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  1. Here's a link to the archived stream. I had a great time doing this and I hope to do it again with the long overdue Czerka Commando mod video
  2. I'm gonna livestream 90sk's mod Edge of Darkness, come and join me


  3. The mod in question is 90sk's total conversion mod: Edge Of Darkness
  4. I've recently gotten inspiration. That inspiration comes in the form of a mod I was playing recently for kotor 2. It has some amazing potential but it's not perfect. I plan on doing a livestream of this mod giving my comments and criticism on it. plus it'll make good b-roll footage for when I make the proper Mod Analysis video on it.
  5. I feel... Inspired...

  7. Haven't been active on deadlystream in a long time. What I miss? (aside from a lot and Sith Holocron's retirement)

    In case anyone asks, I've been more active as a developer on Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, a mod for Jedi Academy. I haven't had a lot of interest or energy to do anything kotor related in a long time. The spark and inspiration isn't there at the moment. I'm kind of burnt out.

    The sad thing is I recorded footage for czerka commando that would get deleted for storage reasons and started a script that never got finished. Will it happen? yes. will it happen soon? I'm not making anymore promises. plus i have other passions projects I've been on and off on for a while.

    1. mrmann


      Well part of this didn't hold up well since I never went back to making that video and have no desire to at this point in time.


      Oh well...

  8. KOTOR 1 It's meant to be some sort of prequel to kotor 1
  9. I'm contemplating making a new mod analysis entry.
  10. Small bump, curious to know if there’s been any new progress over the last few months
  11. when it comes to exporting audio from kotor's 1 and 2, it's a cakewalk. But then there are those audio files you export and they still export as raw data and you have to slap them into audacity to get them to work. Results may vary. The example i will choose is the battle outro (the scores that play when a battle ends). I exported them and upon playing them back they didn't work and were still raw data. when it comes to audacity i've tried multiple adjustments to get it to work but i can't figure it out. anyone out there in deadlystream land know how to import raw audio with the right import raw data?
  12. NEW UPLOAD: Coruscant mod showcase EDIT: had to fix something... the day i never have an error will be grand