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  1. Doing my first modded playthrough of K1 in 5 years. Figuring out compatibility of mods is a nightmare these days, never any clear answers...

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    2. LoneWanderer


      Since Recruitable Kay use TSLPatcher, chances are, it is compatible with K1R (or, at least, won't break the game), if the they don't have .ncs scripts with the same names.

      Look at the situation from other position: you can be the first person to inform community, whether these mods are compatible or not! 😉

    3. Mephiles550


      What's even more of a nightmare is trying to modfix the incompatible mods yourself to make them work with eachother and you keep missing something so you get new problems every time

      Trying to make brotherhood of Shadow compatible with my specific mod build has been quite the challenge and I'm definitely not done yet. 

    4. Thor110


      I've said it before and i'll say it again, while all the customisation is great, some users just want a complete package and to not have to spend their time learning how to mod a game just to play it with mods.

      The community could still really benefit from a complete overhaul of both games that combines essentials and the best of the best into one package, only problem is organising such a thing and getting everyone to work together, unfortunately and understandably everybody is so busy with their own little ideas for the game that this sort of thing is unlikely to ever happen beyond say the reddit build list.

  2. Don't visit that often these days, but i am noticing a lot of spamming lately....  

  3. Everyone from the UK, just renember to vote today! Dont let your say go unheard. #IVotedRemain

  4. Anyone else going star wars celebration? cant wait to see dave filoni's pannel! :)

    1. Kexikus


      I will. It's gonna be great :)

    2. Rinku


      I wish I could go T_T keep us updated about everything :D

  5. May the 4th be with you! :)

  6. Just to out do milestail, possting from the top of the shard in London :P

  7. Happy Birthday, supreme administrator Sith Holocon! Long may he reign :P

  8. i cant downloud anything from here at the moment :/ keeps coming up with error and saying i dont have permision :(

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    2. bendarby24


      any of them, but it most of had a funny couple of days because 3 days latter there working again ?

    3. Mandalore


      Yeah, that's odd.

    4. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Can you download anything now? If so, feel free to update your Status, ;)

  9. Has the geoharade mod, still not been patched for tslrcm? last time i was here like 4 mounths ago they said there was news about it soon? nevver give people force hope or reslease date :/

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    2. bendarby24


      Carm SH! I just remember a post or some saying to week until release, maybe I imagined it or may its there, the only reason I asked is because im doing my first play trough with m4 - 7h mod :D

    3. Mandalore


      Nothing recently - Darth Sapiens was working on it, and he hasn't been around for a while.

    4. bendarby24


      Ok thanks for the info :)

  10. Obsidian wants to make kotor 3 and still think of ideas for the game

    1. HK-47


      Opinion: They should go for it. Now that LA isn't breathing fire and stupidity, they can make a game that will be awesome. And use the frostbite engine. I want to break things in KotOR.

  11. OMG this is why i hate the BMP party, so glad they banned this from TV

  12. Interview for pylmouth uni and one for Bristol uni game design coucre

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      How did the interview go?

  13. so close come on already

    1. zbyl2


      There's the longer one too:


      The scene where they compare their screwdrivers killed me.

  14. Hey guess i popped back to tell you the news that i am auditioning for a role in star wars because its in Bristol next to where i live and also they are looking for a young British teen :D

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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Don't break any NDA's.

    3. Mandalore
    4. ZM90


      @Zbyl2 we can all hope he can without getting in trouble. Admittedly that would be completely awesome but I kinda doubt he'll be able to but you never know I suppose.

  15. Ok guy I think this is it, I'm going to leave with vary few visits back to this site. I have been with the kotor moding community for 8 years now and don't worry Deadly stream is always going to be my favorite. I have made and seen a lot of friends leave over my years from the creator of web site him self stream or know as doctor to friends like Mandalore. But I have decided to final give up Kotor up, with most of my mods files been lost on dead web sites and being on my old computer...

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    2. bendarby24


      Going to university soon and I think my time is over maybe in a couple of years I might come back to do one last play through with all the new mods

    3. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      Let's not say goodbye then. Let's put it like . . . "See you around in a while!"

    4. VarsityPuppet


      One does not simply LEAVE the KOTOR community...


      Unless you're Dashus... or Darth Balor... or Doc Valentine...

  16. HAIL its the creaters (creater of this website) Birthday, Happuy birthday doctor

  17. Glastonbury was amazing


  19. yay lionhead stuidoes is remaking the Fable 1

    1. bendarby24
    2. Hassat Hunter

      Hassat Hunter

      Are they going to make it suck less... or add the old promises Lionhead made but never delivered upon?

  20. We might get a KOTOR 3 and battlefront 3 after all :D

    1. hkmandalore47


      really??? explain plz!!!!

    2. Logan23


      We are not getting Kotor3 in the way most think-exile or Revan- EA is going to make a game that is basically Battlefront 3 but with a different name. As for kotor3- we will see RPG like kotor either during the time before the Episode 7. ToR being a Bioware/EA - they won't make a game that will compete with ToR. But I can see us getting another RPG and a Jedi Knight type of game. Will they be depends on EA. Bioware and DICE are studios that can make good games if EA would not pus...

    3. hkmandalore47


      ah ok. i can't wait! and i'm tired of the lack of good star wars games in recent years

  21. Happy Birthday :)

  22. REALY want a new game, but i should'nt just before exam mounth :(

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      If you think of the new game as a reward for doing well on your exams, perhaps the wait won't seem as bad.

    2. Darth_Sapiens


      do it. studying is for chumps. you know if you dont it'll rustle your jimmies eternally.