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  1. I would recommend checking this mod out: It might help your issue. I hope it helps!
  2. Wait, is this not compatible with TSLRCM? I'm just a little confused, sorry.
  3. Okay, I'm not sure if any of you have ever run into this before, but... I think there are some minor errors with force powers in KOTOR 1. Notably Force Storm and Death Field. The problem is, sometimes these force powers won't work on all enemies within the target area. Here's an example from a YouTube video. If you can see, Admiral Karath is the target, but only one Sith Trooper on the side is affected. This has happened with me on the computer and on mobile, so I'm sure it is an in-game bug. Some other errors, when using certain force powers on individuals. For example, using Force Storm on an individual with Force Resistance/Force Immunity, the force power is resisted. Unfortunately, the message "RESISTED" isn't displayed. Has anyone noticed these errors before? And is there a fix for them?
  4. kotor 2 has a terrible storyline but more items than kotor 1
  5. Which do you like better, I personally like 1 better
  6. Anyone know where I can start modding Kotor 1?