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    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      @LordMerek, it seems KJ is making his mods compatible with @Crazy34's new lightsaber model.  (Note how the saber lights up the room?)  Although if I've misread the picture, hopefully @Kaidon Jorn will correct me.

    3. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      Yeah, I converted all the SLM sabers and my default saber replacements to have Crazy34's new blade models and ambient lighting.

      That scene never looked so cool, no?

    4. Kaidon Jorn

      Kaidon Jorn

      The only thing that needs doing for default replacement sabers is to map, skin and rig a new yellow double bladed saber that I made from an older SotOR saber. 

      Then that will be ready to release. Now if I could find the time and patience.