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    This mod is made by Pascal Gilcher, and it works on any game which has Depth Buffer access. The mod in the beta stage right now, and only available to patreon users, but it will be available for free for all once its done. This mod adds Ray Traced Global illumination to the screen space(depth buffer) to lit the scene. Global Illumination is consists of 2 things, Indirect shadows(ambient occlusion) and Indirect light. I will post bellow few comparison shots bellow, it worth mention that it is very option heavy, for example you can choose how long your shadows are, or how bright or dark indirect light are, and I choose setting which I felt are right for this game. Comparison shots: http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/DPKWPNNX http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/J2F0CNNU http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/DPKYLNNX http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/J2F1JNNU http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/DPKY7NNX
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    View File Custom Selkath Animation Custom Selkath Animation By Alvar007 This is my first mod release, so I hope I'm doing everything all right. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- DESCRIPTION: This mod adds a new entirely custom animation made by me to the TALK_FORCEFUL unused slot of the Selkath model. This will allow the Selkath to play an "angry talk" animation whenever it's called in their dialogues which is a bunch of times. INSTALLATION: Just run the .exe that comes with this download and select the game's installation main folder (NOT override). COMPATIBILITY: This mod should be compatible with any mod that doesn't alter the Selkath model and/or appearance in any way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS MODIFICATION IS PROVIDED AS-IS AND IS NOT SUPPORTED BY BIOWARE/OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT, LUCASARTS, DISNEY OR ANY LICENSERS/SPONSORS OF THE MENTIONED COMPANIES. USE OF THIS FILE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK AND THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES OR THE AUTHOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED TO YOUR COMPUTER FOR THE USAGE OF THIS FILE. Submitter Alvar007 Submitted 02/21/2020 Category Mods K1R Compatible No  
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    Greetings, mod's author - congrats with the release! I hope you don't mind me giving you a feedback or two. So, in the installation setup you were using -- [appearance.2da] ChangeRow0=modtyp [modtyp] RowLabel=40 modeltype=F That's OK, but the mod will only worked with Alien_Selkath_01 which is in RowLabel=40 while there are three variants [four, w/ Lite_Selkath_01 for whom using K1CP I'd gather] overall. Therefore, you may want to replace those with -- [appearance.2da] ChangeRow0=appearance_mod_alien_selkath_01_0 ChangeRow1=appearance_mod_alien_selkath_02_0 ChangeRow2=appearance_mod_alien_selkath_03_0 [appearance_mod_alien_selkath_01_0] RowIndex=40 modeltype=F [appearance_mod_alien_selkath_02_0] RowIndex=259 modeltype=F [appearance_mod_alien_selkath_03_0] RowIndex=260 modeltype=F To have that result you may want to use ChangeEdit's Compare feature which button looking like -- Also, you may want to take account of K1CP's user with your setup [and for those who don't it'll do no harm - benefits, even] by adding this following the above -- [appearance.2da] ChangeRow3=appearance_mod_lite_selkath_01_0 [appearance_mod_lite_selkath_01_0] RowIndex=323 race=N_Selkath walkdist=1.7 rundist=5.4 driveanimwalk=1.7 driveanimrun=5.4 racetex=**** modeltype=F Then, you will have your INI setup pretty much like -- And there you can update the INI of this awesome mod to be -humbly speaking- working optimally. I hope I did everything right there, as I wrote this after staying up all night, lol! Much thanks for considering, and may the Force serve you well!
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    That's good to know Salk, thanks! I have now learned how to use TSLPatcher and it's going to be useful for the Selkath mod. Also, for anyone interested, as per @Liserg's request I managed to fix the animations for Darth Malak so that he can now use all the animations from the humanoid supermodels including the cutscene ones while maintaining his original ones as you can see here: I added a custom portrait for him as well, and made him selectable in the character creation menu. I also ported both Nihilus and Malak (the latter having all the additional animations from K2) to K1 and K2 respectively: But I have a problem when trying to play as them from the selectable character menu: Nihilus dissapears after the first cutscene (right when the dialogue with Trask) and Malak has his head placed down a little inside his body. So they only properly work selecting them from KSE at the moment. Anyway, I could make a mod release for Malak at least if someone is interested.
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    And exactly one month later, Kashyyk is finally done. If I had not decided to add some fancy shenanigans that would've taken much shorter but I like the result even though you can't really see much of the skybox. And here's the entrance to the Wookiee village that you can actually see now (that's what was taking so long to get right). And finally, the usual render of just the skybox: Not sure what I'll work on next. The only big one still missing is Dxun and then there are some other skyboxes that still need little tweaks but I'm getting very close to actually finishing the vanilla skyboxes
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    They can't leave it alone. Too much a cash flow. Disney makes the crappiest villains and they will not understand Revan or Malak. Haven't they screwed over Revan enough? "integrate elements from the first two games in order to bring certain things into the current Star Wars canon." They will completely trash Tales of the Jedi lore just as this Sith Empire business did.
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    Only mesh alpha, not texture alpha. So mostly just for holograms. No, do not adjust the bone positions. You should look at the vanilla models for hierarchy clues. But the basic gist is skinned meshes are always direct children of the base. Only trimeshes (i.e. static meshes) need to be children of bones if they need to inherit movement. So hair meshes (typically) will be children of the head bone, lower teeth are children of the jaw bone, etc. Note that because Odyssey uses meshes as bones, a given mesh can be both a bone and a rendered object in the game. The eyeball and eyelid meshes are the most obvious head model examples of this (other examples are droids, which are mostly all rendered bones). Although you can create your own custom skinned eyeball/eyelash meshes, or assign weights to those sections of a face mesh. Just be aware that Odyssey has a maximum bone count of 17 bones per mesh (MDLEdit will probably bitch at you that the max is 16, unless @bead-v has fixed it in the most recent version). That means that a typical head mesh - assuming you split out the tongue, eyes, and teeth to separate meshes - will have one bone too many if you try skin the eyelashes (18 bones total). Since only the very bottom ring of verts on the neck typically need to be weighted to necklwr_g, splitting off the bottom ring of polys to a separate mesh before export might be one option, since smoothing across meshes should be fixed in MDLEdit.
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    At this point I feel like Star Wars is a car I used to love and still do, but I had to sell that car, and I have to let the new owner do whatever they want with it. So rather than stress over what stupid senseless thing they do to it, I can still remember the good times I had with it. In other words, there is nothing we can do since they own it and technically have every right to drive it into the ground on fire while everyone fights over whatever is left. A bit bleak, perhaps, but that is the reality we live in. Alternatively, we can hope that by some chance there are enough fans of actual skilled writing left (That have nothing to do with pointless love triangles, obscure prophesies, or Mary Sues jammed in for no reason; seriously, do these guys even realize how much Horrible Writing Advice has them pegged?) can create something unique and genuinely fun to watch and play. Maybe anomalies like Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order can fall through the cracks.
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    Stumbled upon this by chance: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/a-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-sequel-is-reportedly-in-the-works-at-ea/ I have a bad feeling about this...
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    Thanks for reporting this! This is a situation the code doesn't consider, so it crashes (unfortunately). I can reproduce the problem, but I'll have to hunt down to place where it happens when I have more time. In the mean time just make sure your animations have nodes in them if your experience another crash (or alternatively delete the animations). Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    The Selkath mod and Darth Malak fix have been uploaded. I will only do the items for the other two for now, since I can't figure out how to fix those problems. I have sent a message to @Ӄhrizby asking for permission to use his Darth Nihilus Animation Fix that I want to include with my port, but he hasn't connected for a year so I don't know if I can upload it if he doesn't reply. Also, I wanted to create a custom icon for the Darth Malak item (you can check it out in the Malak fix) but it appears so big that it fills the whole UI space in game instead of having that blue frame around it like the rest of the icons. Anyone knows how can I achieve that?
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    Thank you for the in-depth review of sorts it's really appreciated, these are definitely some things I will need to look into. Leaving the characters in place was just so that I had sets of co-ordinates to work with when placing new NPC's and so that it was not just a bunch of empty levels, though this is much easier now using the Kotor Toolset, but it is still good to have the Z Axis values as reference especially for placeables. One thing to note is that I don't remember modifying the main menu and wonder which files you are referring to? The only alteration to menus I believe was the TSLRCM / M478EP Animated Logo that I obtained permission to include. Making it so that dialog can all be skipped is definitely something I will change in future versions, I only tested the borders of Tatooine once and didn't think to make them skippable, though the same can be said for the rest of the dialog I have added into the game. As for the swoop tracks, the current versions are based off of the Telos Swoop Track but modified to have the relevant rooms, swoop bike and camera models from the first game, I really need to spend a bit of time diagnosing the problem properly ( such as the exit transition script / going through it step by step ), I also need to make sure it loads two different versions of each track for the upgradeable swoop bike mod by bead-v that I have permission to include. The Swoop Tracks are definitely an integral part of the mod that I need to get working, I haven't spent as much time on this project recently as I would have liked to but intend to sit down and work on it again properly for a few days sometime soon. Though I have the story ideas laid out now, I also have sets of test rooms to view all the placeables, characters and alien dialog to help me choose what I will want where. Using just alien dialog might be a bit of a setback in terms of quality it is the best option for the moment. I spent quite a while making changes to M478 because I felt the jumping transitions were really off-putting / disorientating, I have also played the game through a few times looking for odds and ends to fix ( distracting myself from the main part of the project ) I have since played M478 through quite a few times and found everything to work correctly, though I haven't been able to find two items to finish a quest there neither in the vanilla nor in my modified version, but this might just be that I have overlooked a container / placeable somewhere. ( Quest is Archon Communication - I obtained the schematics from one droid and didn''t find the other two items ) But eventually I do intend this project to come bundled with various fixes, the extra areas and as many Quality of Life improvements as I can make, I am also looking for suggestions on anything that might need changing, fixing or editing in the main game, I have a large folder of screenshots that I need to go through pin-pointing things I have already located to modify, move, remove or fix. Again thank you for your kind words and notes on any issues, also apologies for my long-winded response.
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    Not done yet, but here's a sneak peek: I tried more towards red but it made her look like a clown or something 😐
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    Both Sith Lords selectable in both games would be awesome. Would love to see the Malak one. Thank you for your work.
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    I'll get to the discoloration later. Right now I need to fix the skin and the scar first before I apply the discoloration layer, Then it'll come down to the eyes.
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    If you're using either Steam or gog you can just repair your installation and that should redownload the streammusic folder. You should make a backup of everything else though just in case the reparation screws up some mods. And if you're using the CD version you can also just rename your current installation, do a fresh installation and get the streammusic folder from there.
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    I put my original mod on hold since someone else is making it. And, wow, does it look good! So, on to the most neglected project: a new DeNCS. It's currently able to interpret op codes and arguments, so the next step is the higher-level control flow. Here's where you can help: Byte Code - I obtained a list of op codes from here. I need to make sure it's complete and correct. NWScript - I am compiling a list of operators, punctuators, and keywords from here, and here. I need to make sure it's complete and correct. Mapping - This is the big one, making sure script converts to byte code, and vice versa. 100% identical conversion, every time. No pressure. DOT Diagram - I need a program that can make diagrams from DOT DOT Generator - I can generate the DOT from my code, but it would be helpful if something could do this for me, as well. Name - Right now, it's called DeNCS 2020. Narrowly edging out NewNCS. Please, give it a good name. A couple of things I want to address. DeNCS sometimes reports a partial-byte mismatch. At first, I ignored this just like every other modder. However, while testing this tool I compared the output of an NCS file straight from the game to the output DeNCS generated... Well, it looks like DeNCS attempts to convert the NCS to source code, then attempts to convert the source code back to an NCS file. Then, it compares the original NCS to the new one. And, if they don't match? Partial-byte mismatch. I don't know why DeNCS doesn't always perform a perfect conversion, but it's something to investigate. Particularly, since there are reports that even NCS files generated by Bioware and Obsidian had bugs in them. Troubleshooting the NCS files will make this longer since I have no way of knowing what the original files should have looked like. (But, I can guess just like DeNCS seems to do.) This is command-line only. There was never any intention to make this a stand-alone tool. However, development will take longer than I expected, which means a GUI is the least of my priorities. At some point, I want to merge this into a toolset, maybe even the one up above. So, no GUI. (That also means the stand-alone tool won't be around for very long.) Got any feedback? Thanks! Edit: I just downloaded Graphviz, so I am covered with DOT diagrams. I think the included library will allow me to generate DOT, too.
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    Presumably you want to ask @DrMcCoy. Xoreos has done the most recent and thorough (publicly available) work on it. I gather you have perused their repo? I'd advise against any incorporation of "DeNCS" in the name. Xoreos has already taken "ncsdis" and "ncsdecomp". You could perhaps go with something like "NCS2NSS". That's fine. The Xoreos tools are all commandline, and real men compile directly with nwnnsscomp which is commandline as well. Batch scripts are easy enough to write. And as with nwnnsscomp, if someone was keen enough they could always write a GUI front-end for it (ask @JCarter426 - he'll need a GUI project for his course later in the year presumably). Yes. It's presumably due to the way that DeNCS interprets the bytecode, since there's obviously not a 1:1 match between it and the source NSS. I would suggest you try decompiling some of the global scripts that have Bioware source available and compare DeNCS's output with the original NSS. There are certain quirks in the way DeNCS likes to format things, which, while functionally the same, may introduce the subtle differences it complains about with partial matches.
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    I think the Exile moved around the outer rim going from job to job. At least that's what the player gathers in talking to Bao Dur about what he did post Mandolorian War.
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    I imagine she couldn't cook... all she know is McDonald’s , charge her phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie. Pretty sure this is canon.
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    Specific model and texture references are not saved. The appearance.2da row ID of all creatures is stored in the save. The heads.2da row and body models are defined in that. You can dynamically edit the heads.2da row ID and the body models/textures for a given row and the changes will be reflected in-game, but you can't change the row to a different one, at least not without editing the save. For player characters it's a little different, since there is also portraits.2da that controls the DS transition textures as well as the sex and appearance.2da rows used. The base texture of the head is purely dictated by what is assigned by the model in K1, although in TSL there is a texture override option in heads.2da. The engine seems to choke on single skinned meshes that hit around 10K tris, causing massive deformation problems. The game will crash if you have shadows enabled on a mesh over around 2,500 tris. Your current model is fine, just make sure you don't have shadows enabled for the head mesh. The head bone is the shadow caster. At a guess, it could be that your face mesh has non-world zero pivot. Try weighting it 100% to the head bone and see if it shows up. It could also be that it lacks a render flag. Make sure you can see "render 1' in its specific node in the ASCII. Some sort of transform issue is the mostly likely culprit if it was exported from Max. All meshes need to have a Reset XForm run on them and their stack collapsed before skinning. It's just a linear gradient. I have some crappy ones here you can use as a basis if you need.
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    View File tpcview View and export Odyssey Engine proprietary texture formats. A lightweight, somewhat quick viewer for textures in TPC format, or the proprietary header DDS format used in Aurora and its descendants. Also provides a capability to export to TGA, which is useful when you find images that won't convert via any other tool. The viewer aspect is a bit of an afterthought, as for the longest time this was just where I tested my TPC=>TGA conversion code. However, over time, I found myself wanting a simple viewer that could preview a lot of images at once, so this happened. The application is cross-platform, available for macOS and Windows. The app is written in javascript, built on Electron using three.js. ============================================================ How do I set it up? Windows: Download the '-installer' file, unzip the 7z package, run tgaview Setup <version>.exe Mac: unzip the package, move tpcview.app to /Applications, run it * This is not a signed application, so you have to do whatever is required to run non-MAS applications on your MacOS version. The application provides file associations for TPC & DDS files. Hopefully the DDS association will not override any you may already have for non-proprietary DDS files. ============================================================ How do I use it? Viewing Drag files in. They should show up. The files you drag in fill the window in a list that generally resembles the file input order. They all show at once, so there's a moderate memory requirement around loading many files at once. For example, loading the 5210 TPC files from TSL takes 2.25G memory on my machine, your mileage will vary. Mouse over images to get info about them in the window's title bar. Click images to toggle scaling the image to fit the window and viewing the information about them in the info panel at the bottom of the window. Double click the background of the window to clear all loaded images. Exporting Use modifier keys while dragging in order to get Export as TGA functionality. A description of the export activity you are requesting shows up in the info panel at the bottom while you are dragging. Export will occur while the file is being loaded. You cannot export already open images without dragging them in again. Files are exported into same directory as original TPC files being dragged, THEY WILL OVERWRITE EXISTING TGA FILES WITHOUT WARNING. When a TPC file is exported to TGA, a TXI file will also be generated if the original TPC file contained such information. When adding alpha blending value to TXI output, only non-1.0 values will be added (as 1.0 is considered default). ============================================================ Features View TPC format 32bpp, 24bpp, and 8bpp compressed and uncompressed images View Aurora proprietary DDS format 32bpp and 24bpp compressed images Export to TGA Export TXI files containing the texture extension information from TPC files Export all detail levels (mipmaps) present in original image file (can help debugging image compressors) Add an alpha blending value from the TPC header into exported TXI file outputs, i.e. '# alphablending 0.67' File association for TPC and DDS formats with provided file type icons Submitter ndix UR Submitted 01/30/2020 Category Modding Tools  
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    Although I am not interested in buying a Disney/LucasFilm remake. I wonder how are they going to handle Hk-47? I doubt Disney would approve a homicidal droid as a companion. They'll probably make him follow the self destructive path of pacifism.
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    One thing to keep in mind is that doing any sort of significant character movement while using dynamic cameras is generally not advisable. It often leads to unpleasant bobbing and jerky camera motion (most pronounced if the character is running). Ideally you'd use a static camera or animated camera for such shots.
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    I've copied and pasted your script, compiled and attached to "I'm Carth, soldier on the Endar Spire" and nothing happening. Then, I've tested your script on PC response with "I had a strange dream". Nothing again... [EDIT] : The compiled file was not in Override folder ! I've changed that. Only Carth walk to the window with your script. [EDIT 2] : IT'S WORKING ! I've attached your script Bead-v to "I had a strange dream" (PC response) and to "I'm not surprised" (Carth response).
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    This worked for me: void main() { object oPC = GetFirstPC(); object oCarth = GetObjectByTag("carth"); AssignCommand(oPC, ClearAllActions()); location lPC = Location(Vector(86.3,147.0,0.0), 0.0); location lCarth = Location(Vector(85.9,145.6,0.0), 0.0); AssignCommand(oCarth, ActionForceMoveToLocation(lCarth, FALSE)); DelayCommand(1.0, AssignCommand(oPC, ActionForceMoveToLocation(lPC, FALSE))); }
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    Easy - I didn't do it. Those are the original TOR weights, just mapped to the KOTOR rig, merged from multiple source bones as required. Yes, you can adjust the hooks if needed. As I said above, skinned meshes can just be parented directly to the OdysseyBase. Most of the vanilla KOTOR head models that have separate hair meshes use danglymeshes (i.e. static meshes that use vertex buffer animation), so those are parented to the head bone.
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    It bitches if there are more than 18 (though the error message still says 16, fixed now for next release). Since there is space in the mdl it can be safely compiled and decompiled with 18 bones, but tests have shown that 17 is the effective maximum. IIRC, the issue JC had with Handmaiden's shoulder (right handed vs left handed UVs) still persists, but I think it should work in most more general cases.
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    I do not know exactly, but somehow you're supposed to mark edges as sharp/hard (ie. there will be no smoothing across these). Kotorblender should then translate this to smoothing groups on export. The _g meshes are the bones yes. I don't think you need to move them, but then I've never done something like this. I'd say don't moved them if possible. In most cases the animations are on the supermodels (s_male01, s_male02, s_female01, s_female02, s_female03), the bones are matched based both on their hierarchy and their names, so do not change that. The hierarchy matters for some things like alpha transparency (DarthParametric could tell you more about that), but I don't see any problem with having the hair as the child of the head. Although as far as I know, vanilla models are not structured this way, so maybe just stick to the usual design unless you actually need to change it. I do not have an answer to this one, sorry!
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    You did everything right, except that Carth's tag is not "p_carth", it's "carth". You can check a creature's tag by opening their .utc with either kotor tool or a GFF editor. Also, it is useful for debugging to check whether your script is running, you can do this by writing: SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(), "Script is running!"); You should get the message to your Feedback window. If you do, it means the problem is not with running the script, so something must be wrong with the script if you are not seeing the result you want. Bonne chance
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    I read in another news source (in my native spanish) that it was actually a Remake, not a sequel. I would honestly prefer a remake to a sequel. A remake done right for both games, just graphical and gameplay-wise, would be awesome. However, my nostalgic me says that they won't get it right...
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    Previous Messages Latest Story Ideas These are some rough drafts of the story ideas I have planned out for the areas I have added into the game, I have noted major plot points so that I can start planning out each level accordingly and trying to tie everything into the main game as best as possible, I have also added a group of HK-50s to each new location so as to offer even more chance to get the HK parts as well as more opportunities to track down the HK Factory ( Which I missed in my recent playthrough ) This is a much more definitive outline of what is now planned for the project than any of the far-out ideas I had to begin with, I look forward to finding out what people think, constructive criticism welcomed and appreciated. Visibility File Fixes
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    I was just thinking of how hilarious it would be if someone said something like, "Man, Visquis is looking AMAZING today!".
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    Yes, I forgot for the first eight hours or so which in game time must've been a few days. Revan did not rely on the Force to rescue Bastila and get off Taris. I do remember the underwater portion of Manaan and the Firacis shark. Oh he was definitely in the war of Exar Kun. He was either in his early 20's or even in his late teens like most warrior cultures. There are other characters that definitely fought in that war like Jolee, Kreia, Vrook, Dorak, and it is said Darth SIon is from that time. Well I like Darth Sion too. He and Darth Malak are similar in a way. Both prefer to use brute strength, and both have depth. In the final confronttion with Sion on Malachor he himself says he prefers Darth Malak over Revan. I agree Revan seemed to be the headstrong one of the two. It could be because like Exar Kun before him, he had a thirst for forbidden knowledge according to Dorak. Yeah I can see the Exile writing tell all book called 'Revan the man behind the mask.' As for fans who bash K1 and prefer K2. THey forget if it wasn't for the popularity of K1 there wouldn't be a K2, and I believe since K2 never attained the universal claim that K1 did, that is why LucasArts never produced a third game.
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    Here, extract this into your Override and see how it looks. [TSL]_PFHA04_Eye_Clipping_Fix.7z
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    Yeah, I'll tackle Redhawke's mods. If that logo checks out, I think it's a great idea and will use it.
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    Alvar007 i congratulate you on the mod premiere, thank you for your fantastic work and thank you for the fact that thanks to you K1 is getting better and more interesting!
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    Ok, glad you found a way. Most people here want the patcher to add a new character. If you replace an existing character then you could get away with throwing some files in the override. Which is what I do with the TSL player mods that I make to work on Steam, the Patcher is not an option there.
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    If you're referring to his mdl and mdx files, they are: - p_candba.mdl/mdx -p_candbb.mdl/mdx -p_candh.mdl/mdx. You can re-extract them from KOTOR Tool under Kotor 1 - BIFs - Aurora Model & Aurora Model Extension.
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    Interestingly though, most scripts that DeNCS chokes on do not appear to be due to recursion, at least judging by running said scripts through ncsdis, which reports the presence of recursion. In my experience, it's the use of per-planet includes that trips it up the most. The module OnEnter and OnHeartbeat scripts for Tatooine in K1 are a particularly good example of this.
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    Getting there. I honestly think the eyes are going to have to say huge. Not much I can do on that side. I will need to just light up his texture I guess and then he'll be good to go I guess.
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    If you can get the mdl file to work. Please do so. I am attempting to get the ascii file I uploaded to work with mdledit or mdlops but it isn't working. Not sure why. My goal is to try and compile that ascii file that possibly will fix one of the issues with the file. There are two other issues. One is with the left side of revan's face that has the scar from the mask. Not sure how to resolve it. the other issue is the texture of the skin. The texture is way too dark in relation to the hands and feet. But the first thing is the mdledit. Please feel free to help. Most of the files on the thread from others are what I have used to try and make this possible. I really want everyone to get a copy of this TOR Port.
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    If you open the binary file in mdledit, you can edit the textures by using the Edit → Textures... feature. It will take care of problems like the new texture name being longer or shorter than the previous one...
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    You can add Kex's mod back. It isn't at fault. Are you using an upscaled textures mod? Looks like the vista buildings are not being alpha masked. Edit: Actually it doesn't seem like the are being properly textured at all. Check your Override folder for the presence of LTS_Bsky01.tga and LTS_Bsky02.tga. Edit 2: OK, that actually is part of Kex's mod. Try putting this in your Override rather than deleting the TGA. What's your OS and graphics card? LTS_Bsky01.txi
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    updated. soon done changing .tlk and then onto proof reading and typo scouring
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    Hi, all! I'm writing modern versions of the tools for myself and wondered if there is interest in making them publicly available. Some motivations: Performance - K-GFF, DLGEditor, etc... are quite slow Dependencies - DeNCS, KSE, etc... require (sometimes deprecated) Java, Perl, QT, and other 3rd party packages Workflow - The tools are generally great, but you need to use more than one to do simple things like edit a GIT (e.g. ERFEdit on the SAV files, then K-GFF on the GIT) Ease of use - Most of these tools are less than intuitive, with steep learning curves Bugs - Some of these tools have still have bugs (e.g. GITEdit wouldn't open a file, or exit) With these issues in mind, my "holy grail" tool would be: Fast - Every action should complete in milliseconds, including building structures from GFF files Self-contained - No dependencies, just pure C++ code One workspace - Files that contain other files should be modifiable along with the files they contain, with valid options for all file types (e.g. add creature to GIT stored in save game file) Intuitive interface - Noobs shouldn't have to read a manual Error-free - Including required knowledge of file formats, file names, and game mechanics And the tools I'm targeting for replacement/consolidation: KOTOR Tool KOTOR Save Editor ERFEdit K-GFF DLGEditor DeNCS GITEdit Others? Let me know what you think!
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    Since the critical multiplier can be increased in the second game, I decided to investigate whether this would affect any Massive Criticals bonus. While Massive Criticals bonuses were added to, but not multiplied by, critical hits with ranged and melee weapons as expected, with lightsabers the bonus damage (as recorded in the Combat section of the Journal's Messages Log) was higher than expected, for both a main character and Kreia. This wasn't a result of multiplication, since bonus damage added was still within the same range as a x2 critical with Perseverance (Shien) lightsaber form active or Power Attack (x3), or both (x4), and other than Power Attack there were no other sources of bonus damage (none on normal hits or without a Massive Criticals bonus). However, a lightsaber with a Discharge Energy Cell added 3-15 bonus damage rather than the expected 1-3, which is 2-12 more: although I didn't keep track of the distribution, values approaching minimum and maximum were much rarer, which suggested something more like a normal distribution with 1d3 and 2d6 (108 outcomes) rather than 1d3 and 1d12 (only 36 outcomes). Tests with other Massive Criticals bonuses (Improved Discharge Energy Cell (1-6), Opila crystal (2-12) and black Name Crystal at level < 12 (1-4) and level > 32 (3-30)), albeit with much smaller sample sizes so far, also had bonus damage higher than expected, and didn't refute 2d6 being added. Can anyone confirm this is what's happening, and why it's happening? I know that these games are based somewhat on Neverwinter Nights, and a preliminary internet search suggests it may be something similar to overwhelming critical.
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    I think the locking mechanism would be wonderful on the numerous lockboxes we encounter throughout the game.
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    Realistically, having players choices from previous games actually matter is impossible for practical reasons. I think KotOR 2 does a good job of referencing the choices without wasting resources accommodating all the different options. Having said that, if we are going to continue on as the exile, as I think they should have, you would have to implement some sort of time skip to give time for all your companions to disperse, and have the sith invasion occur without it feeling contrived that it happens exactly as K2 ends. You can have the exile ditch everyone and go off with T3, HK, and maybe Atton (he can't die without restored content, so he can be included). Mandalore has Mandalore stuff to do. Disciple/Handmaiden, Visas, Mira have Jedi/Sith training to do. You can then say the exile was screwing around looking for Revan for a few years (good excuse to lower the players level and alignment scores). I think that's a decent enough setup that lets old companions show up, but be easily replaceable, sort of like how mass effect worked. I think the sith invasion does need to occur at some point, for the story to have any stakes, but I'm not sure if it should be at the beginning or the end (for some K4 setup). The story really starts to just turn into mass effect/new Jedi order at this point so I'll stop.