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  1. I think the smoke looks really good in that still shot, but if it's static, it would stand out if you looked at it too long.
  2. I just finished a LS Female playthrough, and I can confirm that this mod works with the 1.5 version of M4-78, at least as a LS Female character. Dark Side, Male and Easter Egg endings might be a different story but other than M4-78 and Extended Enclave both using the same cut dialog, there weren't any issues whatsoever.
  3. With something like a .2da, you can just append the files and merge them. With scripts, an entirely new one would need to be written, or the TSLRCM manually one modified to include the changes.
  4. Force Pull is kind of janky and busted, and as good as HLFP is, that power could use some retooling. Specifically, you're able to pull things that should be stationary like turrets, and pull enemies without triggering the rest of their group.
  5. Oh, I didn't know that weapon size was hardcoded. Still, I think that making the new types special "crystals" would be easier, if other properties can be altered per-crystal.
  6. Slight model variation is fun for weapons, but it shouldn't be a priority. Giving the unique/high end crystals a unique hilt model or texture does help sell that they're more special, though. Aside from that, If longsabers need to replace the short lightsabers, I don't think it's worth the tradeoff. More options are always good, especially in K1 where it's far more limited than TSL. However, might it be easier, if less exciting, to make the "unique"/new types of sabers their own, special crystal types like Sithspecter did for his Crossguard saber mod? Like, a crossguard saber crystal/hilt is two-handed, but deals noticeably more damage or has some other benefit to compensate, while the curved hilt counts as a finesse weapon? EDIT: This was the method that SLM 2.0 used, and other than some issues (Don't put dual-blade crystals in a single blade saber, etc) it worked fairly well. The biggest limitation would be the 256 entry limit, but K1 already has less saber types than TSL, so it might be harder to run into that limit.
  7. This explains why my game started getting goofy looking after installing so many mods. Interesting find! Without some sort of outside .dll or modification, I'm not sure how this could be circumvented. This is very troubling though, since it means that Sleheyron(sp?) has very little room to work with and could be incompatible with a lot of things right out of the gate.
  8. It's not even just if you don't want to use Steam, although the Steam version of TSL is far and away the best currently. Using the Workshop makes it significantly harder to use multiple mods at once, especially if they're not all manual or Workshop. IIRC there's a larger update that's being done, and that's part of what's taking so long.
  9. It wouldn't be too difficult to convert the audio files to the right format, but they couldn't be uploaded without newbiemodder's permission.
  10. At the basest level, something that restores content that was cut for whatever reason. Whether the content was cut due to time restrictions, or the developers thought that it wasn't up to par or didn't fit doesn't come into play. The line becomes blurry when it adds content that's made specifically for the mod, either to fill in gaps or simply expand on what was there. I consider M4-78 a restoration despite being mostly original, since it was necessary to even complete the concept. The optional expansion for the Dustil Restoration, is entirely unrelated and I don't consider it an actual restoration (though I always opt to use it over the baseline restoration), because the added content is unnecessary to implement the idea. TL;DR: If it requires custom content to complete, it's still a restoration. If it goes beyond that to expand on the idea, it becomes a mod.
  11. While I can't say for certain regarding KoTOR's version of the engine, I know that Neverwinter Nights, which I do have a bit of experience with and uses an older version of the Aurora Engine had a similar issue where you could add in what you wanted to through the .2das but you cannot create custom names or descriptions for feats/classes/abilities without adding entries to the Dialog.tlk IIRC, from there it's a matter of making sure the custom feat in the .2da points to whatever the IDs are for the new description and name, but actually modifying the .tlk file is beyond what I know.
  12. If the forums do come back up, perhaps an effort should be made to archive what mods and tutorials haven't already been reuploaded here?
  13. It couldn't be Steam, since that's what I was using when I played.