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  1. I don't really know, i just compared your and original files and thought that changing this variable might make sense
  2. Try to set "m_bIsBackgroundGeometry" to 1 in this nodes: trimesh Top, trimesh Side04, trimesh Side02, trimesh Side01, trimesh Side03. And then compile. Should help with visible fire, smoke and npc's in the distance
  3. DerpyDash

    HD PC Portraits

    Fanrastic work! Most of them are spot-on! I think these files was not converted properly: You can find out which one is broken by its size
  4. I tried your texture and it works fine
  5. Everything here looks awesome! But i think people should see that original smile, it's too funny
  6. Thank you for reply, yes this is the plugin i've used. It rounds Tverts numbers which is the cause of this black lines. I've edited them manually in notepad to make it look normal >__<
  7. Is it possible to make font size bigger in main menu? Also here high resolution buttons for this menu: menubut.7z
  8. Sombody knows how to fix this dark lines? They appears on the model after exporting with neverblender addon and compiling in MDLOps: No dark lines in vanilla: