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The dumb A.I. for starters, especially in the first game when firing at targets that are out of range, I'd burn the whole thing down just to ensure that my party members don't run up to point blank/melee range before attempting to fire their again. Terrible design. I'd also ensure that queued actions no longer reset when swapping characters and I'd be looking to add some type of movement command system to replace toggling solo mode for tactical positioning. As it stands, there is no way to simultaneously command everyone to escape a grenade blast radius which again is terrible. D20 is fine, in fact I'd be against anything else, however the guns in K1 need a complete overhaul for damage. The game needs to be harder, or at least an option to be.

Yes, the PC dialog needs work, a lot of work, so does the romance dialog options and outcomes. For example, I can scarcely understand why there is no option to help Bastila with paying for treatment for her dying mother. Perfect way to provide for the love interest and gain LS points and it's nowhere to be found. Carth leaving Mission to die on Lehon when DS also needs a rewrite since his cowardice there goes completely against his character. The Sith need some work too, Darth Bandon is a complete joke of a character with his timid voice and generic, nonthreatening appearance. The Boss encounters, if they can be called that, in the first game need to be spruced up in general. A lot of them are very underwhelming.

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