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Just now, Revan (sith lord) said:

Where did you get them?

Which items?  One must be specific!  (Mostly ebay)

The tables are dejarik tables from vintage Millennium Falcons. The electronic R2-D2 I think I got from a Toys 'R' Us long ago. (If you press the button, it lights up and makes R2 noises.) The Twi'lek is an Aayla Secura figure with a vintage Bib Fortuna cloak.  (Too big for the figure.)  The trees and Christmas lights are from a store in Maryland that closed down when I was stationed there long ago.

Just now, Revan (sith lord) said:

I think the lot be a nice addition to my house.

Not for sale.  LOL


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I do have an idea of what I'll be doing for this year's (2021) Holiday Season.  You'll have have to check back in December for a new blog post.  ;)

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