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    This is just the best thing. Even with tiny map (which hopefully someone can figure out someday) it looks a million times better with this and your HD menus pack.
  1. This mod is excellent. I've been downloading the bugfixes from the links because there's one or two that will conflict with other mods I have. Having this list is wonderful though. On that note, since there's no link for the "If doing Juhani’s dialog in the wrong order, it was possible to block any further progress" issue and I can't seem to find an individual mod for it (found a guide at least), are there a few files from your compilation I could just drag into my override, and do you know off hand which files those would be? If not I'll just follow the guide, no biggie.
    Thanks to you and all the contributors for doing this!
    I don't see many cutscene mods, so I'm assuming this was difficult, but it's a lot better. Thanks for your work!