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  1. Some more robe progress:


    There are ten texture variants for the K2 version. Half are done, and the other half is on the way. I've finished the basic recreation of them all, but that was only the first step. A lot of them need additional fine-tuning. For example, the Dark Jedi Knight robe was misaligned; part of the robe was shifted up a few pixels, compared to the other variants. I also thought the cloaks on a few textures looked washed out, so I fiddled with the levels to give them better contrast. But the biggest changes I've had to make were for Jolee's robe because the original just did not look like Jolee at all.

    Fortunately, the rest don't have to be replaced almost from scratch like that one. Jolee's robe is the only unique robe that uses that model rather than the master robe model. Just little changes - the fine tuning - are needed for the final five textures. The only thing slowing me down is my motivation. That's the sort of thing I can spend forever fussing over, and in fact I'm still not totally happy with the Jolee texture and might go back to it later. Anyway, the K2 version is coming... eventually.

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    2. JCarter426


      I actually was going to do that, but once I took the screenshots and looked at them side by side I finally made up my mind on those. For Jolee though, it's not that I have different options to decide from. There are some things I know I want to add, but I'm having trouble doing that because of the differences between Jolee's clothing model and the robe model. As I did before, though, I'll upload all my stuff as a mod resource in case somebody else wants to improve on the texture.

    3. Ferc Kast

      Ferc Kast

      Looks nice. 👍 Never made sense to me why the original didn't look more like Jolee's outfit despite being named after him.

    4. JCarter426


      Could've been an unrelated design that only got attached to Jolee's name after it was done. There are some other questionable things going on with the texture variants, too. #5 isn't used at all, and I believe #9 and #10, the Baran Do Sage and Norris robes, should be swapped. I've decided I'll have to take a few liberties with the remaining textures to sort out these issues. Of course I've ended up creating more work for myself by deciding to give some of them the same treatment I did Jolee's, but only for two more of them.