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  1. DerpyDash

    K1 Endgame Cutscene Improvements

    Everything here looks awesome! But i think people should see that original smile, it's too funny
  2. DerpyDash

    HD MENUS AND UI Assets

  3. DerpyDash

    NeverBlender export

    Thank you for reply, yes this is the plugin i've used. It rounds Tverts numbers which is the cause of this black lines. I've edited them manually in notepad to make it look normal >__<
  4. DerpyDash

    K1 Main Menu Widescreen Fix

    Is it possible to make font size bigger in main menu? Also here high resolution buttons for this menu: menubut.7z
  5. DerpyDash

    NeverBlender export

    Sombody knows how to fix this dark lines? They appears on the model after exporting with neverblender addon and compiling in MDLOps: No dark lines in vanilla:
  6. DerpyDash

    JC's Republic Soldier Fix for K1

  7. DerpyDash

    HD Yuthura Ban

  8. DerpyDash

    Yuthura Ban HD

  9. DerpyDash

    HD Twilek female

  10. DerpyDash

    High Quality Blasters

  11. DerpyDash

    Higher Quality Bastila

  12. DerpyDash

    KotOR SaveGame Editor