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  1. Can you upload this to the Steam workshop? I can't get it to work due to .MOD files no longer being in the modules folder.
  2. Here are some bugs I found: 1. Should read, "...lacking discipline to his urges..." to match VO. 2. Jorran's lips don't move during this line of dialog. 3. Camera error. 4. Too much space between "must" and "see" in the sentence. 5. Missing lightsaber blade. 6. The VO is missing its normal droid filter. UPDATE. I forgot to add this earlier: 7. HK-50 says "I've" not "I have" in the VO.
  3. Vicecitizen


    I was wondering if anyone could reskin Darth Malak's Armor in TSL to match the armor he is wearing in the tomb scene where he recruits Jedi?
  4. Vicecitizen


    The name says it all
  5. Thanks for making it pick-and-choose-style. I disagree with component #1 but am thankful you included component #2.
  6. You're right. I didn't read the fine print. Thanks for your help.
  7. I already know about that. I don't want the other things changed back.
  8. The only thing I hate about TSLRCM was that Saedhe's head was changed. He has the voice of an old black man and had a head that matched. Now he has the head of a middle-aged white man. Unless he's really Rick Astley undercover, it doesn't make sense. Is there a way to restore his old head? I'll also weigh in on Kaevee. I like the voice and dialog.