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As promised, the KotOR II version of Shem's Realistic Visual Effects mod is up! Because I'm lazy, I'll quote parts of the KotOR I review...

Quote:I guess there's some unwritten rule in LucasArt's development bible that says there have to be shiny special effects even if they don't make sense. Take the Force Protection green bubble from the Jedi Knight games, or the glowing purple hands of the flurry animation in KotOR. Just about every Star Wars game--the ones that have Force powers, at least--are riddled with these weird special effects that make no sense in real life. They don't even make sense in the Star Wars universe, and they're not even consistent from one game to the next! So, our glorious leader Shem decided to fix all that.


All those nasty visual effects are gone with this mod. There are too many to count, and you'll probably want to see for yourself anyway, but here are the basics:

Quote:*No more crazy glowing hands with any of the melee special attacks (Critical Strike, Flurry, Power Attack).
*No more weird white circles surrounding your player when you use Force Cure/Heal.
*No more blurry vision with Force Speed.
*And lots more Force visuals have been removed.

As far as I can tell, this mod is identical to the KotOR I version, because in essence there weren't more annoying visuals in KotOR II, just more of the same. For those of you who are as annoyed by the special effects as I am, this mod is just for you! Also, it should come in handy for those fan film makers out there. Enjoy! :D


The mod does use the TSL Patcher, of course, since this is a major edit of the visualeffects.2da file. But you'll need WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the files in the first place.


NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.



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