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  1. Mandalorian Ripper shots originate from the feet. Any fix for this?
  2. Why would you not include screenshots of the new optional armor for Uthar and Yuthura and the other one?
  3. Dang. I really like the look of the pictures 2, 3 and 6. The 6th picture (third from last) would make a good Ossus Keeper Robe.
  4. @Vabulletizer Figured it out. The installer was screwing up the game. Just extracted the files without the installers and it runs just fine. Now to pretty up all my companions.
  5. I figured it out. It straight up just didn't install. What was causing the crashing was the "High Quality Blasters" mod. I installed it before, but I can't seem to get it to work this time. Can you help?
  6. Yes. I deleted the game completely and installed fresh before trying. The installer did every step all the way to the end, then my computer got hung up on the Read Me at the and because of Microsoft Office. Booted up the game, Restored Conted Mod banner was not under the game's logo at the main menu. So I assumed it didn't install. Deleted game again just in case. Now my game crashes after character creation 100% of the time.
  7. Followed all steps. Seemed pretty straightforward. It didn't install. Back to the ease of use of the Steam Workshop I guess...
  8. Hello. I'm new to modding. When you say to create my own override folder, where do I place this folder? Inside of the default folder? Can I rename my new override folder? I could really use some help here. No other saber colors mod gets purple right. I installed this and my blades look like Illustrious_Foxx's photo above. I have no blade or hilt mods. My mods are Steam Workshop TSLRCM, Steam Workshop Ultimate Character Overhaul Redux, and non steam tweaks like two thorium charges or just cosmetic changes to stuff. What is happening? Did I place my override folder in the wrong spot? Does it need to be at the top of the list? PLEASE HELP ME! Your saber mod is literally the only good one out there! I figured it out! This mod is awesome!!!!!
  9. MSmart19

    Movie Mandalorians

    Compounding on that doubt: I'm new to modding. I really want this mod but don't want to mess up my game. Can you give me a simplified step by step guide on how to install this mod? And also how to prevent every Mando from having the same armor?
  10. The description is very poorly worded. Does this only change the Padawan/Dark Padawan robes? Or all the robes such as Ossus Keeper, Baron Do Sage, Jedi/Dark Jedi Knight, Jedi/Dark Jedi Master, Grey Jedi? Are these changed as well?
  11. I have a question about the KOTOR 2 mod Taibhrigh's Female Player Head Replacement Skin (PMHC07). I got this mod to work. When I checked the override folder I had to use the search function to find them and the files were different than the others. But at that point the mod worked. Then, for reasons I cannot explain, the mod stopped working. When I attempt to delete these weird looking, search only files, I cannot. My computer says they aren't there. Now I cannot delete these files from my override folder. And when I attempt to install it again it doesn't work. Could you help me please?

  12. Ok what the hell. I installed it earlier and it worked. Now it is not working and I cannot delete these files from the override folder. How do I delete these files? Please help!
  13. Wish mod authors would include install instructions. Without them, I'll have to pass.
  14. MSmart19

    Lightsaber Textures

    Darken the purple.