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  1. KOTOR 1 It's meant to be some sort of prequel to kotor 1
  2. I'm contemplating making a new mod analysis entry.
  3. Small bump, curious to know if there’s been any new progress over the last few months
  4. when it comes to exporting audio from kotor's 1 and 2, it's a cakewalk. But then there are those audio files you export and they still export as raw data and you have to slap them into audacity to get them to work. Results may vary. The example i will choose is the battle outro (the scores that play when a battle ends). I exported them and upon playing them back they didn't work and were still raw data. when it comes to audacity i've tried multiple adjustments to get it to work but i can't figure it out. anyone out there in deadlystream land know how to import raw audio with the right import raw data?
  5. NEW UPLOAD: Coruscant mod showcase EDIT: had to fix something... the day i never have an error will be grand
  6. oh, i kind of forgot... that and i thought you meant it was an unused attribute in the vanilla game, not the mod
  7. just looked at everything, yes i used all of them, including this one my memory is garbage also that one is my favorite too
  8. DAMMIT!! i forgot i thought i did fixing EDIT: nevermind
  9. fixed up and reuploaded N'Dul's Tomb items Curse of the sith is currently being re rendered, will be reuploaded soon EDIT: no i didn't i forgot something else *facedesk* edit 2: nevermind
  10. sorry for the late reply, i found some errors i wanted to correct in the video, will reupload them soon
  11. one last thing: after i upload coruscant i'm going to mention what i am going to work on next because it's another mod that is barely talked about or shown in depth (if it's possible with the mod in question)