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  1. If anyone has a spare moment and a steam copy of battlefront 2, please read this
  2. I am looking for players for a multiplayer session with a mod for Star Wars Battlefront 2 called Humans vs Bots 3 as it is a mod that's intended to be played with multiple people for a cooperative experience If you are interested, let me know.
  3. mrmann

    [K1] "Legends" Series

    if you're going to reskin Marlena you should also do the same to Tannis
  4. For Halloween, the next entry of mod analysis will be covering a few mods for star wars games (not just kotor) that share a similar theme
  5. Yavin IV items showcase video uploaded, check the original post Sorry if this felt cobbled together, this was kind of tedious to edit together
  6. mrmann

    [WIP] [K1] Sherruk "Legends"

    Well... Sherruk's original voice lines have a filter on it so you can't have a helmetless version of Sherruk
  7. mrmann

    [WIP] [K1] Sherruk "Legends"

    I feel like the filter used for "Legends" Sherruk fits well with the rebreather mask he's wearing. I also guess there will be some changes done to the placeholder head texture for him? maybe give it some new details in the textures like a few more grey patches in the hair and/ or give him a different skin pigmentation to show he's aged over the years, something to add an element of making Sherruk look cold and menacing.
  8. mrmann

    [K1] "Legends" Series

    Sherruk "legends". interesting choice. Hopefully he uses those lightsabers he collected instead of those echani foils he has for some reason
  9. Next mod analysis video won't be for a while. It'll be a micro analysis of all the (or at least the more interesting) loot from the Yavin IV mod. The next mod after that. I have no idea. All I know is that I need to get my head straight due to college metaphorically putting me in a body cast and my mental health being on the fritz. 

    The next mod analysis will happen. Don't know when but it'll happen.

    1. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      My next video might help give you a respite then. And it's on a mod that you don't have access to so it'll be new material for mostly everyone.

  10. New entry. enjoy. Credit to @Sith Holocron for the beautiful intro and thumbnail for the video.
  11. Here's a two-for-one special episode of Mod Analysis (fixed)
  12. Here's a two-for-one special episode of Mod Analysis EDIT: when I get out of bed, I’m going to delete the video, brighten it, and reupload it because dummy me didn’t think about how dark it would look EDIT 2: video privated, re rendering it, will get it uploaded later this evening
  13. mrmann

    Blog #83 - GUI elements from the Star Wars movies

    I think it depends on the environment, obviously ranging from a damaged, dimly lit to fresh and well kept. As well as the modders know-how on the engine which leads to very impressive lighting the add some extra elements of immersion to the world. It still feels like it was used. If it looked ultra clean and covered in baby oil, then I would agree it wouldn't look like star wars and more akin to generic sci fi pre star wars
  14. Expect the next entry in Mod Analysis, specifically the 2nd half to be... angry and ridiculous EDIT: video editing is done, rendering it now.
  15. Interesting, do you have anymore information @N-DReW25?