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    Placeables need an extra step to make them talk. void main() { ActionStartConversation(GetFirstPC()); } Put that script in the placeable's OnUsed event and it will work.
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    Hey all, I’m new to the forums. Heard about this community from reddit. I’m an aspiring technical sound designer currently working on reels of various design applications. Seeing as the Kotor series is my favorite video game series of all time and is super mod-able, I thought it might be fun to do a more modern sounding redesign. I’m actually already working on redesigns for various cutscenes from Kotor 1. Is this feasible? Where should I look to start learning about this process? I’ve seen about the Lucas tutorials but not sure if they’ll be good for what I’m looking to do. Also, if anyone knows If Kotor is using middle-ware like FMOD or Wwise, I’d appreciate such knowledge. Mods, lmk if this isn’t the appropriate thread for this question and I’ll be happy to repost elsewhere. Thanks!
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    Ah I didn't really think about that part as I thought it was either similar or not too dissimilar to figure out, my bad! But thankfully someone has got you the answer. Good to know they have been helpful, I hope to write more in the future so let me know if there are any topics I can cover.
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    @TamerBill Yeahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THNX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @Thor110 First, thanks for the fast response!! Aside a small graphic MOD it's the first time I try with something like this. Attaching a .dlg file into a Placeable structure (with K-GFF) like is done with a NPC simply doesn' work. I mark the Placeable as "usable" (and in fact it becomes "usable" in game) but no dialog is launched. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if the system for make a conversation with a Placeable is another. The last days I've been searching and reading several tutorials here and there (and found a lot of fallen links), most of them useful, some of them useless or, some time, unable to reproduce for myself what was told. Sure I've overpassed something interesting but I don't find nothing related with what I'm questioning. That's the "why" of the post. I've been able to compile completely playable, "talkable" and "fightable" NPCs, but after the conversation/fight I want to launch one of the existing .bik (cutscene) and after that make the NPC dissappear fading out (without move). At this moment almost all I need to continue the work is based in scripts but I don't know make them. I'll take a careful look at your exemples. Thanks again Edit. BTW!!!! your 'KotOR Modding Tutorial Series' has been one of those very useful!!. And a lot of things that I hope can do in a close future.
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    Check out the tutorials section there are some fairly detailed ones in there as well as some simpler ones. Yes you create a .dlg file, link it in the conversation field of the .utc file, dialogs basically are cutscenes, so .dlg files are used to structure cutscenes. below is an example of a script I use to start a conversation with the lead rodian of the next example who just left that level. below is an example of a script I use to have four rodians leave the area and dissapear when they get to the door. It has all four of them walk through a set of locations before they get to the door, then has the lead rodian open the door as well as destroys them making them dissapear. Hopefully that helps or gives you some examples to work with, but there are some decent tutorials available worth checking out. Note : everything here is scripted for K2, so there may be slight differences to apply before it will compile. Thor110
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    Looks good so far, but the timing is a little inconsistent. These small ones are nearly perfect but may be a bit fast. The middle pillar , however is significantly slower in comparison, to the point that I actually thought its texture was frozen. The top section is quite slow as well, but not to quite as much of a degree. My suggestion would be to synchronize the smaller one with the central pillar and top section better, or to at least speed up the top section and central pillar. I can't find a good FPS for the TXI file, since they all operate off of one TXI. (And it's set to 1FPS) Also I just read your tag. Why did you want to use 43 frames in particular? Sorry about that. I blame the lack of sleep. I tested it and it looks best at 14 Frames per second. Any faster and the transition to blue is too jarring. I also figure that the reason the lights are out of sync is because the smaller lights flicker.. (I did think it strange that the D Lights were somehow matching your animation.)
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    So wait,..these are new blade models?? Or textures? Or,...wait what is this?!? Man, I've been working on blade textures for 2 weeks since I was able to get Photoshop CS6. Cause let's face it, my saber blades sucked. Been diligently reducing opacity in the glows and reducing the sizes to try to get it down to barely anything. Like how I'm picturing The Mandalorian's Ahsoka blades to look like. -All beam and little glow.
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    As folks tend not to see these things, I decided to document at least for myself Star Wars related Christmas gifts I received this year. So here we go... 1. The Star Wars Logo Advent Calendar Though we had this at the start of the month (obviously), I thought I'd include it as it did cover most of December and it was a gift . . . Avert your eyes if a few New Trilogy characters will irreparably harm your soul 2. Mandalorian series Tiki Mugs I have a number of Star Wars tiki migs but these I received today: IG-11 and two different version of Baby Yoda. (I did receive the Mandalorian himself on my birthday but that's a different day so he ain't included here.) 3. ESB action figures 4. Pin: Mandalorian and (original version of) Basilisk Droid Is it the droid we know and love from KotOR2? No but it's a Basilisk droid and that counts! 5. Pin: Revan, Malak, Star Forge, and Leviathan The Dark Side of KotOR - in pin form! 6. Lil' Baby Yoda The Mrs got this so we can put it in a manger for the Christmas display next year. You may not be able to tell from the picture but it is in scale with the other figures. 7. I think you know what this is. Even the Mrs knows what this is, which is why she got it for me. I've been checking for over a year to see if it would come back in stock. She saw it when I didn't. Hoo-rah!
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    Version 1.0


    Based on the discussion in this thread, this mod scales Trandoshans up in size to approximately the same height as Wookiees rather than the Human-size the vanilla versions are. Not compatible with other mods that change the N_Trandoshan model or appearance.2da entries (textures are ok).
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    Version 1.0.3


    //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /* [K1] Creatures and Armors TXIs [Modder's Resource] "TXI files, or TeXture Information files, are text files that control and add special effects, shaders, animations, blending etc. for an associated texture. I.E. pmbmm01.TXI would hold the information for pmbmm01.TGA." - Czerka Corp. R&D Wiki This is the compilation of TXI/text format that the game uses to store *creatures and armors* texture information - such as shaders and animations that control how they're rendered in-game. This resource main purpose is to act as supplementary to modders' modified TGA files and/or alternatively a fix to transparency problems that often occurs. This only covers *creatures and armors* and not area textures. Some could be missing from the pack though I'm sure they're pretty much everything that is necessary. Drop comments or report to the mod's support page for this pack to be updated or troubleshooting matters. Installation: as a mod; all files have to be dropped to the Override folder, and if necessary should be installed first before all the others. 08/17/2019 */ //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //:: Tools By: KotOR Tool - Fred Tetra, Notepad++ - Notepad++team, filenamestxt //:: dumps script - DarthParametric //:: Compiled By: ebmar //:: Hosted By: DeadlyStream //:: Report & Feedbacks: Snigaroo/Sniggles //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //:: Supplementary Page: .txi Parameters and What They Do - CarthOnasty
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    02 - [TUTORIAL] - Creating a Merchant - TSL 03 - [ADDITIONAL] - Using ERFEdit 04 - [ADDITIONAL] - Picking an NPC to place in your level - TSL 05 - [ADDITIONAL] - Picking Placeables to fill your level with - TSL 06 - [ADDITIONAL] - Picking Alien Voice Over Dialog for your level - TSL 07 - [ADDITIONAL] - Placement & Rotation 08 - [TUTORIAL] - Waypoint Markers 09 - [TUTORIAL] - Scripting Basics 10 - [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Spawning NPC's on Enter 11 - [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Making NPC's Hostile! 12 - [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Trigger talking to an NPC! 13 - [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Make an NPC walk randomly 14 - [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Place a dead NPC 15 - [EXAMPLE SCRIPT] - Starting Conditional 16 - [TUTORIAL] - Companion Vendor I will continue to provide examples that I think might be useful to people, these are all for TSL so far. I hope these tutorials and any others I write will help people continue to make mods for KotOR 1 & 2. These tutorials are getting shorter and less detailed, I may or may not go back and re-write them at some point but if anyone struggles with anything feel free to message me and let me know what I haven't covered very well. Feel free to join the Discord for my project if you need help with anything related to KotOR modding and I will do my best to assist. Discord : https://discord.gg/S3YyfTjMV8 Base Game Scripts & How To Use Them
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    Here's a gallery of the hilts. http://imgur.com/a/BPofz/all Thanks for your work
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    Hi everyone I know a few of you have been asking about the status of the KotOR Level Editor (KLE) project. I'm happy to announce that it's finally ready for a (very early alpha) release. I've made the KotOR Level Editor GitHub page public - please remember it's in early alpha. That said, hope some of you find it useful Find the repo at https://github.com/lachjames/NorthernLights/ My goal is to post this to DeadlyStream in the near future, but for now you'll need to download and install it via GitHub. If you'd like to try it out, please follow the instructions on the linked GitHub page's README. Feel free to DM me, reply to this post, add an issue, etc. if you have issues. For those who are new to KLE, you can find an introductory video listing the features of KLE on YouTube (included below). There is also a (work in progress) KLE guide, as well as a general KotOR/TSL modding guide, at https://github.com/lachjames/KotOR-Modding-Guide Thanks everyone for your help - hopefully this is just a taste of what is to come regarding both KLE and the Northern Lights project in general - with the amount of support I've received so far from you all, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the case.