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  1. New entry. enjoy. Credit to @Sith Holocron for the beautiful intro and thumbnail for the video.
  2. Here's a two-for-one special episode of Mod Analysis (fixed)
  3. Here's a two-for-one special episode of Mod Analysis EDIT: when I get out of bed, I’m going to delete the video, brighten it, and reupload it because dummy me didn’t think about how dark it would look EDIT 2: video privated, re rendering it, will get it uploaded later this evening
  4. mrmann

    Blog #83 - GUI elements from the Star Wars movies

    I think it depends on the environment, obviously ranging from a damaged, dimly lit to fresh and well kept. As well as the modders know-how on the engine which leads to very impressive lighting the add some extra elements of immersion to the world. It still feels like it was used. If it looked ultra clean and covered in baby oil, then I would agree it wouldn't look like star wars and more akin to generic sci fi pre star wars
  5. Expect the next entry in Mod Analysis, specifically the 2nd half to be... angry and ridiculous EDIT: video editing is done, rendering it now.
  6. Interesting, do you have anymore information @N-DReW25?
  7. Haven't made the thumbnail yet (or i'll let sith holocron do his magic instead) as it's late at night at the time of writing this is what I'm gonna do for the next mod analysis video, after this video and one more KOTOR mod analysis video, I'll try to get the kotor 2 situation fixed so I can make some Mod analysis and showcase videos for TSL as for the mods i'm going to showcase: one of them is alright the other one is-- AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGHHHH
  8. For K2, i tried xuul's tutorial and when i changed the resolution in the ini and booted up the game from the patched exe, it just looks like the game went back to 800x600
  9. reuploaded with fixes and thank you @Sith Holocron for the criticism and advice so I could improve my content.
  10. Gonna reupload later, fixed a few things
  11. Thanks man, currently working on another video of an old mod. I agree, it could have worked, maybe have bodies lying in the streets of manaan and have some sith soldiers with a group of commoners like they are being held prisoner and you could give the order to execute them or something. maybe have the enemies less spongey and more fun to fight
  12. I could adjust the image in vegas to the 16:9 setting (which i should have done from the start even though it would possibly cut off parts of the screen) but i'd rather use a widescreen mod to make this less of a hassle.
  13. Yeah, I’m not using a widescreen mod or anything like that. Is there a widescreen mod that is heavily preferred? What I find on here regarding to widescreen is just for the UI, not the actual resolution
  14. Here's the newest installment of Mod Analysis: Reign Of The Sith
  15. After the next mod analysis, I plan to up the editing, commentary, and judgement a little more, some are just showcases while other I do put some commentary and judgement in, like the genoharadan mod video also no, it was you because i found the link from a post you made on this post