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  1. Hello could you convert PFHC01 from Kotor 1 to TSL?
  2. I'm sorry i'm kinda new here , i didn't mean to broke the rules or anything i'll pm the authors when i see these type of threads from now on
  3. Hello and sorry i'm not sure if this is the right section for posting this but , i have installed some mods and i have noticed that my menu has an purple texture bug , do anyone knows what is the name of the texture that messes with that texture?
  4. This project was really abandoned? Or you still plan on updating it on the future?
  5. shadongo


    Thank you very much dark hope , i can't wait to see you release this soldier PC outfit as well modders like you are what make me love replaying kotor over and over again
  6. shadongo


    These textures are amazing , you're going to release them? I really loved that head reskin
  7. I was really interested on downloading this mod , anyway you can reupload it?
  8. It doesn't work for me
  9. Can you make an version with the aliens? plz thx!