Blog 105: Star Wars Christmas Haul (2020 Edition)

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Sith Holocron


As folks tend not to see these things, I decided to document at least for myself Star Wars related Christmas gifts I received this year.  So here we go...

1. The Star Wars Logo Advent Calendar

Though we had this at the start of the month (obviously), I thought I'd include it as it did cover most of December and it was a gift . . .

Avert your eyes if a few New Trilogy characters will irreparably harm your soul


2. Mandalorian series Tiki Mugs

I have a number of Star Wars tiki migs but these I received today: IG-11 and two different version of Baby Yoda. (I did receive the Mandalorian himself on my birthday but that's a different day so he ain't included here.)


3. ESB action figures


4. Pin: Mandalorian and (original version of) Basilisk Droid

Is it the droid we know and love from KotOR2? No but it's a Basilisk droid and that counts!


5. Pin: Revan, Malak, Star Forge, and Leviathan

The Dark Side of KotOR - in pin form!


6. Lil' Baby Yoda

The Mrs got this so we can put it in a manger for the Christmas display next year. You may not be able to tell from the picture but it is in scale with the other figures.


7. I think you know what this is.

Even the Mrs knows what this is, which is why she got it for me.  I've been checking for over a year to see if it would come back in stock.  She saw it when I didn't.  Hoo-rah!


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