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The K1 Community Patch (K1CP) is a compilation of previous bugfix mods and some new original fixes put together with the intention of resolving the many and various issues that KOTOR has. This includes some well-known game breaking bugs/softlocks, broken quests, inaccessible content, as well as lesser issues such as problems in conversations, visual inconsistencies, player annoyances, etc. The intention is for the changes to be as seamless as possible, fixing and improving things whilst still retaining the original developer intent.

A huge thanks to all of the mod authors who created these mods, and allowed them to be included in this patch! Unfortunately, the individual list of changes has grown too long to be included in this post, however you can view a detailed breakdown of each author's contributions in the included readme file and a list of the changes the current version has made in the changelog file.

List of Contributing Authors (alphabetical):
A Future Pilot









Kainzorus Prime


KOTOR 1 Restoration Team


Markus Ramikin


ndix UR


Red Hessian


Thrak Farelle

Run INSTALL.exe and navigate to your K1 install folder. Generally speaking, this mod should be installed before anything else, except mods that do hard edits/overwrites of 2DA, TLK or MOD (module) files. Due to the size and complexity of the patch, installation will take several minutes. Please be patient and allow it to finish.

Warning: Never run the installer from inside the archive! Always extract the archive onto your hard drive first.

It is highly recommended that you do not install the game on your system's C drive, especially in Program Files. Windows can have permissions issues when trying to install the mod to a C drive destination. If you are using the Steam version of the game and have installed Steam in its default Program Files location, we advise creating a new Steam Library on a different drive and moving the game there via the game's Properties pop-up in Steam.

Compatibility/Known Issues:
K1CP uses module injection in an attempt to remain as compatible as possible with other mods. This may result in issues with mods that simply put files in the Override folder. It is recommended that you consult the individual authors of any large scale mods, particularly those that edit DLGs and scripts, as to whether their work is compatible with K1CP. Some mods will likely require updates, some may need to be installed in a specific order, whilst others may be fundamentally incompatible.

The KOTOR 1 Restoration (K1R) mod is deemed incompatible with K1CP. Whilst it was compatible with early versions of K1CP, this is highly unlikely to still be the case with the degree and nature of changes made as of K1CP v1.8 and beyond. As such, using K1R together with K1CP is done so at your own risk with no support offered.

These are the currently known bugs/issues with KOTOR or the mod that the K1CP is looking to resolve:


If you find any others, especially with changes/additions K1CP makes, please report them on the Github issue page or here on Deadly Stream so they can be addressed. Be sure to include as much information as possible, including a list of all the other mods you have installed, the order you installed them in, steps to reproduce the problem, along with screenshots and save files, if appropriate. You may also be directed to provide the TSLPatcher installlog file, a list of the contents of your Override folder, and specific MOD files from your modules folder.

Given the complexity of this mod, a clean install of KOTOR is the only practical approach for uninstalling K1CP.

Due to this mod being a compilation from many different authors, please do not distribute/rehost it.


  • All of the mod authors who have helped make this patch a reality - thank you! - especially for agreeing to distribution outside of Deadly Stream
  • Fred Tetra - For KOTOR Tool
  • tk102 - For DLGEditor and K-GFF
  • JdNoa/Dashus - For DeNCS
  • Stoffe - For TSLPatcher
  • bead-v - For MDLEdit and KOTORMax
  • ndix UR - For TGA2TPC, TPCView, and MDLOps v1.0+
  • seedhartha - For KOTORBlender fork for Blender 2.8+
  • Fair Strides - For various tools and updates to older tools
  • DrMcCoy - For Xoreos Tools
  • Snigaroo - For maintaining mod builds on the /r/kotor subreddit
  • danil-ch - For the original info.rtf template
  • Many thanks to ebmar, Salk, and KnifeMaster for providing numerous bug reports and beta testing certain fixes



What's New in Version 1.9.2   See changelog


A hotfix to address several issues. For users of either 1.9.0 or 1.9.1, download the hotfix archive, extract, and run INSTALL.exe. Includes the content of the previous 1.9.1 hotfix.

•    Amended the UserDefine script for Xor and his thugs to ensure his final cutscene triggered correctly.
•    Corrected the mouth/lips smoothing groups of the NPC comm_a_f2 head.
•    Reverted the incorrectly removed lite models used for placeable sitters.
•    Revised the Kashyyyk Upper Shadowlands OnEnter script to fix a wrong include function for the Czerka forcefield.

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4 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

K1CP does add it, but that doesn't mean another mod installed afterwards couldn't have replaced it. That was the most likely culprit, given the trigger was right where you were crashing. There's nothing else that really jumps out as being potentially at fault.

I removed it, but game still crashes at same point

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On 4/18/2022 at 1:39 AM, DarthParametric said:

Looking at the layout, I can see a trigger for the party member "XYZ looks like they have something to talk about" scenes just before you hit the fire. Are you getting past the fire? Have you triggered Carth's next batch of whining?

I'm beginning to wonder if I might have unintentionally (or accidentally) deleted a necessary file somehow...Is there a way short of a complete wipe and reinstall, to check for missing files??

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Does anyone know which script causes clothes to be automatically equipped in the Sand People Enclave? I know it was introduced by K1CP, I just don't know which one it is.

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There are two primary scripts that handle it, depending on whether you choose the hostile or friendly approach. For the hostile approach, it's an added script cp_tat20_strip which uses a function from the K1CP Tatooine include cp_inc_tat. For the friendly approach, it's a modified version of the vanilla script k_ptat_meetchief, again using the same include function. Note that you should also refer to the other related scripts listed in both those, since some of these work in conjunction with the stripping.

There was also a restructure of the DLG for the initial entering scene (tat20_09first_01.dlg) in order to better mask the switch.

It should also be noted that this wasn't so much of an introduction by K1CP as a restoration of the original intended function by Bioware. My take on it is that they removed it because of all the issues I encountered when re-implementing it, with t-posing and the like.

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Ah. So, I'm assuming there is no viable method for removing this particular restoration? I'm having an issue where I'm having clothes equipped instead of my Jedi robes.

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The problem is there is no way to know what the party was wearing prior to equipping the disguises, at least two modules previously. The game doesn't store that information, and there's no real practical way to implement doing so either unless you forcibly equip the disguises in a cutscene before entering the Sand People Territory. Even then, K1 is not really set up to store strings. There is a SetGlobalString function, but the nwscript.nss comments say it was not to be used without explicit permission from Preston Watamaniuk, so that sounds dicey. You could get around it by using a series of ints and SetGlobalNumber, but it would be kind of messy.

So you either leave them in their underwear, you equip clothing, or you just equip random gear from the player's inventory (presumably the best available based on the character's class and skills). You could look at Bioware's k_inc_tat include function EquipBasicClothing, which has a commented out section for equipping robes to Jedi classes for an idea of how to implement a basic version of the latter.

If you want to revert it altogether and leave the party in their underwear, you could edit the scripts listed in my previous post and switch CP_StripDisguise to the vanilla k_inc_tat function DestroySandpeopleDisguise.

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I would but I have no way to decompile the scripts. My decompiler stopped working out of nowhere. I get "Error: Couldn't initialize the NwnStdLoader."

Otherwise, I'd try to make the edits myself.

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I literally linked to the source files. You don't need to decompile them. The source for every K1CP script is in the Github repo.

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On my end, hovering the cursor over the party's portraits no longer shows the XP remaining to level up. Was that always like that in K1? Just started a new game after a fresh install, and just a couple mods besides the community patch. Congrats on the update, by the way.

Edit: Can confirm this was me messing with the settings and toggling something off by accident.

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It's a problem on your end. The mouseover summary works perfectly fine for me with v1.9.2. It's not something K1CP would ever alter. Or could even if we wanted to I suspect.

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As should be evident from the version number, it will be a new version (1.10.0), not a hotfix to the current version (1.9.x). It's highly unlikely to release this year.

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