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  1. (sigh) SWTOR. I bid you ...adieu. 😐

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    2. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Yeaaahh but i have no idea how to do any of that. Have you ever lifted saber hilts from there?

    3. DarthParametric


      Indeed. I first posted pics of extracted sabers (and other models) on LF back in the beta period in 2011.

      I can give you all the saber meshes and textures if you don't want to deal with the hassle of extracting them yourself. I've mused at times about porting them myself, but frankly I don't really like most of them.

      Edit: Although poking through the files just now, I discovered a "modular" folder (which I don't recall seeing before) which has separate emitters/control boxes/grips/pommels. Seems like you could use them to piece together some interesting creations. It seems like that must be how they are making their more recent sabers. Lots of recognisable movie hilt components, albeit with the serial numbers filed off.

    4. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Yes. Yes to meshes. Of course all the newer CM sabers would be what we wanted, so anything you could send my way would be great, don’t know if I’d even be able to use them, I really just want to have a look.