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  1. GenoHaradan Legacy 1.0.1 is out!!!


    New features include:
    *Atton will always mention Revan whenever you talk to Atton about the GenoHaradan

    *Fixed the installation allowing you to hear Zez-Kai Ell's new restored lines


    *When the player is taken to the GenoHaradan base, on top of Atton contacting the player via comlink, Kreia can also telepathically talk to the player before the boss fight


    *Dessicus and his goons start off as invisible


    *The GenoHaradan secret base is always locked off like in vanilla. This is to prevent the player from entering before or after the big fight


    *Visas and Handmaiden/Disciple have been removed from the Ebon Hawk scene being replaced by Goto or Mira/Hanharr who all interact in the scene with some cut/unheard lines.


    *Fixed the descriptions of most GenoHaradan items


    *Restored an unused texture for the GenoHaradan Mesh Armor


    If you play 1.0.1 and you don't experience these new changes or they are bugged please report them as soon as you can!

    1. JasonRyder


      It's nice to see you're fixing bugs right after release! 

    2. narshaddaarocks


      Very cool! Keep it up, my friend!