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  1. Ah... here it is, a beta result of my attempt to mix UnusualCharacters' submitted voice to make it sounds like Darth Revan like the one in SW:ToR. This is as far as I can go right now with the attempt but is actually pleased with the end-result; as for my ears, this one is quiet "Darth Revanly". As time goes by- and some tutorials dive-in , I'll try to figure out how to do it legitimately.

    Note: I personally like the part from 0:23 to 0:26. It had that "Darth Revan" potential there.



    1. UnusualCharacters


      Thanks for the hard work on figuring this filter out! If you could post a tutorial as well, that'd be much appreciated!

    2. N-DReW25


      Sounds really good, but why on earth did you add filters to other characters who likely don't need it? I find it funny how UnusualCharacter even says "This character should not be filtered" in the demonstration. At 0.23 to 0.26 sounds kinda like the K1 Dark Jedi who ambushes you on different planets, maybe this could be used for Darth Fang as he is just a generic Dark Jedi.

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