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About Me

Hey! I'm currently a senior enrolled at Wilkes University studying communication studies. I was originally a computer science major due to my love of KotOR, but I ended up switching because I wasn't strong enough in advanced math for it to be a comfortable fit for me. I am currently on the executive staffs of four co-curriculars offered in communications:

Metal Music Director at WCLH 90.7FM (radio)

Asst. Firm Director at Zebra Communications (public relations agency)

Assistant Producer at Wilkes Now (television)

News Editor at The Beacon (newspaper)

While my future goal is hopefully to be a PR specialist at a tech firm, radio is by far the most fun I have. If you're interested in listening to my broadcasts, be sure to tune in to 90.7 WCLH on Metal Mondays at 2-4pm EST.

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