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  1. I can't get FRAPS to show or record in TSL (Steam) on Win10. Managed to fix the issue for K1 by running the game straight from its .exe using Win7 compatibility mode but no luck with TSL. Anyone know why?

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    2. DarthVarkor


      So, Shadow Play actually works quite nicely, same quality as FRAPS as far as I can tell, and file size appears to be a bit smaller. Hopefully FRAPS will still actually get back to me (I brought the software from them, didn't torrent it.) But regardless, Shadow Play does the trick. Thanks for your suggestions guys!

    3. Xuul


      As long as you bump up the resolution on Shadowplay to the top quality for recording you will usually end up with better quality that Fraps. are you running the steam version and at what resolution?

    4. DarthVarkor


      Yeah Steam version at 1920x1080. I have ShadowPlay's settings to match it and I can't tell any difference so far.