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    On that note, I'm looking forward to this mod of yours Talyn!
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    I know, right? Here's my reaction 😂😂😂 I couldn't stop laughing reading that. Here's my favorite part: "The Emperor blasts Revan with so much Force lightning that his stupid mask superheats and starts melting onto his face." That hurt, I bet! 😂😂😂 Bastila watching soap operas, yeah, omg. So how old is Atris in K2? 12? Isn't that kind of young for our male Exile? Oh, something that reviewer probably wasn't aware of, probably because she didn't read Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith. Scourge is also not original. He's just another Ludo Kressh, who had opposed Naga Sadow, not wanting Sadow to provoke war which would destroy their people. The Ludo Kressh whose tomb in which Kreia tests you on Korriban. To be fair, about the Red Guard, Palpatine's Imperial Red Guard was based on an ancient Sith Order, so that wasn't out of place.
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    That was part of what I liked about Revan that he was too overconfident and underestimated Malak as you say. But then Kreia says things like him falling to the darkside was his sacrifice. It makes me wonder if he had already planned that scenario of Malak betraying him. Also I've always wondered did Revan really have amnesia or was he playing the Council all along? I mean according to Kreia everything that has happened to Revan is of his own doing. Whether you play darkside or lightside Revan, is he using the Council's and Republic's resources to strike back at Malak, knowing all along who he was? In K1 it was always said how smart Revan was and how great of a strategist he was. K2 improves upon that with Kreia hyping him up. I love her but I swear she's Revan's number one cheerleader.
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    If you want somewhat critical views of Revan, K1 has some sources as well. Master Zhar, for one. Or even some of the stuff Bastila says. Three's that cutscene of the Dantooine starmap which shows a bit of the characters of Revan and Malak- I went by that for my interpretation of the two. Also, Revan did fall for the Jedi trap and underestimated Malak. That might mean he was over confident.
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    I thought I replied to this one but I must not have sent the message. Silly me. Anyway, I like the first one best but I have a suggestion: if possible, utilize the monitors on the bulkheads around this area to give information too. Perhaps you can have those monitors present the information presented in versions 2, 3, and 4 on those monitors. That way, you could have the information all around the room and not just from the holoprojector. That being said, I am not sure that this scene is a self contained scene that would enable the monitors to revert to their usual output.
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    Based on a suggestion by @ebmar, I have been fooling around with some holograms for the Ebon Hawk after it crashes onto Lehon. I'm not sure if it will actually amount to anything, but here are some "sketches" that I have been posting in the /r/kotor Discord.
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    LOL! I got a good laugh out of reading that. Like I didn't even remember Drew said Atris was Bastila's age. Like lol what? And I was also reminded just how badly Drew screwed up Revan and Bastila reading that. Like did the guy forget he wrote K1? So Bastila was basically just watching TV while the events of K2 went down then?
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    First trailer is out. Thoughts?
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    I'm opposite with Revan and Exile. But My DS Exile plays a major part in Revan's conquering the galaxy in my own little story. My Exile is fun to play and fun to write about, but I haven't gotten a real feel for his character the way I have with Revan. But that may change if I write more about him. As for your mod project,. maybe you should post a to do list and keep that updated, so you will not only keep us updated, it will help you keep a focus.Listing can be very effective. Another thing, what Sith Holocron pointed out, don't get hung up on the names of all the star ships, or, don't get hung up with Kreia's final dialogue or all the details. There's no rule that you have to conform to every part of it, as long as you keep the spirit of the game. You're not making the characters liars, it's just minor inconsistencies that might crop up in even the best works. Some may not like that, but it's your mod, and they can make their own mod if they don't like what you've done. Ultimately you should be making the mod that you want to play.
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    Revan is pretty capable, but I don't think he was that much of a mastermind. There's something about Revan going through a time of weakness and amnesia that seems fitting. You talk with HK-47 after the big reveal, HK tells you, you aren't all what you once were, but in some way you are improved. When I write my fanfic (not that my fanfic is some great source about KOTOR lore) about Revan, he comes out with some rough edges before he was captured, but when he's Revan Reborn bent on conquering the galaxy, he has more polish and wisdom. It's kind of an initiation experience, if that makes sense. It's kind of like when you get the starmap below the oceans of Manaan, you can't actively use your Force powers, it's just you and how fast you can shoot the firaxin sharks- when the water makes you very slow. It's a lesson about power, you aren't going to be all powerful all the time, you are in fact, quite fragile in some ways, and it's your spirit, not the Force, that pulls you through. Yeah, seriously the whole thing about the cheerleading about Revan. It irritates me a bit when the topic is about Revan in K2. I either grit my teeth before getting through some of the convo with HK-47 to unlock him, or get up and do something until Kreia is done trying to mess with Mandalore's mind. I've mentioned before that my DS Exile haaaaaaaates Revan,and to insult the image of Revan in Ludo Kressh's tomb is immensely satisfying to my Exile 😄 I love my Revan, ls or ds, but I keep him in perspective. Maybe a suggestion for Talyn of keeping a running log here?
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    1Leonard brought up an interesting point. I'm gonna take over from where he left off. You've stated . . . But it seems you're still playing through the restored content and still working out minutia like names of starships. Leaving dialogue aside - and that's a big aside - what have you actually completed? Because it doesn't seem like a lot is set in stone at the moment but you said that your story was written "back in 2005/2006." You've changed the antagonist and that's a small change. Hmmm. But what have you done with this unnamed very big planet - or the three small planets? Have you just wrote about it or have you done something tangible in the game? If the latter, are these planets that you've cobbled together and plan to reskin - or just preexisting planets unchanged excepting a few reskin? There's a lot of questions that I'm asking here and it's a bit much. I get that. But before I get the title of "curmudgeon" (or worse) thrown at me, may I remind you that I didn't make this WIP thread. I guess I personally am not seeing enough of a foundation here that justifies this thread at this point.
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    Completely agree. It's time to have some Mandalorians in action!
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    I'm really excited for this show too. I would rather just see more stories like this that just expand on the existing universe and lore. However I must admit when I saw This Article pop up for me I did start to get worried for the show. I prefer things to be standalone most of the time, but I will remain optimistic as this looks like some of the best Star Wars content in a while
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    N-Drew, is there where you got your profile picture from > https://www.gamefront.com/games/knights-of-the-old-republic-ii/file/new-player-character-dmhc02 ? I've always wondered...
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    Kylo Ren shares his views on the D23 footage.
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    That's a pretty good selection of people. Most people heap endless praise onto Revan (especially Kreia) so it's good you've got a semi-critical influence in there as well to balance things out (I'm talking about Vrook of course!). Have any of Atris' thoughts influenced your thinking too?
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    The crashed Hawk has its own module that's used while you are on Lehon (ebo_m41aa vs the regular ebo_m12aa). That's the only reason I bothered with it, since placeables are out due to the K1 row limit bug, so it was done as room model. That meant altering the layout, and I didn't want to screw with the regular Hawk. For the monitors you could conceivably do the same thing and handle it the same way - the OnEnter checks the current status and plays the appropriate room animation. For the hologram, it plays something like the above videos, then once you repair the hyperdrive it switches to a version that shows a solid green hyperdrive in the hologram (i.e. plays a different room animation). Once you head to the Star Forge you go to a stunt module for the appropriate Dodonna message, and that uses the regular Hawk layout (and different scripts), so the hologram is gone. Regarding Salk's now edited message, there are two different hologram Hawk models used. The first two videos use a more simple Hawk model from TOR (it's one of those mini pets). The third and forth videos uses the actual K1 Hawk, scaled down (thanks to @JCarter426 for saving me the trouble of having to kitbash it).
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    Yeah but I'm too lazy to even do that hehehe.
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    Personally I prefer the fourth one, but I think SH's idea is really great. Might be a able to give that useless Communications Room a function in K1.
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    @Mutilator57 Is correct. Plus Obsidian have said they were intending to make KOTOR 3 about the Exile going into the outer rim to find Revan and fight the "True" Sith Empire. This is what Chris Avellone the lead writer for Obsidian (at the time) said: “The third game involved you, as a player character, following where Revan went and then taking the battle to the really ancient Sith lords who are far more terrifying than the Darths that show up. These guys would just be monsters. These would have a level of power that was considerable, but at the same time you'd be able to dig more into their psychologies, and their personalities, their history, and even how they dealt with the player, how they talk with the player, the different powers they cultivated and developed, and for some of them like – they're the ancients, so they're not just ruling a solar system, [but] swathes of the galaxy. “So the places you travel to [you’d see] how they left their stamp on that world, or that solar system, or whatever collection of moons. You'd see how horrible that was. Part of that environment would tell a story about that. [That] would be a great, epic way to end the trilogy. The Old Republic are out there. We just didn't get a chance to do it.” This is copied straight from the Wookieepedia page. A link to the Wookieepedia page for the cancelled KOTOR 3 with a plot summary: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic_3 TOR didn't create the idea of the hidden "True" Sith. TOR just changed the idea a bit so instead of it being a hidden empire, it was just random Sith emperor who was the best at everything. Also according to TOR this random emperor was manipulating Revan since the beginning of KOTOR 1 and Revan did actually fall to the dark side. KOTOR 2 told us that Revan never truly fell and was just trying to strengthen the galaxy because Revan knew there was a greater threat waiting for the right moment to strike. TOR is a fun game but Revan being manipulated the whole time basically destroys any plot ideas KOTOR 2 built
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    So Sion and Kreia are lying? Ok, that could create an interesting basis for a hypothetical K3. Out of interest, what other inconsistencies have you picked up (other than Nihilus' hunger)? Your ideas for a new K3 story are very intriguing. The only reason I brought up the devs is to refute the implicit argument that it was ToR/Revan novel that introduced these ideas. They didn't, they were present in TSL right from the beginning. Of course that doesn't matter if you're arguing that the evidence in TSL is either inconsistent or simple manipulations by the Triumvirate.
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    I think you're misinterpreting me. I'm certainly not endorsing or advocating for ToR's story. I'm simply saying that the idea to have the True Sith be the ultimate enemy wasn't an idea that ToR introduced and so can't really be called a retcon. It was actually something introduced in TSL and is well-established as a part of that game's ending narrative. It isn't even something that is heavily implied or left ambiguous (like the Kreia/Arren Kae connection), both Kreia and Sion flat out admit as much right before their deaths. All ToR did was expand and elaborate on what was actually said in TSL and the intentions that the devs had for K3. Now, if you guys want to ignore it or chalk it up to more of Kreia's manipulations or create a better story, then by all means.
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    This is about the continuity for the mod Talyn is making, which honors what we find in the two games. Personally I don't go with the retcon, I go only what is found in K1, not even all of K2's stuff. It is all "Legends" now anyways. Here's a rather scathing review about the retcon which does point out the inconsistencies http://theunion4ever.com/nerd-bucket/sbswa-old-republic-part-35/ even that reviewer acknowledges that the devs intended this all along. Hell, I even did my own take of what is left of the Sith Empire in my old Kotor fics written years ago. Not very many of them are Force sensitive and they are surviving in a quiet corner of the universe, hardly a threat. I wanted to portray them as a people who wanted to be free of the corrupting influence of the fallen Jedi who had dominated them for centuries. The had even cleaned out any other remnants based largely on what was fanon way back then before Revan came along and struck a deal with them. I had taken that cue from the hints in the games., but I tried to keep it consistent, or at least what makes sense to me personally. I still maintain that Nihilus would have devoured any significant presence of the Sith. He even comes out of the Unknown Regions in the game. Blatantly ignoring that doesn't make any sense. Oh, okay, I saw that part. I was getting images of a huge Senate trial with all the politics involved. Which would be very entertaining, lol. Yeah, Drew, why?
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    So still curious, I did a bit of further checking. Here's what Kreia has to say: "And its empire, the true Sith Empire, rules elsewhere. And Revan knew the true war was not against the Republic. It waits for us beyond the Outer Rim. And he has gone to fight it in his own way". I think the loadscreens are more of a general guide than anything to be relied on with accuracy. Further, those loadscreens also operate on the same knowledge that the PC has. To the galaxy at-large, the true Sith appear dead. That doesn't mean they actually are, even if that was probably the intent of the K1 devs. Clearly, K2 retconned this. I'd be wary of what Kreia says. Remember, she manipulates you for the entire game. It's really only at the end that she finally comes clean as to her true motives. Your second point is interesting, but more of a plot hole than anything else. When it comes down to forecasting what unknown enemy Obsidian intended Revan to face, I think it's clear that the True Sith were that enemy. In addition to the dialogue in-game, devs have confirmed this was the case. But at the end of the day it's your mod. You include whatever you like!
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    If you read the comic, Tales of the Jedi, the Mandalorians were burned pretty badly by Ulic Qel Droma. You can skip parts? Having to watch what they've done to one of my all time favorite characters is like chewing on aluminum foil. I'm sure the game itself is okay, I'm not knocking that. Yeah, what they did to the Exile, what the hell? That's even worse than what they did to Revan and Bastila.
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    Unless I'm very mistaken, Kreia actually does mention a remnant Sith Empire hiding in the Unknown Regions when you talk to her at Malachor.
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    Yeah: object oPCDummy = GetObjectByTag("MEDBAY_PC", 0); object oBedWP = GetObjectByTag("InvisibleLocationMarker", 0); location lBed = GetLocation(oBedWP); int nPCApp = GetAppearanceType(GetEnteringObject()); effect eDisguise = EffectDisguise(nPCApp); oPCDummy = CreateObject(OBJECT_TYPE_CREATURE, "c_medbaypc", lBed); ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_PERMANENT, eDisguise, oPCDummy); AssignCommand(oPCDummy, ActionPlayAnimation(ANIMATION_LOOPING_DEAD_PRONE, 1.0, (-1.0)));
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    I believe he'll be like Boba Fett, a man of few words. But if he does speak you'll probably be dead by the time you turn around haha. I'm really excited for a Star Wars TV show, I think they can add a lot of character development / world building that you don't see as much in movies. The CGI looks great, the cast is full of great actors and actresses and the costumes look amazing, and it's released 5 days after my birthday, really can't wait!
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    I'm just surprised they got Werner Herzog for this but I do like the IG series droid stuff that I could see. Interesting that there's no lines from the titular Mandalorian though but it is a teaser.
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    Absolutely amazing, it's great to see IG-88 get some much needed screen time, doing justice to the character from Legends. I'm very hyped. Cannot wait for a bounty hunter Mandalorian, though I'm wondering how much Mandalorian culture we'll see and how closely they will follow Legends material.
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    I welcome your questions I have thick skin you can keep them coming. As to your questions. Yes the story was created in 2005/2006 but do to crazy work schedule at the time I never started work on the mod until a year ago, when my life settled down. Yes there are currently three planets done I know I said four but that was a mistake. The planets done are from the Republic. As for asking for a name of a Ship. I've only asked for the name of one ship and it is Revan's ship. There are more ships in my story and they already have names. But since this will be a ship for the players version of Revan I wanted to know what people thought. This mod will be my gift to the community so I value their input. Yes I have penned the story but I am open to suggestions after all this is a WIP thread, so everyone is welcome to say their piece. I have beaten TSL and K1 dozens of times in the past. I first bought these games on original Xbox, then three different versions on PC. But I have never completed TSL with the restored content mod. As you are well aware of since you were the only person to reply. I have had some issues running TSL on Win10. But that was the GoG version I am now playing the Steam version and although progress has been slow, since I dedicate most of my time to both my job and the mod. The game has been running smoothly so far. The mod is not ready yet for dialogue I have added dummy dialogue in it's stead. I am still in the process of populating the worlds with npc's and fauna. Yes the antagonist has been changed. Like I said before back in the old LucasForums circa 2004/2005 the popular theory as to who the great enemy was. The remnants of Naga Sadow's empire. But after some discussion with a fellow forum member we came to the realization that if such an Empire did exist. Like Miraluka before it, Nihilus' hunger would have driven him there for him to consume. So we came up with a new better enemy, and yes the only major change is the enemy. Revan and the Exile joining up to face them has always been apart of the story. The bulk of the story is still there there have just been some tweaks to the story to accommodate the new enemy What have I done with the big planet. Well since I am no 3D artist I can't create new models nor will I ask anyone to do so. But if they wish to contribute that is up to them. But back to your question. The planet is an existing planet with cobbled up modules. Npc's have been changed. The most time consuming part was coming up with what modules to use and where. Then adding npc's to those modules. I've been reading skinning tutorials so maybe I will do it myself. No problem I understand your reservations and welcome any and all questions. Now as to the point of this thread this is a WIP thread. The thread is to announce the project, keep people up to date, and once I am satisfied I will post screenshots possibly a vid to highlight some things. In closing just let me say I am not Chris Avellone, I am but a mere fan of both KOTOR games and was not satisfied with the fates of our characters we know and love by EA BioWare and the Revan book. So this will be my gift to modders like yourself and the fans who keep the memory alive. Yes I do remember now what HK47 tells Revan or what the clever Jedi Council chose to rename him as Raven after the reveal. You make sense. But it's just that K2 hyped up Revan to be this mythical figure who knows all before it happens. That's why I was saying I think Revan knew exactly when Malak was going to betray him. Cause everyone in K2 loves Revan except Sion, but that's why my favorite out of Revan and the Exile is the Exile. Cause aside from easily creating Force bonds and being a Wound in the Force they're pretty much normal. That's why in my mod when Revan gets beyond the edges of the galaxy were he is not known. He will be nothing special. Though the enemy remembers him.
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    ETA: deleted some unnecessary stuff. I think that the subject of what devs intended to do, or how we choose to interpret the game has been well covered. I'm not going to reply to any other posts in this vein. It's been detracting from this thread, and, yes, it's partly my blame as well. Thank you.
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    I think that's a pretty unfair (not to mention unnecessarily hostile) accusation to make; I've been entirely respectful. What's more is you're wrong. I ask these questions because I'm interested in Talyn's mod, because it is so different to the norm we've been fed. We've all seen so many ideas for a K3 but this is different and I like that. We all agree that ToR was a disaster and I am entirely interested to see the direction this goes. I think it is perfectly fair to ask how the mod will jive (if at all) with what we know from the games and what's been said since. If you want to impute impure motives go right ahead, but you'd be wrong. As I've said twice now, it's his mod and he can do whatever he wants with it. In any event, I'm not here to argue. If I've upset anyone, sincerest apologies.
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    Yes, you're prodding . No, I am not straw grasping. First of all, you're talking about devs and guidelines and other things that ultimately don't matter here. This thread is about Talyn's mod. Second, it has already been accepted here on this thread that there is a Sith Empire out there. How Talyn is going to interpret that for the purposes of the mod, is up to Talyn. And, yes, there is room for play. How much of a threat is it? Is it the only threat? It's not a terribly mind boggling thing to use imagination to see a degree of interpretation. Talyn just may decide to go with what Avellone had planned. The point is that this isn't going to be swotor's Sith Empire. If you read all of the comments here, it's already been given what parameters Talyn is going by. He isn't accepting swotor retcon. Talyn is favoring the Exile as the Exile was shortchanged in the swotor retcon. You keep bogging down this thread with the intentions of devs, ruling that certain things are just guidelines, or dictating what is retcon or not. In short, I don't think you are here because you are interested in Talyn's mod, you are here to argue points that are in the process of being hashed out or have been already addressed, or will be addressed. You aren't curious, you are concerned with being right, right about hounding down points which are not the focus of this thread- to quote duty-bound to defend them. I'm done with this. If you want to feel that you are right, go right ahead. All the points you have been drilling I don't care about, really. You've been wasting your time. I'm here to support Talyn's mod, not to score points in arguments or justify my views of what I've seen in the games.
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    No worries. Most of this comes out at the end of the game which is maybe why you don't remember it. If you think you've got a better basis for a new story, go for it.
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    I was not a big Anakin Skywalker fan, I personally enjoyed the prequels BUT! not for Anakin. It was the other characters like Palpatine, Obi Wan, Yoda, and Mace. But I did like how Hayden showed the conflict physically. My point is I like flawed characters. In the KOTOR games my favorite between Revan and the Exile is the Exile. Why? Cause like Anakin and Kylo they are flawed. Adam Driver is a good actor and he not only shows the conflict physically but vocally as well. I did like Kylo when I saw TFA, and defended why he was beaten by Rey in that movie, even though I thought it was a mistake JJ decided to remove the mask. But after reading what you posted. It does make sense why without the mask he looks not intimidating. With the mask he is a badass but behind the mask is a flawed and very insecure individual. You know I've only seen TFA twice and TLJ once. Although I still am not a fan of JJ that aspect of Kylo being a flawed individual behind the mask makes me re-evaluate Kylo again. Good job DarthVarkor!