This is the Sleheyron Planet, which is a Work-In-Progress mod for KotOR

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3 hours ago, Mutilator57 said:

Option 1 all the way. IMO it's better to keep the style of the rest of the game.


1 hour ago, N-DReW25 said:

Btw, are you still going to use the vanilla style blue loading screens? Because whilst your coloured screens are amazing if I wanted to play with just K1R, the unofficial patch and Sleheyron those coloured loading screens will look out of place.

These two posts seem to sum my confusion: vanilla loadscreens are blue. Both of his Sleheyron screens aren't. So exactly how is option 1 more like vanilla?

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Yes, I do believe Option 1 for the loading screen should be used by default for the modification.

And the color should match that of the original loading screens as well, just like N-DReW25 pointed out.

Option 2 can be colored and made part of the Loadscreens in Color mod just like SH suggested.

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On 8/5/2019 at 2:47 AM, Sithspecter said:

Two options for loading screen, which should I go with?

I'd definitely go for the second. It looks more lively to me. :cheers:

And with that as the loading screen I wouldn't mind if it takes 10 mins for the game to load, lol.

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Either one of the load screens can be desaturated. I was planning on doing desaturated versions for the default mod, but I’m so in love with the colored versions that it makes it hard.

I am not sure why people think the first one matches the style better. They are both just screenshots of the area like everywhere else in the game 🤷‍♂️ But maybe it does match better.

The first screenshot is very similar to one angle from an original screenshot. The second is from a section of the street that I created from scratch with no real template to base it on.

I’ll post up desaturated versions of both and maybe that will help decide.

Here's both desaturated:



I agree that the Option 1 looks much better than Option 2 when desaturated. I'm thinking the best course is, as others have suggested, Option 1 for default loadscreen, and Option 2 for Loadscreens With Color Add-on.

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Bumping a thread, I.E. asking for updates, is against the rules here.

The great and terrible Sithspecter will let us know when he has something to share.

Any further bumping will be disciplined.

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Would you consider making new types of already existing monsters, for example, maybe a "Rune Kath Hound" that uses the Albino Kath Hound model, but textured differently to give it a "Natural Force user" look, along with the ability to use Force powers in addition to its normal melee attacks? I think it would be a great way to add some variety to the planet from a gameplay standpoint. 

Also I figure this will be a no, but is there any chance you would consider adding a Krayt Dragon fight to the arena? I know you said you weren't going to add any new monsters to the planet, but technically the Krayt Dragon isn't new because the model already exists in the game. It would just be a matter (Yes, I realize animating 3D models is extremely time consuming.) of animating the model.

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