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  1. Both KotOR games and the Jedi Knight series could become phenomenal games if the whole of DeadlyStream were ever to work together!

    Here's to hoping! Include a Battlefront 2 Original section as well because I really want to get into modding that and have all the tools, a bunch of mods and I had plans for a large project in that game around the same time I started my current project.


    I've been streaming development of the Expanded Galaxy Project on Twitch for a few days now, come check it out, make suggestions and see the state of the project.

    1. Thor110


      A long stream of testing and development for both parts of the project showing it in action and more is now available after I changed to save streams before the stream prior to this one.

      Check it out if anyone following this in the future wants to see the current state of the project and see the port in action as well as discussion on the project and it's inner workings as well as get a glimpse into KotOR modding.

  3. I finally updated the first post to my topic for the Expanded Galaxy Project both yesterday and today to include the latest information and links for the project.


    1. Thor110


      This is a little preview of something I have been working on along-side the Expanded Galaxy Project, in time I will be reaching out to the TJM & RoR authors in regards to a release of each mod that will allow KotOR2 to function as shown in this video for others.

    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      I'm sure @Trex and @Logan23 would be relatively easy to reach out to.  In a sense: with this post, I've just done that.  ;)

    3. Thor110


      I have sent them both a message but thanks, I also changed the way I had it all setup, it now works as intended/shown in the video but with the original releases of TJM & RoR meaning I no longer need to enquire about re--uploading their projects, but I have asked permission to upload some of the assets that are contained in the templates.

  5. I wanted to say a big thank you to all of the Mod Authors that have let me include their Mods in the Expanded Galaxy Project.

    While continuuing to work on the Port and the main Project I will continue looking for decent mods / fixes for the second game to include.

    Also still looking for testers, suggestions and modders to get involved with the project, if you would like your mod included or would like to get involved then please message me on here or on Discord.

    1. Effix


      I'm not that into logging into Discord every day, but you know how to reach me if I can be of any help :)

  6. I managed to put Peragus back onto the Galaxy Map for my project, seeing as there are no more planets to fill that last slot I will leave it as it is for the moment.

    It is the last working planet slot though, two of the 16 slots don't seem to actually function, that is currently Onderon, though I think it could be made to function it is locked out for the story and the Ebon Hawk which is currently used for Malachor V as the player doesnt need to exit to it.

    Beyond that as far as I can tell it's impossible to add any more planets, unless replacing Peragus or Onderon.

    Though there really is no need for so many planets, I just wanted to push the galaxy map scripts to their limits and see what could be done.

    I think it is hardly noticeable that the galaxy map is not present during the tutorial, but let me know what you think if you are reading this extra long status update.

  7. v.0.7.4 of the Expanded Galaxy Project Demo for the KotOR 2 The Sith Lords is out and available on the Work In Progress page on page 4, I have tested it as best as I can using saves, but I am looking for testers and people to get involved with the project.

    1. djh269


      I'm free tomorrow so I'll download it and come back to you boss :D


    2. Sith Holocron

      Sith Holocron

      BTW, I've just approved your other mods posted today.

    3. Thor110


      @Sith Holocron Thanks! I wasn't initially going to release them but somebody suggested I offer them as standalone mods for anybody that might not be interested in my main project, which includes all of them.

  8. What are peoples thoughts on removing the Ebon Hawk Icon and Peragus in favor of Sleheyron and Lehon? There is also the possibility of using Malachor V for another planet, Telos Polar Regions could also be used to replace Peragus or for another planet, I could also make it so the player has to manually travel to Malachor V, allowing the player to finish their quests.


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    2. Thor110


      How do you mean? @djh269 "without the use of the Galaxy map" yeah that is the one planet you can travel to without the galaxy map, other than Malachor V which I have already changed, but it still occupies an entry in the relevant scripts / files in order to appear on the galaxy map in the first place / trigger the relevant cut-scenes.

    3. djh269


      You can script traveling to areas using the warp function, but it causes problems with getting back on the Ebon Hawk though :)



    4. Thor110


      Yeah I know, luckily I don't have any more areas to add at the moment, I might consider porting Ord Mandell in the future for the spare planet slot, but for the time being I am going to leave it as it is.

  9. Much more settled on a direction for the project now, latest story descriptions can be found in my latest post on page 4 of my WIP topic, much more realistic than some of the outlandish ideas I had to begin with.

  10. Does anybody get the fake lag bug in TSL? I was getting it for a while and think I have found a fix, would like to find somebody with the same issue for verification.

  11. Are there any 3D Modellers or Texture Artists interested in getting involved in a project for KotOR & TSL? I am also looking for regular beta-testers, of the originals, patched versions, tslrcm, m478ep, the project and mods for both games in general.

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    2. Thor110


      It is all just ideas for the time being, most content has been converted but cut for the moment down to the base 5 planets, Tatooine, Kashyyk, Manaan, Lehon & Yavin, which will have short stories and side quests to accompany the main games storylines and be completely optional.

      Following that, if possible there will also be expansions and new stories overall for both games set after the main games story and credits.

      If any of all this makes sense, thanks for your feedback.

    3. Thor110


      I also hope to learn to make geometry fixes and small fixes like removing doors that are part of the map models myself, hopefully more I am just not great at 3D modelling, but there is already loads of room for new content, during and after the main games story, starting with during.

    4. ebmar



      If any of all this makes sense...

      For things to start makes sense you should start getting more technical and practical. That way you will gain trust from potential recruits who will lend their time and expertise for you [and the project].


      ...thanks for your feedback.

      No worries; I think that's the very least I can provide you at this stage. Best of luck with the project. :cheers:

  12. I have begun writing a KotOR Modding Tutorial Series and have released my first draft, it will document everything I learn during development of the Expanded Galaxy Project.

    Please check out my project, topics, posts, pages, videos and more then let me know what you think, if you have any ideas for the project and leave a review on the ModDB Pages for both mods if you have tested them.

  13. Wondering what people think about retro-actively fitting the K2 engine to allow for and streamline the process of Total Conversion modifications set in both the Star Wars Universe as well as outside of, could also be used for Point & Click stories.

    1. N-DReW25


      What exactly would this do to benefit the player?

    2. Thor110


      This could allow for more games / stories to be played and made by the community, set in the Old Republic Era, there is a lot of content that could be used for new stories and Total Conversions, could also be edited to be compatible with current Total Conversions, trimming down the game for each individual TC.

  14. When you fix one thing and break something else > _ < I don't suppose anybody caught the files I uploaded of a working yavin? I cannot seem to get the lightmaps working again and have tried every combination I can think of / remember trying, hopefully I am just tired and will fix this again in the morning, just added the Endar Spire's red door back into the game as a new set of doors so that the Harbingers doors remain blue.

    But for some reason the lightmaps on Yavin havent been working for a while and im not sure why / dont remember changing anything, have tried every combination of including and removing, vis, txi, tpc, tga etc. the map either shows really bright without shadows or really dark without any lighting what-so-ever, as people should be able to see from my early posts I had this working for quite a while.

  15. All K2 modules made for K1 complete, just a few issues on a few maps, more screenshots soon!

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    2. Thor110


      Didn't know there was a hard limit though it's no surprise it's a more solid / stable engine compared to K2.

      I haven't looked into detail at this as it's a side project or the second expanded galaxy mod to work on in the future.

    3. Thor110


      May just bypass the problem by completely porting the first game to the second game as a total conversion.

      Would also make sense as it would require users to port some files from the first game themselves ( exe, dlls, inis, music, sounds and movies ) and allow me to make an ultimate KotOR 2 install and Launcher that can start both games.

      My first thoughts were to include the dialog.tlk file in the second games and increase all references / entries to it for the first game but trying to include it seperately and having it handled by the launcher might be a better option.

      It should durastically decrease the install size, remove the need for porting of the second games maps altogether and allow for easy module creation for both game using just one installation made of an original install of both games and a mod, should also allow for easy patching to update for other mods as the dialog.tlks will be kept seperate.

    4. Thor110


      This shouldn't go against any issues as it would require both games from the user and manually copied files as well as the second game to begin with and would avoid conflict to arise for the K1 port too soon as well as save me the trouble of having to fix the Telos, Dxun and Dantooine Maps from the second game and instead creating copies of the modules as any guide would show you how to do.

      Great question! Got me thinking ^^

  16. Also in the process of converting K2 modules to K1, I have now got all the files converted, just need to reconstruct the module files and fix the three pieces that wouldn't convert, shouldn't prove too difficult.

  17. A playlist of all the ported modules.


  18. Just finished fixing the final modules of Korriban, seems the ASCII files being converted by MDLEdit were formatted differently.

    Later today / tomorrow I will be updating all the doors in the game ( removing restrictions, difficulty and requirement for explosives ) to make exploring and testing easier.

    After that I will add the planets to the galaxy map, which I have already tried, but couldn't get working at the time, then the entire thing should be ready as a modding resource, not sure if I will release to the community before making some leeway on my own project that makes use of them though.

    Looking forward to feedback from others, ideas and general interest.