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  1. From an RP standpoint: Yes, since there is no expression for enemies to attempt to capture you in the game, killing on sight is a reasonable action. Moreover, it's clear while Malak preferred to take her alive, he wasn't that concerned about it given he ordered the entire planet destroyed just to remove her as a factor once it became obvious he wouldn't find her. An easy solution would have been to just have a quest in the game that allowed you to find a disguise for her, but I guess Bioware never thought of it. It's amusing though that for some reason they made a huge deal of her being recognized on Korriban, but not on Taris, despite all of the Sith actively looking for her there. Lol. As an aside though, it doesn't make sense for any of your Force Sensitive party members to be allowed on Korriban, since Uthar or Yuthura would pick up on their sensitivity immediately and the jig would be up.
  2. Thanks, I saw this mod but I sort of just wanted the battle music fixed for the valley rather than messing with the other areas. I'm fine with the Tombs playing the Sith Base theme for variety's sake as well as the Sith base on Manaan playing the Valley theme to differentiate it from the one on Taris. I suspect those were intentional choices rather than errors.
  3. I noticed a while ago that for some reason Korriban has its own battle music in KotOR 1's files but for whatever reason the vanilla game uses the battle music for the Sith Base in the exterior zones of Korriban. Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Not really a mod request as such, but more of a curiosity for my own efforts.
  4. I wound up testing it myself last night and it seems to work fine, which makes sense I suppose if the file was merely an extracted vanilla .mod file. I was worried that your file was edited in some way that made it different to the one included in the KCP but apparently not. .mod editing, if such a thing even exists, is above my pay grade so I just wanted to be certain that one was no different to the other. Thanks for the responses.
  5. So, just curious... You said in the readme and description that this mod is compatible with the KotOR Community Patch 1.7 and possibly 1.8 but when I go to install the optional "Obelisk" portion of your mod, the installer says it's detecting another unk_m44aa.mod file in the modules folder so it automatically skips overwriting that file. Now, I know for a fact that's the one included with KCP 1.7, so my question is this: Do I need to then manually install your unk_m44aa.mod file overwriting KCP's, or does it even matter? Thanks.
  6. Well, Qel-Droma could have owned more than one set of armor. Naga Sadow's Poison Blade shouldn't be on Korriban either, but it is. We as players and "antiquarians" probably put far more importance on these particular objects than their bearers ever did. For Ulic, the armor would have just been considered a tool, but 50 years later, it's a relic. Hell, he may have sold it on to a random merchant himself while he was still living. Or the item could just be a well crafted fake that had nothing to do with him at all.
  7. Immunity to Fear and Force Regeneration of 1 or 2 seem sensible to me. Dexterity penalty since it's armor.
  8. I don't know. If it was one or the other then maybe, however it wasn't just the game, or just the book. He was behind both and as I recall Bioware were trotting his name about pretty heavily for a time. He may not be solely responsible, but he is responsible. It shocked me at the time, but in hindsight, was Drew ever that worthy of praise? Or did he just get lucky with the Bane trilogy. I don't know, but I do know I'd never want to take a chance on him again.
  9. Drew Karpyshyn was responsible for the complete ruination of both Revan and the Exile's character and motivations in TOR and that atrocious prequel novel 'Revan'. I wouldn't even want the man sharpening pencils, let alone having anything to do with writing for a hypothetical KotOR III. Chris Avellone would be heading the project ideally, but if not him then I'd go for Mark Yohalem who worked on Planscape: Tides of Numenera and wrote Primordia. But it will never happen due to the decanonization of the EU and a whole host of other reasons. It's probably for the best anyway.
  10. The dumb A.I. for starters, especially in the first game when firing at targets that are out of range, I'd burn the whole thing down just to ensure that my party members don't run up to point blank/melee range before attempting to fire their again. Terrible design. I'd also ensure that queued actions no longer reset when swapping characters and I'd be looking to add some type of movement command system to replace toggling solo mode for tactical positioning. As it stands, there is no way to simultaneously command everyone to escape a grenade blast radius which again is terrible. D20 is fine, in fact I'd be against anything else, however the guns in K1 need a complete overhaul for damage. The game needs to be harder, or at least an option to be. Yes, the PC dialog needs work, a lot of work, so does the romance dialog options and outcomes. For example, I can scarcely understand why there is no option to help Bastila with paying for treatment for her dying mother. Perfect way to provide for the love interest and gain LS points and it's nowhere to be found. Carth leaving Mission to die on Lehon when DS also needs a rewrite since his cowardice there goes completely against his character. The Sith need some work too, Darth Bandon is a complete joke of a character with his timid voice and generic, nonthreatening appearance. The Boss encounters, if they can be called that, in the first game need to be spruced up in general. A lot of them are very underwhelming.
  11. Glad they made the change. Pinks and purples are not how I picture Korriban. Neat that it's been found I guess.
  12. The Dark Jedi were a favored caste in Revan's Sith Empire because they didn't just embrace the Dark Side like the Sith, they rejected the light in the process. Many of them would have committed a string of heinous acts against their former brethren when breaking from the Order and they lived to tell about it. This puts them a cut above the rest, since they've already potentially proven themselves in a trial by combat and they broke their own conditioning. The Sith, as in the subjects of the Empire that were merely discovered as force sensitive simply went to the academy. There was no adversity they had to overcome beforehand making them inferior in the eyes of the Sith Lords. Some Dark Jedi are Sith, some aren't, but the ones that are kept that honorific in Revan's/Malak's Empire. Revan and Malak's Empire continued the lineage of Ajunta Pall and the first exiles that came to Korriban as dominators. The Sith, at that point still a species, were the untermensch after being subjugated and even down to Ragnos and Sadow, being a half-breed was considered more prestigious. Likewise, the Sith remnants of Exar Kun were scattered and directionless before Revan and Malak subjugated them and gave them a clear purpose again. Jorak and Uthar were likely among these and that's probably why Revan and Malak put them in charge of a school for the production of "useful idiots" to the Sith cause. They understood the doctrine, but failed to do anything with it for 40 years which made them the new inferiors. "Those who can't do, teach, so here's a castle in a goldfish bowl for you to lord over, you absolute failures." - Revan, probably.
  13. This track would be my first pick because it starts noble, slips into darkness but ends with hope echoing the beginning. I think it suits Revan well, at least relating to the moments before of his fall up to the point where Bastila triggers the force bond saving his life.
  14. For 15 years Lucas Arts was content to turn a blind eye to modding and even tacitly endorsed it as far as giving the go ahead for Aspyr to add in Steam Workshop support for the TSL remaster. It was incredibly reckless and short-sighted to draw the attention of their legal arm by advertising that they were trying to port the entire game. Anyone with any amount of common sense knew how this was going to go down and this drew exactly the wrong type of attention to the modding scene. The sheer amount of hurr-durr "Screw you Disney!" in the YouTube comments is cringeworthy, when the whole thing was a dumb idea from go.
  15. I'm not against classes or even class skills, but I think that most of the skills KotOR has are too generic to be considered something that one particular class could learn easier than another. Computer Use would be the only one I could see a valid reason to make a class skill for Scoundrels alone. The rest? You could justify any class could train in practically any of those without penalty. In the case of Security, perhaps there should have been the equivalent of lock picks, and if it was made into a class skill for Scoundrels and Scouts, then Demolitions should have served the same purpose for Soldiers. Without the ability for any class to open locked chests though, the game would feel empty. K2 gets away with it easier because it has randomized loot, but with K1 every chest is a set piece and few of them ever have anything worthwhile. I understand the importance of some classes being able to do things better than others, but I think trying to define the starting classes based purely on their non-combat skills was a huge mistake, the game just isn't suited to it. The three-man party restriction is what really kills the variety and sadly, nothing can be done about that.