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Lightsaber and Force Forms

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This mod adds 10 lightsaber forms and four force forms to the game, which can be learned at various levels. These can be learned from four holocrons and one new NPC, on Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban and the Unknown World. The player can learn a total of seven forms. They can be activated from the medpac/stims section of the GUI. This mod uses TSLPatcher, and is fully compatible with K1RP. The holocrons and the NPC are fully voiced. Where possible, the stats for the forms imitate those in KotOR II.


Stats for the forms are as follows:


Form I: Shii-Cho:- Attack +1, Defense Bonus 2


Form II: Makashi:- Attack +3, Blaster Deflect: -5, Defence Bonus -5, Will Saves +3


Form III: Soresu:- Attack: -4, Blaster Deflect: +4, Defense Bonus 4 (Must be level 9 or higher)


Form IV: Ataru:- Attack +1, Blaster Deflect: -4, Defense Bonus 3, Damage Bonus: +2 (Must be level 11 or higher, and a Guardian or Sentinel)


Form V: Shien/Djem So:- Attack +1, Blaster Deflect: +2, Defense Bonus 5, Damage Bonus: +2 (Must be level 14 or higher, and a Guardian)


Form VI: Niman:- Attack +1, Defense Bonus 1, Blaster Deflect: +1, Will Saves: +1 (Must be level 14 or higher, and a Sentinel)


Form VII: Juyo:- Attack +4, Attacks per round +1, Defence Bonus -2, Will Saves: +4 (Must be a Guardian)


Form VIII: Sokan:- Attack +3, Damage Bonus: +1, Reflex Saves: +3, Defense Bonus 2, Defense Bonus vs. Piercing -2 (net bonus: 0) (Must be a Sentinel)


Form IX: Shien:- Attack +3, Damage Bonus: +3, Defence Bonus -2, Blaster Deflect: -2, Reflex Saves: -2 (Must be a Sentinel)


Form X: Niman/Jar’Kai:- Attack +2, Offhand attack bonus +3, Defense Bonus 1, Fortitude Saves: -1 (Must be a Guardian)


Harmony Force Form:- Maximum Force Points: +10%, Reflex Saves: +2, Force Resistance: -3 (Must be level 11 or higher, and a Consular)


Endurance Force Form: Will Saves: +1, Force Resistance: +2 (Must be level 14 or higher, and a Consular)


Persistence Force Form: Will Saves: +3, Reflex Saves: -2, Force Resistance: +4 (Must be a Consular)


Unity Force Form: Maximum Force Points: +10%, Reflex Saves: +2, Force Resistance: +3 (Must be a Consular)


This mod should be compatible with most others. Nevertheless, it *may* cause incompatibilities
with any mod which alters or makes use of:


- the script slot for Entry 99 of kor35_utharwynn.dlg
- the script slot for Entry 0 of kor39_utharwynn.dlg
- the script slot for Entry 19 of dan13_belaya.dlg
- the script slot for Entry 1 of k_player_dialog.dlg
- unk44_sparty.dlg; particularly any mod which adds a third entry to the dialogue file, and uses it to fire a script.
- Item 99 in the droppable list for kas25_wraid.utc


Thanks are to Zhaboka, Sith Holocron, newbiemodder, Fallen Guardian, Warlord664, Quanon, Marius Fett, Canderis, DarthAnsem, SithSpecter, Slstoev, CptPriceless, kyrie, and Fair Strides 2 for their feedback and comments on the mod as it progressed;
to deathdisco, whose original KotOR I lightsaber forms mod inspired this one;
to Darth333, stoffe, jmac7142/Det. Bart Lasiter, glovemaster, and everyone else who taught me and continues to teach me to script;
to Darkkender, for his "Recruit Darkkender" mod, which I used to work out how to make the lightsaber forms work;
to T7Nowhere, whose fantastic "Revan's Mask Plus" mod inspired the form of this one;
to Samuel Dravis, jonathan7 and Pavlos, for vital feedback at various stages in the planning of this mod;
to Fred Tetra for the truly awesome KotOR tool and his nwnsscomp conversion;
to Holowan Labs for remaining by far the best place to work on KotOR mods on the internet;
and to Obsidian, Bioware, and LucasArts, for making both KotOR games.


Particular thanks to Quanon, VarsityPuppet, and Marius Fett for their help with the new placeable models used by this mod;
Also to Sith Holocron and Fair Strides, who beta-tested for me;
And most especially, my thanks are to my voice-over artists, who are listed below, and some of whom had to suffer demands for endless redrafts and slow response times with admirable patience:
Thanks also to Daemonjax over at KotORNexus for spotting the errors corrected in this update.


Voice Overs:
Sith Holocron as the Sith Holocron;
Zhaboka as Jedi Holocron, Kashyyyk Holocron, and Guun-Han Saresh;
Melissa Trudeau as the Sith Trainer.


Locations of Holocrons / What they teach:
NB: Do not read if you want this to be a surprise!


You learn the Shii-Cho during the initial training montage.
You can learn Soresu from the Jedi Holocron in the Enclave training room when you reach level 9.
You can learn Ataru (Guardians/Sentinels) or the Harmony form (Consulars) from the Jedi Holocron when you reach level 11.


You can learn Makashi from the Sith Teacher in the Korriban Academy, standing by the entrance in the final room before the Valley of the Dark Lords.
You can learn Shien Form IX (Sentinels), Niman/Jar'Kai Form X (Guardians), or Persistence Form (Consulars) from the Sith Holocron in the tomb of Naga Sadow.


You can learn Shien/Djem So Form V (Guardians), Niman Form VI (Sentinels) or Endurance Form (Consulars) once you reach level 14 from the Jedi Holocron found in the Beast in the Shadowlands.


Unknown World:
You can learn Juyo (Guardians), Sokan (Sentinels) or the Unity Form (Consulars) from the Sith Holocron in the basement computer room of the Temple.



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YAYYYY!!!!!!! Glad it's finally done. Although now I wished I had waited to start a new K1 playthrough. Can I install this with my current game and then just go back to a save at the end of Taris?

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You should be fine to do that, yeah. Nothing gets added to Taris. But it will have to be before you get to Dantooine.

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Hey, InSidious, I just wanted to let you know, I think there is a conflict between the Lightsaber and Force Forms and K1R 1.1. I installed both of those in a separate and clean install of KotOR, and I noticed that there are 22-ish force powers added that have no icons, and their name and descriptions look like dialogue (Screenshots from KSE are here). 

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I've previously used and translated K1 Force Pack 2.0, but putting 6 APR with Juyo, I inflict only 5.


Is it possible to have 6 APR with this MOD or 5 APR is a limit of the game?

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I'm pretty sure the game is hardcoded for 5 attacks per round max.


// 485: Create a Modify Attacks effect to add attacks.
// - nAttacks: maximum is 5, even with the effect stacked


effect EffectModifyAttacks(int nAttacks);

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So I have run into an interesting bug with this one.  The Jedi Holocron in the training room in the Academy on Dantooine looks like a dead wookiee.

I can still interact with it as if it were a functioning holocron, and nothing appears to be broken as far as I can tell, so this is a fairly minor bug.  Still, it is a little immersion-breaking.

Does anyone know what's causing this and/or how to fix it?


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