Todevuch's Sith Officer Fix K 1 1.3

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Todevuch's Sith Officer Fix K 1 1.3
Author: Todevuch (todevuch)


This modification is a partial fix for certain Sith NPCs:

1) Twilek at Tarisian base.
Now she is wearing the uniform of a sith officer! After all, we did not see in Manaan that the employee in charge of the security of the base wore different clothes than the uniform of the Sith. Therefore, the nature of such work also implies the wearing of uniforms in accordance with the military regulations and local instructions of the Sith base.
Earlier, apparently due to the fact that I was constantly playing the bright side, I lost sight of the fact that this twilek remains defenseless, apart from the reinforcements in the next room. So I included a short vibroblade in her inventory so she could defend herself! She will take out the weapon when she meets in a duel with the main character and (or) his party members, so as not to spoil the aesthetics associated with constant wearing.
I didn’t fix a bug related to the attack of twilek on she colleagues, if, using third-party cheat commands, the player ignored the meeting with her and went first to the room where the Sith soldiers are. Indeed, in the normal game mode, the first conversation (cut-scene) that will take place at Revan at the base will be with her, thus the bug will not interfere with the gameplay in any way;

2) Elite stormtroopers and a Sith grenadier in the Hangar, before flying to the Manaan Sith base (one of three alternative ways to get there).
I was somewhat confused when I saw the names and heard the voices of these NPCs, which raised doubts about the advisability of looking like regular Sith officers. The in-game files confirmed this doubt: they clearly show that we have Sith soldiers in front of us, deserving the appropriate appearance!;

3) A Sith Captain at the Manaan Base.
In this case, the captain had the wrong voice for Sith soldiers, which has been fixed;

4) As a dessert - the true vestments of Admiral Varco!
Based on the description of this character in the official sources on the history of the Star Wars universe, "Varko was a Human male who served as an admiral Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Malak during the final year Jedi Civil War. He assumed Saul Karath's position as Malak's second-in-command when Karath was slain Galactic Republic Carth Onasi and two Jedi, Bastila Shan and Revan, aboard the «Leviathan», flagship".
The fact that he was an admiral is undeniable, because in his dialogue with Darth Malak, there was a discussion of organization a Sith fleet, which is in the competence of an admiral, and not an officer! At least in our case.

This modification only covers the part of the Sith officers that have not been fixed in the framework of other modifications (or those that, unfortunately, I missed). For example, @JCarter426 in JC's Korriban - Back in Black for K1 has already fixed a number of shortcomings.


Just launch TSLPatcher and point to the correct path to your game.

Compatibility with other modifications:

The mod is compatible, in fact, with all modifications, including K1R and [KotOR] NPC Overhaul Mod, except for those that contain the files involved in the modification.


LucasArts Entertainment: Original files.

Distribution restrictions:

The modification is subject to free distribution on other sites, if the publication contains an indication of me as the author.
The description of such a modification must contain an essential (undistorted) description (full or partial copying of the current description is allowed), as well as a section of special thanks, where the persons mentioned by me must be indicated.

Special Thanks:

1. @Darth_Sapiens for the KOTOR TOOL;
2. @TK102 for the K-GFF GFF Editor;
3. @Fair Strides for the TSL Patcher and KotOR SaveGame Editor;
4. @bead-v for the MDLedit;
5. @ndix UR for the tga2tpc;

Recommended modifications for installation:

JC's Korriban - Back in Black for K1 v2.3 Author: @JCarter426;
Male Sith Archaeologist Restoration. Author: @N-DReW25;
Diversified Jedi Captives on the Star Forge. Author: @DarthParametric.

Video clips:


№1 (alternative):





What's New in Version 1.3   See changelog


The file "changes" has been finally corrected, now it does not contain any errors.

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13 minutes ago, N-DReW25 said:

This seems to be a very good mod, very innovative and worthwhile to see a Varko fix included as well!

To be honest, you, along with JCarter426 and DarthParametric, inspired me to make these fixes.  They are small and cannot relate to modeling work, which is more time consuming.  But, it is these minor flaws that spoil the atmosphere of the game.
In case I learn how to model, I would like to improve the modification by adding a headdress to the admiral, like his predecessor, since giving a part in the army and navy to those who are not covered with hats (although they are in the room) goes against everyone  military rules.

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So, I just installed this and it seems to have also changed Saul to Varko in the first cutscene with Malak, Any Ideas?

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On 6/11/2021 at 8:25 AM, Sdub said:

So, I just installed this and it seems to have also changed Saul to Varko in the first cutscene with Malak, Any Ideas?

Thank you for your comment. It will be fixed when I have time.

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On 6/10/2021 at 8:25 PM, Sdub said:

So, I just installed this and it seems to have also changed Saul to Varko in the first cutscene with Malak, Any Ideas?

I've been having the same issues; this also doesn't fix the Twi'Lek in the Taris Sith Base for me either. 

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