipping into them Clamped down on the Viper Kinrath in the Lower Shadowlands dropping unnecessary corpse items Removed some green patches in the lightmaps of the Manaan hotel's entrance hallway that didn't match the scene's lighting Tweaked the Griff conversation in the Sandpeople enclave to fix some facing issues Doubled the duration the Kashyyyk Star Map stayed open Gave the comm_a_f/comm_a_f2/N_TatComW_F heads a makeover to fix the worst of their shading/clipping/texture issues Added preemptive fix for a Mando bringing a knife to a gunfight Pushed the Leviathan's skybox further back and added new Sith fighter animations to stop them clipping through the skybox Fixed a gap in the floor and some bad UVs in the entrance of Manaan West Central Added missing K_EXIT / SW_EXIT waypoints to Tatooine docking bay to allow messengers to properly exit the area Plugged a couple of gaps in adjoining walkmeshes in the Leviathan Prison Block that were allowing targeting/shooting of enemies through walls Moved a swoop fan minor NPC on Manaan that was blocking a triggered conversation with a Sith on module entry Merged the cutscene of the shark attack victim into a single animation and added additional keyframes to move shark and victim off-screen at the end Added a generic OnSpawn to have an NPC equip a ranged weapon (or melee weapon if no ranged) from their inventory Made a few Sith technicians on the Leviathan equip their weapons on spawning to prevent the attacking with fists issue Made a raft of changes to the Sith prisoner interrogation in the Manaan Republic Embassy, fixing facing, skipping lines, camera angle issues, etc. Curtailed the patrol route of the Selkath security droid in the entrance of the Manaan Republic Embassy to stop it freaking out companions during conversation with Roland Turned off the force cage the Sith prisoner in the Manaan Republic Embassy was in once he is no longer present Moved a crate in the back of the Hidden Bek base that was clipping into a wall Moved the swoop records computer panel in Manaan Ahto East to stop it clipping into a wall Set the DLG for a bounty hunter in Javyar's cantina to human instead of computer Added a party jump and static camera to fix the issue with the Hrakert Station merc going out of frame when playing the Horror animation Replaced almost all the soundsets for Hrakert Station UTCs, mostly Selkath using droid soundsets Set Bandon's Dark Jedi offsiders to neutral to prevent them getting twitchy before their boss is ready to fight Switched previous hard overwrite of Hrakert Station GIT to patcher setup Added a conditional script for one player response during the Sandral-Matale Feud so it's only available if the player spoke to Ahlan Matale about a reward Made a transformer in the Sith base on Taris non-interactable Removed an infinite DS point exploit from the Sasha encounter Removed an infinite DS point exploit from Roland Wann post-Hrakert Rift Added a check to remove the Czerka miners in the Dune Sea once they have been talked to and the Sandpeople enclave is done Tweaked Elora's dialogue to remove some lines if the player already heard about Sunry's situation from Davin Fixed some bad lightmap UVs on the floor of the training room in the Manaan Sith Base Tweaked the script that adds Jolee to the party in the Upper Shadowlands to hide the switch between NPC and Party versions Made some alterations to make Trask stay in the same spot when he joins the party instead of jumping behind the player Replaced an incorrect supermodel reference in one of Vandar's cutscene stunt models that was causing some animation issues Moved the patrol waypoints of one of the Czerka guards in the Tatooine docking bay to prevent him walking through the middle of messenger conversations Nudged the camera position sideways in the jawless Malak cutscene to keep the reveal from being spoiled early in widescreen resolutions Changed the Rakatan Temple turret soundsets from Bith to none Fixed a typo that prevented various NPCs from commenting on the Kashyyyk situation Edited the stunt model for the admiral in the jawless Malak cutscene to reduce clipping issues with his left arm and eyeballs Corrected the final wager value of pazaak player Kudos (the guy in Fazza's hunting lodge on Tatooine) from 50 to 500 credits Fixed a positional offset in the stunt model for a seated officer on Dodonna's ship causing them to float in mid-air Added additional script from the v1.1 update of Markus Ramikin's Bastila Romance Scriptfix mod Wrangled party when entering the Elder's compound on Lehon Prevented some characters in the Elder's compound on Lehon from attacking with their fists Adjusted party positioning and facing when activating the Rakatan computer in the Elder's compound on Lehon Fixed the party bumping into each other like drunk teens during the cutscene after giving the sacred tome to The One on Lehon Added missing sound Event to Malak's taunt animation for his saber flourish Gated off asking HK about restoring memories post-Leviathan after the first time Disabled screen blurring effect for Force/Knight/Master Speed Added new soundset for DS Juhani in the Grove, removing her Republic/Jedi-related barks Switched some Sith Elite Troopers in Manaan hangar bay to the proper appearances Moved some troopers in the Manaan Sith Base so they would see the party entering the room properly Made a host of edits to the stunt animations for the LS ending cutscene to improve it for widescreen resolutions Tweaked the initial scene when boarding the Star Forge to account for widescreen framing Forced the party to turn around before the droids burst in on Deck 1 of the Star Forge Changed listener tags in Thalia May's DLG in the Korriban Shyrack Caves to prevent her turning her back on the party Fixed global generic droid templates to use the proper soundsets for their type instead of the Bantha soundset Fixed an off-screen line by the Mysterious Man on Manaan and prevented him being visible after the conversation finished Remapped distorted UVs for a section of cliff edge in Korriban's Valley of the Dark Lords Swapped incorrect script reference in Korriban Academy duel scene causing endless combat music Gave Saul Karath an on-screen death on the bridge of the Leviathan and stopped Carth talking over his death cry Made changes to the exploding pillar scene in the Tomb of Ajunta Pall on Korriban to prevent AI and UI issues Jumped the party for Yuthura's conversation in the Dreshdae cantina and forced companions to face her on their interjections Edited Dustil's conversation in the Korriban Academy to jump the party and fix some facing issues with Carth and the player Added a new OnDeath script for Dustil to account for killing him at different stages of Carth's personal quest Set the DLG for the ancient computer in the Korriban Tomb of Tulak Hord to skippable and fixed the door opening animation playing too fast Made numerous edits to the DLG and scripts for the Jorak Uln scenes in the Korriban Tomb of Tulak Hord to improve aesthetics and fix minor issues Reduced the Tach sound effect by -10dB to make it more bearable Purged the two pre-training conversations with the Jedi Council on Dantooine of facing issues Fixed some non-visible subtitles by Canderous and Jolee due to a Delay value of 0 on those nodes in the relevant DLGs Edited the conversation with the overseer droid in the Dantooine Ruins to improve facing and camera angles Merged the two separate Star Map cutscenes in the Dantooine Ruins into a single scene Edited the post-Ruins conversation with the Dantooine Jedi Council to fix various issues Switched an invalid animation number in Chuundar's DLG Locked the door to the Tomb of Naga Sadow in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords Edited the OnUserDefine of the Tuk'ata Mother in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords to remove an incorrect placeable reference Fixed Elise’s walking pace when she exits so she runs away when upset and walks away otherwise Wrangled Tuk'ata mother and friends in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords to stop them running into each other like drunken teenagers Fixed facing and camera issues in the dialogue with the surviving scientists Kono and Sami Gave the Sith student Tariga gender reassignment therapy Prevented Lashowe from accidentally burning her own face off with her saber in the post-Tuk'ata mother conversation in the Korriban Valley of the Dark Lords Reinstated some incorrectly applied starting conditionals for Tyvark's DLG on Manaan Wrangled the party for the first conversation with Yuthura inside the Korriban Academy Resolved some issues trying to give a datapad to Adrenas in the Korriban Academy Added some listener tags to Uthar's DLG in the Korriban Academy to prevent facing issues during the Shaardan handing in a fake sword cutscene Checked for (and removed) Shaardan's corpse in the pre-final trial conversation with Uthar in the Korriban Academy Edited Uthar's conversation in the Korriban Academy to remove the salute, swap the party leaving for a fade-out, and change the running for the back door to a walk Moved the party out of the way during Uthar's introductory cutscene in the Korriban Academy and stopped him bowing to the students Jumped wandering NPCs in the Korriban Academy to the edge of the room whenever a conversation with Uthar commences Swapped the clothing variation on one of the two pilots in the Korriban Dreshdae cantina Changed the Twi'lek females in Dreshdae on Korriban from stripper to clothed appearances Wrangled the party for the confrontation with Lashowe in Dreshdae on Korriban Swapped Lashowe's dark uniform in Dreshdae on Korriban to the light one to match her other appearances Gave Yuthura and Uthar dark uniforms in the Korriban Sith Academy to match their other appearances By my count that's almost four times what I posted back in March. That's some healthy scope creep. As before, you can check out the readme on the Github repo for a full breakdown of the changes and attribution to their various authors. There's also the issue list, which has further detail on specific problems that have been addressed (and remaining outstanding ones). Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to give special thanks to @ebmar and @Salk for providing a number of bug reports and suggestions/contributions. Thanks also to various other forum and Discord members for providing reports as well over the last 6 months.
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    48 - K2TSLR - The Sith Lords Remastered WIP Alpha 1-1 By @sELFiNDUCEDcOMA https://deadlystream.com/files/file/300-k2tslr-the-sith-lords-remastered/?tab=comments I've found transparencies in the walls but keeping in mind that I had removed the 'CM_Baremetal.tga' file (due the shining in the Ebon Hawk), I've restored it and now runs perfectly. I'll see if I can live with this file when I be inside the Hawk or it becomes a "flying" file traveling once and again from the Override folder to the Backup folder and viceversa. Anyway, in my Playthrough, by now I'm far to see again the Ebon Hawk. I have to say that this MOD is really, really, really, pretty nice. Excelent work. You have the alternative of 'TSL ORIGINS - Telos Overhaul 1.1.1' By @Jorak Uln https://deadlystream.com/files/file/759-tsl-origins-telos-overhaul/ and others (as backdrops MODs) as 'Telos Citadel Station Skybox 1.0 by @Quanon https://deadlystream.com/files/file/311-telos-citadel-station-skybox-by-quanon/?tab=comments or 'JC's Citadel Station Backdrop 1.0' By @JCarter426 https://deadlystream.com/files/file/1217-jcs-citadel-station-backdrop/?tab=comments
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    Hey everyone! I have exciting news! A Crashed Republic Cruiser On A Nameless World is now open for beta testing! If you're interested, please send me a PM! In addition, I'm also looking for 1-2 voice actors (psst @Zhaboka ) as well as someone who's strong in dialogue writing/editing to peruse my dialogues and help clean them up and make them sound better.
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    Getting back in the swing of things after being gone a week on vacation. The street module is all walkmeshed, blocks cameras, has aurora lights, and a minimap. All that's left is the path file, which are still proving a bit finnicky. Most of those are dynamic things that are difficult to see in a screenshot, so I'll try to do a video in the next few weeks to showcase some of the improvements. Also I will try to add in NPCs and such before then. Next I will be switching gears, working on the Arena Hall/entrance area and attempting to setup some gladiator fights.
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    Use KOTORTool to extract all the TPCs from the texture pack ERF. Then, to quote myself:
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    We'll have to wait and see if the chopped version meets with Hassat Hunter's fapworthiness approval, or if it still causes him emotional distress.
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    It appears to be working. Awesome! your a true scholar thank you!
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    I welcome your questions I have thick skin you can keep them coming. As to your questions. Yes the story was created in 2005/2006 but do to crazy work schedule at the time I never started work on the mod until a year ago, when my life settled down. Yes there are currently three planets done I know I said four but that was a mistake. The planets done are from the Republic. As for asking for a name of a Ship. I've only asked for the name of one ship and it is Revan's ship. There are more ships in my story and they already have names. But since this will be a ship for the players version of Revan I wanted to know what people thought. This mod will be my gift to the community so I value their input. Yes I have penned the story but I am open to suggestions after all this is a WIP thread, so everyone is welcome to say their piece. I have beaten TSL and K1 dozens of times in the past. I first bought these games on original Xbox, then three different versions on PC. But I have never completed TSL with the restored content mod. As you are well aware of since you were the only person to reply. I have had some issues running TSL on Win10. But that was the GoG version I am now playing the Steam version and although progress has been slow, since I dedicate most of my time to both my job and the mod. The game has been running smoothly so far. The mod is not ready yet for dialogue I have added dummy dialogue in it's stead. I am still in the process of populating the worlds with npc's and fauna. Yes the antagonist has been changed. Like I said before back in the old LucasForums circa 2004/2005 the popular theory as to who the great enemy was. The remnants of Naga Sadow's empire. But after some discussion with a fellow forum member we came to the realization that if such an Empire did exist. Like Miraluka before it, Nihilus' hunger would have driven him there for him to consume. So we came up with a new better enemy, and yes the only major change is the enemy. Revan and the Exile joining up to face them has always been apart of the story. The bulk of the story is still there there have just been some tweaks to the story to accommodate the new enemy What have I done with the big planet. Well since I am no 3D artist I can't create new models nor will I ask anyone to do so. But if they wish to contribute that is up to them. But back to your question. The planet is an existing planet with cobbled up modules. Npc's have been changed. The most time consuming part was coming up with what modules to use and where. Then adding npc's to those modules. I've been reading skinning tutorials so maybe I will do it myself. No problem I understand your reservations and welcome any and all questions. Now as to the point of this thread this is a WIP thread. The thread is to announce the project, keep people up to date, and once I am satisfied I will post screenshots possibly a vid to highlight some things. In closing just let me say I am not Chris Avellone, I am but a mere fan of both KOTOR games and was not satisfied with the fates of our characters we know and love by EA BioWare and the Revan book. So this will be my gift to modders like yourself and the fans who keep the memory alive. Yes I do remember now what HK47 tells Revan or what the clever Jedi Council chose to rename him as Raven after the reveal. You make sense. But it's just that K2 hyped up Revan to be this mythical figure who knows all before it happens. That's why I was saying I think Revan knew exactly when Malak was going to betray him. Cause everyone in K2 loves Revan except Sion, but that's why my favorite out of Revan and the Exile is the Exile. Cause aside from easily creating Force bonds and being a Wound in the Force they're pretty much normal. That's why in my mod when Revan gets beyond the edges of the galaxy were he is not known. He will be nothing special. Though the enemy remembers him.
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    ETA: deleted some unnecessary stuff. I think that the subject of what devs intended to do, or how we choose to interpret the game has been well covered. I'm not going to reply to any other posts in this vein. It's been detracting from this thread, and, yes, it's partly my blame as well. Thank you.
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    That's why 98% of the time I play K2 I go darkside after talking to him. He is such a dick. Always talking down to Jedi. To make matters worse if you go darkside and fight him he is probably the hardest master to kill. I thought surviving Malak's bombardment would have made him humble. But no same old Vrook.
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    I really hope RLM is right and it has time travel.
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    I've temporarily stopped playing KotOR because I got sucked into yet another game franchise, but I'll come back around to it one day. It'll probably be 40 years from now, I'll be old and moldy, and I'll think to myself... Where did all these mods in my game come from? Why am I a Jedi from the get-go? Why do all the blasters and lightsabers look so cool? And why on earth is Mission black and red?! I thought she was blue! Nah, haha. But seriously, once I get do get bored of spending half a day downloading mods, only to restart my campaign over and over in Xcom 2 WOTC, I'll be back annoying the folks of the nearest Star Wars community within reach. I'm definitely on a "Must download every cool mod" kick lately, mods are great, but if you could view my entire Steam comment history from the past 2 weeks, you'd know just how much undying respect I have for modders. Because I lack the motivation to learn how to make ambitious mods, I can't express just how bleeping awesome the modding community is in general. Taking the time out of their day to work on something, not just for themselves, but to share with others, and not only do these great people do it free of charge, they will take even MORE time out of their days to help players troubleshoot any issues. Modders rock. Ok, end of my tangent. I had maybe too much coffee and not enough sleep haha. I mean it though.
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    They were updates for mod's screenshots. Before this some mods were missing their screenshots, so Mods/Admins doing some BTS stuff to make them back; hence the notification. Though some are doing actual update to their content, and one might look at the changelog to see what's going on with them.
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    What's really sad and unfortunate is that even if a new KOTOR game gets made, the voice of Canderous/Mandalore will have to be recast since John Cygan died a couple of years ago.